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How to Increase Your Sales on eBay With the New 2019 Seller Updates

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eBay's 2019 sales updates and how to increase your sales! • JOIN DATAMINE ► https://bit.ly/2ILdwHp • JOIN OUR MENTORING GROUP ► https://bit.ly/2Jp82Ci • SUPPLIES WE USE ► https://amzn.to/2CCEQVd • OUR PUBLIC EBAY STORE ► https://ebay.to/2Gjs7am • SUBSCRIBE ► https://bit.ly/2Nwv5Mo • RALLI ROOTS MERCH ► http://www.ralliroots.com/shop.html Follow us on Social Media to stay connected! Instagram ► https://instagram.com/ralliroots Website ► http://www.ralliroots.com/ thanks so much for watching! We love you all ^some of the links above are affiliate links^
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Text Comments (514)
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
JOIN DATAMINE ► https://bit.ly/2ILdwHp
Jeffrey Siegel (16 days ago)
Hi Ryan....I have been a Canadian Seller on ebay since the late 1990's (when it was much easier to sell on ebay). I stumbled upon your YouTube video and even though Ebay.ca has some different rules to follow, I did learn about Terapeak and Datamine. I had never heard of either one of these companies (even though Terapeak was originally a Canadian company before ebay acquired then). I an now retired and ebay keeps me active and I really do enjoy it, I have now subscribed to your YouTube Channel, and I look forward to learning more from you in future videos. Thank you for taking your time to produce them. (Who said you can't an old fart new tricks...You just did!)
RALLI ROOTS (23 days ago)
DedByMonday 99% of the time drop shipping is BS. It’s not real, these guys selling drop shipping courses are making money selling courses, not drop shipping.
DedByMonday (23 days ago)
+RALLI ROOTS is drop shipping just part of the "game" you guys prefer not to play... or is there a downside? I was thinking of doing that to start an internet business ..
Tyroniuz Oz (1 month ago)
Brooks and woochun are awesome!....I talk to Brooks at least once a week 😄
Wendy Jones (1 month ago)
I joined Datamiine! Excellent Customer Service!
Annette (3 hours ago)
Hey Ryan, I really love your channel. You have a wonderful way of presenting and I really appreciate that. I have a small questions...when you delist and relist similar on an item that has watchers...what happens to them? Do you lose them? I have a couple of older items that have lots of watchers but nothing is happening so I'm wondering if this tactic might help?
Derrin Eckelmann (2 days ago)
So is there a way to send offers to watchers through the selling app on the mobile platform ?
Ryan Gonzalez (2 days ago)
I subscribed...
Crafty Dad (3 days ago)
Great information, Ryan! Thanks so much for taking the time to share all these new features. : )
baracuda40 (3 days ago)
Lmao. Why pay more, just cancel end list as before every 30 days
RALLI ROOTS (3 days ago)
baracuda40 because that’s really time consuming when you have thousands of items listed
OZ CAM (4 days ago)
eBay is a rip-off....13% final value fee, insertions fee, search appear on top fee, goods and services tax from total amount, and from postage. if you are importing gst on bulk,postage fee. what a joke. i have a plan shopify. do my way don't need your advice.How much eBay paying you?????
RALLI ROOTS (3 days ago)
OZ CAM I bet.
OZ CAM (3 days ago)
i have two ebay account. since 2007. Ebay becoming like uber. Amount of money i am saving not importing and storing and ebay bullshit i can run 5 shopify store. I run it my way with my own customer base. with freedom.
RALLI ROOTS (4 days ago)
OZ CAM you’re gonna pay waaaayyyyyy more trying to drive traffic to your Shopify store, but good luck
Mardrease Simone (4 days ago)
Am I able to link my Shopify store to eBay and does it make sense to do that? I want to grow my entire children’s brand and link my store. But I’m new to it and I want to make sure I’m doing this correctly
masked man show (6 days ago)
Ryan been selling on e bay for many years ive always done good until the last few months ive sold maybe 6 things since January i watched your thrift store videos and i went to a few and got some really cool stuff including a Chicago bears brian urlacher jersey i usually deal in toys like funko and horror toys and movies any other suggestions on what to sell on e bay that may sell a bit faster than what i got now ??? Thanks A bunch. ron
Gabriela (6 days ago)
Great useful content as always. Much love 💙
steve hickmott (7 days ago)
how many items do i have to list to get to a $ 100.00 per day?
steve hickmott (7 days ago)
awesome video, this dude is really through and a great communicator , and a ton of awesome content.
