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Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring-Summer 2019 Fashion Show

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Louis Vuitton presents the Men's 2019 Spring-Summer Collection by Virgil Abloh in Paris.
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Text Comments (840)
I hate the music it's tacky and tried for this collection the music should be classical music
Its WysDumb (5 days ago)
Horrible camera positioning...
Natasha Kwan (7 days ago)
Luis Rojas (7 days ago)
shout out to the band jammin'!
I'm Your mom (8 days ago)
deslicious (8 days ago)
vidform (9 days ago)
I like how the band was playing fusion-jazz of the 1970s.
SLVRwill7 (9 days ago)
The person to fire would be the director not the camera operators.
Muhammad Mikhail (12 days ago)
i see kylie , travis , kanye , and kim
Eu amo pinscher (13 days ago)
Épic 😍
Dirty Dave (13 days ago)
Louis Vuitton sees the future in street fashion with that hire no doubt look out !\
ale H (14 days ago)
Cyn X (15 days ago)
Horrible camera work!!
No.hype.needed (16 days ago)
8:23 the guy in the white on the left side fighting a bee :D
C Buckets (16 days ago)
That was beautiful
EduArdo (17 days ago)
The Kanye and Virgil moment was just beautiful.
Alex I. (18 days ago)
Its like cheap knockoff style has taken over high end luxury
Ruggeery rebeel (19 days ago)
me conmovió ver a Virgil Abloh llorando de emocion y abrazando a Kanye que felicidad y emoción se siente al ver esta colección
MsMyami (20 days ago)
So happy to see the diversity in the models.
meeto bar (21 days ago)
my eyes have burned because of white color
mista wide (22 days ago)
BADBADNOTGOOD sounds so good here!! Really getting some Pink Floyd vibes at times.
Shaheen S (23 days ago)
Family gathering 💝
Enrique Bazaldua (25 days ago)
Is this LV or Off white? 😑
Gary The Snail (25 days ago)
YES STEVE! 💞💗💖💝💕💓🤝
Kazimierz Kiełkowicz (26 days ago)
Music and rainbow runway were only good things.
Ted Miller (27 days ago)
Great casting, terrible editing of camera
Peter Tran (27 days ago)
Came here to see playboi carti
Wonder Woman (29 days ago)
'Rip off of a visual. Public wants to see clothes not overrated over publicized celebs!!!!!
birhad (1 month ago)
Should change the title of this video to 'Kardashians go to a fashion show' lol
Arsénio Baptista (1 month ago)
Playboi carti
SmokeyD (1 month ago)
11:52 _The Man Himself_
Krenjura (1 month ago)
1:25 Ian Connor
Wenzy Royal (1 month ago)
Their all trans!!!!!!! 🌈🌈🌈
fei hu (1 month ago)
OMG awesome! We love you Virgil❤️
Mademoiselle A (1 month ago)
12:12 omg Kanye 😢
Gino Calderon (1 month ago)
Valentin Orozco (1 month ago)
What’s the name of the Kanye song ???
Valentin Orozco (1 month ago)
dipita vanessa (1 month ago)
I just can’t even see the collection🤷🏽‍♀️
al (1 month ago)
Beautiful runway consept but not sure about the collection.. Somehow like in a fashion school graduation show, some pieces like student works.. awkward.
Lal Hminghlui23 (1 month ago)
Virgil's collectuon is one of the best! This is what high fashion should be. And I would totally wear them all❤🔥🔥🔥
samuel fitzpatrick (1 month ago)
I don't get it what it about these fashion shows ?
Billy Smith (2 months ago)
2:48 ian connor
David Sands (2 months ago)
Pointless video, you can't see the actual clothes. Very poor. Is this video specifically for morons?
Sapphire (2 months ago)
you can definitely see a difference when virgil did it, there isnt really a design, its not unique
Zoheb Khan (2 months ago)
Leave the baggy pants for grandpa 🤣🤣
datage rrl (2 months ago)
Greetings from England. Boring. Did not sub.
LexiTheFinest (2 months ago)
What’s the name of the Kanye song?
Daniel Hernandez (2 months ago)
I came here for playboi carti
Gusten Perttu (2 months ago)
what band is playin? anyone know their name?
multisphere1 (2 months ago)
White white on gay rainbow 🌈 then other... bright and blooming, oh yeah! I don’t joke to no one! Yo, yo, yo... and jazz is my souls sophistication and We know how to love kaney and I ...yeee!
