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What Are Signs A Guy Truly Loves You And Is Serious About You

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Text Comments (46)
Sophia Smith (1 month ago)
hero mask388 (3 months ago)
The more i watch your videos the more i learn about myself
Seth Vanzetti (4 months ago)
BadandBoujee x (5 months ago)
What if he's taken and unhappy and does this to me then what...
Amile Away (5 months ago)
He loves me, he loved me. its not the same anymore...I need to let him go
Deleted account (6 months ago)
Let's see if he will tell us if he is sick of this. Get this comment a lot of likes do he will do it.
ArcadeNanner (9 months ago)
but the girl doesn't and is not so...
SouthernBelleBEE (9 months ago)
This is exactly what I preach to men. It’s weird bc I’ve never had anyone do this for me. So I guess I have yet to find true love.
03LisaJade (11 months ago)
Excellent advice
Fox angel (1 year ago)
What if my ex did that stuff but at the same time there was some abuse? 😞 I do and did care for him, but maybe he did not care for me like I thought and wanted 🙁 Man I just miss having someone to tell me how good looking I am and the things I would feel when things were good with my ex and I!.. :-(
Corina Picon (1 year ago)
but my question about this is... Why has my boyfriend been doing these great things for the past 4.5 months and still not told me he loves me?? I know I love him but honeslty I don't want to say it forst because I want to feel more emotional commitment from his side... I feel slightly insecure that he might never say and he will just show it forever. Im getting kind of impatient.
Tess Chen (1 year ago)
What If It Is an online relationship?
[diamond] (11 months ago)
Why Do you need to know! Aww :(
Tess Chen That's not a real relationship.
S UT (1 year ago)
opposite of my bf.
beyondios (5 months ago)
please tell me you're not with him anymore
[diamond] (11 months ago)
S UT Dump him in the trash
Queen mimi (11 months ago)
S UT thean break up with him he don't give two fucks about you
HausOfAdonis (1 year ago)
S UT Get out
Outlaw Justice (1 year ago)
If I asked my crush "Do you like bubble baths?" I think he'd go insane. LOL
akeela naaz (1 year ago)
you are so wise. :-) you are always on point. whenever I need relationship advice I listen to you to make sense of whats happening. thank you
amanda smith (2 years ago)
He looks like he is sick of talking about relationship stuff lol
beyondios (5 months ago)
Darcy Music (9 months ago)
amanda smith hahaha
Chrissie Mcknight (1 year ago)
amanda smith lmaoo he's so good though
I've seen a few of your post. I see all the right signs in a married man, what do I do?
Snow White (1 month ago)
Find a single man. That’s what u do
TURLES (2 years ago)
I do just about everything in this vid, and much more. Yet, I feel like it's not enough to stop my girlfriend from cheating on me. and talking to guys online.
Ariel Broom (2 years ago)
Wow shes stupid. You need to leave her because it really seems like shes taking your love for granted. There are so many women that wish that they had a man that cares about them.
TURLES (2 years ago)
fuck my life to tears
lulz Kline jackson (2 years ago)
this is so true
sameen arif (2 years ago)
i was upset cuz he was not texting me.and at the same time i asked about the girl who was his czn. but the actual scene was that he was bzy in his exams and i i could not understand it and he thought that i mistrust him. now its about a month hes not talking 😢. what should i do
sandra espinoza (2 years ago)
he says he adores me, what does that mean ?
Kaylee Cole (3 years ago)
😭😭😭 so he did truly love me and he was serious about me but those things no longer apply??!!! 😪😪😪
sam fab (3 years ago)
im hoping too thats hes really serious coz im serious about him
boomshell (3 years ago)
u r good looking☺
S Shauntea (4 years ago)
In a relationship and he says love u talk about marriage kids then when u leave he send u to vice mail he's working late all ways have something to do with his family and say he will call back and it takes few days to call
Yvonne Singer (4 years ago)
Love this
Eric Russell (3 years ago)
What this guy failed to see is these women love the bad guy and treat the men who love them with hated. These women are not about GOD at all so they don't know at all and I haven't heard not one scripture at all. Ladies stop going on emotions and get in the word because men of Satan can do these things to smh
Vanessa Rosales (4 years ago)
Need your advice!
ScorpZero (4 years ago)
What would you say if the guy does all of that and suddenly says he needs space? I wasn't going towards anything really serious because both I and my past love have changed and we've been hanging out together and even working out at the gym. Then suddenly he backs away. I'm confused by this because I really do care about him and neither of us expected to start seeing each other again.
Portia Williams (5 months ago)
Sometimes it just means space. You don't want him to lose himself within you because then he wouldn't know who he is aside from being around you. He still needs time to know who he is while also being with you that's why it's important you don't lose your sense of self or independence while dating and being in a relationship with someone. By setting aside time for yourself alone, you allow being able to give your very best version of yourself to others ☺ hope that makes sense. You can check on him see if he's ok but give him his time and space be patient, he will come back don't worry.
Queen mimi (11 months ago)
ScorpZero do you guys argue alot if it's that or does
Jennifer Veleta (4 years ago)
I Enjoy Your Videos.! Such Truth.(:
Sarah Sarah (4 years ago)
This is really good .....thanks for sharing

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