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If The Girl I'm Dating Asks For A Ten Day Break, What Should I Do?

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Text Comments (63)
I just like Memes (3 days ago)
So she could fuck another guy without feeling guilty
J Wise Tv (5 days ago)
Let her go and when she comes back she gotta suck a whole lotta D***
Donnie Abruzzi (10 days ago)
Drop her like its hotttt
onionring101 (1 month ago)
She wants to try out 10 new cocks. RUN sir RUN
IONUT4K2 , (2 months ago)
My ex crush started to aproatch me saying I m cute and ask me where I m from and always smile after some days I asked her for her instagram and started to message her but she just didn t reply and one they I saw her with her friend and of of her friends said look you friend and from there her friend star starring at me all the time and I started to ignore her
tea sis (2 months ago)
my crush and his friend both looked at me and they didn't stop even when i looked away they kept on staring at me what does this mean this has been happening alot
Bang (2 months ago)
tea sis Well as a guy this is how I try to see if a girl will be receptive to my potential advances. First look at them, then look with a smile, and then if she begins to stare back with a smile I’ll make my move.
Odell Hea (2 months ago)
What does it mean if a guy your are getting to know says he’s scared of you ?
Erectile Kyle (2 months ago)
She asked for a 2 week break until I got my antidepressants only to find out on the day I got them that she liked a different guy, she laughed straight to my face while I was crying. That same day she slept with a different guy and called me crying after and I comforted her and thought things were gonna get better only to have her tell me hate me if it makes it easier. After a terrible last 3 months without her she starts talking to me again and I thought we’d start talking again and slowly it would come back only to have her tell me she’s now dating the dude that she liked. 4 weeks earlier she tried telling me she wasn’t looking for anything with anybody for awhile like maybe months and now she’s with the new guy. If ur reading this and wondering if I’m still on the Zoloft I’m not after a week of taking them I couldn’t even look at the pills without thinking about what she did to me
Fireman854Prod (2 months ago)
Erectile Kyle Never ever beg, plead or cry in front of a woman when she breaks up with you that’s weak. This girl doesn’t like you bro sorry to say she is only using you as a emotional tampon. If i were you i would cut off contact and focus on different girls. There are so many beautiful women out there waiting for a good man but be careful tho cause 90% of them are hoes.
Khanza 1811 (2 months ago)
I know a guy. He has feeling for one of his girl friend. And he flirts her. Show his love to her. Meanwhile we have talk. And suddenly he asks me to show my romantic feeling to him. Logically how can a girl show her romantic feeling when she knows that the guy has romantic feeling to other girl and he always flirts her. Am I that dumb so he thinks he can make me as his toy.
Angel Lay (2 months ago)
Make a video on why he rarely texts or calls first but acts interested when he sees you in person
Bang (2 months ago)
Angel Lay He’s not truly interested. He acts that way in real life with you because it’s an ego boost, and once you’re not there he forgets about you. A guy wouldn’t forget the girl he wants. At least that’s what I think as a guy. Move on, don’t waste precious time.
Joe Murphy (2 months ago)
Can you answer what I should do after I just found out I was being misled by a girl this whole time
MrSfinn9mm (2 months ago)
Red flag 🚩 run 🏃‍♀️
Shuri Bella (2 months ago)
Vule (2 months ago)
Time to move on when a woman pulls a stunt like this
Lintahlo 2049 (2 months ago)
This girl at work and I went on 1 date. She broke it off 4 days after, even though we had planned a 2nd date. It’s been months and I still think about her. What should I do? ☹️
onionring101 (1 month ago)
it was one date dude wtf
Lintahlo 2049 (2 months ago)
@1scuter Whoaa. What did you end up doing? :o
Lintahlo 2049 (2 months ago)
Thanks so much for the responses. It really does help when someone gives their opinion or experiences on these sorts of things. :) I’ll minimise my contact with her and try even more to move on.
1Scuter (2 months ago)
+Lintahlo 2049 time heals everything,i've been in the same situation and you know what worked for me?i didn't message her,salute her,talk to her in months and suddenly she messaged me back to try and make up with me
Ron Almaria (2 months ago)
There are other girls out there. She's not the only one. Concentrate on meeting other girls. Get your mind off the girl you're obviously obsessed with.
Jack A (2 months ago)
let this asshole know you wanna up the stakes to a break up. bye bitch
jonathan mejia (2 months ago)
Hey what if man send a photo of another woman she had a her interview but yet at the same a rescheduled. If a woman loves and cares about that man she would dealt another photo in her text right. That's what happens when a woman doesnt value a man period.
George Is Straight Elite (2 months ago)
10 day break 😂 she needs 10 days to test drive some new cocks.
Kelly Sutton (2 months ago)
I would have asked why
Akilah Brayboy (2 months ago)
Trying to decide between two ppl without distractions
obese woman (2 months ago)
Just don't get your hopes that's the number one rule.
spaciousgalaqxy (2 months ago)
I would break up with someone who wants a 10 day break. Or someone who decides to move away for a few months or a year.
