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How to BOOST YOUR eBay Sales! Do These Things! 2018 / 2019

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Boost your eBay Store Sales! Some tips on how to do it! 2018 / 2019 Join our mentoring group! https://bit.ly/2Jp82Ci **** Supplies we use: https://www.amazon.com/shop/ralliroots **** Check out some of our other videos **** ABOUT US! https://youtu.be/sj38MZgRQO4 eBay BOLO List! https://youtu.be/dT8eUQ9NWII Thrift Date Night! https://youtu.be/0kn5Pmq-vzs Massive Vintage Snapback Haul! https://youtu.be/nHtlBuyoqMI 1 Year on YouTube! https://youtu.be/7RDr_notbBg What Items to Sell on eBay? https://youtu.be/o5jYPsFIsUw Cram the Cam! Thrift Road Trip! https://youtu.be/VMy2LzldZGw How to Amazon FBA? https://youtu.be/aRNbMRiw-Rk Hidden Camera GoPRO Garage Sales! https://youtu.be/rFEy93GwE5o **** Music **** ●Bensound - Ukulele - https://youtu.be/w0WBvmcQFPk ●http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-... ●Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/... -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Finding Treasure At The Thrift Store To Resell Online!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z47io7wnEHc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (240)
RAC Attack (10 months ago)
Hello Ryan & Alli....Great Video. Will be changing our Brand names in Caps to just first letter caps but have a question about the clothing sizes. Like you do for clothing, we have been putting the measurements as a picture in our listing (using Sizely) & have not been putting info in the Item Specifics field. Do you also put measurements in the specifics field or do you only put measurements in your pictures? Lastly - Anyone thinking of doing your Mentoring program should DEFINITELY DO IT!!!! Our sales are up over 300% from where we were last year & each month we see increase in not only number of sales but also Average Sale Value. Great Program!!!!
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
We will be emailing out a more in-depth "mentoring only" video tonight :)
RAC Attack (10 months ago)
Thanks.....I will start doing that also. This was a Great Video & Information Super Useful!!!!
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
Thank you so much!!!! I am super happy we've been able to help out so much! 300% is killer! We used to just do the picture, but after this meeting we will now also be adding the measurements as an item specific :)
Charlie Swindall (2 days ago)
If I purchase items from wholesaler tax free how do I need to do taxes for my LLC? Do I have to set up listing to collect on each item or can I add the percentage in to set price and take it out then file monthly when I do my business taxes? New to selling things this way but have been selling items purchased from thrift and garage sales for a while. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Michele Rok (7 days ago)
Fantastic content! Thanks so much for the share
jessca moate (29 days ago)
See I disagree about “Free returns” I am a top rated eBay seller. I mainly specialize in highend handbags, Shoes,wallets,belts etc.. I use to do the “30day free returns” But I was getting soo many returns and some of the bags were severely damaged when I got them back, (they weren’t damaged when I sent them..) same with numerous pairs of shoes.. I refuse to accept returns now unless there’s a issue I didn’t disclose or measurements are off etc etc.. However I have acquired a lot of return buyers and once I build a trustworthy relationship with them - I tell them - “I’ll gladly accept returns from YOU, cos I know YOUR trustworthy.” I’ve lost to much doing free return..😱 Is have ppl say “ The bag doesn’t fit right.! I need a return, “ etc etc. then I’ve gotten back totally different items then I shipped, damaged items 29days after they received it. I find it causes me more issues then help...🤯🤷🏼‍♀️ Great tip about caps locks.. looove you and your beautiful wife’s channel. Thanks soo much to both of you for all the tips/inspiration etc. xoxo Jess
jessca moate (29 days ago)
RALLI ROOTS Thanks soo much & Thanks for the reply.. 💝😘God bless 🙏🏼and Happy Memorial Day...🎊🎉
RALLI ROOTS (29 days ago)
jessca moate that’s pretty specific to your model, I’d agree free returns are not right for you.
Thomas Winchester (2 months ago)
Great video How do estimate the shipping cost on a poly mailer?. It keeps asking for box dimensions.
Sue Adam (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for Maki g this vedio, but I have done just about every you discussed here, and my sales are still very slow, I'm so worried, what should I do. Please advise, thank you
My question is? Why isn't Bing showing ebay listing in the shopping feed anymore? I can't find a answer for this anywhere.
Gena Cerasuolo (3 months ago)
This is one of my favorite videos. Nice job guys. Love you guys. Thank you for the information and inspiration
Kimberly Quinlan (3 months ago)
No apostrophes! Who would of known!
