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Julius Malema No Nonsense Response to Trump's Twitter Threats

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2nacheki (5 months ago)
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Akoben Adinkrahene (3 months ago)
+Leilani L Let me start by displaying your stupidity! Did you ever go to 1st grade. I assume you did so when you were there did they teach you colors? Did they explain what the color white is? What it looks like? Did you forget your 1st grade lessons? I don't think you did, what has happen to you is that you were brain washed by the society that you live in that you are white and somehow that makes you (THINK) the you are better than others humans on the planet. Next stupid statement! You Married a man in the military. A military that walks the planet seeking who it can destroy. (does that sound like something out of your Bible?) Next don't hate the game. In other words having off-springs is how we are still here. I say don't hate the game because you folks have a hard time (as you call it ) "Breeding" NOT OUR PROBLEM! Next thing "Spreading disease" Aids comes from the CIA to Africa via Bill Gates foundation. Ebola can be found in places where your doctors have been. This is not lost on the people who now run from those doctors. Next stupid statement. Begging for money. There is no money and there has not been any money after Nixon close the gold window! The world has been enslaved by reason of that fact, but I don't think you will ever be able to think that one out! Next stupid comment. (whites that PAID for that land. YOUR government SOLD it to them) Really what government was that? That was the same government that invaded to country in the first place. "Your being cut off from ANY help from us". If they get cut off from you it will be a blessing the (so-called) American Indians never got! They have brain washed you, or you had of that mind from the start. I await any reply you might have! geneticmemory.org
Akoben Adinkrahene (3 months ago)
+Music 4Life You are funking clueless! It is people like you who have a diluted visions of superiority that need to change their ways. Who gave the continent hell. It's those same people that think that Jesus was a man (that allows your people to do whatever they care to do to others (because he die for any and all sin you have and might do in the future) and not as a way to precise how they should act on the planet. Or maybe you are one of those revisionist who want to say all the hell that the people of the planet have gone threw is just a mis-print of history and none of it ever happen. The knowledge (of Christ) didn't stop them from killing the (so-called) American Indian and taking the land even after they agreed not to. However, now the the shoe is on the other foot you want to say can't we all just get along (and keep what you took in a lawless fashion). YES, we can when you return what you took! You will never be able to make up for the lives but you can return the land. My advice to you is to stop heating truth when it is presented to you! geneticmemory.org
Mike's Big Mouth (3 months ago)
2nacheki I can offer my service to do voice overs for you
Richard Dacres (3 months ago)
+Leilani L PIG shut your mouth you are pathetic white supremacist pillaging killing sacrificing children and drinking their bloods! Evil. There is no other race on the face of the Earth that is done so much pillaging!
Akoben Adinkrahene (3 months ago)
New subscriber geneticmemory.org and thumbs up bro.
Johnny Steenkamp (1 day ago)
there is to much division in South Africa we should come up with a plane that helps all poeple we are all human beings if I cut a black guy he bleeds red if I cut I white guy hee bleeds red if only all of us can stand together look at our country take a close look if we but your heads together we will be the best country in the world we have the man power to make this place good I'm I white and I live this land and if I have to deay for it I will Im living in poverty just like have of the population here u reader make conflicting Dan trying to solve the mane problem there is no work and if a war brake out then there is no further for all of South Africa it's going to 10times worse then now and how is going to saver, the poor poeple the governing poeple can get on a plane and use the poor poeple will be left to saver more
London...Gutted, there are dirty sodomite posters placard all over Brixton Library and the post Office in South London...This is dispeakable behavior from these pathetic white sodomite rapists and pedefies.. We as tax-payers and normal citizens of England should not have to suffer the aborninable behavior of these sodomite rapists.
Gedi osman (6 days ago)
Greeting from Kenya.tuko pamoja.
Gedi osman (6 days ago)
Very good.very brave man.
Frikkie Oosthuizen (7 days ago)
Will be quick easy fight for truimp... 🤗
Frikkie Oosthuizen (7 days ago)
Truimp against idiot😂😂😂🤗👍😏
chizee 3 (7 days ago)
We need more leaders like this in Africa.
