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5 Men's Shoe Styles Women Hate

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It’s a fact that one of the first things a woman notices about you is your shoes. So obviously it’s important to make sure your shoe game is on point. Here are Ashley’s picks for 5 Men’s Shoe Styles That Women Hate. Companion Video: 5 Men's Shoe Styles Women Love → https://youtu.be/iyjaISbwRiI As always, we're proud to be #SponsorFree. If you appreciate the lack of product pitches, keep it that way by leaving a Paypal tip or clicking the links below to make any purchases - which gives us a tiny commission. ***Enjoy the content and lack of ads? Leave a tip!*** https://www.paypal.me/AWxInc __ FREE MEN'S STYLE EBOOKS To download our free ebooks click here → http://awest.me/ebooks __ FOLLOW US ● Instagram → http://instagram.com/awxinc ● Twitter → http://twitter.com/awxinc ● Email Newsletter → http://awest.me/newsletter ● Instagram (Personal) → http://instagram.com/ashleypweston __ RELATED VIDEOS ● Top 5 Men's Shoes For 2018→ https://youtu.be/jqhhBbPiz-c ● 3 Boot Styles Every Man Should Own → https://youtu.be/dmXMakMlxLY ● Dress shoes → https://youtu.be/oPrKcoNblDg ● Leather Boots → https://youtu.be/9Ame1OdpfC0 ● White Sneakers → https://youtu.be/7-rtOd4_A-o ● How To Clean White Sneakers → https://youtu.be/cFXRprjhq7k ● Can Every Man Regardless Of Age Wear White Sneakers? → www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPQaMtHdL38&t ● Best White Sneakers For Every Budget → https://ashleyweston.com/mens-wardrob... ● Sneakers Every Man Should Own In 2018 → https://youtu.be/1Jlz6BlNTLY ● Sneakers Fit → https://youtu.be/01zFpcXK1Gg ● Socks → https://youtu.be/tpJXJPU8lQc ● Best Ways To Tie Your Shoelaces → https://youtu.be/3dG7dimILmM ● 12 Things Men Wear That Women Love → https://youtu.be/3vBVwqLqe0o ● 21 Things Men Should NEVER Wear → https://youtu.be/ilbWxDFwNFw ● 10 MORE Things Men Should NEVER Wear → https://youtu.be/Vo4jbAXs49s ● 7 Accessories You Should Get Rid of Now → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTjZ40rdwhg&t #stylemistakes #mensshoes #bestemensshoes #shoeswomenhate #sneakers #bestmenssneakers #mensshoeswomenhate
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Text Comments (1282)
HADDAD JORDAN .1 (6 hours ago)
So, No slides? No flip flops? What should I wear at home? Stupid woman!
Justin Loza (9 hours ago)
First of all how dare you disrespect Jordan’s like that. I won’t take advice from 70 year olds. And second of all if you played any sport you’d know that not just men but also women wear socks and slides after a game or something. So... dislike
Mac Kelly (18 hours ago)
I wear saddle oxfords and spectator shoes with my suits at work and while out, it's kind of my thing, my trademark. I've got my beat up, worn out battle boots with my kilt , a pair of running shoes , and my scuffed-all-to-hell boots for when I take my Indian out for a spin. I've got my own style, don't give a damn what anyone thinks ;)
Alexandr Stark (19 hours ago)
Please don't try to advise people on the subject you have not even a silver of knowledge
Battenkill Rambler (1 day ago)
Who gives a crap what some woman thinks? Perhaps once they drop the tattoos, piercings, football jerseys, and “leggings” maybe credibility will return...until then, no thanks.
Falcon Garcis (1 day ago)
I enjoy your videos. Do you have information on where to dress sharp for less money?
M A (2 days ago)
That man looks like a good guy. but the women looks like wired thinking lady 😁
Jasayuh (2 days ago)
She just gone have to deal wit what u wear...
Ranj ramadan (2 days ago)
I don’t use shoes for women so I don’t even care!
