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Signs That a Guy Likes You

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Text Comments (216)
SempraLaura (12 hours ago)
Same here. Cute guy at work. Every time I pass him he gives me incredible smiles! Like obvious real big ones. Meet cute type stuff. A few weeks later I got his name and pinged him on bbg chat. He did t even know who I was until I told him. It was perfunctory at best. Just a bunch of dull questions and then he said he had a client meeting. Never heard from him again. Am I stupid? I still see him and don’t look his way and just avoid. I thought it was on me to say something. He made a joke about asking what he could do to make my day better and playfully responded “how about a coffee or cocktail” bc we first saw each other at the Starbucks. I don’t get it? What’s the point if you have no desire to even speak to me. God I feel like a stalker or something!
tams tams (7 days ago)
Basically have a big ass and some nice tits and ur good to go just being honest. Just the way it is.
minna evoloko (13 days ago)
If u sleep with a teddy bear at night I'm laughing so hard the guy I'm seeing talk to me like I sleep with teddy ummm
minna evoloko (13 days ago)
Not complicated hilarious lol
dylxn- Fortnite (21 days ago)
This feels like it was made today
Queen Tazza (28 days ago)
Im dateing a guy he seriously be smiling hard at me I be like dam what the fuck is this psycho it's only been two days you guys what the f*** to do
Josey Ampofo (1 month ago)
Pls help me ,just recently ma guy decided not to pick ma calls,I text him to find out de reason , it took him de following day before texting that he wasn't in de mood to talk DAT is one, I replied 'thanks' but I wasn't comfortable with DAT point of his so I sent an audio n a text again asking if I HV offended him in anyway n he said no, till now I don't know what is in his mind with his act of not calling or texting again , did has gone on for 1 week now ,pls I still love him bit what do I do
tommy (1 month ago)
Women are complicated to me. I don't know how their logic mechanism works.
Marie B (1 month ago)
A guy hugged me for long and kissed me on head does he likes me?
M V (1 month ago)
This just made me sad. He flirts with me at work then doesn’t respond to a simple text. I was hoping I’d see that he liked me but it seems like he just likes me stroking his ego. 😪
Zarasha1 (1 month ago)
He will give you undivided attention.
Drooling part got me tho XD
Najat Ahmed (1 month ago)
I have a midterm why I’m I watching this
Marilyn Harper (2 months ago)
Body language is a dead give away to they will stick to you like glue
Selena Heyyy (2 months ago)
Well a guy didn’t do any of this to me and later 4 years later he said he had a crush on me
Megan Couture (2 months ago)
the only reason he is saying guys aren't complicated is because he is a guy
LaNyah Staggs (2 months ago)
I got a question what if he looks away quickly when I look at him. Then twitches when I come around. I mostly look at him a lot. I’d even waved at him. And said “Hi” to him. He waves too but never said a word to me. Any feedback?
Selena Heyyy (2 months ago)
Guys is this true?
/\/\A/\/ (2 months ago)
Yes, very true.
Rebecca Cucumber (2 months ago)
*i don't think anyone has ever had a crush on me*
/\/\A/\/ (28 days ago)
+Black Rose You cannot...what? Clarify what you meant by your comment.
Black Rose (1 month ago)
+/\/\A/\/ How ? I cannot.
M V (1 month ago)
Never the ones I like back, anyway
/\/\A/\/ (2 months ago)
+Kaylah B. but sometimes you just know.
Kaylah B. (2 months ago)
But you'd be surprised
Wildhoney (3 months ago)
This can be gross if you don't like the guy or gal, I guess 😬
Brandi Ordaz (3 months ago)
Wow, you smiled. It’s beautiful. I like this video. Thank you!
Christina Meeker (3 months ago)
will you go out with me
Thanos (3 months ago)
how do you know if a girl is jealous?
Uzma Sharif (3 months ago)
Ur witty sense of humour😂
Ayy It’s Olivia (3 months ago)
I love your channel it gets straight to the point and it’s short, I’ve literally been watching your channel all day haha😂
Tu N (4 months ago)
Can we not generalize men as "uncomplicated". We might be naturally less complicated in how we conduct ourselves, but our capacity for complexity is no less than women.
The Frozen Rise Johnson (4 months ago)
I actually believed the drooling 😆😆😆
Lindsey Hebert (5 months ago)
I’m dealing with #1 he used to be available , likes me what I wear saying I am such a sweet girl at first sometimes it gets confusing sometimes I try to put things that are sweet sometimes I feel him in my dreams having feelings for him
Julian Alejandro Perez (5 months ago)
I love your vids. Learned so much. Keep it going. :)
Anush Babajanyan (5 months ago)
What if the person you like, you guys don’t talk at all, but you used to talk? How do you know then, if he likes you ?