Raul Carlos (8 days ago)
speech hitter
RaeZax (9 days ago)
He is right there is black genocide in the usa. Its blacks killing blacks but when a asshole white cop kills a black , not just the cop is held accountable but the whole white society. And ofc there are no whites who officialy origin from africa nobody argues on that BUT do you really think your country would do better off when you kick them all out? Africa (esp West) people have incredibly low IQs (fact : look at studies) this results in high curruption and bad economic decisions. When you kick out whites we should kick out blacks out of europa. You get all your refugees back... Combine that with your lack of food and water and your countries will sink. Suddenly you all are poor refugees and begging for asylum, but then its too late to back pedel. Right wing partys are getting stronger every day in europe. Africa will triple their inhabitants in the next 30 years. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Blame the whites? Be a victim of your own decisions. Own it. China is going to take your place over and you are going to wish you could go back in time and stop this madniss. I give you every right to say South Africa first but its more than just blacks living in your country. Dont just point your fingers at your own people but point it to multinational companys, banks and china before it is to late. spread love and facts and not hate
Johan Hofman (10 days ago)
Why isn’t this man in prison.........for life!
2nacheki (9 days ago)
Trump yep we agree
Yusuf Gidudu (10 days ago)
Love from people Power#Uganda
zibuyile Lukhozi (11 days ago)
Could you please give me Malema's digits, this is my God, I love him soooo much.
Bruce Kerr (12 days ago)
all raw materials come form africa so were would they get their raw materials from
Adriaan Boeyens (12 days ago)
He's right, there is a black genocide in South Africa - Blacks killing Blacks. Keep it up, South Africa will become a 3rd world country again and you'll only have yourselves to blame for it.
Likhona Sukume (13 days ago)
Malema we support you
sammytourz tv (13 days ago)
Come to Kenya malema
Kamau Wilson (14 days ago)
Kenyans, are supporting, you,tuko na wewe...
Sizwe Mhlanga (14 days ago)
That is what i call leadership, in fact Mr Malema must be our President
حافظ هارون (14 days ago)
He is brave Africans must unite so that we will see prosperity we have all resources in Africa
Rephetse Tlhaole (15 days ago)
viva EFF
thuso ngwenya (15 days ago)
The man who, walks his walk and talk the talk.i
Renard Adams (16 days ago)
Africa need leaders like Malema then we can stand and enjoy our rishest continent, whish have full of precious minerals
2nacheki (15 days ago)
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Gilbert Zhakata (17 days ago)
Malema i salute you u are a true hero of Africa
blackjourneyman1 (17 days ago)
Shaka Zulu
Phumzile Motha (17 days ago)
Kholeka gospel 2019
Africa News (17 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEuQ321Wri99J99jjEk0ZFg Please check this out on Julius Malema defending expropriation of land
Kinanga Okemwa (18 days ago)
threatening Malema is like declaring war against all africans including those in the USA and France and everwhere in the world,,this is not your country,,nobody has asked for your interventio,,keep off
Kinanga Okemwa (18 days ago)
trump should mind his business,,which Right does he have to intimidate a leader of a great nation similar to him,,unless you are a jelous terrorist,,mind your business with your. country no body will allow you
Louise DPK Marais (18 days ago)
spreading hatred and nobody wins as it works like a boomerang what you wish upon others will be done onto you that is karma - remember my words - I wish you peace and wisdom
Thembelani Qatheni (19 days ago)
I like juju
OSCAR OMUKATA (19 days ago)
he doesn't want Africans in a white country but whites in African countries.
Mr. Iyoha (21 days ago)
Jonny H (21 days ago)
So how will this social experiment be any different to Zimbabwe's recent experience? Robert Mugabe followed a similar policy just up the road, and public debt there now sits at 82% of GDP. The price of fuel is now the highest in the world. You can't feed on African children on empty rhetoric and lofty ideals.
