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https://represent.com/evanbreen http://www.bookcameo.com/laturtle dying 2- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4arrLrmzwzE&feature=youtu.be death https://www.patreon.com/evanbreen it's just a prank https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AT64AaB0aA
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jagrcantakeyou (11 hours ago)
Anyone else get chills when he found out that there were no moves? I didn't see that coming.
John Wick (12 hours ago)
"There were no moves" Goosebumps literally through my whole body when that was said
Poogy Bear (16 hours ago)
So I searched up how to dye your hair and this was one of the suggestions
Farid Musbah (20 hours ago)
This Movie is so fake.... you can clearly see the Starbucks cup in one of the shots..... Smh.
josh smith (1 day ago)
Every few months I come back to this video and laugh so hard I puke cat shit...
Metro North (1 day ago)
me: what the frick!? high me: duuuuude, this totally makes sense drunk me: lmfao!
Isidore Lewallen (1 day ago)
lmao. the first time i watched this i was on acid. i laughed so hard nd still get a kick out of it. its one of the best things on youtube
Ryan Casarez (2 days ago)
Both of ours is bigger than yours 😂
Sonnexus (2 days ago)
"You look like a bird"- LA Turtle This video is the statement for the future that we all look like birds 🤷🏼‍♂️
weeget (2 days ago)
eduardo cruz (3 days ago)
Is he still alive?
mama fruit juice (5 days ago)
who else came here from "ijustwannahavefun"?
Danny Goldring (7 days ago)
I like big fat penis
This Is Literally The Funny Freakin Video Ever😂
Gabriel Matos (8 days ago)
Um dos videos mais geniais que eu já vi.
He's dying because he looks like Kurt Cobain
Allen Rogers (8 days ago)
Damn background music had me tripping at first 😂
he is so talented like making this in 4min straight masterpiece
SBB Head (10 days ago)
*I T I S A B I G P E N I S*
footballfan8989 (10 days ago)
You're gonna die someday. When you're old. Or maybe - now. Lol
kimchi Rice 7u7 (10 days ago)
Patrik Brajković (11 days ago)
I wanna hangout with this guy
Os Sem Futuro (12 days ago)
Vim do vídeo do cellbits s2
Ammon Hallsted (13 days ago)
My wife doesn't like this video. Her moves are weak. What should I do?
Dot (7 days ago)
Ammon Hallsted np man
Ammon Hallsted (7 days ago)
@Dot touche friend.
Allan Prazeres (13 days ago)
Voice makers
Kellic (14 days ago)
It’s been almost three years and this is still my favourite video
Daniel Castells (14 days ago)
I hope to see this video get over 10.000.000 views
DUZTEM DE7IL (14 days ago)
Your *MOVES* are *WEAK* !!!
Peyton Borden (15 days ago)
Single greatest movie of all time
Porke :D (16 days ago)
Wh- youre gay?
Meat Loaf (16 days ago)
Gus Bailey (16 days ago)
1:00 in and i feel like i’ve known this family for years
Hi Idk (16 days ago)
1:47 "But dad what about the" -dabs twice- "moves?" "There were no moves" "There were no moves" -dramatic piano-
Exo Who (17 days ago)
the words I searched on google just to find this video.....
Kwyjibo Cicada (18 days ago)
Jontra Volta was really good in this scene
shaun trom (18 days ago)
Dude you funny
Lauren Schifano (21 days ago)
Deserve an Oscar
Wtf lmfao
Paiman Matin (21 days ago)
Hey what song is it
I have found this!!! This is amazing! Now I'm gonna download this!!
Vinyl Scratch (22 days ago)
I watched the eddsworld version of this a while ago...and this is beautiful
Cesar Ng (22 days ago)
Hey dude, this is fucking cool!!!
Healeon (22 days ago)
I typed "It's all good fam" to look for something, and this was the first thing to show up.
Healeon (22 days ago)
@「Z A H A N D O」 I know, I just find it funny lol
「Z A H A N D O」 (22 days ago)
Healeon that’s the objective.
Jordan Scott (23 days ago)
"Whuh, so you dropped a bomb that I'm divorced & you guys are getting adopted?"
Kenneth Fleming (23 days ago)
I fucking love this video, I've watched it like 5 times now
Lontra Detetive (23 days ago)
how dare you?
