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How Can You Make Someone Miss You and Want You Back

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Text Comments (407)
Lion 94 (1 month ago)
great video. peace.
Sophia Smith (1 month ago)
Worst advice ever ..act u don't miss me of u want to.
Edith Peña (1 month ago)
So basically, we gotta get a life
Daphnee Bastien (1 month ago)
Just dont call them dont text them stop calling stay away from them because if u keep doing all this is gonna think u desperate he will always play games with u
Sofia Akinn (1 month ago)
Love your short videos... You are awesome...
Guadalupe Serna (2 months ago)
Great advice!
cyndie T (2 months ago)
I completely agree!
Jose Castaño (2 months ago)
what if she gets over me that’s my fear 😖
meyaw Abdulaziz (2 months ago)
miss you yes....want you ? not necessarily
Esotherwise Otherwise (2 months ago)
Man I just do the no contact rule, and boom they hit me up. It works every time.
Rodolfo Moreno III (2 months ago)
But if you act like he or she doesn't exist, if you move on with other activities and act like nothing, what if during that time spam that person found somebody else
not the momma hoes (2 months ago)
Remember men after 35 women can't have babies. We're the prize
Prototype 176708 (2 months ago)
What if you don’t even want to use Facebook?
Shama Nistique (3 months ago)
smart ass
d jnifer f (3 months ago)
We going on the third day....pfff
This is Tim Hugo (3 months ago)
My ex lives 500 miles from me... plus it was a polyamorous relationship, she has another boyfriend to go to. She has enough friends, romance, love and sex in her life and it's already been 3 months since she broke up with me. We don't really contact, she called me now and then briefly, last time was on the 31 December. never again. But am I giving up? NO FRIGGIN WAY.
JustSoniaBieberx (3 months ago)
Thank u
Lola Who (4 months ago)
Exactly what I do!
Sadia Bano (4 months ago)
I lost a friend and I tried this and it actually worked! We are friends again!
L G (4 months ago)
No contact at all
It's all about mental and social health, get into a strong position.
Octave31 (4 months ago)
Bad tip ! Get a life and be happy for yourself and not for bringing back someone you are still in love...you dont have to play game, do it for yourself FIRST !
John Messick (5 months ago)
It is called going No Contact.
Marie Love (5 months ago)
I think that person i was with is a low life with NO Respect 😔
Gamer GX (5 months ago)
Thank you
s k (5 months ago)
fair point but may i ask.... what about someone like me who has few friends and doesn't like to socialise.... then what people like me aren't worthy of having someone missing us ? because not everyone has this kinda great social life that you speak about in this video... not really fair to highlight that as being the only way in getting someone to miss you
Chuck McMicheal (5 months ago)
Chuck n i were best friends. The exact same age as me n cute n adorably funny n loved by everyone except his mean ole step dad. Who was a jealous bitter man i might add. Welk he passed away unexpectantly when we were 33 years old n not only that but he got to like the most part or his 33rd year since he would have been a precious 34yrs old if he gad jus made it 12 days later. Instead, 9 days before he would have, he was being buried. I loved him to the moon n back. We would litterally watch cringy love movies together, like "its a wonderful life." Cringy because of that song the two kids that were falling in love n singing together was the cring part. We looked at each other like, ok? Lol, but we kept w it n ecen finished the movue n altho w both seen it before while growing up, it was like THE 1st time we ever saw it because its nit everyday u can sit down w an amazing guy n watch a movie as mushy as that. Lol, i will alway love n remember that aeesome guy till the day i die. We should have married but he died way too soon for us to figure all that out. He was truely my best friend n i havent had a real smile in my heart since 2010. Yes iv completely mourned him but i still have my days even now i wish he was cuddling me smelling my new set of "in the stars" frm bath n body works. He woyld me melt for sure, bless my bff in heaven Lord cause he is always gonna be my heart! I am female but i will never stop using his name because before he passed, ge told me i was the love of his life n best friend altho he never even needed to verbulate. I just knew. We litterally never had 1 fight in a decade of loving each others presence. The best experience i ever had w a man of the opposite sex that i was not related to. Jyst fo be w him gave color to my life n it made the simple things extremely remarkable. Thats what Love Is.
Chuck McMicheal (5 months ago)
If hes ingoring me, why would u want him back to do that again? Thar game is trama tiz ing n u shud want to be w someone who NEEDS U n cnt wait to see u.