Mochira (6 months ago)
My co-worker was asked by our other co-worker if he wanted to hang out after work, but he told her to make plans in advance cause he's always busy. I'm curious to see if he'll say the same if I ask to hang out with him.
Maureen Kam (5 months ago)
Ask him casually if there is any interesting place he could recommend and then ask him casually if he would like to join you.
Olivia Dunne (6 months ago)
He makes jokes...wow👏🏻👏🏻
Trevor Park (6 months ago)
My wife and I was separated for 2 months. She said she didn’t want me back and wanted to move forward with the divorce. I was devastated! Surprisingly i found this email address here on youtube {EMAIL-: [email protected] COM} I did a love spell and within 3 days she came home like nothing happened. I’m praying the power of this love continue to work & she actually moved back in yesterday. hopefully this helps someone out there too.
Josh Mcdean (5 months ago)
+Maureen Kam Its really working!! I actually saw this few weeks back & interestingly me & my partner are now going on quite well. thank you Trevor Park..xxx
Maureen Kam (5 months ago)
It didn't wk for long. Only Jesus can wk miracles.
DiSismYsHitU (6 months ago)
I think my crush is slowly starting to like me
Ratchet Noobler (1 month ago)
Maureen Kam lmaooo the savageryy 😂
Maureen Kam (5 months ago)
Make sure it is not your fantasy. Let him make the first move.
Shanice Turner (6 months ago)
my coworker always looking my way.then smiles.i smile back at him though
Laura Grace (6 months ago)
naomi duta (6 months ago)
I was about to say lol when started the video lmaooo
rebecca hooper (6 months ago)
guys do not salvitate at a women they might dribble if their cock is out and some guys are cock heads
Mattie Davis (6 months ago)
U r so cute n funny. I love ur videos.
Avaaa (6 months ago)
This is the only place I get boy advice the only credible source
GRESHMA MACWAN (6 months ago)
What are the hidden signs?
Desire Dee (6 months ago)
Well this other dude is playing games with me one moment he's all good calling me for hours and having fun with me . The next moment it's like he's daubting it not sure about it anymore and start ignoring me . We don't get to fight or anything he just get so moody all of the sudden. He got to approach me to be his side chick and I rejected him so after the rejection I got to love him so much and went back to apologize then he said he forgive me but then Boom he started acting up like in and outs ..... What should I do , I so like him 😞 ?
Maureen Kam (5 months ago)
Dump him for good. You deserve someone better. He is stringing you along by playing with your feelings.
Joanna Estrada (7 months ago)
I dont know if he likes me what he does is always staring at me but we dont talk to each other
chimwemwe Mwansa (7 months ago)
Droooling 😂😂😂😂😂
James (7 months ago)
It would be a little pervy if a guy drools at the sight of a nice girl.
devinda amarathunga (7 months ago)
yeah girls you know what to do.... time to friendzone the shit out of him
Amy P (7 months ago)
I don't know. Some guys can be complicated. The hot and cold tap thing that guys put on gets very old after a while. I usually run into more of those than the other. I'm too old to deal with that. I figure if I meet somebody great. If I don't that's ok too.
Elena Manolache (7 months ago)
This is soo true. They want to know more about you and they are always around, they notice things about you, everything you said is true.
Mixed Features (7 months ago)
Guys ask sooooo many damn questions lol when it comes to me though I suck at those questions
Baby Sloth (8 months ago)
that is such a chill intro
jennifer Boyd (8 months ago)
I like this guy he is always first to text me but I am always the one to make plans to hang out. Should I stop trying to make plans to see him?
Maureen Kam (5 months ago)
Absolutely. Tell him it would be more fun if he takes the lead.
Tom Swift (8 months ago)
If a guy is standing in front of you with a massive errection, his eyes wind open, his tongue sticking out with drool falling out of his mouth. Then it’s fairly good chance he likes you...
Shanice Turner (6 months ago)
or wants a booty call
Mattie Davis (6 months ago)
MimixLight (8 months ago)
I have this guy in french class, I see him. Whenever I talk to someone else, from his seat he starts to listen in. Not in a creepy way tho, I kinda like him, what should i do?? Talk to him more?
camilla de vivenot (9 months ago)
great guy. gives the best advice
Moebetter (10 months ago)
A guy can like you and do none of these things.
