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HBO's Watchmen: What We Know So Far

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HBO's Watchmen: What We Know So Far Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/suggest Who watches the Watchmen? Very soon, the answer will be us! We're taking a look at everything we know about Damon Lindelof's upcoming Watchmen series for HBO. Check out these other great DC Comics videos: Top 10 Most Powerful DC Characters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYeYDk6f5gA Top 10 Greatest DC Comics Stories Ever Written: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLYhFhtBb7s Check out the voting page for this list and add your picks: https://www.watchmojo.com/suggest/Top+5+Worst+Spider-Man+Villains List Entries and Rank: 10: It’s a Brand New Story 9: It’s Created by Damon Lindelof 8: It’s Coming In 2019 7: HBO Initially Had Zack Snyder in Mind for the Series 6: Nicole Kassell is Directing the Pilot 5: The Cast 4: The Music 3, 2 & 1: ?? For more great content: http://watchmojo.com/ #Watchmen #HBO #DCComics Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Text Comments (896)
Codenamed Zombie (8 days ago)
They better not screw it up 😤
Nick Peterson (10 days ago)
idk why people think lindelof creating lost is a good thing...the show was intriguing for many seasons ONLY because we thought there was an actual answer to the mysteries and questions it was raising...but it turned out it was just creating mystery and questions without any reason whatsoever....OF COURSE you can make an intriguing show if you just keep creating more mystery, there has to be some sort of payoff though for it to actually be good writing.
Troy Simmons (13 days ago)
Change the name its already been taken.
Miss Telly (20 days ago)
Can anyone tell me what tf this show is about?? The most vague trailer ever...
MADDAWG MIKE (26 days ago)
People keep saying it’s not going to surpass the movie. Well it doesn’t have to surpass or come close to the movie to be good
Existential Nightmare (27 days ago)
Is it me or does this all seem like a show that's going to revolve around liberal garbage propaganda?
keeganshigh (29 days ago)
A new story? I'm not even gonna watch after hearing that.
John McAleer (1 month ago)
with endings that suck. Found out the dude that did Lost and The Leftovers and suddenly I have no interest. Sad.
Dead 209 (1 month ago)
No wonder there is this big emphasis on the sinister looking Rorschach boys with masks and crosses, Lindelof is Jewish.
The Pillowhead (1 month ago)
As long as it has something to do with super heroes, I'm interested.
Kiki Lang (1 month ago)
Oh, to bad. Lost sucked. The entire series was writers pretending they had an idea, and being pissed that their fans were smarter then they were. All writers are arrogant lazy snobs, who learn to spell, and type. Writers have contempt anyone with a good idea. They pride themselves on ignoring source material, and if they do understant anything, they work their damnedest to undo anything good from the source material. The brutalize other writers concepts, and offended if they are asked to just try to repect their own work. The Watchman show will be beyond horrible.
smashypeople (1 month ago)
Zack Snyder only did a good job on only watchmen nothing else
Henry Mattingly (1 month ago)
smashypeople 300
BlackDoveNYC (1 month ago)
Yes, casting is important however if it ain’t on the page it doesn’t matter how good any thing else is.
Scott Lee Clayton (1 month ago)
How have I only just heard about this?!!!
Hey It's Lily (1 month ago)
When there’s a lack of analysis videos so you have to settle for Watchmojo.
Cyber Punk (1 month ago)
Wtf watchmojo change your thumbnail, you're giving people who didnt know that Rorschach diaries are publicized so there are a cult being made.
Boba Fett (1 month ago)
@3:21 "wang twoo"?
MickVon6 (1 month ago)
Can't wait for this one.
Julian Timarchi (1 month ago)
A Original story set in the World of Watchmen = Shit
Evan V (1 month ago)
Watchmen is my favourite graphic novel. But seriously can’t they just stop making more of it. Alan Moore never wanted any of this and DC should really respect that. It’s HIS story.