MyNameIsJonas (21 days ago)
If only death will stop you then prepare to die
Who is Donald trump in department of south African home affairs. He is american not Africans. He must stay away for Africa
2nacheki (22 days ago)
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Ctlhare Motlhabane (23 days ago)
I support you statement 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Omar Jatta (24 days ago)
We should also start killing white people in africa...is not a crime it's revenge...am a african who live in germany and they treat us like shit ...one of my plan when am in Africa..I will never forgive them. Anything which will make white man suffer am in 100%
2nacheki (23 days ago)
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Rezene Ftwi (25 days ago)
We follow and love u Malema not only south African all African
Ragnar Andersson (1 month ago)
malema is criminal and killer soon he go to prison mr.trump is coming soon 😁👍🤟🤟
Robin Bailey (1 month ago)
wow Malema is a true Leader, to HELL with Donald Trump #Futsek
Jeffrey Masinga (1 month ago)
Yes we remain unshacken
Abdur Rahman (1 month ago)
Racial hatred from white,black, coloured,Indian etc, is what is destroying our chances to rebuild our country, WE, ALL OF US!!! need to work together! Yes Mr. MALEMA I agree fully, oppression, and the taking away of anyones possessions is WRONG! BUT we can't generations and generations later want to blame and hold people (black or white) responsible for what the previous generations have done. So if Mr. Malemas great grandfather took my great grandfather's land I CAN'T hold Mr. Malema and or the black generations of today responsible.
Abdur Rahman (1 month ago)
Continuation of my comments: yes many black people have also forgiven the whites for wronging them, so I'm not saying that blacks don't forgive.
Abdur Rahman (1 month ago)
Irrespective of the fact that the land was taken by the whites, the government of that time SOLD the farms to the white owners, the people had to make bank loans to BUY FARMS, it wasn't just given freely as you say, many of us whites are STILL POOR cause the apartheid government didn't Give things for free to whites either, we also like our black brothers and sisters have to WORK for what we want, I'm not saying the government of old didn't do wrong things to blacks, cause believe you me a lot of wrong was done to us whites as well! Just as there were blacks killed by "white farmers" look how many white farmers and their families have already been brutaly murdered because of YOUR SLOGAN "KILL A BOER" and these murders are still happening! And some of these are not news. How many years has Zimbabwe now been ruled by black people and look at the mess they in, same here, because there's messups you revert back to blaming whites for it, many thousands of South Africans want to live peacefully together BLACK AND WHITE, AND BUILD UP THE COUNTRY! But because people like YOU MALEMA and many others, we not getting it done! There's many things I as a white man hated about the white goverment, however, there was ORDER! There wasn't load shedding in the big way we experiencing it now, why? BECAUSE OF ALL YOUR AFRICAN FRIENDS who now come into FREE South Africa and just like YOU MALEMA, want everything for free! YOUR OWN BLACK PEOPLE don't have jobs, why?, NOT BECAUSE OF WHITES! BECAUSE OF ALL THE NIGERIANS, ZIMBABWEANS AND MANY OTHER OF YOUR BLACK AFRICAN FRIENDS TAKING YOUR JOBS!!! You're so on about the WHITES THAT HAVE WRONGED YOU, THAT YOU DONT REALISE HOW YOUR OWN BROTHERS AND SISTERS FROM OUTSIDE are TAKING AWAY YOUR OPPORTUNITIES! Yes you are correct when you say a lot was done wrong to the black people, but so was a lot done wrong to us whites by the white goverment of old! And now we WHITES ARE BEING SCREWED OVER BY YOUR BLAC GOVERMENT AS WELL! Mr. MALEMA, why don't you tell the BLACK government that us WHITE MILITARY VETERANS also want our pension benefits that most umkonto wisizwe have already been given! Bottom line is: on both sides white and black, we must work together (AND WE CAN!), to REBUILD THIS COUNTRY, the only reason why I DON'T agree with this issue of taking land and NOT PAYING for it is as I said, although the white goverment of old took the land from the "black people" Wich I agree was WRONG!! the white farmers had to BUY AND PAY FOR THE FARMS, hell if there were freebies I wouldn't have been a POOR white man now! Just as you say blacks were killed let's not forget the many whites who have been killed and still are being killed, it's funny how black people who committed murders seek forgiveness from the whites, but boy oh boy the whites who have done the same MUST PAY THE PRICE FOR THEIR ACTIONS! It is proven that whites can forgive, so why can't "some" black people forgive. We as people both black, white, coloured, Indian, etc, should learn to forgive because God's command says if You (that's all of us) want to be forgiven, then you MUST FORGIVE!