Awakened Souls (24 days ago)
How did they find three people looking exactly the same
Jflash The Guy (24 days ago)
This is still my favorite video in the universe
Shooting Star (25 days ago)
Still here in 2019 ,this video will never get old for me! 😂 😂 😂 To this day ,THERE WERE NO MOVES!! 😂
JakeRoAndOthers (25 days ago)
“How dare you”
Marco (26 days ago)
This is just him having arguments with himself. *Totally normal!*
Marco (26 days ago)
"I'm not your fucking dad, okay? Look at you" "I look exactly like you, dude." "You look like a bird" "He does not look like a bird" "Will you shut the fuck up?" lmao
Marco (26 days ago)
2019? Anyone?
alxthegr8 (26 days ago)
A whole big though
Halle (27 days ago)
Still havent found anything funnier on utube
Shadow wolf 5409 (28 days ago)
Dude I feel like this wasn't even a planned video I feel this was just made up as you filmed
Who The heck? (28 days ago)
Three years later and this is still the best thing on the internet
Eloise Lemos (28 days ago)
A true encapsulation of overwhelming confusion and dread. A testament to struggling families everywhere. A story of sorrow, happiness, and above all, life. Thy name shall be written in history books, LA Turtle. ten out of ten stars.
Thomas Novin (29 days ago)
This is probably as good as a YouTube-video gets. It's currently at 9.8/10 on IMDb 😮
Paulin Cherpas (29 days ago)
why am i here again... watching this for the 10th time..... x)
GachaBelle (1 month ago)
wait...im confused ?-?
Augusto Alchemist (1 month ago)
I LOVE this man! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Psycho95 Sicksidearmy (1 month ago)
This man needs an oscar
ShankingDisaster (1 month ago)
Wait so I'm divorced and you guys are getting adopted? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
xDaZzax94 (1 month ago)
Not anymore we decided you're out 😂
Samantha Healey (1 month ago)
I somehow feel personally attacked by this even though I don’t relate to any of it
Atid Hassan (1 month ago)
june 2019 , still my favourite plot twist movie .. 😅
Dwayne Adams II (1 month ago)
I'd fuck the mom
well hi there (1 month ago)
Director: So, how many roles do you want? LA: yes
the guy with something (1 month ago)
That's not even saying much, he plays three people. Now Christopher Roland however
Nur Aqmal (1 month ago)
Watching this again today, 0225H june 2019
KINGSLAYER (1 month ago)
What is this a trailer to Death Stranding?
kim hyun (1 month ago)
Matheus Stark (1 month ago)
Jovem Nerd
Pq ele não me amava? Because your moves are weak
Wolfpuppy _173 (1 month ago)
How parents tell their kids there adopted in a nutshell
_ Yári (1 month ago)
“What happened.....why am I not fam anymore?”
Cory Leaver (1 month ago)
This is the greatest video I've ever seen in my whole life
Clorox Bleach (1 month ago)
I have no fucking clue what the fuck this is.
Snake6503 (1 month ago)
There are masterpieces and there are masterpieces...this is the latter.
Devin German (1 month ago)
Frank Sinatra (1 month ago)
But dad.......
Israel Cedillo (1 month ago)
Salty Medpac (1 month ago)
Dude somewhere out there that what a twist guy is getting twisted up dude.
codename PAKO (1 month ago)
Nica Sinclair (1 month ago)
This is manic as shit. I'm dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
B Jones (1 month ago)
God I cant wait to have kids. 😂😂😂
Ivo Iliev (1 month ago)
Still better than Game of Thrones Season 8.
Jhully Marangoni (1 month ago)
how did this not get any oscar nominations? The mum actress did an amazing job, so great!
It’s Laya Baby (1 month ago)
“Hopefully it’s bigger than yours” *oh it is bigger, both of ours are bigger...than yours* I’m cryin 🤣🤣
Square In Square (1 month ago)
Are they living in a boat?
Dentz X (1 month ago)
where is evan's oscar
ABathRobeSamurai (1 month ago)
Subed cuz this is actually gold. I mean hood fn job
1968 Volkswagen Beetle (1 month ago)
more twists than a twizzler
Josh Sagar (1 month ago)
a truly complex and breathtaking narrative exploring our fractured sense of self amongst the strive for materialistic gain. Bravo!
Dextious (1 month ago)
In my opinion seasons 1-4 were better....
Jonas Vils (1 month ago)
i really want this video to hit 10million views and im willing to do the last 250k myself if its that what it needs
vivian barajas (1 month ago)
I swear I want this to be a movie and it will win golden Oscar.
N0ir i am N0ir (1 month ago)
“ you look like a bird” “ why am I not fam anymore?” “Because you’re moves are weak babe” 🤣🤣🤣 it’s been a long week.
Mike Bircher (1 month ago)
I died.
Mario Torres (1 month ago)
Make Dying 3!!
Nicholas Robshaw (1 month ago)
I wish this was a 3 hour special.

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