Chuck McMicheal (5 months ago)
I wouldnt want him on my facebook, fuck that.
Trevor Park (5 months ago)
Guys im actually still in shock & kind of excited at same time after a man I met on an ex back forum helped me get back my girlfriend . we were apart 11 weeks & It worked so quickly that we are now together again in a relationship. Here's this persons email-: ([email protected] gmail. com) perhaps anyone would like to check it out . but anyways Its so magical and I just thought i should share.
Abdussalam H (5 months ago)
Morgan (5 months ago)
I slip in and out of peoples lives and everyone just forgets me and moves on
so foreal (5 months ago)
Does this work with friendship ?
Simone Debovoar (5 months ago)
If the other one comes back because he wants to be part of your exciting life he's not coming back for you, he's not loving you but something else and himself, no more.
Mary Jane (5 months ago)
I crying so badly affected by the end of my friends never want me back
Michelle Michelle (5 months ago)
Please help me, I know this guy only by messaging and we see each other on camera once a week because we give each other classes, everything was good till one day I made live stream, since that they he changed, first he was worried about how did my livestream go, then he started to pull away little by little, we still talk every day but not so much, he’s asian and im from Latin America, we get along very well and started to have feelings for each other, now I feel desperate because my heart feels broken because we don’t talk the way we just to do 😭 What can I do please help me ! Note: he told me a few days before the live stream that he is not good at handling people going away from him, and a few days after he told me a sad thing about his death mom, he is a great man but this situation might triggered his past memories the day I told him i was going to make live stream, i don’t want to lose him, please help me 😭
Tanya Raza (5 months ago)
But say if they all blocked you on Social Media and you wanna give the impression that you're having fun by showing them the picture and videos....what do u do to get them seeing the pictures and video of me have a fun time without them?
Juan Oclares (5 months ago)
wow! you are great!!!!!
Moses Melo (6 months ago)
God bless him
Caocao 23 (6 months ago)
Short and that's exactly what people want!
Rayshawn Johnson (6 months ago)
Basically what he really wanted to say was if you want a chick to miss you= Don't give a fuck about her lol
Jai Pao (6 months ago)
I fell in love. 😕
Jai Pao (6 months ago)
I fell in love. 😯
Lizzy Green (6 months ago)
My ex is a narcissist and he will go ghost on me sometimes. He's a dark side Virgo man and also a player type
Achilles94627 (7 months ago)
The best thing to do if someone you're dating doesn't appreciate you and is acting cold and distant, is to break up with them.  That's the ultimate showing that you don't care.  Trust me, you don't want to get involved in chasing people and playing these silly, psychological mind games.  Just opt out.  You shouldn't want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you. I don't really agree with the whole "try to make your life look great" on social media.  Most intelligent people will be able to see through that.  It can look a bit desperate.  Just don't do anything.  Withdraw your contact and move on.
lorraine smith (5 months ago)
Estefany Gutierrez (7 months ago)
My bff broke up we are not my friend
Estefany Gutierrez (7 months ago)
I'm sad 😭😭😭😭 I cried for her. Her name is Alicia
king mike (7 months ago)
He just jumps to the topic! its amazing ....those goofy channels who promote their channel half the video must learn something
Everything Awesome (7 months ago)
I met this girl at Subway. At first, she didn't seem into me. Then one night I saw her in the mcdonalds parking lot, and I was checking her out. She caught me several times and we went back and forth from looking to looking away. The next time I came in subway over a week later she was very responsive to me, flirty and smiled a lot, the complete opposite of before. I came in a few days later and walked right up to her and gave her my number, confidently, she smiled and I smiled in return. almost two weeks later I had never heard from her. ( I should have just gotten her number but I felt I was taking the pressure off her but really I was putting the pressure on her ) The girl never wore makeup prior to this. So after almost two weeks I decide I'm going to go in, because I had built it up in my head so long and already started feeling affectionate towards her.. ( shes insecure she compared her looks to a rodent the first time after we flirted and I complimented her and she smiled ) anyway, she had on a ton of makeup which was a first and she changed her hair completely. The entire interaction was mixed. the fact she was wearing makeup and changed her hair was an indication of interest, she made