Selena Heyyy (2 months ago)
Meggo The Tomato (3 months ago)
Well, *shit*
Mrs Bryant (3 months ago)
So why don't you answer the question... What do YOU do when you like a woman??
Michelle Michelle (6 months ago)
Moebetter some man are just too shy, they yust need from a woman sweetness, caring, understanding, politeness and patience, and be interested in them, is hard for men like them to open up 😄
Gabriela Jones (6 months ago)
Thanos (10 months ago)
Kiss your hand 10 times Say your crushes name 15 times
unicorn princess (10 months ago)
0:51 yes so true.
Gigi Paulus (10 months ago)
I want to know why married guys likes to stare at us. When they're married and had lots of kids. They're unavailable and why do they stare at us?
Maureen Kam (5 months ago)
They r thinking how they wish they hv not been hitched! 😁
nofy bn (8 months ago)
They don't care, they are not unavailable, guys cheat have affairs.
Azemina Ay (11 months ago)
You're more animated and lively in this 5 yr old video compared to your recent ones, what happened bro? I mean, i like how you are concise in your recent vids, but it would be nice to see a bit more emotion from you like in this video😊
cheekiangel95 (1 month ago)
Azemina Ay omg yes! He even said hi at the beginning of the video 😂
Anyia Lusk (1 year ago)
Umm guy's are complicated
Shanice Turner (6 months ago)
Anyia Lusk yes
BeautyLilyaa (1 year ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA that first Thing he said 😂😂😂😂
Elizabeth Lomeli (1 year ago)
What does it mean that he stare he makes excuses to sit next to me he always makes jokes to make me laugh gets stuff that he dident want som he can give it to me What does that mean
sel (1 year ago)
i dont get my crush.. he is sending me mixed signal
dee green (1 year ago)
You seem to be making it up as you go.
Moose Squad (1 year ago)
I need help guys, he always smile at me and looks at me, and I had friends ask if he liked me and he said idk, but I'm not sure but in the halls he always looks at me and says hey but nothing back, he knows nothing about me, and one day I was pretty sure my sister and him were talking about me, and I was gone for 2 days and It was lunch time and he was smiling but when he looked at my table of friends when I wasn't there he stopped smiling, so I had another girl ask him if he likes me but he said no to her then someone else said so and he said idk then I had one more girl ask that and he said he wouldn't tell her because he knows that she was going to tell me, and when we first met he called me cute, and one day I cried at a dance and he said he liked me (when we first met he said he only did that to make me happy) and asked me to slow dance, so does he like me or not?
Maureen Kam (5 months ago)
It's just a crush which he is not sure whether he can take it seriously. Keep a distance and see what happens. Don't get serious in case he changes his mind. Act cool as if nothing happens. That will excite him a bit. If you keep hanging around other guys, that will keep him on his toes even more.
lilfayfay (1 year ago)
Or if he's drooling while staring at you, then he might be a zombie!
Maureen Kam (5 months ago)
Tat is lustful!
Amy P (7 months ago)
Exposing Liars (8 months ago)
SnowboarderNOTB (1 year ago)
I asked out this kid sophomore year, 3 years ago.. when I did he didn't try to walk faster than me in the hallway, I'm 5'2 he's 6'0 .. he listened and I explained how my friends and his friends harassed him and told him I liked him, and that I was sorry, but that it was true and I liked him, and I just wanted to know how he felt, and I said okay?... Zac?.. he didn't look at me, and walked straight into the bathroom, he walked with me the whole way there .. But when he turned left and was in the bathroom it kinda made me say "what just happened?" Lol. So fast forward. Junior year, I am dating his best friend and he seems to tease his friend around me.. And always tries to one up him.. And also. During assemblies he sat next to, beside, in front, or behind me every year (after I graduated I realized this). Senior year we were in the art room, and I cleaned my stuff up and waited at the door for the bell, I had my Beats on and it was skrillex.. loud, I couldn't hear a thing.. next think I knew everyone's lining up and Zac stands right in front of me.. 2 inches away from my face so I backed up slightly and realized he wasn't facing the door.. But facing me, I didn't know if it was my headphones too loud, or him talking to me.. so I looked left, then right, then up at him and took one headphone odd slowly.. he looked kinda in a haze or something and said quickly 'did the bell ring?' Before I could answer it rung and he ran lol. I didn't think it was strange until after I graduated. Then at the assembly for the yearbook (which I pretty much put together) I was at the top of the bleachers, top row, where the stairs end right before it. And I was looking around, (my