Forrest (8 days ago)
Listing fee starts at 35 cents, not 25 as you've stated. More listings does not guarantee more sales, and not all sellers are looking to flip inventory quickly. Some sellers have seasonal or high end stuff that may sit around for a year before selling.
RALLI ROOTS (8 days ago)
Forrest ebay STORE fees...more listings literally does guarantee more sales, as long and you’re pricing your items right and listing product in demand, that’s common sense. If you can only list 10 things and I can list 10000 things, I have more opportunity to sell. That’s great that some sellers have a “sit and wait” mentality, but it’s not a great way to scale a business. Thanks for the comments though, you might want to reevaluate your thought process. Cheers
Andrew Gould (10 days ago)
Hey dude, just a quick question. How many times do you relist an item before you auction/re-donate? and how much do you lower the price?
Jely Bo (10 days ago)
My problem is I had an inventory glitch and my store fell to "below standard" so I lost my Premium Store and now have a Basic Store. I usually have around 500 listings at any one time. Right now, I'm doing a lot of auctions for low prices just to raise my metrics to get my seller rating back up. But, this good til cancelled update does hurt me. I can't upgrade again until I get my rating up. Totally my fault, but it still sucks. Hopefully, I'll get back up to at least Standard in May. Crossing my fingers. Thanks for the explanation. I'm excited about the offers to watchers.
Kenneth Wong (10 days ago)
Thanks for the video. Can you tell me where on the seller Hub, can I find the first update "Offer to watchers" I don't see it any where.
Barney D (10 days ago)
Will they be collecting sales tax for all states?
Barney D (8 days ago)
+Murda __1 OfferUp has its downsides. Poshmark just started a remit policy April 1st. I predict it's a rising tide that will lift all boats.
Veronica Black (11 days ago)
Thank you So Much Ryan!! Such Great Information, and you explained in deep detail. I really appreciate you guys for Sharing such amazing content!!! Again, Thank you!!!
Andre Shiever (12 days ago)
Thanks for a great Video Ryan!
Heather Scott (13 days ago)
Great video! Thanks!
HOW TO (14 days ago)
Is anyone here. Looking for VA?
Malone Raphael (15 days ago)
How do you submit an offer to somebody who is watching your item?
Nancy Robinson (16 days ago)
Great info! Thank you!
Sue Stenstream (16 days ago)
What is Terapeak?
Just to give you heads up if your item is lower that $10 that smart offer won't be eligible to make an offer to your watcher.
Mushroom (17 days ago)
Damn, I was under the impression I had 300 new listings every month (that's my limit atm) I didn't know old listings were counted as part of that. Thanks
NewFound Adventures (21 days ago)
My sales have dropped since the update
Elaine Pohl (21 days ago)
I love that feature of sending watchers a best offer. It is working well for me.
David P (22 days ago)
Are you a dropshiper? If you are how do you handle tracking numbers from AMZ because Ebay doesn't accept those tracking numbers
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
not a dropshipper. not a fan of dropshipping at all
dhananjay singh (22 days ago)
ebay is trying very hard to be like amazon.... trust me they will end up losing what they have. they are losing seller losing gmv and aslo losing buyers.
Kim Y (22 days ago)
I love watching your videos.
Donna Heard (23 days ago)
Do you have any advice on how to get a payment back as eBay..PayPal well they can't see m to find my transaction and I can find it no problem..I pay for a new mattress topper next day delivery.....5 days ago no item has been delivered on PayPal it's says cancelled with the bed company on eBay it says in transit ...still next day delivery 🤣🤣 joke 5 days later but if it's been cancelled on PayPal I find which i did not do how can product been in transit ..still and where the f**k is my money gone jeeeeeeeeeze screw it I will get bank to sort it's a f**king joke .paypal ..eval and cheeky thriving hackers on my account again ...PayPal supposed to be safe way to pay so who the f**k has gone into my account and cancelled product and where the f**j has my money gone iam not happy at all with eBay or pay pal
Thrifting to Riches (26 days ago)
Great video 👍. Thank you!! This helps so much.
