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How Do You Know If You Have 'Chemistry' With Someone?

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Betty Cooper (1 month ago)
Wat if he don't? But I do?
Something (2 months ago)
I´ve never felt such a strong chemistry with anyone but my ex. We hit it off from the second we started talking. I miss him, but it´s never going to be us again.
Antonio Wolfpack 1990 (17 days ago)
Something he imprinted you
brownpunk (3 months ago)
Damn..i feel this but with a married person..and so is my crush..damn..
PrincessSakuno (3 months ago)
Hmmm I feel at ease but I don't really completely feel fluttering or a zest for life. I'm still confused as to what this feeling is
Sophia Smith (4 months ago)
Just look at your class shcedule that's how I knew I had chem with someone. It works with lunch and physical education 2. 😆
Antonio Wolfpack 1990 (17 days ago)
Sophia Smith hella dumb ahaha
Urist McDerp (6 months ago)
Thank you for your concise but very helpful video! I was expecting to have to watch a number of 30 minute videos but now I don't have to!
Sigcino Ndlela (7 months ago)
Damn I've only felt this once, the one that got away....:'(
Cheaffs Death (7 months ago)
So today I had to get a reaction super bad so I was late to class today like 30 mins buttt it’s okay my teacher is super chill anyway. When I walked in class I made eye Cantact with my crush cus he basically sits near the door anyway so when I went to my table and settilning down he was legit starring at me and looking at me lots and that’s when I knew he feels the same way and I think he missss me ? Cus when u walk into class late yeah people r gonna look at u for like 10 secs but this man just kept it going 😂💕 gosh ::/( why can’t he just make a move /) (also just to add I wasn’t late to class unintentional I accidentally slept in 😂 I’m not that desperate)
Mattie Davis (7 months ago)
What if you have same vibes with this person n also all the signs of a twinflame? Could that be it. Our energies are sooo intense n powerful when we stare at each other or near each other. Its overwhelming at times. I feel he knows we are twins. He came to me right after one of my brothers passed away. I feel he knows I know too, but we work together. It's very ackward though. He always in my dreams n on my mind.
ThePsychonaut (7 months ago)
Thanks I needed to reassure myself. When I met this girl we both hit it off immediately and have since admitted we feel completely comfortable with the other. With different women i've always felt nervous but with her I feel like I can truly let my guard down and be comfortable. No need to hide and pretend to be someone else.
tooearlyforapril (7 months ago)
I knew I was going to see an attractive guy, my stomach felt upside down. The moment I shook hands with him, he awkwardly said hello and introduced himself, I smiled and shied away but I felt bashful yet safe and warm. Would that technically count? That and it seemed like at moments he was looking at me, I would glance back but nothing. Body facing me, I look again from a distance, nothing again. Might just be imagining something not there
Sylvia Brookes (1 year ago)
Very true but tell us something we don't know!!! 😍
Donna Just Being Real (1 year ago)
True. 🙂👍🌸
Tyler S (1 year ago)
can you tell if a girl like you if she starts showing​ you wired habits or. Things that she usually will not do around other guys?
Lina Wisam (1 year ago)
ii love the way you put you thoughts into words
B3G_ CRY (1 year ago)
Patricia Roslet (1 year ago)
Sometimes me & my boyfriend chemistry is terrible and we fight a lot. To find out why we are fighting so much, I read so many blogs & follow youtube channels that are related to relationships. Through these channels our problems resolved easily. I have follow one more blog http://www.zepeel.com/blogs/2016/8/12/how-to-know-if-theres-chemistry
Jesus Saves (1 year ago)
When you felt that chemistry with that person, but then that person vanished from you. 🤔
Grand Old Soul (1 year ago)
i been reading up on sexual energy, and who to choose wisely to sleep with and share inimate momments with. do you know if there are any signs that your guys energy match so you can create harmony with each other? rather than one's lifeforce being sucked away and feeling tired
Mikayla Williams (1 year ago)
That’s how I feel with this guy I like now , I just feel so peaceful around him , it feels so right...
lamfilipos (1 year ago)
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happy camper (1 year ago)
Very true, just had that exact experience
Red Stone (2 years ago)
So true. I was dating this guy a long time ago and I didn't like him. Our chemistry was terrible. I did not feel at ease and my God given voice kept telling me to leave him because he wasn't gonna make me happy. He was too different and did not match who I was. Ugh. It was dead and I needed to leave to live happy again. Then I met this one gentleman who is super nice and cool. We have good chemistry and he does all you talk about such as trying to make me smile and happy.
Margo (2 years ago)
Bullshit! Chemistry, feelings, bla-bla-bla. It's all sex, sex, sex, nothing more.
kiwibrown (1 year ago)
lol someone is quite lacking in life experience
amy c (2 years ago)
I love your videos! Thank you. What if your conversations over text message feel forced and boring but in person it's smooth sailing?
mille Renecca (2 years ago)
hii have some probs... but i dont understand
Xinzhu Liu (3 years ago)
So well explained!
Hailey Hager (3 years ago)
Can u do a video about how u feel chemistry and he stares at u but he doesn't smile or make a move
HermanHermes (3 years ago)
Man you have the BEST advice on youtube, you have a lot of knowledge. Why dont you post more videos? You should keep posting! :)
Victor Pavlov (1 year ago)
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Jovan Petkovic (1 year ago)
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Zac6230 (3 years ago)
God you're good. This talk was a question I could not answer this eloquently ever until now
Kyra Stubbs (3 years ago)
He almost refuses to touch me. He for sure cant look me in the eyes. What's going on? Oh...and he's one of the "hot and cold" guys.