solid eye contact except i felt she wanted me to say something but in my mind i already reached out what more did she want.. I made a purchase, with no small talk what so ever, it was literally just me and her, and i complimented her hair.. but i looked down and away because i felt from her vibe I was creeping her out which made me feel awkward.. she rolled her eyes once when she realized i was just buying something and thats it.. I didn't wanna come on too strong and i knew i had already taken initiative so I felt I did everything right. anyway i complimented her hair she said thanks and have a good evening and i left. so i thought about it read about it and came to the idea that im just going back one more time and asking her straight up look do you wanna go on a date with me or not if not ill never come in here again. so about 3 days later i went back, but it was slightly buisier this time, and she was busy she looked over at me and i dunno if i made this up i think i may have made it up in my head that she rolled her eyes, but she looked at me, with her mouth open, looked away, continued to do her stuff, and then went to the back of the store to contine working. i took it the wrong way at first but maybe she was just busy. at any rate i've spent way too much time chasing this girl and looking into it and thinking about her and have gotten nothing in return. I feel it shouldn't be this difficult. I felt she was interested in me the whole time and she wanted me to do something but what? I just don't know what more she wanted, for me to ask her out I guess but doesn't she realize a guy doesn't want to push a girl away.. hell I was rather persistant in making my prescence known and that i was into her.. and when i did decide to ask her out it was the wrong day.. now i just feel like i'm done. i want her but she could have easily texted me and i dont see how a girl could be afraid to do so , its a text message, theres nothying face to face about it. and it doesnt take that long to text hi, over two weeks. it just makes no sense. i feel strung along, rejected, hurt, and bitter.
Anne Kumsiri K. (7 months ago)
You are the best! Thank you for the great suggestions😘
Nelisiwe Khaba (8 months ago)
Kate Parkes (8 months ago)
Isn’t that a game ? I’ll try it and have heard this many times before . But it’s hard when I’m hurting inside . Well I decided to “ disappear “ more often anyway
Dharmachakra Kabuto (8 months ago)
I love you man. That's THE BEST ADVICE ;)
Stanley Rochester (8 months ago)
This makes a lot of sense, I don't see how it could NOT work. On that line of thought, did you read Treitan Mellory's Simple Paper? It's super enticing, getting an ex back, it's so simple yet we make it so complicated! Maybe you'll end up surprised as so many others have... after getting her (or his) first text, well let's just say it'll be the beginning of a story to be told.
Queen Onyeulo (9 months ago)
does this mean you should also stop talking to them in this period?
John Thompson (9 months ago)
Fakebook world - in every way. Let's build a relationship on lies. If you get them back on this basis, their interest is based not on you, as a person.
Rose Gold (9 months ago)
I don’t agree. This is playing games
Raychatu S (9 months ago)
You are right
914 lexi (9 months ago)
I like how he just gets straight to the point
Ësmë Cørtëz (9 months ago)
I miss my crush everryday ive been in love with ny crush sence i was 7yrs old im now 13 But hes now showing me signs that he Like me Back
Sairam LP (9 months ago)
you are the only one who make such possibly unique videos i believe most of you are not aware of you try to well advertise your self in other blog psychiatrist blog etc 4 real
Aniiee (9 months ago)
it works 95% of the time but be careful, if the guy feels offended or deeply hurt and you are doing these games it will only push him away even more and with time, he will no longer talk to you... someone did the same to me, using these games to make me come back, since then i never talk to him, what i have been through is a real torture and all i was looking for is honest conversation
auto uk (10 months ago)
Best teacher on YouTube. Short videos and all good advice
April Lashon (10 months ago)
I love how you get right to the point!
Andreea Ciobanu C (10 months ago)
This is full of bullshit. If I were a guy and would want a serious relationship I would need from her the validation that she is still there for me, that she is the one. I would need to know that her feelings for me were stable and long lasting. If a woman started to show that she doesn't care anymore, I would deduce that she was never serious iin the first place, just a shallow, everyday chick who "has a great life" jerking around at parties, with friends, without me. A typical slut, namely no one to regret or pine for.
Michael Bergman (10 months ago)
Love is desire. And desire creates love. That`s the key to missing someone!