Lamia Black (1 month ago)
Great cast
The movies is perfect
Aiden Frost (1 month ago)
I need a watchman taletell series
shadowrule2010 (1 month ago)
The cops are comedian
Tryfe life (1 month ago)
Not interested now
Evan Peters (1 month ago)
She tells the most basic facts. It's coming out in 2019. Oh really?
slinkydog247 (1 month ago)
sigh.... did scipt writers learn nothing from "the mist" t.v series, gotta stick to the strories folks thats why their popular
Jared Quinney (1 month ago)
Rosy Sangals (1 month ago)
I love ok but Tulsa does have a high crime (hideous crimes) and suicide rate...but I still love Tulsa.
Travis Cutler (1 month ago)
Great, so your going to end it with everyone in heaven...
RetroBuck (1 month ago)
In regards to the Tulsa setting: "The city is known for its crime?" Where did they pull that from?
eric echols (1 month ago)
The 2009 Watchmen movie, was one of a kind, fresh, unique, rare, & complexed, superhero/super-villian, story telling film, which we haven't seen the likes of, to this present day. Synder did an excellent job, on his outlook, screen play & direction, adapted from the Watchmen comic book series. I've been waiting 10 years, for part ll. I guess I'll be waiting, for many more years. The tv series, 🤔???
Lois Kent (1 month ago)
This sounds more like an ELSEWORLDS Watchmen than anything - I can't wait!
Mike Jones (1 month ago)
That watchmen video game was FANTASTIC
Who came here after watching the official trailer being released?
Keith Cabbagestalk (1 month ago)
Does anyone know if Zack Snyder is on board the project?
Spicybenji (1 month ago)
Bruh I’m an extra in an episode
Archimedes Patty (1 month ago)
Zach Snyder's Watchmen is fantastic, one of my favorite films.
Joe Momma (1 month ago)
I swear to god if they turn the Watchmen into a bunch of regressive liberal, SJW soyboys, I'm gonna be SO pissed.
Kirk Arnold (2 months ago)
Watchment being filmied in Macon Georgia today
thegiantpaperpanda (2 months ago)
HBO needs to get the FOH with this remake, especially with that terrible re-imagining of Roscharch's mask. Instead, they need to do a full-fledged reboot of Spawn. That would actually excite me. Also, Lindelof sucks.
Shakyel Arnold (2 months ago)
People are still going to find reasons to hate it no matter how good it is 💯
frootloop edibles (2 months ago)
BeFOre We bEGin, wE pUbLIsh NeW COnteNT EverYDaY
Don't Reply (2 months ago)
I'd be fine with a character who is inspired by Rorschach, but not an actual copy
Don't Reply (2 months ago)
I'm very glad they aren't making/redoing old material; it gives a new sense of wonder and excitement rather than a boring retell, as it's not just the fact I like Watchmen, but the world they were able to make. That's what I'll get out of the series, that gritty, yet cartoon-esque superheros like a 60s superhero show done right and fit for modern viewing. Well DC and CW doesn't have the rights to it so hopefully it will be good If Rorschach has a kid and he's the protagonist like one of those many cliche's, I'm going to give myself a lobotomy to have no recollection of what I learned here today.
Andrew Valle (2 months ago)
DEVICIVE MOVIE???? It is the best CBM movie ever made...god damn marvel cock suckers
Little Miss Dysthymia (2 months ago)
It's like setting a movie in the MCU but without any Marvel characters in it. At this point they're just slapping the label "Watchmen" on an OC fanfic as clickbait.
John Startop (2 months ago)
Malin Akerman and Matthew Goode's acting choices aside, the Watchmen movie gets the basic plot points while changing the alien squid to Ozymandias framing Doctor Manhattan. I hope the show makes no reference to the alien squid and keeps that plot point intact from the Zack Snyder film.
James Villa (2 months ago)
because lost was great until it came to finishing the script....what a disaster....
DangerDave (2 months ago)
I don't know about this one!