Steam Punkster (2 days ago)
Lols! Square toed. I used to know a friend's kid who saw her mother's boyfriend wearing those shoes and tells her that it reminds her of Ronald McDonald.
NVanHiker (2 days ago)
Has anyone found a video in which sexy older women tell us older guys what they like? Now THAT would be valuable. All the videos seem to feature young women and men of indeterminate orientation.
NVanHiker (2 days ago)
The word 'halcyon' is pronounced 'HAL-SEE-ON'. Not 'HALLY-CON'. Geez.
oryandunn (4 hours ago)
Maybe when they started the channel, they had a convention for holly, like the kind you deck the halls with. Maybe they were thinking it’d be a rival con to comic-con! :) I loled at this, and clearly he’s only ever seen that word in print.
Keefin Boa (3 days ago)
How dare u diss 11s 😂
johnpaavo (6 days ago)
I should take style advise from a guy wearing a shawl collar cardigan??
ɴᴏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ (5 days ago)
johnpaavo yeh
Alexander Jones (6 days ago)
Chunky basketball sneakers?...😂 who's taking advice from Mr and Ms Chunky basketball sneakers I can't bro 😂
runako hayes (6 days ago)
Am I the only male here that don’t like Jordan’s
runako hayes (6 days ago)
I don’t wear any
Komplexer Kontext (7 days ago)
Can this woman pls shut her mouth and leave it shut forever
flappy1y1 (7 days ago)
3:43 what if i paint my toe nails.
Andrew Lee (7 days ago)
Shes racist
ted marshall (8 days ago)
I wish that women would stop wearing those stupid looking stressed jeans! It makes them look like a bunch of homeless slobs! I am thankful that the woman in my life takes more pride in her appearance than that!
funny death momo (9 days ago)
Men makes rules.
Anthony Bodie (9 days ago)
Please never disrespect the 11's NEVER! !!!!!!!
Spazzsticks (9 days ago)
But my girlfriend thinks my jesus flipflops look cool. :(
Joshua Patino (11 days ago)
Did I hear these 2 correct? cause it sounds like they were hating on Js and that's called GTFO like who they think they is?
T.C. Masterson (11 days ago)
The sexism in the comments is unreal. Speaking as a man, your channel's great and thanks for making these videos!
Paul Koller (11 days ago)
#1 Thing men hate: When she brings her boyfriend along for the ride on her YouTube channel.
TheLordbal (11 days ago)
meaningless opinions
Michael Walker (11 days ago)
I have a problem with these so-called “experts” stating their opinion as law. This is an especially egregious example of that.
Joseph Anderson (11 days ago)
Firs she says fashion trends change so clean out your closet, Then she says the new fashion trends of square toes is popular but she doesn't like it - so you shouldnt wear them .
Michael Howell (12 days ago)
Unless you plan on playing basketball everyday then you shouldn't wear them same with trainers don't wear them if you ain't going to be doing sports, gym or leisure activities.
Michael Howell (12 days ago)
Off-white sneakers, Vintage Fringe Tassel Loafers and Chelsea Boots are must haves for any man
Lucifer Sam (12 days ago)
All the shoe styles listed here are ugly as all hell. Lacoste, and Ralph Lauren are the only tennis shoes I wear. My dress shoes are all Oxfords. My girl and her girlfriends loves them.
Neil McBride (12 days ago)
I find it ironic that I'm getting style advice from a guy that looks like he's wearing a bathrobe.
MrIFARI (13 days ago)
5 Women's Styles Men Hate: #5: Low cut tops on women that have no boobs. #4: Bright lipstick on mouths so wide they could swallow a banana - SIDEWAYS. #3: Hair worn in a bun so tight on top of the head it makes a woman look like 'The Grinch Who Stole Christmas'. #2: Earrings so big you could practice free throws with... And #1: Opinionated women that have an impotent Mangina as their main accessory.
Edgar R (13 days ago)
Biased Asf!!!!