Kicks 'N' Steez (3 months ago)
Good stuff! Appreciate the insights & intel.
No-Conspiracy No-Jobs (4 months ago)
Good YouTube. This time white and no caps
TonyasDynamicDesigns (4 months ago)
LOVED THIS VIDEO! You are right on! I will share your video with all of my eBay clients! I custom design stores and listing templates for them and they will be thrilled! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Please check out my YouTube Channel for eBay Selling Tips too!
Whats In My Life 2017 (4 months ago)
I tried free returns for 4 months and it killed my profits! I saw no increase in sales but a lot mire returns. Buyers take advantage of free returns because they know they can “rent” the clothes or buy a lot at one time and return what they don’t want.
RALLI ROOTS (4 months ago)
thank you :) most of the western stuff isn't up yet but it will be on this sore https://www.ebay.com/str/thehiplion
Whats In My Life 2017 (4 months ago)
RALLI ROOTS thank you so much for responding! Your awesome! I’m currently watching your Western wear store purchase video with all the belts. How do I find you on eBay?!? I need some of those belts!!!
RALLI ROOTS (4 months ago)
dang, that sucks, yeah it's definitely not for everyone. If it doesn't work for you business model I wouldn't do it either.
Rich Matthews (4 months ago)
If you do the volume these guys do.. you can afford free returns.
TheBrosters (5 months ago)
The man was awesome I just loved his gesture and the way he speak with a good smile
judith Munoz (5 months ago)
This guys looks like Plus Size JT in a good way he’s cute
Ulterior Motif (5 months ago)
Ryan just staring at the cam while the ebay rep is talking for 2 minutes... its kinda intimidating
RALLI ROOTS (5 months ago)
Stephane Labrie (5 months ago)
thank you for this video!!
Debbie Weaber (5 months ago)
Do you still charge 10 percent return cost
RALLI ROOTS (5 months ago)
no, that's not allowed anymore
D. C. (5 months ago)
Some good info..just don't aree with Free Returns or any Returns..I have Faith in my stuff I sell ( I do it part time ) I just don't have Faith in all Buyers since Ebay makes it so Easy for them & mainly take their side even when their Dishonest..I have Over 1200 Sales at 100% Positive never having Returns as an option, but I have dealt with my share of Scammers 😒 & had some False Negative Feedback Overturned..Some Buyers are just Terrible 👎, But Most are Cool 😎
D. C. (5 months ago)
@RALLI ROOTS Oh wow..didn't know that..I just had some bad buyers before..mainly the item swap issue...But I would love to change to Full time eventually..I do Enjoy it....I have been watching your Videos Lately..Good Stuff👍...if you have any other pointers are where the #1 Best spots to buy that would be Great..I am in New York so it is a little different over here..Thx for response😎
RALLI ROOTS (5 months ago)
That's awesome :) if that model works for you, keep it up. The main reason we offer free returns is for the boost in search ranking, not having returns on automatically drops your chance of selling the item 60%+ that's information direct from eBay, so it's just how you want to run your business, ours is a quick turnover model, so the faster we sell items the better.
Actionman will (5 months ago)
Thank you! It works also by selling PLR products?
Marc Duchamp (6 months ago)
Did anybody make more sales for the free return?
New York Sax (7 months ago)
Might be the best video I’ve ever seen
mzzzol (7 months ago)
You did't talk about offer free shipping or not.
Richard M (7 months ago)
Ryan, what is the name of your EBay store>
RALLI ROOTS (7 months ago)
we have multiple stores but the one we share is https://www.ebay.com/str/thehiplion
Quick question i got kicked of ebay for 2 many returns. Any way to fight it cause they say i can never post on ebay
@RALLI ROOTS thanks wanted to know options thanks for getting back fast
RALLI ROOTS (7 months ago)
probably not, if you're account has been terminated for returns there's really no way to get it back.
John Public (7 months ago)
Buy a electronic game from Best Buy and see if they will take it back. I am tired of them forcing on us what brick and mortar stores won't do. Also, what of things 10 plus years old? Get real..
RALLI ROOTS (7 months ago)
lol, best buy sells on ebay and offers returns ;)
WallyDavid (8 months ago)
Know anything about progressive listing ?
Bubbly Waters (8 months ago)
That was awesome info! Everyone ROCKS!
Beave (9 months ago)
Another great video :)
Carol Baare (9 months ago)
Why no large Caps?
