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Trying Youtube Premieres Was a Massive Mistake...

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Watch the RFID video: https://youtu.be/PWzyPZAPbt0 I tried out YouTube Premieres, and it went really poorly (but I had a lot of fun in the process). I wanted to share with you guys a bit more of the behind the scenes on what happened, what I did to try and fix it, and where we go from here. Counter Arguments video about his experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xz-g9Aeu4Vg Twitter: http://twitter.com/strangepartscom Instagram: http://instagram.com/strangeparts_com Facebook: http://facebook.com/strangepartscom (The following contains affiliate links) Software we use to collaborate while editing videos remotely: http://r.frame.io/mDgR6 My Gear: Main camera: http://amzn.to/2BfHqiW Other camera: http://amzn.to/2B0Snke Main lens: http://amzn.to/2B0THDI Other lens: http://amzn.to/2BAysJQ Microphone: http://amzn.to/2kNCqHg Little tripod: http://amzn.to/2B12zJF Music: Flossin - A P O L L O (licensed through http://bit.ly/epidemic-sp) #StrangeParts #YoutubePremieres
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Text Comments (2014)
Andrew (2 days ago)
I don't sub to very many channels, but I watch almost exclusively from my sub feed. Premiers get dropped into that feed, but I can't watch them. By the time they are watchable they have fallen "Below the fold" as the term used to be, namely they are off the first screen of what is visible. And I am not really going to plan ahead to watch a 10 minute youtube video, if I see a premier it is because I am ready to watch a video Right Now.
Steven Brunwasser (2 days ago)
I’d love to see a renovations video! It sounds like YouTube Premiers is another one of those features that are out of touch with the actual community and how viewers use the site. Keep up the good work! I’m sure you’ll bounce back soon 😉
RandomSmith (4 days ago)
Perhaps add a new 10-30 second slot at the start of the video stating why you are uploading it again, the extra video should mean that the content is different enough to get new recommendations?
Matthew Wood (5 days ago)
You know what Scotty, im going to go over to that video right now and watch it and give it a thumbs up.
Zapper rodriguez (5 days ago)
Q and a?????
Bryn Ghost (5 days ago)
Really, really not a fan of YouTube Premieres. It's an annoying bait-and-switch that seemingly only exists to trick people into clicking the link and having to turn on reminders or come back later or what have you. Click the link expecting a video (that's clearly finished and ready to be watched) and instead leads you to a picture and an arbitrary wait period. I usually either leave and end up forgetting about the video until a few days later, or never remembering to watch it. It hurts creators, and it's annoying at best for subscribers. I hope the whole idea gets scrapped and YouTube can focus on being the on-demand platform that we all came here for.
TanToR (5 days ago)
Trust YouTube to completely stuff something up every time.
_ mbisaf _ (6 days ago)
should’ve premiered this video
Dozenspeed (6 days ago)
Premieres worked fine for me, twice. The second time, a person actually chatted with me!
thegrimyeaper (6 days ago)
Youtube was perfect back in 2007. It's like they're trying their best to complicate things and support trash as much as possible now.
DosDev (7 days ago)
This video did not come up in my sub box after 2 months wtf
Fernando Garcia (7 days ago)
I think that there is also an issue with youtube not sharing what exactly is the YT premiere so the community get confused. I was thinking this was like a premium feature of YT - kinda like pay per view or something, so I never ever clicked on ANY premiere video - lol. Maybe more ppl also got confused.
Arefin Dipto (7 days ago)
U r a calm guy!!!!!!!!! i know u r.............. and seeing u like this............ it seems like u r gonna explode with frustration ,but somehow kept your calm........... Even when u r angry, u do it in a civilized way........... u keep my hope on humanity man!
Nirate Goel (7 days ago)
Youtube Premiere is little more than a lazy mans stream. You can do it on any streaming platform manually.
Andy Knapp (7 days ago)
I have been saying this everywhere. Start a normal livestream and at the end of it premiere your video. Then when the stream is over upload the video by itself and delete the livestream archive
Adam Kamali (7 days ago)
I think you should add at least one ad in the middle of the video, I would be glad to watch them to support you The crazy part about YouTube videos is that they have to be quite unique, being in china your are one step a head of everyone in the U.S I guess, in getting people to see strange stuff, and reviewing them
Benjamin Allott (8 days ago)
Get Discord
SteveisBoard (8 days ago)
Thank you sir, I'll consider this a bullet sufficiently dodged.
David Evans (11 days ago)
You could do a live chat on Discord. Set it to start when the video goes live, so people can chat while it's being played, although not technically a live stream. You could do a Twitch live steam/chat.