Prudence Kurarama (1 month ago)
I love you too much malema
Mark De Agrella (1 month ago)
Ha ,this guy is so stupid he will die for a Barron land. and its not whites killing blacks its blacks killing blacks with no regard for life whatsoever and guess what ? it all about Self gain and greed. and the stupid Afrikaners are making it bad for all whites because they are just as dumb. and also very greedy and PROUD. bunch of idiots they messed up this country .
Nico Van Der Merwe (1 month ago)
moeg po*s wat jy is
Nostradamus (1 month ago)
Don't worry, death will stop you.
A SALT (1 month ago)
Never trust a person wearing a beret especially if they're trying to be an African dictator
Gold Nana Lion (1 month ago)
I really respect a lot
Boogey Man (1 month ago)
Why does the dude say "whites can't leave S.A ? ...... Whites are leaving in droves .. especially the SKILLED GUYS AND DOLLS ! ON WHAT PL ANENT DOES HIS BLOKE LIVE ?! Five huge effects that mass emigration is having on South Africa A lot of people who are able to leave South Africa end up taking their opportunities. But what effect does emigration have on the country our citizens are leaving behind? According to experts operating within this field, South Africans are expected to break emigration records in 2018 – the amount of Saffas living permanently abroad is expected to reach one million by the end of the year. But what does it all mean for Mzansi, and what impact is it having on those of us who stay? What emigration means for South Africa: A skills brain drain Financial Emigration Manager Jonty Leon recently discussed the sharp spike in the number of South Africans looking to relocate abroad. He explained that a large number of those leaving the country are our highest paid and best educated. “We’re losing doctors, engineers, our finance industry, our lawyers – it’s all the higher-earners or higher taxpayers from South Africa’s point of view.” – Jonty Leon. Leon also explained that people emigrating to South Africa aren’t bringing the skills-sets needed to replace those at the very top of their professions. A brain drain isn’t just a buzzword, it’s something very real in SA. Doctors and medical professionals could soon leave With doctors already a scarce resource in South Africa, the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) legislation could see a large number of medical professionals skip the country. Profmed Officer Graham Anderson has expressed that the bill – which would cap fees that doctors charge for private healthcare – would eventually lead to our medical professionals ditching South Africa, given that the government is ready to “trash the private sector to save the public one”. “If they are going to trash the private sector in order to get the public sector up and running, doctors are going to go. If the doctors emigrate then other professionals, who can afford to leave, will go because they want healthcare for their children.” – Graham Anderson. More South Africans are now in the UK and Australia With South Africans leaving in their droves, they’ve gotta end up somewhere. The UK seems to be taking the bulk of our 900 000 confirmed emigres, with 210 000 setting up their life in Blighty. That’s closely followed by Australia, as 190 000 Saffas have chosen to take the plunge down under. According to a report published by Pew Research, the USA (100 000), Canada (60 000) and New Zealand (50 000) complete the top five destinations of choice. The property market is seeing some changing patterns It’s now estimated – by FNB – that 7.4% of South Africans are selling their homes with the sole purpose of emigrating. This is the highest number since 2010. However, it still has some way to go to match the levels seen in 2008, when more than 20% of sellers were heading overseas. We’re losing our wealthiest citizens As BusinessTech reported back in March, South Africa lost almost a quarter of its super-wealthy individuals – those who have a net worth of over $5 million – in the last five years, dropping from 13 380 in 2012, to just 10 350 in 2017. Many rich South Africans tend to move their money abroad and invest it elsewhere. No direct reason was given by the Frank Knight Wealth Report, but the rand’s volatility often influences their thinking. YOU MAY WANT TO READ MORE ... https://www.thesouthafrican.com/emigration-five-effects-south-africa/
Dickny Dirapz (1 month ago)
Donald Trump never tweeted about black genocide during apartheid ,now he is even tweeting about what is not happening. I was discussing with my white friend he was like Afriforum wanna coz civil war in this country so the can say democratic state failed.