Carol Baare (9 months ago)
I just boosted all my listings... Scary don't know what expect 😳😳😳
Mandy Pink (9 months ago)
In the app the title shows up as all caps anyway.
John Sorrell (9 months ago)
Great video I sell clothing and shoes in my store I offer free returns on the clothing that is on the lighter side. I don't offer it on the shoes as that can get very expensive if I want them back. Do you offer free returns on all your Items or do you select certain ones. Curious to as you said your returns have not increased at all or very much. Thanks for your time.
Narelle Anne (10 months ago)
Always learning so much from your videos Ryan and Alli. You bring a breathe of fresh air to youtube. Just saw via Linkedin that you previously lived in my part of the world - Mandurah! A shame I'm a few yrs too late - would have enjoyed meeting you both. Thanks again. Looking forward to applying your tips to my own ebaying.
Kelli (10 months ago)
I fully understand the white background for pics - especially a plain white background - however isn't the point of the pics to make it pop out from the rest and make buyers click it and want it more? Wouldn't this work better in some cases with a background other than white? This of course would be based on the product at hand , and would not be for every single item. For an example - a product that is pure white - no other color - lets say a Pure white shirt - having a pure white shirt on a pure white background means a very hard time taking pictures that are clear, nice and professional looking, Yeah you can change the settings in the camera - who wants to go through all that trouble just to take a few pictures though, When in this case a plain pitch black background (not cloth as it would then show every piece of lint the room has ever had) would make that pure white product pop and stand out, would it not? Or is that just my way of thinking being a hobby photographer and I don't sell anything on E-bay I just absolutely love taking pictures and I take some pretty good ones for the products I review (which is what I do in my spare time I'm a product reviewer) and depending on my product I've used a maroon colored sheet as my backdrop because nothing else was making my product look good like I wanted it.
Joseph Dekelaita (10 months ago)
Sleeve Length......... hahahahahahahaa!
Liftingoverfifty (10 months ago)
Thank you for another great video Ryan & Alli, glad to learn about the apostrophes, I have a little bit work to do now, UGH! Hope you are both well, I still love the basic thrifting videos I think because you just never know what you will find, every shopping trip is a surprise! Thank you again!
Triple Z Resale (10 months ago)
Thanks! This was so helpful
MTB Texas Bike Rider (10 months ago)
Hey Roots I have a question do you make more business and better income making YouTube videos about Ebay or is making more money actually selling on Ebay which one will be more beneficiary in your opinion? The reason I’m asking this question is because now I see so many Ebay sellers spending a lot of time making YouTube videos I don’t understand how they have so much extra time to make videos and still run a successful Ebay business. Thank you 😊 Mark
MTB Texas Bike Rider (10 months ago)
Yeah that’s awesome all your videos are really encouraging me in my Ebay business it’s been very helpful thank you for all the Hard work on making these YouTube videos for all of us to learn by... I know a $1 for every thousand views takes time to add up! 😊Thanks again,
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
haha yea everybody jumping on the wagon ;) we don't make too much from youtube, we just like helping.
MTB Texas Bike Rider (10 months ago)
Thank you so much for the quick response I been wondering because I’m seeing so many Ebay sellers making YouTube videos now! Thank you again!😊Mark
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
wayyyyy more from reselling lol
Natalie Payne (10 months ago)
Wow, great video!! Love all that useful info...
Austin Kidd (10 months ago)
Hey Guys! Hope I'm not asking a question that has already been answered. Do you have to go through every listing to turn on "accept returns"?
Unboxing Express USA (4 months ago)
Mow you can do a bulk listing edit. Easiest way is to go out to active listing click thr check marks on the left side and it will move you into your full inventory of active listings. Also helps you boost in placement with a change in the store.
Troy Peck (10 months ago)
Free returns has definitely boosted my sales but also has boosted my returns well after buyer has received item.
Flippin’ Curls (10 months ago)
Awesome video!! Just started into reselling and this info will really help. Thanks guys!!
ProStaff Reviews (10 months ago)
Don’t Do It!!! It’s a conspiracy!! After the best 2 weeks I’ve ever had, I made all the changes for SEO and dropped special character, turned on returns... Not a single sale since!
Sagar Sharma (2 months ago)
Yes he is ..but call him “Dumb” on public place 🤫
Saint Chris (8 months ago)
You're so dumb.
ECOMHICKS (10 months ago)
How do you do the coupon codes?
Kenthis15 (10 months ago)
Alli looks soooo tired.
ozzydavid (10 months ago)
Dude looks lik your Dad!