Shane Johns (13 days ago)
If you are helping YouTube work out bugs in their delivery product, then you should be compensated. They should offer to promote the affected video free of charge, for example, for some period of time. You are lucky enough to be large enough to have the ability to get changes done. And you're eloquent to the point where you are very much able to pinpoint the issues with YouTube. So how fair is it for you to never give them a shot again? If they're listening to you, and making changes to the system based on what you and others suggest... Do it with a video where you're not as invested in time and money. And see how it works out.
dino4niek yt (16 days ago)
i hope youtube is going to solve this problem!
Nikita (18 days ago)
Not so many people understand what about exactly you talk in this video and even not all who made video for youtube, but you understand all from first time about this shitty feature)) I try to debate here in Russia with one guy in my subscribe list who try to make premiere, we Russians is very stubborn and he don't want hear anyone words from subscribers he think we try to manipulate him, lol. Now we on stage when we dislike all his video which he premie feature use. Believe in the end he must understand how crappy this was)
steveo1kinevo (18 days ago)
Wish I would of seen this before today. I just did this for a video tomorrow morning and I am getting the same reaction.
ilooktheweb (18 days ago)
Maybe play safe, We love your video and your channel.💖 Since im watch here in philippines (my country) on my free time.
geoff grech (19 days ago)
I watched it later and enjoyed it. The content was great and well worth the watch I stumbled across it and was not informed of it
Devil Bacon Hair (20 days ago)
The Premiere countdown is so annoying like you see the Premiere is starting and then you see the loading screen only to see the countdown and the live chat goes like oh come on really
CZARNYEU (24 days ago)
Premiere... I try ones and No THX for my Channel... Regards from Europe
RobotZer0 (24 days ago)
They shouldn't recommend something before it is live
Stefan Genov (24 days ago)
Many thanks I was thinking too do YouTube premier on 1st of January but thank you thank you thank you you just save me.
Ryyti Karvanen (25 days ago)
followed you in twitter
Ryyti Karvanen (25 days ago)
that sucks really hard.. i wanna have interaction with you and it made this channel better
Daniel Müller (25 days ago)
When I see a Premiere Video popping up in my subscriptions feed, i always encounter the same problem. I cannot watch it right now. When it actually premieres will not be a time I watch videos. But it seems to keep its position in the feed after it premieres among all the for me now "old" videos. So the chance for me to go back there and look among the older videos really only happens when there are no new ones that are interresting for me.
DukeThaKid Gaming (26 days ago)
I'm trying to schedule my premiere but the schedule button is blocked and for some reason when it got unblocked, I tried to change the time but it won't change because it says premiere is about to start and my video isn't even done uploading or processing.
Xilefian (27 days ago)
Rules of how to use premiers: Only use it for large, special videos. Don't use it for every single video. Notify and tease your audience about the upcoming video before hand, ideally in a mini teaser video. Only set premier to go live within one hour (I'm seeing that 10 to 20 minutes is best); this gives people time to get ready for the video and not miss out one it. You don't need to sit in the chat, that sounds like the immediate good thing about premiers, but it shouldn't be the main selling point. Premiers gets the community talking to each other and gives everyone a chance to watch the video at the same time, no spoilers, no people jumping ahead, etc. I see too many creators looking at it as a way to chat to their fans but I honestly don't think this is the main point. You're only chatting to 0.01% of your fans in premier. What YouTube needs to do: Disable comments and thumbs down during the pre-premier time. I have a suspicion the thumbs-down voting kills video momentum once the premier is over. They also need to remove the premier notification when the video is live and convert it to something similar to "Live Now" - something like "Premiering Now". They then need to send out the standard video notification and subscription feed stuff after the premier is over for anyone who missed it. Premiers objectively only remove the ability to skip ahead or play a video back 2x speed, which does annoy a small part of the audience, but psychologically Premiers seem really sucky; get a notification for a video, click it, it says "Come back in 200 years" because the creator thought it a great idea to whack it up to premier in the distant future without any prior warning. This is annoying, makes people down-vote, then 200 years later you've already forgotten about the video and YouTube won't show it to you again because it started off with massive downvotes so it's in recommendation hell.
yshwgth (27 days ago)
Simple fix for the premiere system: "Watch now or set reminder for premiere at$time to watch with community inlive stream"
but now it will be getting more views
R. E. Hill (30 days ago)
Why not patreon?
BBB (1 month ago)
Wow it sounds like every video costs a lot of $$$$$...
Clive Flint (1 month ago)
Now to watch the rfid video that didn’t get watched before
pwndhrd prtyhrd (1 month ago)
after reading the comments section, aside from the issue with premiere, it seems people aren't just that interested in the topics (RFID tags) becuase they're unfamiliar with it. so, personal opinion, maybe made an introductory video (could work as trailer if you will) if your next video topic might be a little bit 'advanced'. i know it's an extra works, but just my two cent
Nathan Bresler (1 month ago)
Fair play dude
neomix21 (1 month ago)
Youtube just has no clue about how to implement their features properly. Don't they do any goddamn research at all?