Edward Tringhese (26 days ago)
Can you change a listing from " auction " to " buy now " and if so, how do you do it ,thank you ?
Edward Tringhese (23 days ago)
+Robert Chabot Thank you for your reply ,I'll try it , keep up the good work !
Robert Chabot (23 days ago)
You have to end the listing and then relist as buy it now. The opposite is also true - if you want to change a buy it now to auction, you have to end the listing and re list as auction.
Sara Sepia (26 days ago)
Thanks Ryan, I had come to the conclusion that stores at my level are essentially being asked to step up to the next store level with this shift to good till canceled. Thanks for validating that-the cost to cover re-listing might as well go to having a better store with more free listings and better discounts. If you're paying ebay anyway, might as well get lowered fees :)
Michelle Carmen (27 days ago)
Hi Ryan, great video! Are you drop-shipping on ebay or do you physically buy your items?
RALLI ROOTS (26 days ago)
Thanks :) we buy everything, not a fan of dropshipping at all
Lisa Ysasi (27 days ago)
Soooo much good stuff! Thank you for sharing these great tips!
David Mendez (28 days ago)
I called Ebay and complained about that relisting feature that came up and they said that if anyone has complaints to please let them know because they are forwarding the complaints up the chain. Another issue I have with Ebay is that if they send you an offer for 50 free listings or 100 free listing and lets say you have a basic store with 100 free listing and you accept the 50 free listing before you use up the original free listings they both get used up at the same time rather than them adding the 50 to your original 100 for a total of 150.
I'm not seeing how to offer a listing to a watcher. I'm on the Seller hub but cannot see this feature. Thanks!
AMBROSIA EVANS (1 month ago)
always useful info! much appreciated
King of Thrift (1 month ago)
As always good information thank you
Guardian Minifarm (1 month ago)
Major bummer for me. I do not like the good til cancelled feature. I have the entry level store of 100 listings and this will greatly affect the way I list. I have 160 items that I do a rotation with and this will squeeze me out. I would like to build my store, but I have very limited access to resale items in my area.😣 I do appreciate your break down and explanations...thank you!
Arrani S. (1 month ago)
I will be using my listings on certain days for my first rotation then I will end them after 30 days for my next rotation. I am doing this because my store does not sell enough for the next level. I have my items listed in a certain order so I can tell which ones I can end. I also can take a listing screenshot to keep track.
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
Guardian Minifarm you should just get a store so you have 250 free
Virtual Tech (1 month ago)
Nice video Ryan , Good information, I make my channel now as well.
Mateo's Mundo (1 month ago)
When does one know when to start an eBay store? At what level is it worthwhile?
Tacticle Z (1 month ago)
maverick13nyc (1 month ago)
eBay needs to open up the payment option for Buyers and Sellers. Having PayPal as the only option sucks.
Stephen Inoc (1 month ago)
maverick13nyc eBay is working on the other payment option and it is still a beta, only invited sellers are using that new payment experience. It will be coming out soon to everyone. No exact date were being announced but it will be very soon.
Katherine Tzel (1 month ago)
That was an amazing video. Thank you. Katherine
Ranimal Farms (1 month ago)
We Enjoyed Your Video, Thank You & Keep Up The Good Work!
jena mccoy (1 month ago)
How is your house so clean!! Mine is messed every time I list!! I am watching your videos today for inspiration..
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
:) we have a maid come in every so often but we try to keep the place puuurdy clean
Yan Vast (1 month ago)
HELP ! Ok is the first time i sale something in ebay , i have sale in depop so i have a paypal account already and i have buy things from ebay many cheap things to have some good reviews, now i see i have sold two items , but the payment for both appears like AWAITING PAYMENT? Has been days like that , i dont know what to do and i want to ship as soon as posible , whats wrong ! 😢 i will appreciate the help and sorry for the drama
wuufer001 (1 month ago)
i'm still using personal account (not a store yet), but have started using the seller hub. I can't seem to find the 'offer to watcher' option. Is this only available for stores?