C M (2 months ago)
8:45 good for rainy days
C M (2 months ago)
1:48 wearing plastic bag is fashion now? Hahahahaha
Noster (2 months ago)
having met some of the people here along with the show is just inspiring. incredible work Virgil.
BORN THIS WAY (2 months ago)
suburbandrudgery (2 months ago)
Virgil in the house...genius!
suburbandrudgery (2 months ago)
I was in Tokyo this past summer and the young men dress like this. I’m not Kidding. They dress better then the French
Axel Kvaran (2 months ago)
Well, i like the direction that Virgil is taking LV into.... You can only do so many monogram themed clothes
Lotta Krap (2 months ago)
Why are all the models black ? This is racist !
Saffron Cyan (3 months ago)
I appreciate the Jazz in the show. So sweet
jamal jason (3 months ago)
virgil!!!!!!!!!! love & positivity
Noah S (3 months ago)
Who else is here because of Badbadnotgood?
PiranhaJaw22 (3 months ago)
this isn't one of the better collections. this looks like macys wear..
Dane Mitch (3 months ago)
It’s great to have a person of color be the creative director of LV menswear. But to be honest this collection is bad. It’s not cohesive and it lacks elegance. It doesn’t scream LV but Off White. There should at least be traces of the fashion house’s heritage and aesthetic while at the same time reinventing it. Dries Van Noten menswear S/S 19 was so much better. The clothes were fun and bright but still elegant and classy. You just have to see it to know what I mean.
Blank 3341 (3 months ago)
3:43 kanye west
Sarah whiteney (3 months ago)
whos that model on 4:44
Xxtentaction Darder (3 months ago)
I no
ReasonableRadio (3 months ago)
BADBADNOTGOOD is the right music pairing for almost anything
Armando Padilla (3 months ago)
Im man and i never ever will use some of that pieces, in all my life never saw a man wearing that ugly cloth
Henry Mv (3 months ago)
I love it
o Garrekt (3 months ago)
I always come back to this vid idk why
K Mas (3 months ago)
the vision.
Rizky Aryanto (3 months ago)
3.54 please, whats the name of that tiny bag?
Urban Press U.K UP (4 months ago)
No Dex but thats Lash. North North in the building
UNO (4 months ago)
It's high fashion streetwear that nobody can pull off not even the models make the cloths look good this collection only has 3 wearable outfits plus the one kid cudi was dressed in
Keegan Whittal (4 months ago)
Is this really the SPRING collection? Are summers cold in France or something?
Zachary Lavender (4 months ago)
You don't have the opportunity to truly see and appreciate the collection.
Matteo Crea (4 months ago)
just horrible
Hershey's James (4 months ago)
Hideous clothes
PUPUL DATTA (4 months ago)
W.O.W. LOVE WHAT HES DONE TO LOUIS VUITTON. He has definitely kept the brand vibe intact bringing his magic and style into it.
Delilah Lah (4 months ago)
Ruby Redux (4 months ago)
This ones for the rainbow children!
Harvey Robinson (4 months ago)
Look at all the black male models he has in this show. I love it
Fyg Gaming (4 months ago)
Seen that boi kid cudi
Arthur Castle (4 months ago)
another disappointment
Acosta vega (4 months ago)
Ugly collection.
Zero Ya Hero (4 months ago)
9:41 when you M I D G E T
Rusty Shackleford (4 months ago)
4:25 Kid Cudi
Ken (4 months ago)
Who else came here to listen to BadBadNotGood 👍
Ghana Mafia (4 months ago)
starfashion_world (4 months ago)
Beautiful runway
MikeLitoris (4 months ago)
first son is Pink Floyd-esque don't you think?
Beony BR (5 months ago)
can someone tell me whos is singing on the rap part?
Boy With A Weird Life (5 months ago)
Why play a song that is explicit at a fashion show? Isn't that weird?
RICO SLIMEBALL (5 months ago)
EvilArcticFox unless you're a SJW then no it shouldn't be weird
Diana A (5 months ago)
This is an amazing collection. Brilliantly done. Congratulations.
Fernando Lezzo (5 months ago)
Y los modelos??
Jason Yip (5 months ago)
anicet gbgbsav (5 months ago)
Kanye West
KHALIFARANA (5 months ago)
Wheres Carti
YouTube Addict (5 months ago)
I can suck each one of them without even wearing off. Must be juicy men wow🤪

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