Richards Youtube (1 month ago)
iFixit should sponsor your videos :)
Taylor Fenoglio (1 month ago)
If it makes u feel better I have never seen u before but I saw ur premier vid first
morthim (1 month ago)
it wouldnt' be as bad if they had a 'forecasted' tab. so you can get a calendar with youtube series and these live videos. without that it is trash
Lokaz Film (1 month ago)
I didn't watch because RF ID isn't interesting to me. Sorry
bbs540 (1 month ago)
well the video was in my recommended
Sean Ozz (1 month ago)
this is interesting. I tried it when i first got it on one video a couple months ago and within a week the views were dead. i was considering doing another one this week but it's a video that should do really well so after watching this i am rethinking it. knowing that i was not crazy thinking there was something wrong with a video after premier ended. that i am not alone. have you tried re-uploading that same video to see if it performed better with a regular release?
Sean Darling (1 month ago)
What a bummer! My experience with premiers have been really good. I haven't seen any of the issues other people have.
David Kennedy Araújo (1 month ago)
I seeming this video title as "Experimentar o Youtube Premieres Foi Um Grande Erro..." that's some kind of youtube automatic translation of video title and descriptions?
Why don't you try it again, but set the video to premiere in like 5 minutes, not hours. People will hang around for a few mins for a video to go live, but not a few hours.
LKD 70 (1 month ago)
Taladar2003 (1 month ago)
Youtube Premiere is basically the feature that prevents you from watching the full video when you are a minute late until the end of the video.
genki guhji (1 month ago)
Same here the views were bad for me also
Nolan Heistad (1 month ago)
please, do make a video of your renovation experience. day to day politics are more interesting than government politics.
Nolan Heistad (1 month ago)
we the viewers also lose out. theres becoming less reason not to go back cable
create fake (1 month ago)
go old school, hook us up in IRC
a random callsign (1 month ago)
I won't be using that again as well
Melroy van den Berg (1 month ago)
Well.. you should not be too much depended on 1 single source of income. Please think about alternatives, otherwise you are guaranteed to loss.
ExploringAndMe (1 month ago)
I have this problem too. Thought it was bad luck but now i know its because of premiere. Only pro of premiere is they can talk to us and even use superchat
Nenad Kralj (1 month ago)
I would suggest that you find out regular some kinda job / work to do; let youtube be a "hobby" ---> you will thank me later (: be smart not naive :)
IAmPattycakes (1 month ago)
Well hopefully this new YouTube stories feature dies even quicker than the premier feature. It's all garbage from people I don't know or don't even speak my language
Ricardo Junqueira (1 month ago)
So, uuuuhm, yeah uuuuuuhm, and uuuuuhm, but uuuuuuuhm, then uuuuuuuhmmm...
Lüminism (1 month ago)
>chooses boring topic to premiere that most won't be interested in (seriously, what average person knows about RFID??), compares it to topics everyone will know that isn't premiered (iPhones) >video performs poorly >blames the premiere what??
Alex Petkovic (1 month ago)
Can you tell us more about your past? Like working at Google? I think that would get a low of views!
jason place (1 month ago)
can you make a light saber
Kayaze (1 month ago)
Youtube Premieres are addressed as livestreams. So when you announce it, it is treated as a vid and notifications go out. Once the premiere starts, only people that watch livestreams frequently recieve notifications. Sounds kinda stupid, but thats my guess. Lets just hope article 13 works out so this can continue being the issue.
harry89 (1 month ago)
Watched several of your older videos (your first 2-3) on my mobile, so there were ads. this one on my pc was blocked ads sry, but i made it up while listening through this video in another tab, i deactivated the blocker and watched your RFID Video without sound and skipped to the ads :-) to increase some more revenue out of the video. keep it up
Chess with Suren (1 month ago)
Wait, just tested that option, will see the results tomorrow
more proof that algorithms are not being used to make our lives better but to drive profits
Rhino_Aus (1 month ago)
I watch all content from my subscription list. I see a premier video coming out in 6 hours, I can't watch. when i hop back on youtube some time later it's been buried by other newer videos and I wont see it again. Bad system.
Antonin Le Page (1 month ago)
you should create a discord !
Sheenie The Cat (1 month ago)
Take a sip everytime he says ummm
VaatiVidya (1 month ago)
Just adding my voice: I had a very similar experience. It was a lot of fun and had so much potential, but it's really not worth less people seeing it.
JustMe BeingMe (1 month ago)
youtube Tokyo responded better than literally anyone else except maybe CaseyN's youtube rep.