DJ LeKido (2 months ago)
You know if we had Justice League vs Watchmen DC would break the box office I mean imagine Superman vs DR Manhattan or Rorschach vs Batman geeeeeeeeeez
Ali Fareed M.C. (2 months ago)
One Word: Shit
Thechinaman (2 months ago)
Watchmen was Great, also has good ratings in Imdb 7.6/10 even if i think its one of the best Cmb’s ever made, only popcorn movie fans wouldn’t enjoy it because its dark and gritty
Stewart Foster (3 months ago)
Die hard fans this isn't for you this is to draw in a newer audience. Besides, why would you want to see a storyline you already know.🤷‍♂️
Vrerelious FellShadow (3 months ago)
It being on HBO at least means it won't have a bunch of virtue signaling SJW over the top feminist bull crap hopefully.I just want good clean mayhem and story telling.
LoLXD4118 (3 months ago)
Hate to say it but Watchman is not as famous as the DC (the other heroes; superman, batman etc.) and Marvel internationally
jas b (3 months ago)
Are they trying to get payback for what he did to batman or something?
Luis Medina (2 months ago)
Diffetent story New characters Modern era I already hate it, sounds like some little kids fanfiction, you don't make new characters and then paste the name watchmen on them. If it doesn't have the original characters, THEN DON'T CALL IT WATCHMEN, leave alan moore's amazing story alone you money craving douchebags
Steve Govea (3 months ago)
Doomsday Clock?
James brap (3 months ago)
the only good news is trent reznor
I don't think Alan Moore is going to like this.
EBK Wave (3 months ago)
Why can't HBO make the 100Bullets series already? Wtf are they waiting on, that will definitely be a massive success.. Tom Hardy has been pushing for it, and for good reason too. Why the Watchmen? Unless they're doing The Doomsday Clock.. I don't see the point.
M Doz (3 months ago)
i know how the end of the watchmen series will end, there all died at the beginning of the first episode
Sewer Kid (3 months ago)
Watchmen is my favorite movie I have to get damn HBO now.
R3load Pine (3 months ago)
They better not ruin my boy.
Goji Productions (3 months ago)
If only the original was more well known...
Justin Gray gray (3 months ago)
Alan Moore is foaming at the mouth with anger.
Reason to Rule All (3 months ago)
Ugh... why are they making this again? They're just going to stretch out the plot by making shit up to draw out more episodes.... what a waste of time. 8:25 Why does Rorschach look like the Punisher?
Bentony Bizzarinarienzer (3 months ago)
I hope that sandman and v for vendetta get a show as well I would like a swamp thing show too but I don’t see that happening since dc is making a show
Black Pill (3 months ago)
damon lindeloft is a moron who ruins everything he touches
Sarath Raj (3 months ago)
Man. I loved the novel. And I loved the movie. I hope this doesn't ruin it.
Captain Suspense (3 months ago)
I wish they made a Doomsday Clock movie.
Bolt (3 months ago)
Rorschach or we riot
Captain Righteous (3 months ago)
I'm lost on Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Warbound Cerberus (3 months ago)
Get your facts straight! Trent Reznor is still Nine Inch Nails! That's his band and he still goes on tour in Europe. So don't say former. Pay attention to music.
Bigga Boylips (3 months ago)
This has the potential to be either really good or really bad
Achinth Murali (3 months ago)
I’ll be honest. I’m not excited about watchmen 2019. It sounds like too much of a knock off, it makes focus is on Trump, Putin, and New Cold War, it’s gonna be very sjw, and the original characters are probably gonna be either changed dramatically from their original form or non existent.
almightytallestred (3 months ago)
Why make a _Watchmen_ series if you're not adapting the original story in some way? It's not like that there's a vast roster of amazing supporting characters in the Watchmen universe or an extensive background that is not somehow connected to the main story. I mean, you wouldn't take _V for Vendetta_ and not tell the main story, but tell a story set in the _V for Vendetta_ universe with new characters... or would you?