Evan Mondela (1 month ago)
Donald Trump want to make America great again but we don't want to be great, Rubbish
MV Val (1 month ago)
All the evil plan of whites on Africa must must be completely eradicated and overthrown.
thuso ngwenya (1 month ago)
Black genoside.yes.
thuso ngwenya (1 month ago)
Hard aproach.(with results)
Joseph Mubili (1 month ago)
we can make Africa1 and we can be strong than any other bring Farrakhan
Ras Lennard (1 month ago)
3:26 Its not treu lol
Evan Mondela (1 month ago)
You are creating your good records Sir Julious malema. I get your bank, You have the spirit of leadership like Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of BIAFRANS
jolly jolly (1 month ago)
Question. Did the white people inherit the land or did they buy it? I'm finding conflicting info on the net. Thanks in advance.
Sean Chisholm (1 month ago)
Donald Chump is about as thick as Julius 🤣
Naf Vol (1 month ago)
best way to take over a nation is make it fail first,someones waiting for that to happen ,if not already working on it .many south africans are contributing supporting such leaders.would be ideal situation:rich country and low IQ population.lets see how free you will be when it happens.
Njabulo Milazi (1 month ago)
My President viva!!!!
Uche Cyril (2 months ago)
Most African Leaders has been bribed to silence and, just nod , smile , and shake hands unintelligibly.. with the Western world. Smh... Ride on Mr Julius..
Kevin Oduor (2 months ago)
kenya for south africa.
deriouz axillary (2 months ago)
viva eff no.1
N.W.A No bullshit (2 months ago)
E U means Evil
Well stated.
poghisho isaiah (2 months ago)
God bless Malena as you fight on the behalf of our people's blacks...more leaders of his kind
Ommy Azzy (2 months ago)
Heheheheeee no time for Trump's nonsense
Wayne Green (2 months ago)
I'm from usa and i love this black brother and god love the black world 🌎🌎
Right behind you (2 months ago)
Is this a leader? You prefer the pride, this is why África is so bebind, the way he think is a big issue.
masiga AMOS (2 months ago)
2nacheki (2 months ago)
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Khan Janki (2 months ago)
Yes true
2nacheki (2 months ago)
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Michael Kolbe (2 months ago)
Im sure death will come to you killing whites and stealing land then taking a ignorant attitude like you have
2nacheki (2 months ago)
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Brian Keith (2 months ago)
Kick that blood diamond company De burrs out of Africa too...
2nacheki (2 months ago)
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Brettox Benzyme (2 months ago)
All white,black,brown and yellow people go back to their own homelands. The indigenous people will be left to run their own affairs and live however they see fit.
2nacheki (2 months ago)
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Dennis Lungunga (2 months ago)
I dedicate the song done by #_Burning_Spear Called am not guilty to you Julius Malena what a brave man you are (Jah sent you for sure)
2nacheki (2 months ago)
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Miss Tori (2 months ago)
Woza 2019 we know the kwensikwenses!
joseph mavhase (2 months ago)
FNB pray 2018
Petrus Heigers (2 months ago)
Malema America - They will take you and hooligans in in a morning. Do not be sure that America will. If you are not afraid to die why do you need such a huge entourage when travel?
Beverly Vinson (2 months ago)
a wise man who finally stand up to trump . thankyou for that . and speaking truth
KB Bitches (2 months ago)
America doesn't agree with,or really even like Dump. But one thing Americans do agree on,you fk with any part of the US,YOU disappear.His People would disappear. White vs Black Civil/race Wars,would not good for anyone. But,it will work out better,for the White Majority.This black vs White shit is BullShit. It's the corrupt Cops that are killing Blacks,and Blacks killing Blacks. It's not the White people doing it,that's why I hear an idiot like this lil guy( Dumps a bigger idiot though)and know He doesn't care about the people as a whole,cuz it's a lose lose,to mess with the orange retard in Washington. This lil Gary Coleman looking dude,would be the first to hide,if The US,Putin and the UE were coming for Him. Dump is dumb,and lil Gary Webster Coleman is almost as dumb.
Lily Rose (3 months ago)
Thanks for mentioned World wide how black ppl are being killed in the US especially and World wide.
BIG GEE (3 months ago)
The white house is the enemy of the people!!!