Kevin Diaz (14 days ago)
1:46 the one on the left is hard tho
Eric Arden (14 days ago)
If you're under 25yrs old you can probably wear Js or some other clunky hightop sneaker but if you're over 25yrs its time to mature a little. Js on a 35yr just make you look like you still live in your mom's basement or the kinda guy that brags about getting laid all the time but getting laid is a phenomenally rare occasion.
x2 MerFox (15 days ago)
Uhhmmm I do think it depends on the man wearing it Because they say not all woman has the same perspective And every country or region or nationality has different types of FASHION No hate, I am no basher, just saying
Lol agree with the slides & slides & Sox... though really with those African turtle shells hoops, come on
f mck (15 days ago)
Bank account overrides face and shoes.
SansAziza (15 days ago)
I'd get some gator cowboy boots just to piss her all the way off. :P
Jose Aguilar (15 days ago)
I believe Basketball players is one reason not Justin Bieber
_getfree (15 days ago)
Wait so they are gonna call sneakers like air Jordan's ugly but say that these rip off chunky designer sneakers are nice?! TF
Nate Cole (16 days ago)
men will never stop wearing slides....comfortable
William Saloka (16 days ago)
See, the thing is that most men are not as goofy about shoes as woman are. That is the thing!!!
sir charles (16 days ago)
ive noticed guys who dont wear slides have never played a sport
Katy Bauer (16 days ago)
As a woman who is very into shoes, and notices guys shoes, I will put my two cents in. I agree with the clunky square toes with thick soles, she did show one pair of square toes with a tapered front, those didn't look bad. I don't think the loafers with contrasting stitching look bad at all, I certainly don't hate them, I liked the ones that they used as examples. White shoes look good with the right outfit. I agree that flip flops are just nasty. I think that those basketball shoes have their place. I wouldn't say that women hate them. Slides, and I will add crocs, are just as bad as flip flops.
Ferdinand Vazquez (16 days ago)
Totally agree; although you forgot "cargo pants!" 😬
mrdilligaf1968 (17 days ago)
The majority of us Aussies wear thongs , summer and winter. Get a pair if you don't want to look like a tourist and fit in. For me it's Rocko's or bare foot everywhere. I wear my Rocko's to the pub , working on the car or out for a meal. They're the perfect thong !
Driven warrior (17 days ago)
look at all these fashion boys getting butthurt about Js lmao
CJ Carpenter (17 days ago)
Slides and socks? Its a basketball thing.. She wouldn't understand.. Basically cannot wear anything.
Seth Walsh (17 days ago)
By far the worst hairstyle ive seen a women wear..
nick sammy (17 days ago)
I ❤️ my socks and slides
Jordy Duron (17 days ago)
Sneaker culture affects the fashion industry so much tho
Don Z Dryver (17 days ago)
5 women's hairstyles men hate ...
Tom König (17 days ago)
I think men just often wear shoes which are comfortable for them. Women just wear shoes which hurt honestly xD
Michael Gill (18 days ago)
Any woman or This woman .. sandals with socks .. any footwear that shows toes ...and women painting their toenails... just accentuates ugly feet ...
Deanna Woody (18 days ago)
Nice video 👌👏
MarkimusMaximus9 (19 days ago)
Chick if you HATE my shoes you need to be left in a jungle to be reminded how much it doesn't matter.
Curtis Conroy (19 days ago)
This women is so stupid. Every athlete knows that slides are the way to go.
Dave Boreland (19 days ago)
How sad man would you have to be if you chose your wardrobe based on this information. If you like it then wear it. If some woman doesn't like it then that is her problem not yours.
Discover Life (19 days ago)
Square toe shoes I agree but Jordans!! J11s are classic!!
Gregory Stapleton (19 days ago)
So, even though whatever shoes are widely popular, women don’t like them? Umm...no. Just the opposite. This vid is alllll personal opinion. 👍🏾
Noah Freeman (19 days ago)
As far as the square toed boots are concerned, I guess you speak for the entire planet. Egotistical and shallow are you and that lap dog next to you. Opinions are like ass holes and yours really stinks.