Teleb Studio (1 month ago)
Carley Nash (1 month ago)
There is a major flaw in the new sending offers to watched buyers. Ebay only allow 5 every few days & they show the same 5 items unless they sell. I even have 2 items to send offers to that it shows watcher count “0”. Nice idea but so far a real flop!
Carley Nash (1 month ago)
Sorry, but you misunderstood. I've been selling on Ebay for a few years. I was saying I have been doing the "Send Offers to Watchers" for about 30 days now. I did check with Ebay & was informed that not everyone will be offered "send offers to watchers" on all items being watched. It will depends on several Seller variables. They also stated that they have had complaints & are working on all the bugs. Like the same items showing up all the time & also the send offers to items that have zero watchers.
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
Carley Nash you’ve been selling for a month...give it some time
Carley Nash (1 month ago)
This is true for me. Maybe it goes on how many item's you sell?? I have been doing this for 1 month now & that is all I get is 5 every couple of days & they are always the same items.
Carley Nash (1 month ago)
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
Carley Nash that’s not true. We literally set out like 40 last night
Emerson Silverhorn (1 month ago)
I just wanna figure out where to find name brand suppliers! 😫 I plan on starting selling on eBay and amazon FBA but not for a couple of months from now so now I’m just getting as much info as I can and I feel like I’ve learned a lot but nobody wants to give up there suppliers 😒
dab Kitty sparkle (1 month ago)
I made 2 sales with Best offer to watchers!
dab Kitty sparkle (1 month ago)
+RALLI ROOTS thank you, you guys videos are always helpful
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
Nice 👏👏
PAUL ROLLINGS (1 month ago)
Not really helpful for me. Been using eBay for nearly ten years. Just over 1350 positive feedback. Started selling over the past seven years. Every month I'm given 1000 free listings. Have just over 200 items listed on eBay and frequently relist my items. Some have been on for years. Only sell DVDs and CDs. Eventually they sell. Not a huge money maker but at least it helps get rid of the rubbish cluttering up my home. Certainly don't use eBay as a means to make a living. I'd be living on the street if I banked on eBay to make a living. eBay ruined things when they brought in a % they take from the P&P charges as well as the % they take when your item sells. Charging higher P&P charges often deter buyers and therefore I'm left listing items with a relatively low P&P charge. It's okay unless overseas buyers buy from me. Again, I'm sure your video is helpful for new eBayers but for me personally, it's hardly an eye opener. Needless to say your video is easy to follow.
James Gagnon (1 month ago)
Thanks for your videos, the wife and I have been reselling on FB for about 3 years and have started with Ebay and Amazon. You guys have inspired us to take our business to a new level.
Richard Carr (1 month ago)
Wonderful speaker.
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
thank you :)
Amir Navid (1 month ago)
Hey Ryan I tried many times to sign up with the link but unfortunately is not working. how can I fix it?
Daniel Kleinmeier (1 month ago)
Sorry.... eBay blows-moved to Amazon
Grant Collord (1 month ago)
22.00 for a basic store? Isn't it closer to 28.00? Just checkin'....
iDo My Beard (1 month ago)
As you sell electronics, have you tried the Swappa.com? If so, could you please share your experience with us? Thank you and you guys are doing great with the YouTube channel.
M Archie (1 month ago)
Jeong Kim (1 month ago)
I love your videos. If a Seller cant figure out if they need a Premium or Anchor subscription -> they probably should NOT be in Business because this is only a small decision in a world of many business decisions and they are setting them selves up for a harsh ride.
Paul Apollonia (1 month ago)
Great video. thanks
robinluvsbobby (1 month ago)
Great video! Thanks so much!
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
No, thank you 👍
Rafael Castillo (1 month ago)
Thanks for the updated. I am not sure if you mentioned this but "when" will these updates happen? Thanks for the info.
Elaine Pohl (1 month ago)
If I had, say 50 listings that had very little views, no watchers, why in the world would I want to renew that listing? I wouldn't, but with the new update, it would renew. Yes, I can end that listing, but how annoying to have to go through all your listings and check off the ones you want to end. I don't see this as an advantage, but a sly, slick way for more revenue in the way of more fees, if you are not extremely VIGILANT. Some might be " asleep at the wheel "
Uncle Dan (1 month ago)
Great breakdown of content ! Additional $40 recurring expense isn't worth it for me. Especially since I have Self-employed quickbooks that track mileage for me. They need a three tier pricing strategy to be honest.
