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Everything Wrong With 300 In 10 Minutes Or Less

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You asked for it. We wanted to do it anyway. And now with the sequel coming out... it finally seemed like the perfect time to go looking for sins in Sparta. Here's everything we found wrong with 300. This week: More sins, & a cat-based video. Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we recount next?
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Text Comments (15345)
4:31 they're essentially doing the old time equivalent of a double tap
The Crazy Richardson’s (12 hours ago)
At tonight we die in hell Apollo and zeus are gonna be mad
Controllerbreaker (14 hours ago)
Stupid review
Darren Bajek (1 day ago)
I think you guys are forgetting this movie is based off of a comic. It’s not gonna be entirely historically accurate also it’s told by a story teller. Of course he’s gonna embellish on the details and describe the enemy as monsters because he’s a story teller.
Axion (1 day ago)
its not racist
Leo Crap (2 days ago)
the most sins in cinema history
bap bap (3 days ago)
I don't always think it not being realistic is a 'sin' this I thought this film was great
Adolf Lincler (3 days ago)
Honestly the hate is fucking pissing me off this an amazing film with spectacular fight scenes and story.
Ethan Tyra (3 days ago)
Sin 47 is answered in sin 46. When the arrows are shot. Watch Leonidas, someone hands him his spear.
Jacksman (3 days ago)
You forgot one: little kid dies *ding*
Josh Felstead (4 days ago)
This was a masterpiece and you know it.
Switch Back (4 days ago)
I'm sure you're a JOY to watch movies with.
marcusHabs (4 days ago)
This was Frank Millers artistic version of battle of Thermopylai.Historic accuracy wasnt that important.
AmericanEagleYT (4 days ago)
You gave the movie sins on some historically accurate parts, like the child-abuse. They really DID treat young boys like crap
Luke Emmons (5 days ago)
7:25 it’s not a random dagger idiot if u watched the whole movie without making fun of it u would have got that was the end of his spear that broke of dumbass
Ng Max (6 days ago)
He showed us the whole movie using the slow motion clips.
stef de palmenaer (6 days ago)
you need to take 1 sin off! the camping on the cliff makes sense, enemys can only attack from 1 front
Zach Rakar (6 days ago)
Just pointing out that the whole Child Abuse thing in the beginning is pretty accurate, the Spartans actually forced their children through some awful stuff to become hardened warriors, they were put through military training at very young ages and put through a lot of pain and suffering, their beliefs in battle war is what gives them their badass reputation they were actually banned from wrestling in the Olympics due to their belief of not surrendering and fighting till death, it was a very harsh upbringing in Sparta
adolf hitler (6 days ago)
For the ones who think Greeks are honorable: once the greeks told Cyrus the great that persians are fighting for wealth. And us the greeks fight for honor! Cyrus the great replied: yes that is correct because every man fights for what he doesn't have.
sotirakis sotirakis (6 days ago)
I'm from Greece and I respect Persians.. We both have great history... <3 we are great friends in today world like Italians that we won them in WW2 we are brothers
KnightWing408 (6 days ago)
300 is badass.
valiedatedtech (7 days ago)
Well he didn't do history class
Jaden Pearce (7 days ago)
I need to do a sin counter on your made up sins
Jaden Pearce (7 days ago)
It’s not racist. Now take a sin away Greatest movie ever
Will Brown (7 days ago)
The Bonus round had me dyin'
Connor Shidler (7 days ago)
Be cool if it was based on the actual shit.
dara assassin (8 days ago)
not racist
Pars Kick (8 days ago)
Persian kings were among the first to rule based on human rights and freedom. Just search Cyrus Cylinder to just see a glimpse of it. Mind you there were slavery in thousands of years after that in US the land of the free! That was the reason they could unite so many lands and people under one powerful nation. All the middle east, parts of Africa and Europe all were parts of Persia and they were happy to be a part of that advanced country. That freedom was the weakness, it allowed religions, specially new born Islam to brainwash people and corrupt the greatest culture from the inside. And once people cant think for themselves its easy to take advantage of them. So you don't need 300 just 1 prophet. This movie was historically inaccurate, one sided and offensive that i cant believe it was actually produced. If you wanna make something up at least have the decency to do it smart and with subtlety. Edit: And why the hell Americans think everyone in middle east is black or Arab or Muslim? Majority of people in middle east are white as it gets and they speak different languages. What are they teaching you in school?
