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60 Beard Styles For Black Men

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60 Beard Styles For Black Men
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Athony Nesbitt (2 months ago)
I love my beard but i keep it cut low, i thinl ill grow it out to have that Spartin look
Lamesha Thomas (3 months ago)
Love it...... beard action 🥰
Sandra Smith (3 months ago)
Sexy mfs...love yall😍
Mustang gt Guy (3 months ago)
1:25 obj
Israelite Reign (5 months ago)
Is a beautiful thing to be a Israelite/black man we the REAL JEWS of the bible too!!!!!!!! Hebrew Israelite Pride kings and queens
Reno Stubbs (5 months ago)
Solid looks
go figure (6 months ago)
White people has better beards genetics though
Yushamen Thari (6 months ago)
Beard life matters.
Yushamen Thari (7 months ago)
God beard.
4,321,456 views (7 months ago)
0:47 goals the thickness gawd damn
MaxGotUrGirl InDaCut (8 months ago)
Inspiring these guys got really powerful beards
AristoCatalyst (9 months ago)
Y'all need to smile. From a bearded brotha to another..B****es love a sexy bearded black man that flashes his signature smile. Trusssss me...
Tyshid De jure MAN Bey (9 months ago)
Big Lou (2 months ago)
Go back far enough in history & you'll discover "man", period, just man is what God called us. Stupid humans started all the other labels thereafter. Me man, nice to meet you moor.
That Guy (5 months ago)
@Mike Greer agreed!
That Guy (5 months ago)
What's up black man
Mike Greer (7 months ago)
I wish you would make up your fucking mind a decide what y'all want to be labeled as.
bdruckus (10 months ago)
That was cool. It's like workout motivation for beards lol
iceberg lettuce (11 months ago)
"60 different black men with beards" better name for this vid
Van Williams (1 year ago)
Oh God the guy @ 0:41 I need him in my life😍 he so fine😍😍😍
boss status (4 months ago)
@That Guy Did she ask about his race??
That Guy (5 months ago)
He's not black.. he's Arabic
Yushamen Thari (5 months ago)
His Arab
Henry Garner (1 year ago)
Some really fresh styles in this video. Thanks!
Sean (1 year ago)
Song plsss. I love this beat.
Kc Neon (1 year ago)
Young T (1 year ago)
Just saw the video with the styles it was amazing thanks for sharing
Darius Lovehall (1 year ago)
0:33.....so playa!!!
imed lefifene (1 year ago)
anybody can do this beard style not only black people , stop racist
Mike Greer (7 months ago)
You must be a fucking Democrat, with that racist bullshit!😂
Cool Libra (11 months ago)
Stop crying
imed lefifene (1 year ago)
WTF , i'm from north africa thats why i call myself africain .
Beast Mode (1 year ago)
imed lefifene Bet you wouldn't have a problem with a video titled Asian beard styles but you fuckers are so obsessed with black people that you have to stick your heads up our asses to see what we had for breakfast.
More beard quick bald..hehehe I only got mustache even though you need a microscope to see it🌚 I still think I'm hot with no beard
Nor Rilsk (1 year ago)
Id like to swap my beard to grow hair back on my head
MDGirl8911 (1 year ago)
Jesus who is the cutie at 0:39!! Lord how mercy!!!
That Guy (5 months ago)
He's Arabic
Gabriel Prosser (1 year ago)
We are JUDAH
YU FES (1 year ago)
Being Black is LIT
LenaLove (1 year ago)
Love the salt and pepper swag
LenaLove (1 year ago)
Growing up in Chicago in the eighties men were mostly clean shaven so when I came to Detroit in the nineties and saw men with hair on their face I was smitten, I want a black man to be a man..... hairy face, chest, legs ....all of it!!! That's what makes him a man and it's a turn on, black men have such style and are not afraid to rock "them", rock on my brother I see you, and I applaud you!!!!!!
Amir Abdullah (1 year ago)
Hahah been rocking a beard since I was in my early twenties, nice to see more ppl embrace it. Been getting fresh beard edge ups for years now.
Lionel Nephew Jr. (1 year ago)
0:55 Looks like what James Harden will look like in the future...😂😂😂
Ihsan Patterson (1 year ago)
Lionel Nephew Jr. He looks like James harden too
Eugene Curney (1 year ago)
Video was decent but I have to agree...natural look is cool also. I have a Silver beard without the lines, keep it trim all over and well groom. But to " each his own!" I say. Peace...
Devin Williams (1 year ago)
Great video and music
Cronus Banks (1 year ago)
James harden is in most of these vids
EssentialOils4Men (1 year ago)
Gentlemen of Greatness is a highly appropriate title, seeing that in our history books that were burned most of our kings and the men in their court, warriors and scholars had beards. The 60 styles are unique to each individual model's appearance, remember your personality isn't the first thing people see.
MBO TAS Official (1 year ago)
I will get a beard, come rain come sun. Damnnnn! brothers are much more handsome than the video of the bearded white dudes. I'm so, so serious...
Dark knight13 (2 years ago)
Warning for Gals: don't watch or penty falls off
Jasmine Jones (2 years ago)
What's the music in the background??
riya sasmal (2 years ago)
which song you used in the background?
