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50 La Catrina Tattoos For Men

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50 La Catrina Tattoos For Men
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Nildo Ribeiro (9 months ago)
Eu tenho uma nas costa
diez tormenta (10 months ago)
Horrible . La Catrina are not a makeup in a woman, They that is USA. La Catrina is "the beautiful death" because is just and equal for rich and poor, old and young. The designer was a Mexican artist: Guadalupe Posadas in the XX century inspired in the mexican revolution. He call her "la catrina" what means: dressing extremely well ridiculous and decadent difficult times. Diego Rivera a Mexican famous modern artist paint "La catrina" en la alameda. Death ahead all the crowd (politicians, militar, farmers, natives, scientists, church. ..) Is nothing to do with the día de muertos, the day to remember death is a prehispanic tradition. Is totally not Halloween. My husband want to tattoo la catrina in his injured arm. We were in shock what media and tatoo shops think la catrina is. He don't want a tattoo anymore hahaha. So thank you all. Is not make up is for ever. Google it!
O pequeno Andre (11 months ago)
Qual nome da musica do video ?
Andre Luiz (1 year ago)
Tenho uma na panturrilha!!! Muito top !!!
Juan Cavalheiro (5 months ago)
Aí sim.. Qual o significado?
Danila Buery (1 year ago)
Vou fazer uma dela ainda essa semana!! 😍👽
Adriana Lima (14 days ago)
Juan Cavalheiro (5 months ago)
E aí, fez?
Ailson Ferreira Lopes (1 year ago)
dias dos mortos
Alexandre Amaral (1 year ago)
as duas ultimas são mais massa wow
rosy souza (1 year ago)
O que significa Katrina??
Thayna Pandinha (1 month ago)
Deusa da morte
Ricardo felipe (8 months ago)
rosy souza renasceu da sizas
Jean Guedes (8 months ago)
Douglas_ FairPlay tá confundindo as bolas filhão
Micael Fernando (1 year ago)
rosy souza significa dama da morte
Douglas_ FairPlay (1 year ago)
Santa dos bandidos
Daniela Hidalgo (1 year ago)
q feos

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