Chantelle Miller (8 days ago)
Winston Churchill (300) vs Hitler (Persians)
2:14 it's called an aulos ...
mr jellybean (8 days ago)
It is nor racist
William Abbott (9 days ago)
Movie turns out to not be sinned that much but this guy is a douch so he makes up random things to count as sins cliche
London Feland (9 days ago)
THIS. IS... um how does it go again? Oh yeah! SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!
nke 85 (9 days ago)
F**kin hater. This movie is literally the best action movie ever made.
Dis-Respact (9 days ago)
By the way, *How did you get your helmet back?*
king ricefield 125 (9 days ago)
hey don't fuck with the spartans
Elvis Sanchez (10 days ago)
Great editing skills. Just as good as the editors of 300.
Serenity Boggan (10 days ago)
You can see Leonid-Ass penis in the shadow. Seems pretty small XD (even though i know it probably isn't his real Tralala)
Ethan Merle (10 days ago)
This is no where near the way real Spartans would look
Wendy Totten (10 days ago)
Probably THE most shallow summarization of a thing I have ever seen. Flaws in your point of view and presentation are too numerous to list here.
Abdleugader lbrahim (10 days ago)
What a dick
Geek From Gallifrey (10 days ago)
Does anyone else’s screen flicker at around 1:55
Vultickz (10 days ago)
4:34 would have been way cooler if the camera zoomed in on other fights
RoSmash (11 days ago)
No sin off for “FOR SPARTA” battle cry?
Storytime626 (11 days ago)
I want to see a realistic version of this battle.
DarthBricksEmpire (11 days ago)
This isn’t everything wrong with: This is just a, i dont like this movie, i didn’t like that scene either... uhm and that scene... and that scene.... and the kids were harshly trained..æ i don’t like thatt either, another mistake. ........
A.S Potamianos (11 days ago)
Most of the sins are historically accurate, i can't believe people watch this channel
Asyk aMan (12 days ago)
300 vs 1 million a total bullshit
Indi S (12 days ago)
For gods sake they r not black Lmao 😂 but at the end of the day it was a solid movie although it was inaccurate
Indi S (12 days ago)
Even the movie Troy and Alexander the Great the ultimate cut don’t have monsters! Unrealistic and also the whole battle was not fought like in a setting of where a nuke went off god the research team sucked but the part that confuses people is the dwarves if there were dwarves Spartans would not have a chance! Basic stuff get it right
Indi S (12 days ago)
Since when were dwarves defending Xerxes
Liquid Toast (12 days ago)
Didn’t they only believe in the underworld not hell?
eliack95 (12 days ago)
8:47 On the left, Exposed female nipple complete with nipple ring! 12:15 More titties!
Sqwiss Snakey (12 days ago)
Gå å dö
Lyndon Noel (13 days ago)
Did the captain said at the start of the movie that he had other sons to replace him so why did he mourn his death then?
zackass riley (13 days ago)
why do half the shots like like cutscenes from what games will probably look like in about ten years
Armageddon tamer (13 days ago)
I can't get that beeping out of my head
Wes Gilkey (13 days ago)
This movie was an absolute disgrace
DIAPHOUS WILTER (14 days ago)
They stopped attacking so he recovered the spear , everything wrong , I agree with everything except the the spear comment
Kumquat Froid (14 days ago)
Je dis que t'es une sapole cest raciste ? conno. Range ta merde
Fun (14 days ago)
CinemaSins is salty that the black/colored people were seen as the evil/devious entities. lmao
01000110 (14 days ago)
1:39 why the hell would that be racist?
Philly. Kid (14 days ago)
“Hell has a bad rating on yelp” ding..... bro that doesn’t even make sense...how tf does that count as a sin?.....if anything it should be a sin taken away because of the line he delivers....
Resp Tattoo (14 days ago)
Meh, most of these "sins" are a huge stretch. -_- waittttt a minute...do I detect a Persian accent in CinemaSins narration? #Persianlivesmatter
Police 159 (15 days ago)
Sin *DING* ya sound like a dick and your voice is annoying.
Adam (15 days ago)
How did this guy/this channel get such a large following? He has an incredibly annoying voice and manner of speaking, for one thing. Worse than that is the fact that he focuses on the stupidest, most trivial shit in his “critiques” of popular movies. There ARE flaws in these movies, sometimes glaring ones, but this guy can usually be counted on to not notice them. Or he will spend so little time talking about them, or in such a douchey way, that it won’t even matter. He actually manages to make some of these movies seem BETTER than they really are in the attempt to trash them. But what he is really trying to do is to make himself look like this super smart, elite film analyst who is SO much smarter than the people who made the movie and the people who enjoy it. It must be amateur hour. Fucking amateur hour.