bf has anxiety and doesn't go to assemblies btw) and i saw zac.. and he was looking around and i kinda was staring and was like 'i wonder who he's looking for.' Lol then his eyes caught mine and he kept staring, I got embarrassed cause I was caught, but for some reason knew he'd sit near me.. Then when every seat was full around me I was sad.. people started to sit on the stairs, and his friend ended up at the bottom of the stairs and Zac and him said like "byes' or whatever to see Each other at the end of the assembly, and he came all the way to the top of the stairs and sat right in front of me, on my right, I swear we both knew he was there. And I was where I was sitting.. like.. subliminal, Idk and he turned and was like 'hey' and I said hi Anything I talked about hed answer, or talk or chime in, hed do this alot not just this assembly, then when I had to go in front of everyone, cause I was part of the year book group he was like 'good luck' and I said haha thanks, Everyday I swear id catch him making direct eye contact with me, but i would ignore it or call myself crazy, He had a class to help in the office, office aid sort of class that was an easy credit, and he's not one to smile, I walked in and he lit up ear to ear, and I got nervous and looked down the entire time, I couldn't tell why he smiled at me, I tried at all costs to avoid the office during his class period there as to not get blushy and nervous for no reason Also, to note, our humor is the same almost, sarcastic and we seem to go off of eachother humor easily, I really love people's humor, it really draws me to them. He told my bf and his friends that at parties he's turned down girls, apparently really hot ones, I suspected when I asked him out sophomore year that he would say no, like he did another girl that I thought I looked like (I dont) and weighed as much (I had low self esteem I wasn't half her weight) he turned her down and I think told her she was gross, I expected the same, but when he didn't even look at me when i told him my feelings and stood straight with his eyes straight.. it was embarrassing, I remember the next day I think in the hallway he was walking past me and i think he was trying to talk to me but I slid past the lockers and ran past him.. I didn't want to be rejected (suposidly) verbally after he didn't even give me the decency of a no.. just walked in the bathroom.. it really hurt, I gave been told sophomore year, scary, puberty, the unknown.. embarrassed, but he said no to another girl.. But nothing to me, I kinda felt even less than her, like maybe he threw up in the bathroom After we graduated I went to his party for ing away to college at his house and all his friends were sitting on the sofas and chairs, I was on the floor just wanting to go hang out with my friend but she wasn't at his house yet to get me, so I was txting her and other people A few days before on Facebook I posted that I wanted to go to the movies and see Kubo, that claymation that came out 2016, and during the party Zac said hey --- (my name) how was Q-bo? I was confused cause he pronounced it wrong so I started at him, then he was like cubo? Kubo? That claymation movie and I laughed and said oh haha it was good and ya Kubo I think is the way to say it, then he said ya I saw your post and I would have went with you but I saw the post too late My heart skipped a beat, and my bf was sitting right next to him and he said nothing just kept playing with this marble game thing .. And I just said ha, ya Later during the party I showed one of his friends my tattoo and was like "Ya my bf ------ doesn't like it" Zac literally cut everyone off and was like "who gives a fuck about ---- retarded opinion" I was like oh.. okay.. in my head lol, and my bf said nothing... Then later on during the party, Anthony threw a marshmello him and his friends were melting and eating when said I didn't want it, next thing I knew Zac threw a water bottle at him, and it hit the wall.. Anthony ignored it completely.. like it didn't hapoen.. it was a hard throw top it bounced off the wall.. if it hit Anthony it would have def/ hurt.. everyone went quiet and then one kid picked it up and made it a game.. it was.. weird? No one commented on why or what or who threw it.. strange.. Also I sent him a Facebook request 2 weeks before graduation. Literally the day after graduation he accepted it immediately and that was exciting. I remember fights with my bf and id txt my 2 best friends, and now him cause I had him on Facebook messenger, id tell him stuff and worries and really mean stuff my bf did, he never answered, but also never told me not to txt him, hed read it through and through each one, never blocked me or said to stop.. answered some stuff, and when I texted normal and not stiff bothering me he'd txt me, as if the night before I wasn't balling my eyes out txting everyone frantically, kinda like him