Kyra Stubbs (3 years ago)
What if the chemistry is spiritual above physical and emotional? My crush tells me the energy is so intense that my presence is enough for him. I mean...we both feel the intensity. It makes things awkward.
baby cheecks (7 months ago)
U cant make love before marriage its unlawfull plz dont do sins later ul get in trouble.dont be single mom etc..its all haraam god told his laws this love is not real if he loves u hel marry u
True2U08 (7 months ago)
Kyra Stubbs So what's the update with you and him? if you don't mind me asking
Kyra Stubbs (3 years ago)
+MultiSamSami tbh...that's probably the ONLY thing I don't like about him. Everything else? 😆😆😆
MultiSamSami (3 years ago)
+Kyra Stubbs And you can accept that ? Do you like that part of him ?
Kyra Stubbs (3 years ago)
+MultiSamSami yes...he says "I have to fight you off. I feel like you're trying to put a spell on me." He can be very aloof at times.. not a man of many words. It's very difficult to read him. His vibes can be hot and cold.
Elizabeth RED (3 years ago)
Ahh, but if you feel the chemistry, could the other person feel it as well?
Antonio Wolfpack 1990 (17 days ago)
I would say yes. As long as the other person isn't holding back acting out
Beta (2 months ago)
Kc Magic girl (4 months ago)
Me too
Mattie Davis (7 months ago)
I wanna know too
3028547 (7 months ago)
Elizabeth RED this is the question I also need answered
oohlalapaola (4 years ago)
Video on chemistry or sexual attraction...compare two..
oohlalapaola (4 years ago)
Jaxflfreebird question video please
oohlalapaola (4 years ago)
I want to know too the answer to jax down below..
Marie Flower (4 years ago)
Yah i have the same question do you really have to have chemistry or feel it for the person to like em?
Marie Flower (4 years ago)
jaxflfreebird (4 years ago)
@DatingLogic I like a lady at work. I'm almost out of breath when I talk to her. I feel anxiety because I want her love and approval. She doesn't give me much back but she acts like she enjoys the attention but she doesn't do anything to be around me. I feel like the entertainment at times. I may be making her feel good but the interaction isn't very encouraging. She gives me signs that she's available and that she's a good woman but since I barely know her I don't quite know how to talk to her. So, somehow I need to get in her presence and around her more and short of a date, we just work with each other and I don't have many opportunities to run into her. 
Marie Flower (4 years ago)
hmmm i guest hehe
DatingLogic (4 years ago)
If your question is, "Do you have to have chemistry with someone for you to like that person?" No, you don't. In some cases, two people may like each other but may need a few interactions in order to get comfortable and allow the chemistry to unfold.
jojo (4 years ago)
Amazing...but how do you know if he is the same?
DatingLogic (4 years ago)
Watch some of the body language videos. This is a good one - How to Tell A Guy Likes You Through Body Language
Jocelyne Love (4 years ago)
What about someone that tells you he wants to have sex with you first before dating you cuz sex is really important to him. Does he only wants to have sex?
kiwibrown (1 year ago)
sex before marriage can really be harmful... I don't know if you're a Christ follower but His principles are really the best way to have a peaceful, fulfilling life, and that includes those about dating! please tread carefully
Jocelyne Love (4 years ago)
Thank you So Much For Replying. ! I really appreciatte it ! I love ur videos.! :)
DatingLogic (4 years ago)
Not necessarily. He wants sexual compatibility. He wants to be certain that you have the same amount of sexual drive/appetite that he has. He can't function in a relationship without this kind of sexual chemistry. If you were to delve deeper into his past relationships, you will probably notice that he has had some highly sexual relationships with past girlfriends. The caveat here though is that those past girlfriends may now be exes because they either ran out of sexual drive or he simply got bored. This one is a slippery slope. You should tread with caution.
Jocelyne Love (4 years ago)
What about someone that tells you he wants to have sex with you first before dating you cuz sex is really important to him. Does he only wants to have sex?
Morven Todd (4 years ago)
How do i know if they feel it if its in a work area and we have to be professional and they are older than you
Morven Todd (4 years ago)
+DatingSitesOnline thank you
DatingLogic (4 years ago)
Not necessarily. However, if they tease and touch you in some way from time to time as they do it, that could be a sign of interest.
Morven Todd (4 years ago)
@DatingSitesOnline :D thank you would you say them telling you things about themself and teasing (not in a mean way) is a sign?
DatingLogic (4 years ago)
You just have to know how to pick up on the subtle flirts/hints. It could be a kind unexpected gesture such as bringing you coffee/a snack combined with a lingering smile or even a subtle compliment. The early signs of the possibility of true chemistry begin to materialize when you notice that the both of you can't be in the same vicinity without trying to steal a look at each other. Being older may mean that they are more subtle in the way they go about showing interest so that it is harder for you to catch it, but the dynamics of chemistry remains the same regardless of an age gap.
KINGALBERTASH (4 years ago)
Won't stop searching
DatingLogic (4 years ago)
Great attitude.
glory2God (5 years ago)
Do you have to have chemistry with someone to like them? 
DatingLogic (5 years ago)
No, you don't. Some people like someone and chemistry happens afterward.
Bob Pringle (5 years ago)
Does the feeling count with ponies? 
Reshme (5 years ago)

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