Romaine Lettoose (1 month ago)
I liked the idea of the premier though sadly I missed it with 3kliks too.
Annika Victoria (1 month ago)
Well, this explains why my video released with premiere went so terribly!! Maybe I should try to re-release it... >.>
Yusuf alaan (1 month ago)
i tried to find ad but i couldn't get one
☢Kalle🚀 (1 month ago)
Stupid feature for stupid people ."Hey here's a video you can't watch." It's like a cry for dislikes.
Heather Brown (1 month ago)
I know this is an older video but I want to say that I really hope that this gets fixed for you and everyone else that streams. I am afraid however that Google is too busy changing perfectly workable apps to make them worthless and introducing 3 other apps that are inadequate at the same time to compete with it before canceling them all and starting over. I am directly referring to Hangouts here but I am sure there are a slew of other issues. Google sucks for that reason.
KC ISO BW (1 month ago)
mokoro wa newela my guy..
Jon Roig (1 month ago)
Hey man... really dig your work. This kind of inside baseball stuff is totally interesting as well.
maybesmy (2 months ago)
Whenever I watch youtube I tend to click around alot, go to twitter, do something IRL, write a massage and come back to watching the video (on mobile that is). With premier you cannot do that since your progress isn't saved on the video. This ruins the experience for me and after watching a couple of premier videos I try to avoid them, which could result in me missing them completely.
Robert Kosinski (2 months ago)
I hate channels that exist just to make money - that's not why I watch someone's channel
Visual Gaming (2 months ago)
Make your own apple airpods
Daark (2 months ago)
I watch your videos to relax and unwind after work, so no matter what your videos will always get at least one view from me... Or like 10
Juan Alonso (2 months ago)
i check my feed constantly and i have your bell turned on but i didnt get any notification whatsoever. Edit: then again neither did this one so it might just be me
Doug Daniels (2 months ago)
This isn't all about the money for you doesn't mean that you can't/shouldn't be concerned if this is your way of making a living! Your videos are fantastic, and you clearly put a lot of hard work and love into them, so you deserve to be rewarded. If Premieres didn't reward you aptly, then fuggetaboutit!
urcreatedbeautifully (2 months ago)
Wow thanks for sharing I was interested in using the premier featuring but I’m way to small of a channel to have these dips.
ZenZen (2 months ago)
so basically u cry about clicks in this video...well u did warn the viewers at least. make a Patreon, donation ....stuff.
First Name (2 months ago)
I feel like youtube is very slowly dying. I think that in the next 10 years I would be surprised if YouTube is still around and something new hasn't taken its place.
Dean R English (2 months ago)
I’m going to go watch the RFID video to help you out.
GoogoGoo (2 months ago)
Why would youtube allow people to vote on a video that aren’t viewable yet. That seems like a massive bug. Also it should be worrying to any creators how badly Youtube is doing at adding major new features to Youtube. It shows how out of touch Youtube is with its creators.
Duane Brown (2 months ago)
Keep them coming Scotty. I think premiers don't do well because I know I watch when I can. Set times are not good.
Smegol (2 months ago)
2kliksphilip did one and it went very well for him, got more views in total than most of his other videos
mikemotorbike (2 months ago)
In the past, people were hurt by simple mechanisms: theft, fisticuffs, threats, and slander. Now we are hurt by algorithms. The random and indeterminate nature of search engine algorithmic mismatch could be a paranoiacs nightmare. Who knows, maybe China's new personal point system also affects search results. Welcome to the future. "Be likeable!"–whatever that means; we will each have to figure that out without direct feedback. In this dystopia, we have a recipe for mental disorder of crushing anxiety caused by insecurity only disembodied technology and demons can inspire. Thank you for making the enlightening Self Made RFD project; I believe your effort is empowering and takes the evil edge off the technology which has the capacity to rule our lives from the unattributed shadow world of whispering radio waves, like the Ghost in the Machine.
fralyx (2 months ago)
It is a really bad idea to separate two or more separate teams physically and trying to combine their works remotely
Martin Sverige (2 months ago)
YouTube often misses announcing new videos that I subscribe to and it sucks. Best regards, Martin 🇸🇪
Wajahat Ahmad (2 months ago)
Yup I agree with you YouTube premier is just a mess.
Benjamin Vestergaard (2 months ago)
As a consumer I like the idea of premieres, especially on tech oriented channels like this. So I hope that YT will get this fixed. Perhaps also make the notifications for a premiere more clear on the phone.. Because yeah, it does look a lot like the regular video uploads, and if I don't have the time when the premiere starts, I'll have to remember to check back later myself (live streams have the same issues, in that regard + they often become very long-stretched with a lower amount of info actually conveyed).

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