walking in the bathroom sophomore year, then 2 years later is all confident - sometiems- talking to me. Also side track thing.. he'd do this. .. whisle... weird w hisle, and it got my attention each time, and sometimes when he walked past me, hed do it, and one time I was at my locker, he was walking towards the office down the hall, he starred the w hisle, and I hid behind my locker door and watched him sort of look over his shoulder in a way. Idk to see if I was watching? Weird weird I know haha. Also I messaged him one time about my art and what a character in a game was called, and he said 'I'm sorry, I was in class I would have texted sooner, the character is --- " and told me my artwork looked awesome, and texted me that time, as if I never texted emotional stuff.. like when I had break downs kinda stuff, and when he came and saw my apartment and Anthony was there and their other friend, Idk don't you think if you didn't like someone, and they asked you out years ago you wouldn't try to initiate convos? He would and has always initiated convos, except for like a month after I asked him out he kinda avoided he and seemed embarrassed. When they came over I was sitting on the sofai had just bought popcorn box, and I out it next to me, and he was like 'hey ---(me) was that always there?" I said what the popcorn? Nah I bought it and he was like 'phew thought I was seeing things' that sounds like a 'hey what day is it's just to make convo.. does it not? Maybe I'm crazy, Idk . Also he uses my nickname.. haha, which i usually only let kids, my mom, boyfriend, and brother use- cause it's Ari.. And it's kinda childish sounding so I wouldn't want the average Joe to use it, Arianna sounds more grown up lol Lemme know what you think, I hope this novel wasn't too much to handle hahahaha Help me out plz I love your videos
SnowboarderNOTB (1 year ago)
FaZesikK lol you didnt help 😂
xLeBLADEx (1 year ago)
cool story babe
Red Pandamon (1 year ago)
Um does he like me if he say I have a six pack .... my crush said that to me...
Saif Patel (1 year ago)
What ever that you say dating logic is true
faggy mcgee (1 year ago)
i know a guy whos actually so complicated it make me want to die everytime we talk but im too whipped to drop him
Fena Ti (1 year ago)
Do guys forget the girls they used to like easily?
Maureen Kam (5 months ago)
Although they would not forget the girls they used to like, they would no longer like the girls they used to be.
Bang (11 months ago)
Fena Ti no, no guy can forget a girl he once liked.
Dia Night (1 year ago)
But what if a guy who has a girlfriend does all of the signs and much more. And he even didn't told me about his girlfriend. And now I'm avoiding his actions etc. and he always looks sad and dissapointed about it
Delovely 1 (4 months ago)
Youre his #2 choice. Keeping you in the back pocket. Move on
Hana Arabi (1 year ago)
U r soooo sweet and funny and wise
Deviant Hamburgler (1 year ago)
In reality, if you stare at a woman, you are showing her you are interested and allowing her to recognize you and you only! I do this to try and give girls a sign.
K K (1 year ago)
Do men really do that?
Ania Kocot (1 year ago)
1=Yes, not very often though he's shy. 2= Yah
Johanna Gulliksson (1 year ago)
Difference between a player and a guy who plays the game cause he likes you?
Morgan Benson (1 year ago)
Guys are so simple, they're complicated.
Sasha Clark (3 months ago)
It's because they are non verbal!
Michelle Michelle (6 months ago)
Morgan Benson guys might seem complicated to understand, but once you understand the beauty of their simplicity of their mind, it becomes a wonderful experience to be around them 😄
Manshi Sinha (7 months ago)
unicorn princess (10 months ago)
Morgan Benson THANK YOU.
Unpopularity Love (1 year ago)
Morgan Benson yes they are possibly more complicated than we are. Ugh I have such a hard time figuring them out
Alexis Bellhop (1 year ago)
Maritza Diaz (2 years ago)
You are awesome!!
Lisuh (2 years ago)
What if the guy says "dam mami you thick af"
Cherry Cola (5 months ago)
+thatlovegirl12 😂
thatlovegirl12 (10 months ago)
TheTrainGoesChooChoo! Run!!!
Melissa’s Lyricsx (2 years ago)
Well I have a crush and he always like looks at me all the time and smile at me and I smile back. I feel like my crush likes me
Shanice Turner (6 months ago)
Mattie Davis (6 months ago)
Me too
Emma elizabeth House (2 years ago)
can someone please help me......my crush is like I hate you, your ugly,don't talk to me e.c.t. then like 5 minutes later he will be like hey gorgeous misse you,hey sexy what's good,damn you look good,your so hot,and sometimes hell have a conversation with me and other times he won't...he wants to know about my past relationships alot....and one time a boy touched me weird and he went and slapped the hell out of him....does he like me or not I'm so confused someone PLEASE help
faggy mcgee (1 year ago)
sounds toxic. stay away.