Waxhaw Wonder (1 month ago)
Good info, thanks for info on Catalina Product. Would recommend other dAngers watch.
heather harpst (1 month ago)
basic store is 100 free listings then 30 cents an item
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
nope, that would be a starter store https://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/run-your-store/subscriptions-and-fees.html
larry lucas (1 month ago)
Thanks for the info.
Angie Tempest (1 month ago)
You are the best Ryan! 👍🏻
Rich LaMarre (1 month ago)
Thanks Ryan you explained everything really well. I dont have a store I have been selling using the Auction format. I did learn my lesson after several months of items turning over after 30 days...with new fees.
Ali Easym (1 month ago)
five hundred bucks a year to cancel listings that's a little steep, I mean $9.99 or $25 more like it, two features canceling listing and tracking history right? I set alarm on a daily basis to cancel my listings no problem, but I list twice a day so its easy. There's different programs that do so much for your store and its much cheaper. Hire VA from Philippines It will be cheaper a month haha
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
Ali Easym cooooool lol. Keep on living large bud 😏
Ali Easym (1 month ago)
+RALLI ROOTS oh I could, I need to do something to keep busy hahaha. In few months going back to Europe for 6 months I thought about hiring somebody but they will probably run my business to the ground lol no thank you I don't need money that bad.
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
Ali Easym you should hire a shipper
Ali Easym (1 month ago)
+RALLI ROOTS I have VA so I always have free time 😋 too much time lol All I do is mostly ship they do the rest, but I make priory to end listing and selling similar otherwise my multi quantity listings go stale. Even if I sold hundreds within a month there's no sales I end and sell similar because I'm competing with many sallers in the same category it truly works!
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
lol cool :) if you have the free time in the day go for it. We have more important tasks to focus on.
Denise Warner (1 month ago)
Some of the complaints in Ebay Community were that the sellers depended on Ebay sending a notice to watchers that the item was ending soon, and now universal GTC would end those messages. I have recieved that message on items I was watching and it's definitely an incentive to buy...at full price.
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
Items still end after 30 days and renew for 30 days, that's how GTC works
LivingLoving (1 month ago)
I am actually super excited about these changes! Definitely gonna check out Teak and the Datamine. Thanks for all you do!
2760db (1 month ago)
Such a massive help! Thank you my bro! 👊🏼
DSM Tool (1 month ago)
Thank you for the great update! By the way, you have an employees hub as part of the DSM Lister :)
Kristof Streger (1 month ago)
Im following your videos for a while,all verh helpful. Im just wondering as you are a full time seller why u have never talked about to saving money by posting items within pay no more than 1 dollar promotion days. As you do sell a lot of expensive vintage and electronic stuffs you could save money by listing them within these promotional days. I dont sell a lot of items but most of them between 100-400 so i save a lot by selling my items at those days. Lets say im having 900-1200 worths stock waiting to list them. If i sell them at normal days i will pay 90-120 final value fee. If i hold them back till promotional days i will pay like 7-10 final value fee. Saves me hell a lot. Im sure you know what im talking about. I just have no idea why you havent talked about yet or i just missed it. Keep up the good work)
Kristof Streger (1 month ago)
+RALLI ROOTS Thanks for the quick response. Yeah it has sense. I just thought as you are not desperating for immidiate money it could save you too a lot. No offense at all but could be a good advice for beginners to save a few bucks.
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
mostly because those promotions are sooo rare and we're listing hundreds sometimes thousands of items a week, wouldn't make sense to hold onto inventory. That's great that you're saving those fees tho :)
dave rice (1 month ago)
I do 30 day listing for peace of mind. At 30 days item ends. I physically put my hands on the item to be sure its still there and there wasnt a listing error. I also use the 30 day cycle to check listing to see if changes can or should be made as well as price adjusting. I'll find a different way but this is why I liked 30 day listings.
MR421NOW (1 month ago)
Don't you also get 250 auction style listings with the basic store?