Eternaldarkness3166 (3 months ago)
This has a potential to be great or be a huge flop. I get that they want to make it as original as possible, probably for copyright reasons, but the only way shows like this work is if there's some mention of the original characters in it. I'm not jumping the gun or making assumptions of how this universe is going to work. But, I'd have made it where the new characters drew inspiration on the original ones. I find it hard to think that a series titled Watchmen won't have any of the groups previously mentioned in the film or comics notified in the series or recognized in it. Meaning, they know about Dr. Manhattan, and the events that followed, ect.. I also don't want this to be just another SJW show, or a show that shoves things like feminism or LGBT things down our throats. If it walks the line without it being too preachy than I am in. I am a fan of this series, so I can even get past the new characters, even if the old ones aren't mentioned, but it'd be nice if they got the respect they deserved and were at least mentioned in it. I mean Daredevil didn't really mention the Avengers, but there was enough mentioned to let us know. We'll see, I'm gonna be interested in seeing where this goes. Hopefully, this remains as dark as the movie was, since it's on HBO there's not a real restriction on how it can flow.
Alexandro Collings (3 months ago)
This will be awful
Tripp Vomit (3 months ago)
lets milk all the good shit for money.
aikighost (3 months ago)
Basically it being written by Damon Lindelof pretty much guarantees it will be pseudo intellectual posefest and have a really real terribel half assed non payoff. Not going to waste my time frankly.
Glacea21 (3 months ago)
I am quite sceptical. The 2009 adaptation was great and quite lot comic book accurate do we really need some other adaptation/take on watchmen? I mean the most appealing thing about watchmen is how realistic characters are and conflict of ideology between ozymandias and rorschach... If we are not getting that where is the point exactly? Why not better adapt something what wasn't adapted before?
bakterija48i (3 months ago)
You lost me at number 10....
The Dark Knight (3 months ago)
For some reason I hope it does not, but I think it's going to fall short and possibly bomb....
Raiden Strife (3 months ago)
Am glad its coming out on HBO an not on Netflix
Chris Cueva (3 months ago)
Shit trash. They shouldn't have done this. They should have done Astro City instead (Kurt Buisek would of probably played ball). I wish Hollywood and Warner Brothers would stop raping Moore's work. There's tons of creaters who would love to get their work picked up by HBO. I hope it fails hard.
Gloria Burgle (3 months ago)
God i hope it doesnt suck
woodmaj (3 months ago)
Have very high hope; especially coming from HBO, but it looks cheap... And the direction they're going SMH.
Ryan Boshell (3 months ago)
Alan Moore must be so pissed off.
Messiah ThomaZ (3 months ago)
The mask is horrible Smfh hbo has all that money and wants to be cheap on a little cgi Smfh
Mr. Jay (3 months ago)
what's up with fans bitching , moaning & complaining so much before tv series/movies come out ?! like damn when did fans start doing this shit ?' when i was growing up I never saw people talk shit or boycott something that HASNT EVEN CAME OUT YET ! i'm convinced y'all just need some ass or something cause y'all be angry for no reason lmao
Tommy Cipriani (3 months ago)
My most anticipated show of 2019.Absolutely loved Snyder's Watchmen film, can't wait for this new series.
YaBoiAkira (3 months ago)
they SHOULDN'T do anything else with Watchman! leave it at that. it was PERFECT.
Kenneth Keaton (3 months ago)
The only good thing is trent reznor and atticus ross on the score
BIlly Ray (3 months ago)
As all die hard fans of Watchmen I speak for everyone when I say....THIS IS GONNA SUCK!!!
pablo escavez (4 months ago)
This looks like it's gonna be kinda trash tbh
Kevin Burdeshaw (4 months ago)
Yeah, this is gonna suck.
felix rodrigues (4 months ago)
i mean why???? the movie was great, this looks like a travesty.............a slap in the face to the movie.
G123 (4 months ago)
Most anticipated show for me in years!!!

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