Tempo Zolo (1 year ago)
Thats a fuck boy. Or has mental issues
Emma elizabeth House (2 years ago)
Yella Gurl yeah. he also went off on someone bc they sent me a nude.
Yella Gurl (2 years ago)
he slapped the hell outta someone for touching you weird now that's a sure sign to me...
Emma elizabeth House (2 years ago)
Mimi W it did
stella (2 years ago)
what does it mean if a boy asks to take a portrait photo of you for his photography and he says "stella my lovely i need you for my photography , i need your beautiful face " and when i said alright he acted quite exited . i catch him looking at me sometimes and he threw a piece of paper at me yesterday , he also liked on of my instagram photos which he's never done , he also compliments your jumper
Nube Chacho (2 years ago)
My crush does all these signs and has a girlfriend and give me more attention to me instead of his gf he gave me a kiss on the cheek In the rain and he has not done these stuff to is girlfriend he hugs me more instead of her someone help me
No need For a name (2 years ago)
Please help if you know the reason 😞🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 There is a guy who works front of our house and sometimes i sit at balcony (2nd floor) and when he has a free time he looks up at me so much. What does this mean????? Please answer I'm so bad I can't stop thinking about him😭😭😭
Nube Chacho (2 years ago)
Ekin Koç Fan he like u show him u like him too
barney barney (2 years ago)
How do I know that a guy who has a gf likes you?
Mattie Davis (6 months ago)
Haha. Ikr
jjamerican93 (2 years ago)
I've only experienced a guy liking me once...oh well.
Fernanda Ordonez (18 days ago)
LEE HI X BOBBY (6 months ago)
Lucky I have never experienced this
Karina Quiroz (1 year ago)
jjamerican93 sane:(
Be Inspired (2 years ago)
La chizz moe
Amy Sarai (11 months ago)
ShayInspires 2k17 machismo xD
Sha Bombs (2 years ago)
he do sum of this
daisy william (2 years ago)
Michelle Michelle (6 months ago)
daisy william that’s scary
xLeBLADEx (1 year ago)
you going get unexpected butt sexQQQ
Aubrey’s Reviews (2 years ago)
daisy william same is happening to me but when I've talked to him he says almost nothing
Yvette Olijfveld (2 years ago)
is this guy still alive. i'm seeing alot of old videos
Giselle Resendez (3 months ago)
“is this guy still alive” LMFAO
Mrs Bryant (3 months ago)
Umm yes he's very much alive.
Mattie Davis (6 months ago)
Ikr? Smh
Ania Kocot (1 year ago)
Yvette Olijfveld lol
Yvette Olijfveld (2 years ago)
Amarilys C. (2 years ago)
certain men are extremely complicated.
SAI SAI (5 months ago)
Amarilys C. Q
Did You see me? (1 year ago)
Sima teews how my man has sex with me
Emma elizabeth House (2 years ago)
Sima teews yep
Alexis Bellhop (2 years ago)
MACHISMOOOOOO....aahhh you make me laugh
Well ur s guy Sooo :/ :)))
Jahnel Lewis (3 years ago)
There this guy I might have a crush on and he been visiting a girl that's in a hospital and he said sorry he hasnt been responding to my Texts and he says I'll be honest I use to like her well not anymore but his actions lately say differently he just was so scared what happened to her I didn't ask him to explain to me that information but my friend say it's his way of opening up to me and wants to be honest . idk what you guys think??
April Rants (3 years ago)
abianah howell (3 years ago)
Guys are complicated as Fuck to me!!! I usually thinks boys hate me and the very next day they ask me out😭💯
Manshi Sinha (7 months ago)
yes yes yes
That Girl (1 year ago)
abianah howell lmaoo
amaya desirae ! (1 year ago)
on me 😂
Chocolate Bunny (1 year ago)
abianah howell yes thay are
Mikila Morris (3 years ago)
but I love this guy named Michael and he always looking at me can you tell me why he always looking at me
Mattie Davis (6 months ago)
+Helen Da Silva . I agree
Helen Da Silva (3 years ago)
Guys don't waste time looking at a girl they don't like. If he glances/stares/looks at you then he either likes you or finds you attractive.
Mikila Morris (3 years ago)
but I love this guy named Michael and he always looking at me can you tell me why he always looking at me
Queen Directioner (8 months ago)
+Long Ly can you gtfo
Long Ly (11 months ago)
Maybe you ugly
Atid Mata BenIsrael (2 years ago)
he likes u but remember this be careful because sometimes guys look at u just to play with u so be careful

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