Steven Jaymes (10 months ago)
Great Video! Thanks for sharing the info..
djwynny (10 months ago)
every single listing i have around 700 are in caps !!! why is that a problem ? is there any way to change them
JeepinPeter (10 months ago)
djwynny - nope. One listing at a time
Glenn (10 months ago)
Interesting about the item specifics, so is our description not searchable? I wonder if I just copy and paste my descriptions into a Item Specific, if that would help? lol
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
haha maybe :) yes the item specifics are what is searchable
Eric Watchous (10 months ago)
Did I hear that correctly? At about 3:20 -- garment measurements should be in item specifics rather than description?
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
yes, we do both but yes
TRUEwebDEALS (10 months ago)
So awesome! I need to go to eBay Open next year. I'll start planning for it. Thank you, and best wishes! -Steven
Becky Coulson (10 months ago)
Thank you!!! So helpful. Thanks for sharing!
Spark 118 (10 months ago)
Good video !!! Thanks.
Angela Hammond (10 months ago)
Can you do a video on the coupon codes?
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
yes :) coming soon
Jimmy Gallop (10 months ago)
weeding the garden ! you plant a seed and all the things you don't want to grow come up also,so you weed out the things you don't want ,you have to cultivate ,create an environment that favors the things you want to grow.great content .
High Caliber Reseller (10 months ago)
Thanks again guys , Awesome !
Rowe (10 months ago)
Thanks for the info. My return rate went crazy after putting that “free return” non sense. I understand Ebay wants to have this ‘unique’ feature in the market but common guys, if you offer free returns that’s basically encouraging the buyer to return for ANY stupid thing. I’m not trying to be the “who knows everything” guy, but in my experience in turn out to be like that. Happy that it work for you and for all the people doing it.
Phil Castora (5 months ago)
That's exactly how I feel you start offering free returns for any reason people will take advantage of you and unless you're some big time seller who sells thousands of items in a month that is asking way too much we all can't be big shots like you guys and rub elbows with the big boys. Just imagine the returns around Christmas for that hot toy or doll or video game when they see it restocked and get it at face value not only are you going to lose your profit you're going to have to pay for shipping twice and more than likely you won't be able to return some of the items because of the return Window has closed for you by the time it get back to you. Not doing anybody any favors by not thinking everything all the way through pros and cons
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
Rowe sorry that happened to you! Hopefully people won’t abuse the system in the future. Each account is different, like I said, our sales increased and our returns didn’t.
Its Your Treasure (10 months ago)
Great video. Thanks. Respect on the no drama! Good info and advice for people.
I have tried the giant coat hanger thingy but I have found pics look way better with a coat hanger half mannequin and im finding it faster and the pics look way better . Tipz for Tips - Next time you visit Australia you should come to the good side ( east coast ) the other side is totally hillbilly bogan.
ashley-cooper-creations ebay australia
CivicHB (10 months ago)
Well this video is getting bookmarked so I can make a list of every single point made. Thank you guys so much for going through the effort of making this. I have a question but, before I ask I just want to make a quick statement to all of the people who seem to think they know better or who seem to think they see something different than what ebay says. You MUST remember that you are one person. You see the results of ebay's and/or google's coding as it affects YOUR listings (and a similar vocal minority). Also, consider the fact that you cannot possibly know the exact way that your listing gets interpreted by either of these companies. The man in the video can see many if not ALL ebay sellers listings and any given time and he most assuredly has a LOT more knowledge about how the website interprets your listings and makes decisions based on what it sees. This allows him to have a holistic view of everything and, when looking at it from his and the rest of ebays perspective, you can bet that it becomes perfectly clear exactly what the best practices for ebay listings should be. Just because you make some listings yourself and see different results (or think you do, not to your own fault but, simply due to ignorance of how it all works together behind the scenes), that does not mean you simply discount everything they've said as a lie/crap/BS/not knowing what they are talking about/etc.. Ebay makes money from sellers who sell things. So why would they ever think it's a good idea to give the wrong information to the people that make them their money? My advice for you all is simple. Force yourselves to be WAY more open minded than you are and quit convincing yourselves that you know better about how ebay works than ebay itself knows. You definitely don't. That's the end of my rant on that so please feel free to continue doing it "your way" if you don't agree with me and the rest of us will wave to you as we pass you by. :) Now on to my question! Would you say that free returns is something you should enable after a certain point in your growth, or do it from the beginning? I ask because still only anywhere from 3-7 items in a week and when I turned on free returns I turned it right back off 2 days later because in that 2 days I received 2 returns for "doesn't fit" reasons. I have no problem with that but, since I still don't make very many sales, having those 2 returns come up so quickly scared me a little. I certainly want to do free returns but, I'm afraid that until I can start consistently average at least 3-5 sales per day that I may end up hindering my growth. I would love to hear your thoughts on that! Thank you guys again for working so hard to get us such great information (even if some of us are in denial :P)! Just the thought of trying to get interviews with these people from ebay sounds extremely impossible to me so you being able to do that is more than a gift. I can't wait to get started making these changes!