Hema Ahmed (11 months ago)
here's a thing at first i met a girl and from a little signs i recognized that she like me. me i did a stupid move and i came to strong to her and i said to her i love you. i know i afraid here by this words after this she tell me that she don't think in any relationship and i know why she tell me that. then i started to live my life on hope she start to miss me. and this doesn't work. and she started to meet me with my friends or her friends. what i want to know how i can fix this problem? how i make her comfortable to meet me alone like the past days?
conservativefella72 (11 months ago)
women need to constantly be entertained by a guy who always showers her with new and interesting talk or they leave immediately. Hey girls. Men aren't magicians!
Tonio Antonio (2 months ago)
+Liana Ocastro Not true for 5% of women? You haven't been active in the dating scene as a man so how can you relate?
Liana Ocastro (5 months ago)
Not true
Dane Anderson (7 months ago)
conservativefella72 I am 😂🤣
Sade Beckford (11 months ago)
Denise Lombard (1 year ago)
I just lost all my friends so now i have NO friends 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
g333 (1 year ago)
Just wanted to comment on your advice. Your right on point. And Thank u for your calm, collected self. Thank you.
Tanvir Amin (1 year ago)
This is GOLD
Mathilda Kamara (1 year ago)
Hi sir How could I handle this situation- my boyfriend for 5 years told me he want to have sex with two women. What can I do?
Rituja Amolic (1 year ago)
Your videos are like a breather... Somebody should seriously give u an award for ur ability to clarify n simplify things...
christinainthecity (1 year ago)
Yeah... I feel like if he’s left one time, I don’t really want Him back the second time... there was this guy who came back into my life months after cutting all contact. I just couldn’t open up to him again. It was too much for my heart...
Sandra O. (1 year ago)
Thanks c
Candy Cat (1 year ago)
This shit doesn't worm if your not on social media. I deleted all mine because it wasn't good for my mental health and my ex is on there and I'm tempted to look at his page.
Michelle MG (1 year ago)
what if they don't come to your facebook or ig
Saurav Bastola (1 year ago)
What about if they block you :(?
Modalsoul (1 year ago)
Bottom line folks ......PERCEPTION is REALITY in ANY and ALL situations...OUTSTANDING ADVICE.👍🏼
sdot (1 year ago)
I really like you. You have good advice/logic, get straight to the point and you deliver it such a chill way.
G.A.M.E (1 year ago)
the only way i can communicate with him or social medias i have he has is youtube.what should i do to make him jealous? should i focus on my other friends?
Gulfam Alam (1 year ago)
i m from india i want to ask u that i love a girl she is in love with him but i truly love her what should i do sir
Melina Galli-Poissant (1 year ago)
What happens if you've bean doing that with a friend but they're generally very shy . What do I do about the situation. Cause they've bean cold around me, like there angry, but I might have hurt there feelings by accident.
Jebeš Google (1 year ago)
Every time I watch one of your videos I want to listen to Death Grips for some reason. Anyway, man you're a legend
Arjun Vaghadia (1 year ago)
thanks, bro that really helps
Amruthabh Sha S (1 year ago)
You're the best!!!
DJ Zonic (1 year ago)
my ex call me back after 1 year and 2 months
542mixie12 (1 year ago)
If he/she comes back to u, you win! Let it be that way and don’t go back to them
Stop being a codependent. Be yourself. If you have to play games, he's not worth it
cutie 123e (1 year ago)
Thank u so much this help a lot...❤️
Oisee Mandal (1 year ago)
This tip is an effective one , smtym it is really need to be done .
It's been 2 years, I hate people
Charming Diva (1 month ago)
Dane Anderson (7 months ago)
Get over that shit! Damn
Soraya (1 year ago)
lyrical spiritual miracle 😁😁 I feel that!
Therese Meggitt (1 year ago)
I was doing very well & was very happy seemed my ex envied me- . He acted very jealous that I was happy meeting people etc.... he was down & now we are apart.
Dakari Haggard (1 year ago)
how long should I go No Contact after breaking it ?
risamore (1 year ago)
I will do this
1347 Ant (1 year ago)
But the only thing that ima be confused about is if she see that you are happy is she probably gonna think i dont want him back because hes happy?
ambereyes1987 (1 year ago)
What do you do if you don't use Facebook for that? Is Snapchat okay?
the end (1 year ago)
short videos- spot on, and you talk a lot of sense! thank you
Brynn Wiens (1 year ago)
I told him that I was gonna miss him when we broke up crap will it ruin my chances if I show I moved on?

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