Meo Erhum (3 months ago)
Trump is useless, Magritte thrachter did the same with apartheid. Where is she today? Dead. where is apartheid today? Dead. There is nothing like white Africans. Africa is only for black people. The white people came to Africa to terrororize us, destroy our land, culutuur & tradition. They killed Africans because they want to steal. Apartheid is ended, they are lucky Nelson Mandela did not want revenge. It is time they leave quietly. It will be too bad for them if the want to stay & continue business as usual. If they are willing to give back everything they stole, apologise & live among blacks in the township, that is fine. Africans don't hate anybody, but we hate thieves, liars & killers.
Arberor (2 months ago)
@Meo Erhum White people in South Africa never stole anything the black built, the Dutch and English established their own cities schools buildings and factories Simply take a look at the architecture and cities of South Africa. 1• https://www.sahistory.org.za/sites/default/files/article_image/Johannesburg-c1910.jpg 2• https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c9/SA1899_pg268_Commissioner_Street%2C_Johannesburg.jpg/450px-SA1899_pg268_Commissioner_Street%2C_Johannesburg.jpg 3• https://www.westerncape.gov.za/sites/www.westerncape.gov.za/files/ptct_01-01-03-05_cape_town_c1884.jpg These are European style architecture not Zulu African architecture. This is Zulu architecture 👇 https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-cd92d923edbb9eca3d8b68df330d4f4c The oldest most well established and best universities such as •Stellenbosch University •university of Cape Town •University of the Witwatersrand were all established by white South African and are not only the oldest universities in South Africa but are the oldest continuously used universities in Africa In addition to that the South African Reserve Bank was established by white men and opened on June 1921, making it the oldest central bank in Africa. Blacks have benefited from all these institutions and infrastructure built by white men The problem with black people isn't that white land own farmers, as the agricultural sector of South Africa's economy makes up just 2.8% of the GDP, South Africa is the only country in the world to have affirmative action for the majority population (blacks).
Keegan (3 months ago)
Haha. Julius you're a puppy with no teeth in the big wide world. The South African people mean nothing to the rest of the world and the only reason you're around is because the bullshit talk sounds good to uneducated ears.
Terrence Abate (3 months ago)
Communist scum needs to get assassinated, low IQ fucks, apartheid was needed as these ppl are not capable of civility look at SA now its a third world shithole. Lol black genocide in the u.s. fuck this guy is dumb
Jayjay Jj (3 months ago)
eish iam just scared cause far as i know SA dont even have i army to stand againts any Africans so what if USA take us on we dont stand half a chance vew Nuclear then we gone just thinking Trump has one of the best Army in the wold
Azharoddin Shaik (3 months ago)
you said right donald trump is a
2nacheki (3 months ago)
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Yossi Cobersy (3 months ago)
I have an idea tell Donald trump how much you hate him by attacking the us embassy.
Alpha jalo (3 months ago)
respect and everything you say it's true am with you always 👍👏✊
박승현 (3 months ago)
He just acted like Donald Trump and people are supporting him just for being black and this man is a racist fucker that not only kills white but also other countries like Asian countries many Indians, Koreans, Vietnamese, Philippines, Thailand and Taiwanese people are dying in Africa not cause of diseases but cause the genocide Africans commited no race is perfect, this channel is just bullshit supporting not just white genocide but also genocide from other races, soon they gonna meet with their masters, Islam and what Africa gonna do? Just neil down to Islam kiss their feet and call them masters after killing every race keep your ignorant ways Africa don't ask for help to other countries is ironic how black people are causing black genocide not the white people most whites loves sucking long black dicks trust me even the white men hope all of you realize your mistakes and errors don't follow this military African dictator acting as a saint.
George Boakye (3 months ago)
Thank God for rising leaders like julius malema
Kingsley Izamosa (3 months ago)
Problem we black people have, we always feel inferior before white people. Let black people do the right thing at the right time for how long we're going to remain in these streets of white men
Mark Moses (3 months ago)
suicide kill white people u will fuck up TRUMP2020
Kabaka Mwanga (3 months ago)
People around the world should know this that once studedent president yoweri kaguta museveni is dead or gone all real ugandans are going to chase all foreigners and migrants hiding in uganda and afrika
Brian Elli (3 months ago)
This is exactly why Trump says “ Shit hole” countries. He wants to minimize the value so him and Russia can steal the resources and make it look like they are helping. These people aren’t stupid.

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