Ed Miller (10 months ago)
Good interview!
leslie eaton (10 months ago)
Since there is a item specific for new used - should new still be put in the listing title?
Barbara Purvis Hunter (10 months ago)
Thanks to you both--you are still top on my favorites list as helpful and supportive to eBay sellers. Thanks again.
Queen City Thrifters (10 months ago)
Great info for beginners and regulars. Great video! :)
Sergio Macias (10 months ago)
Melissa (10 months ago)
Can’t wait to try these tips! Thanks for sharing!
Birdknowsbest (10 months ago)
Are commas considered special characters for your title?
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
Birdknowsbest yes I believe so
Strong likeBull (10 months ago)
Much love and Respect!
Angel Barreto (10 months ago)
Awesome Tips! Going to move my measurements to item specifics and remove any caps in my titles. Thanks brotha!
Sunshine & Rain (10 months ago)
Thank so much for sharing all the tips with us that couldn't attend. I have learned alot!! Got some changes to make. Yall are so nice and positive!! Great to watch!!
Lisa Shawgo (10 months ago)
Did he address when Ebay refunds buyers that are trying to scam us?
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
That's not his job, and that's not our job. We ask tough questions when necessary, this was not one of those moments, and like I said in the video, free returns have worked great for us.
Lisa Shawgo (10 months ago)
One of his suggestions to boost sales was to offer free returns, You even said 60 days would boost you in the rankings over 30 day returns. This would have been a great opportunity to talk about sellers views on free returns. I know it is about boosting sales but you can ask tough questions.
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
Lisa Shawgo in what case? This meeting was all about how to boost sales, it had nothing to do with returns or refunds.
Jeff Antill (10 months ago)
Video suggestion ------ how to make a discount code to give a customer for like putting in a card in the package that says 10% off your next order with my store
Lynda Painter (10 months ago)
Thanks for sharing, I have picked up a few tips and will be changing my headings as I go through doing 'Sell Similar'. Some items can't be photographed against white, e.g. white shirts, clear glassware but I think that boils down to common sense. I shall have to stop doing my flat lay jeans on the wood panel! I have to work on my lighting...... always upwards and onward, always something that can be improved upon.
Nicko JuuHeard (10 months ago)
Great info! Thank you❤️
thomas parisi (10 months ago)
Honestly I 100% disagree with the white background. We've done white and when we switched to non white, our sales boosted because all items do not work with white backgrounds. Etched glass does not photo well with a white background. White is great for clothing and electronics.
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
fair enough, just giving you the facts. your items with non-white backgrounds are still ranking now, but they will not show up in Google search in the future.
Hey Huda (10 months ago)
Ain’t never gonna do free returns brah lol 😬
Eve (3 months ago)
LOL me either hahaha
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
haha :) thats okay
Hey Huda (10 months ago)
I knew writing a long romantic novel in n the description was a waste of time ! Dang it! Lol jk n alliiii lookin like a snack 😍
bargriff22 (10 months ago)
I never thought much about adding clothing measurements in the Item Specifics until watching this video. Thanks for the great content!
TheeJoeyLee (10 months ago)
Lots of great suggestions. Thanks guys!
Fabyouless Fashions (10 months ago)
Oh boy, I need to revise my listings! Did not know about all caps - have been putting brand names in all caps this entire time. Oops! Thank you!
Katie Roaden (10 months ago)
I bought a small light box for $16 on eBay ( I sell mainly cosmetics so it was the perfect size) and I can't believe the difference it has made. I'm embarrassed about how my pics looked before! I do believe it has helped my sales as well.
fallofshadows FPV (10 months ago)
We upgraded to a more professional photo setup at the end of May. Sales went through the roof. I used to hate selling on eBay, now I prefer it over Amazon.
FunwayFreeway (10 months ago)
Finally an informative video
vulture tribe (10 months ago)
non u. s. a sellers who sell on eBay usa can't give seller free return.. its not possible to send usps label from overseas..
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
yes that makes sense.