1080pete (2 months ago)
Hey I just broke up with my girlfriend a few weeks back and I have a new girlfriend and she keeps texting her and telling her lies. I want to know why she's doing this because my ex always said that all I did was hurt her and she ended up telling me that she didn't love me and well basically I'm trying to figure out why she wont leave my current girlfriend alone
golayla (2 months ago)
My guest question would be how old are you because if you are older and not in high school and just broke up a couple of weeks ago and you already have a new girlfriend and you're not in high school then this is something you were working on while you were with your ex and you probably deserve the grief. But myself I couldn't text your new friend I would let her find out on her own.
Annette English (2 months ago)
She's jealous, and don't want you to be happy without her. She's probably miserable in her current relationship, therefore; she wants you to be miserable as well. Tell her to kick rocks. The new girlfriend can just simply refuse to talk to her. If there's something the new gf needs to know she'll find out.
EmeraldEdge72 (2 months ago)
That just sounds like she wants you to be available for her or remain open for her. A childish and possessive quality in women, some hide it well, some its right in the open, and some manage it. She may not even be happy that she is with someone else. An attention whore perhaps. Ultimately she is just too much trouble to handle or manage you really need to drop her or distance her. Keep texts/emails in case of false accusations to exonerate yourself, but show no mercy if she does. You also need to understand that some people are just not happy under any circumstance even if everything is completely perfect. I think we've already established that she doesn't know what she wants, and is the type of person who needs someone else to tame her and they have to know exactly what she wants. Her mind is changing all the time, protect yourself, hopefully your new gf is aligned with you and move on if possible. Try to quell that hero in you as she cannot be saved. She thinks like a child and needs to grow up. I was doing stuff in a similar situation when I was growing up so learn from this! There was this girl in 8th grade who looked like she was 40 years old, massive tits. She got a bunch of us guys together and I was one of them. She brought us to a park and let all of us feel her tits. The next day I saw her and I wanted to feel them again, but she wouldn't let me. So what I did next was insert some gossip with popular kids that she had used the *N-WORD* so I could feel her tits again. This is a clear sign of me as a child flexing my motor skills or rather manipulative skills as a child! I am clearly trying to alter my/the situation, You need to learn here! I had already known that most of the girls did not like her, so me saying that she used the N-WORD meant nothing to me. The end result is that the gossip I spread was ineffective and fell on deaf ears. I was never punished for this, instead I learned or grew up as a kid and learned my own power when it comes to trying to ALTER a situation. Women are just better at it, it triggers the protector and nurture instinct among males and females. So when I say drop it, I mean it! Observe and take notes of her so you have an idea of how the worst types of females operate. Keep them related to facts and input no emotions or secondary analysis. If there is anything to take away from my story is that all people are capable of what I tried to do, but who is more capable and gets away with it more often? Remember that girl did herd us guys up to feel her breasts, so who has more control over who? I've heard their influence decreases with age.
UKCHEEZ (2 months ago)
+1080pete shes a jelous cunt who wants the last laugh and walk off into the sunset lol
1080pete (2 months ago)
+EmeraldEdge72 thankyou for answering my question. But another thing is why is she doing that if she's with someone else
James Steve (2 months ago)
Message her on 11th day.
Fireman854Prod (2 months ago)
A break is a prelude to a break up 🏃‍♂️
Fireman854Prod (2 months ago)
BREAK/SPACE = I’m going to try and upgrade and if things don’t work out i will get back to you (MONKEY BRANCH) .
EmeraldEdge72 (2 months ago)
A break so she can go into her virgin room and become a virgin once again.
UKCHEEZ (2 months ago)
Cheating on you. end of storey
UKCHEEZ (2 months ago)
+Annette English real talk dont let her take the micky out of you.
EmeraldEdge72 (2 months ago)
Glad you're spreading truth.
Annette English (2 months ago)
She wants to break it off for 10 days to go do her dirt so she doesn't feel guilty doing it. She just needs to be straight up. I would ghost her after the 10 days
EmeraldEdge72 (2 months ago)
A break so I can have sex with someone else and not feel guilty about it. Just to feed the ego of her not technically cheating. Ignore her move on! If she comes back use her do not commit! In the grand scheme of things men do not ask for breaks, you don't take sick days in a relationship.
Donna Just Being Real (2 months ago)
Happy New Year! Great video. ☺️
Nawaf Saeed (2 months ago)
That's a red flag there! A BIG ONE. You should be ready emotionally, because a potential breakup might be coming your way. If the grass is greaner on the other side, your screwed
Donna Just Being Real (2 months ago)
Yep I agree.
UKCHEEZ (2 months ago)
definatly 💯
Annette English (2 months ago)
She's seeing if it will work out with someone else. She's keeping her options open.
Erectile Kyle (2 months ago)
Annette English (2 months ago)
+mrs Figueroa but you were evaluating the relationship to see if you wanted to continue with it or not correct?!
Vegtam Returns (2 months ago)
Agreed, 10 days is plenty of time to test out someone else! No way I would take someone back after a break
mrs Figueroa (2 months ago)
Annette English not always true I asked for a break before just to reevaluate the relationship... I wasn’t seeing anyone else.
chasing money (2 months ago)

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