Steve Serabian (1 month ago)
Tried the delist and relist tip and it really worked. I had an item sitting on ebay for a while and it wasn't moving, no watchers, nothing. I delisted and relisted and the item sold within an hour. Thanks!
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
Andrew Lee (1 month ago)
Only thing that I know that really works is when you list alot of items I seem to sell like crazy the next two days. When I list 10 to 12 new items my phone just blows up always in a 3 hour period of time around 3pm to 6pm.
Junior Cruz (1 month ago)
Just starting gathering info. So for Taxes If I have 10 items a month for 3 months or so do I have to do the tax add on listings? I started as a hobby for now till I get experience.
PY23 (1 month ago)
Since Ebay is now collecting tax on my behalf I need to get a tax exemption so I'm not paying sales tax at the store. 10.25% sales tax here
Hustle Millenial (1 month ago)
Always AMAZING knowledge my man! We all appreciate your work!
Bonnie Crilly (1 month ago)
I love my frenche too . Her name is Minnie so smart, we made over 46K on her 🐶 ,she had 3 liters. she has been spaded now. Minnie is my rescue dog now . Love your videos . Old lady from Iowa 🐶🐶🐶👍👏👏🌽🌽🌽❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
dronus (1 month ago)
46k? did you file taxes?
Storm Walton (1 month ago)
Scared Money Don't Make Money and it cost to be a "BOSS"
Nathan Winslow (1 month ago)
You talk about not knowing how long an item has been sitting in your store. I take it you guys don’t inventory your products into a spreadsheet before listing them?.Check out Airtable, it’s pretty awesome.
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
not a huge fan of tracking individual items, we track our PnL on the business as a whole, don't really care if an item sits for 1 day or 60 days and sells for 20% profit or 100% profit as long as if the business spends $10k this week we bring in $20k
jan seger (1 month ago)
I just discovered you and love your videos. Very informative and really helped me understand eBay. You are a excellent speaker. I will be watching from now on.
Chase (1 month ago)
So u just gone throw up the 3 6's huh lol yall think yall slick i kno who he repping for
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
Chase nope, if you watched the video I was explaining update #3
Chase (1 month ago)
+RALLI ROOTS yea you right maybe u were just throwing up an random "ok" sign for the cover of the video lol my bad playa
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
lol SMH stop watching so many conspiracy vids bud
Rob Twietmeyer (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for taking time to make these videos. You guys are inspiring, motivate me and others, and to top it off, genuine and warm to all. I have to say you guys are the best YouTube sellers that brighten our day, and connect with us in a way that is unique compared to other YouTubers out there. and surely enjoy checking in to see ya all. You make the audience feel great and wanted to say a BIG thanks! God Bless You All :)
Nicole Townsend (1 month ago)
Been on ebay for 20 years and can not figure out how to send an offer to someone watching the item.
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
You may not have the feature yet. they are rolling it out
Merry Sunshine (1 month ago)
Is ebay charging the buyer the state tax or are they taking it out of the sold price. I already collect sales tax for my state. Do I stop reporting my state sales tax? Does ebay report for me?
n i d s b e a t s (1 month ago)
I am a Canadian seller and still don't have the option to send offers to my Watchers any thoughts on this?
Mirela Monte (1 month ago)
Why should ebay collect sales tax from us? Doesn’t the buyer pay the sales tax? Great video btw! I enjoy and appreciate most of your videos. You are really generous with your knowledge. Thank you!
Denise Warner (1 month ago)
Ebay collects the sales tax from the buyer (not from us) and forwards it to the appropriate state.
Tomas Andriu (1 month ago)
Why UK store upgrades cost much more ...?
Thomas Logonran (1 month ago)
Ryan, Thanks for the info, I am new to eBay and would love to see a video on how you set up your seller hub, I see you seem to use the classic view why? when I log in I think it takes me to the free store cause I have to click the little icon next to my name that will take me to my store so I am a little confused about the seller hub and how to set it up. 2. Can you do a video on using a credit card for the business, I know you touched on it a little in the Costco video but would like to see more about it and which cards do you like to use. Thank you and thanks for the great videos you guys make.
slap1717 (1 month ago)
how do you feel about the promoting listings tool? i notices now in my seller hub they are pushing that option.

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