R E (20 days ago)
Curious how many women she consulted with to come up with lists of style SHE doesn’t like? I also find the advise to be a good little consumer and buy and get rid of clothes based on the whims and financial benefit of people whose job it is to sell you more crap you don’t need to be self serving idiotic. Wear what you like and screw what the sheep think
kevin15776 (20 days ago)
If a woman is going to be so judgemental about my style of shoes, I have zero interest in talking to her.
Willy Lütke (20 days ago)
So we learn this woman just hates men feet in general
JBEAN (20 days ago)
seriously who let's 2 people on the internet tell them what to do? I agree with some of these but my point is that you should wear what ever you want, these 2 are experts on nothing
Jeff D (20 days ago)
Woman hate my shoes, pants, shirts, hair, face, General overall appearance. I gave up 10 years ago.
Jeff D (20 days ago)
I love sketchers
Brett Colmer (20 days ago)
You seriously need to get out with these videos. We don't care what you think.
andygomez416 (21 days ago)
I totally agree, flip flops and slides must be out law for both men and women.
vial.of.photons (21 days ago)
I like flip flops, but anyone who wear sandals, should take care of their feet so they don't resemble something from The Walking Dead.
Pix Els (21 days ago)
Well maybe I care more about being comfortable than looking good for people like you 🤷‍♂️
Charles F. Roland (22 days ago)
I agree 💯. Men should not be showing their feet in the street. EVER !!!
mr zed (22 days ago)
Well I hate your earings
Bunthoeun Chim (22 days ago)
Says the people that dont have style themselves lol
Harry Brown (22 days ago)
What about Moc Toe Boots?
rasen shuriken (23 days ago)
You missing one shoes. That is the shoes that light up when you hit the floor.
Joshua Dobyns (23 days ago)
Flip flops for life
Haris Naqvi (23 days ago)
Square toed dress shoes huh. Why does that sound familiar? Oh wait I’m wearing them right now :(
Muhammad Zayd (24 days ago)
U dunno the weather every where one cant wear shoes in super hot weather and ugh that jordan thing aint acceptable get your knowledge refined
Muhammad Zayd (24 days ago)
Yeah as if we all mean have foot fetish for women um so wtf
Muhammad Zayd (24 days ago)
Oh come on u are so weird with those Jordans so learn some stuff
Moy Hdez (24 days ago)
The only ones who wear Jordans are chakas or basketball players
Tyler Legg (24 days ago)
Wear toe cowboy boots are fucking amazing
Rasheed Belus (24 days ago)
Jordan's is apart of a CULTURE
Fábio Andrade (25 days ago)
So many sensitive people lol
Mohd Hambali (24 days ago)
and man tend to like the girls in naked without gucci,lv or your 1k penny inner wear.
Sunny (26 days ago)
Hate it’s a very strong word my friend you should say dislike or unattractive sounds more smarter
evolver (26 days ago)
They’re all cheap ‘mass fashion’ trends.
Roman Abram (27 days ago)
Well, I'll tell one thing that men hate is too much talking short girls.
Ciaron Smith (27 days ago)
bossimusprime (27 days ago)
Are saying we can’t wear Jordan’s
MayonnaiseOreo (27 days ago)
I dig Dorian's hair being a little longer like that. It's fitting for spring and summer when your hair can be a little "messier".
drip drop (28 days ago)
Her opinions are almost as bad as her hairline
Women: Complain about men "objectifying" them because they give opinions on their appearances, and call them "pigs" for "trying to tell women what to look like". Also women: This insanely shallow bullshit.
George Hicks (1 month ago)
Please check your pronunciation of the word "halcyon". It's a beautiful, poetic word, and I've never heard it as "holly-con" in my life. Yikes.
yasu (1 month ago)
Just don't. Just don't.

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