SunKissNicole (2 years ago)
there is this fine handsome brotha that has a beard and he's bald, that likes me ; )
Athony Nesbitt (2 months ago)
You better go get ya man before some other woman gets your snickers
TheAFROkidd101 (6 months ago)
I am darkskinned and bald
Chosenwon15 (2 years ago)
SunKissNicole Go get him.
Kai Ju_____ (2 years ago)
Black Tom Hardy at the end lol
maxing must (2 years ago)
Could we get an episode called 60 beard styles for white men? Thanks!
Master of Illusions (5 months ago)
@That Guy if you didn't like my comment, then it's called ignore and keep strolling. You should try it sometimes. Let's see if you can figure that much out
Master of Illusions (5 months ago)
@That Guy Nobody asked for your opinion. Sounds to me like you are the fool.
That Guy (5 months ago)
@Master of Illusions how's he being racist? He's simply putting in a request. You're just an uneducated and racist fool. PS: I'm black
Master of Illusions (1 year ago)
Maxing must you are a racist idiot.
Susan Chang (1 year ago)
maxing must Why don't you make one idiot.
Miguel Ayala (2 years ago)
the name of this video is racicst lol wtf
Mike Greer (7 months ago)
Most Hispanics can't grow a beard.😭
JACOB 007 (1 year ago)
Miguel Ayala Stop being jealous black people look good bald you're probably white and you bald and it doesn't look good, it's okay LOL
Beast Mode (1 year ago)
Miguel Ayala jealous much?
Damien (1 year ago)
How is it racist
YO JERICO (2 years ago)
Good video I would say that there to suit every black man we are very blessed in the fact that facial hair really does work for us but the key is grooming and keeping it clean well oiled and smelling fresh no woman likes a smelly beard
Shadow Phace (4 months ago)
Yeah...find a beard oil and balm that works good with your beard.
Loulou66 (2 years ago)
Somewhat disappointed to not see a single untouched, raw, natural beard style here. I'm not a fan of finely cut, sharp, perfectly shaped lines on these faces. I know this look is preferred and worn by American black men with both head and beard, but personally, I prefer natural untouched lines with the beard hair well conditioned, oiled and smartly combed through with the occasional trim to remove split ends. Those sharp, defined lines around the tash and cheekbones should be avoided. I see this as a vanity project for the barber. Same with the forehead and temple lines. No! No! No! Keep your hairline natural my brothers.
Ronald Aldridge (8 months ago)
Do what's Best for you, just because someone doesn't do what you do", Doesn't mean THEY have too". their are many different styles to choose from, that defines you're own personality.. "ya narcissist
Social Justice Warrior (8 months ago)
It's difficult to get a job with a raw and un-groomed beard. People would mistake you for a homeless man or savage/thug. I'm talking from experience. Even my own family would change and be uneasy around me when I let my beard go raw. I now maintain a thick stubble. But to anyone else reading this comment. It doesn't matter what your culture or preference is. NEVER go clean shaven if you are black. White men can pull off the clean shave look really well but black men and brown men (Arabic ethnicity) should always at minimum have a light stubble.
Dee (1 year ago)
Isn't it all just personal preference? Everybody has their own style and can even try different looks. I say do what works for you.
David Jackson (1 year ago)
+John Clinton Lmao lol, man I was locked up for only 90 days one time and came out looking like I did 20 years.
John Clinton (1 year ago)
U a fool if you don’t get your beard lined up and even. A line up can make u look a completely different person I prefer to look well groomed than look like I just did 25 years in the pin
TheDarkLeader (2 years ago)
what happens when lion shaves his air doesn't he look more like lioness rather then male the same thing goes for the men😂grow your beard it looks good on every men and actually covers half of the face if u look ugly👌ill grow mine soon still 16
TheDarkLeader (2 years ago)
durrant reigan they have great hair on their heads so don't think they need it lol
Antwan Darelle Fenton (2 years ago)
Cody Darby (2 years ago)
This video shows the same beard style on like 50 something different men. Even the models are repetitive
david martindale (2 years ago)
nice saw some good ones
Salty Crotchwhiff (2 years ago)
Dis is so goddam rasist
Bryan Williams (2 years ago)
Salty Crotchwhiff how?
King LOSO (2 years ago)
y'all didn't even put rapper Stalley or Freeway on here that's crazy....
Gabriel (2 years ago)
Thank you very much for this video. It's really hard to find things directed to black men's beard in youtube, so this is very pleasing to see 💕
Bearded soul78 (2 years ago)
great video... im hoping my beard is up here one day
obscure741 (2 years ago)
Holy shit , Epic video ,,, why does this get no coverage i will never know
EssentialOils4Men (1 year ago)
obscure741 only we can promote what we look like.
Terron Cole (2 years ago)
good video. i dont think its 60 styles in this. lots of repeat styles but its always nice to see other bearded brothers. thanks for your video!
Royal Fritz (2 years ago)
very nice video tilt my hat to all my fellow Kings who is wearing there beard like men should salute to the brothas

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