Travis Halford (15 days ago)
Poor understanding of filmography. This channel sucks. Why can't you point out real cinematic flaws. You're struggling for content bro.
Adoring Fan (11 days ago)
Travis Halford you’re to dumb to realize that this channel isn’t serious
Dragonfly SR (15 days ago)
Sorry CinemaSins, but You cannot ruin this movie for me at all.
Sam Tipa Crockett (15 days ago)
300 is cool and you are not 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300
Pilotorpheus 862 (15 days ago)
GeneralErica (15 days ago)
4:23 You're in the front line of THE battle to be in in antiquity... What I mean is... HOLD YOUR BLOODY SHIELD IN FRONT OF YOU! ITS THERE FOR YOUR PROTECTION, NOT AS A COUNTERWEIGHT!!!
Krystian Kornilowicz (15 days ago)
He got a spear back when the sin counter hit 44. So the total should have a minus one for the 46th sin which was unfairly sinned
Bimsa Continental (15 days ago)
Let's give this guy an Apple so he would look like more of an asshole
Thomas Schrank (15 days ago)
Y’all forget how much of this was storytelling, the entire battle was told from the perspective of one soldier to rally Greece. And to those saying Spartans were horrible people, everyone was horrible back then, get off your damn moral superiority complex. It only shows how much of an asshole you are
I’d say over half of these points u made can be explained if u just pause and think but clearly u are not an intellectual
Undizz (16 days ago)
150 slow-motion shots... I don't like slow-mo
Gog Ly (16 days ago)
Absolutely 300 is wrong...
Nicholas Thomas (16 days ago)
That "double flute thing" is called a srynx
Nikola Peh (16 days ago)
Ubisoft needs to make Assassins Creed game out of this.... OH WAIT...
Sushi_IsLife (16 days ago)
Also stop writing damn articles in the comments 😂
Sushi_IsLife (16 days ago)
Also why are the soldiers so white middle easterns jave dark skin also also why is there a fucking black guy the races didn’t used to mix at all
1:35 is that a joke?
Ionica Podaru (17 days ago)
And for spartans iven his shield can be a weapon ...
Goldie James (17 days ago)
There should be a sin for the huncback since they said if there was on with defects the baby would be throw in the ditch
Ionica Podaru (17 days ago)
That spartans in the back kill everything still lives .... duh ... and you need to rise your shield if you remain in open area and lots of arows come to you ..... i think you exagerate with this .
Sam Tipa Crockett (17 days ago)
it is a real story and you are big shit so long live 300
花【Night】 (18 days ago)
The 300 is full of lies movies never care about history
dizzy cake (18 days ago)
Actually 300 Spartans were not the only ones to stay at Thermopylae, 1000 thespians also fought with Sparta against the Persians. But people forget about them because 300 Spartans sounds more heroic
O George (19 days ago)
There is no blood on the ground
Lil' Flex (19 days ago)
lol in 6:00 u say why dont u kill Xerxes and in the next shot they show the bowmen aiming at Leonidas
Bruh he got his spear from one of his men when they were standing by the cliff
Blitz_Arena (19 days ago)
Spartans so badass, they use 2 FLUTES INSTEAD OF 1!
SEAN L (7 days ago)
bet spartan men can blow two guys at the same time as well. Even pornstars can't do that.
Grade a Under a jr (19 days ago)
1:32 had me dead 😂
Jon Paul (19 days ago)
Meme (20 days ago)
Everything Wrong About 300. Everything except "this is sparta" part
nomar arevir (20 days ago)
Here's all the things wrong with this movie 1. Nothing 2. Nothing and 3.Absolutely nothing Thank you!
Ryan Dutton (20 days ago)
4:29 your w ing as thoes soldiers or Spartans May only be killing of the survivors but think they will be in the line at some point also I think I’m not saying I’m right but the hunch back may get over powered then their rear is exposed
jay (22 days ago)
lmao @ people complaining about lack of realism
Konstantin (22 days ago)
If puny or disfigured babies were cast out to die in Spartan society, why is there a disfigured hunch back character?
Anas Abdurahman (12 days ago)
his family fled with him so he wouldn’t be killed
John Connor (23 days ago)
if i would be afraid of anything its the mourning of my enemy

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