Ali Easym (10 months ago)
So is it the same with or without apostrophe means if I search for example L'Oreal or Loreal without apostrophe i would be able to find exact same brand? Sometimes I spell brand differently more like buyer would spell. should I stop doing that, there's no benefit right?
Ali Easym (10 months ago)
RALLI ROOTS yeah that's what I thought I was just clarifying it all depends in my opinion. I always look at Amazon or Walmart website both use apostrophes and commas so I do too. Thanks for the great info!
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
looks like L'Oreal has 94k results and Loreal has 88k results so they are still showing. With something like that though it is okay to put the ' as it is that way in the brand.
Alexander Fellios (10 months ago)
i missed this workshop when i was there. thank you so much for posting this
Jennifer Caldwell (10 months ago)
So he said to have a minimal description and add more item specifics? I do as many in the items specifics as possible and I always feel like a broken record in my description. What did he suggest that we put in the description box? And as always, LOVE your videos! You guys are awesome 😊
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
literally just a few concise sentences about the item, we add our return policy as well but that is it.
Mike Taylor (10 months ago)
Thank you guys for this informative vid! Out of al the people I follow that attended this event, you two have put out the most important info. Everyone else must’ve been at the blackjack tables
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
Thank you so much :) we are here for the people!
D. Garay (10 months ago)
Great video! thanks again
Arlene Mchugh (10 months ago)
At 1:59 he said white, hi-resolution backgrounds are so important and distinguish items coming from "a professional" and coming from "someone's home". What's wrong with vintage, pre-owned items coming from someone's home. Sounded a little negative to me.
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
Sean L you can do that if you want but your items will not rank in the future. Right now they still do, but in the future they will not.
Sean L (10 months ago)
Arlene Mchugh I'm keeping my normal backgrounds because I buy from sellers who don't use a white background, just because i want to support someone, not just a company.
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
I think he meant more with the way things are going white backgrounds do make the item look better. We list on a white backdrop because it gives us a higher search ranking. Not saying your items wont sell without it but they will sell faster with it.
Tiffany Thomas (10 months ago)
Thanks for the great content, wondering if there was any discussion during eBay open about the issue of state tax?
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
No worries :) there was, they are working on it. They did say that if the tax laws go through they will provide "all the tools we need" to deal with it.
Urban Prospector (10 months ago)
Great insight, thank you
Scott Hopkins (10 months ago)
What is the business boost? Is it a program?
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
It was an examination of our ebay store they did for us at the conference.
The Profile Helper (10 months ago)
Good stuff! Thank you!
Bin Hawk (10 months ago)
AWESOME Video. Thank you... oops no caps.... lol
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
Bin Hawk hahahahaha! 😊😊
Daniel Kampe (10 months ago)
So for example he said no caps in title but does that mean I should do "nike mens" not "Nike Mens" or does first letter not matter. It looks nicer with capital letter used on first letter of each word. It sounds like they only touched on "NIKE MENS" like in all caps. Thanks for ur help and sorry its probably a obvious answer but its the first thing I thought when I saw it. (My titles are all first letter caps so I was wondering if I should make changes)
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
Daniel Kampe that’s right! Oh good! Glad to hear we’re helping :)
Daniel Kampe (10 months ago)
Ok got you, so Basketball Shoes should just be basketball shoes. Sales been up since listening to your tips. Most people binge watch sons of anarchy or chicago fire but I binge watch rally roots lol. Thanks again guys
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
Daniel Kampe proper nouns can be caps for the first letter, basically how it is marketed so “Nike” “Adidas” not NIKE, ADIDAS, but for say a brand like JNCO that is okay cause that’s the brand.
Garett Anderson (10 months ago)
The whole Ebay experience started by people selling things that looked like they came out of your home. Or garage.
Garett Anderson (10 months ago)
Most of the stuff I sell destroys the nice white background I build for my picture taking so I don't worry so much about that. I like picking the rusty greasy stuff, vintage stuff in general. I do take that extra care of a nice clean background on select items, always if it's clothing, and I always use as many photos as I can. I do wish they would add a few more "free photos" though. And bring back Turbo Lister that's where I stored all my work.
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
Garett Anderson true true
MENTES LIVRES (10 months ago)
I'm moving to Orlando, LA is just too expensive right now so....... look out for yet another competitor in your area lol
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
Mentes Livres there’s plenty of room for us all over here :)
Income Strategy (10 months ago)
Best video!
RALLI ROOTS (10 months ago)
ThriftyTruckers thanks guys :)

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