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Harry Styles Comes To The Rescue Of A Fallen One Direction Fan

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Harry Styles comes to the aid of a fallen young lady as he is surrounded by fans while out shopping in Soho.
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Text Comments (2015)
Apurva Ev's Holland (6 months ago)
He is so sweet
Panic at the Potato (6 months ago)
I just got one question..... Who's Jack¿
Officially with H.S (4 months ago)
Megan( the girl who fall's) friend he was the boy with black beanie and grey sweater....the boy at 0:11 to 0:13.....
Breanna Crady (7 months ago)
This is why I love him
Sexy Love (10 months ago)
I love the pap that said 'Harry Styles is the best' , you can get nice shots, just be lovely. xx
Kaelah Hales (1 year ago)
he could’ve quite easily just kept walking and taken no notice but it’s so nice of him that he stayed with her and gave her a hug
Who the fuck is jack
Akum Walling (1 year ago)
Jb sucksssss I'm saying not because he is famous but we all know how he treat his fans Harry styles is the best
Iwona Filipowska (1 year ago)
When pop star asks if everything ok and regular people are only taking photos...
Finn Finn (2 years ago)
jack is soooooo dumb harry was literary besides him and he forgot to take a fucking picture 😂
Diamond Nebula (2 years ago)
1:30 I love how everyone starts yelling/having a debate and defending the girl "THAT'S THE REASON WHY SHE FELL!!! YOU GUYS ARE PUSHING"Crowd goes **YEEAAAH!!!** 😭😂
Kylie _11 (2 years ago)
The paps are jackasses
Farah Khan (2 years ago)
came here because of thatsojack and his friend (lol when he stalked harry) and aslo becuase i love Harry Styles
ellaa_graceee (2 years ago)
Can anyone see thatsojack And the girl that falls is his friend.
McKenna Blaine (2 years ago)
Who came here from thatsojack??
mckenna johnson (2 years ago)
Kaya Styles (2 years ago)
I know who the fallen girl and friend of her was
Twilight Moon (2 years ago)
I'm here from searching 'band members comfort fans.'
Miri FLC (2 years ago)
Omg that's so jack
Reina Arana (2 years ago)
Omfg poor girl JB fans and one direction fans are crazy seriously
Rachel Anderson (2 years ago)
Now I have severe anxiety. So I get panic attacks fairly often. And I know for a fact that when people surround me like that while I'm having one it would just freak me out more. I'm sorry but these people need to learn how to deal with someone having trouble breathing like NOT SHOVING CAMERAS IN HER FACE AND NOT CIRCLING HER ON ALL SIDES
Forever23 Rooker (2 years ago)
Rachel Anderson i have anxiety to but I would fucking love it if it was harry
iemilil (2 years ago)
That's so jack!!
jungkook's tiddies (2 years ago)
she was acting like such a bitch. I'm just like, chill, HARRY FUCKING STYLES IS HOLDING YOU!
Don't Reply (2 years ago)
I hope she didn't do that for attention, because he was being so sweet. I swear other celebs would have been gone already.
jiminskoolaid (2 years ago)
Don't Reply no she didn't, she really got hurt and twisted her ankle
Lauren Clapp (2 years ago)
He is so sweet! That's why I love him and the boys
Sofi Mogren (2 years ago)
Sniper Lyfe (2 years ago)
PytCorinee .! (2 years ago)
jena (2 years ago)
fonce. dangereux (2 years ago)
It's ThatsSoJack!!
I love Cuco A lot (2 years ago)
That's him
fiona lukery (2 years ago)
i know yall saw jack call meghans name like watch his video
helloXmiles (2 years ago)
That was Thatsojack's friend Megan
zara larsson (2 years ago)
I re-watched this video to see jack more closely.
Myann Jones (2 years ago)
Harry literally grabbed Jack and let him in
Kendra Sierra Xx (2 years ago)
jack saying Megan Megan breathe was the cutest thing ever
Caroline (2 years ago)
libby craiu (2 years ago)
Lol Jack 😂❤️
wango (2 years ago)
fucking lucky Megan...
wango (2 years ago)
+thassojack now I know the whooole history lol
Laura Manjarrez Ruiz (2 years ago)
He's an absolute sweetheart, I wish I could meet him😍
Liz Sepulveda (2 years ago)
Lps Roblox Loves (3 years ago)
Stupid Fans who are stepping on her I want to kill them
Lps Roblox Loves (3 years ago)
heidi sartorius (3 years ago)
u can hear jack
wango (3 years ago)
Kardashians need to learn from Harry's attitude to each others, he's so cute n friendly!! Love him.
Trinity Criswell (3 years ago)
julie torres (3 years ago)
Jack :)
Blurrybaby (3 years ago)
I love the fact that the paparazzi are chanting HARRY HARRY HARRY HARRY
Alyssa MacMillan (3 years ago)
Vixie Merryman (3 years ago)
Why so pushy :/ like she was getting STEPPED ON like bruh not cool. At all.
Khristen Ordonez (3 years ago)
This stupid camera man is moving alot STOP MOVING THE CAMERA YOU IDIOT
Britney Castro (3 years ago)
I never liked Harry but................................................AWWWWW SOO THOUGHTFUL
Nicolas (3 years ago)
I'll never understand paparazzis ...
Raphaela Inez (3 years ago)
hmmm that will be my tricks to get a photo with harry. *lol what am i thinking btw he's so sweeeetttt i can't handle this feeling! he's just so cuteeee :')
; emma (3 years ago)
lol thats thatsojack's friend
Aww so sweet
adelaide Mikaels (3 years ago)
What a sweetheart
adelaide Mikaels (3 years ago)
❤️😘💋😍 love lots Harry
Katie Decimelli (3 years ago)
It was thatsojack and his friends
The Teenage Mutant (3 years ago)
harry is soo sweet most of the celebs r really rude but harry is one of a kind it was so sweet of u harry
GABY !!! (3 years ago)
so sweet harry ps u cant even see his face
Chaya Defilippo-Fry (3 years ago)
chloe kelleher (3 years ago)
my Harry is so sweet for helping that girl up and got to hug him
My Life As Mari (3 years ago)
the guy in a gray sweater with a black beanie is a youtuber, his channel is thatsojack
Juliette Scott (3 years ago)
that is so sad right
MyEveryDayLife (3 years ago)
Paparazzi is so f**king stupid. It should be illegal because of ppl getting hurt
Nafisa Najmi (3 years ago)
duhhhhhh he's a cutieeeeee
sophia s (3 years ago)
How can anyone hate an angel like Harry! He is such a sweetheart!!
im not trash u are. (3 years ago)
Jen Benedix (3 years ago)
He is a sweete pie
Abby Williamson (3 years ago)
Ryanna Slone (3 years ago)
that was so sweet!!!!! 😍
Sadie Annette (3 years ago)
i think he was just doing what everyone in there right mind would do i mean to help a fan is literly what most people do every day i mean all around the world people do that and i understand thats abnormal to most popstars but the fact still remains this is something that happens every day and just beacuse a popstar did this does not change my porspective i know that this is something i will get hate about but comments are opinoins and this is just that.
Sadie Annette (3 years ago)
+Sadie Keys i am not affected by what people call "cute"
Izza kakouche (3 years ago)
Harry is awesome
Amelie Clark (3 years ago)
0:57 Jack says Megan megan...... Just wanted something to commet......:)
abbykdabby (3 years ago)
How nice of Harry
Chelsie Attardi (3 years ago)
The kid in the black beanie is thatsojack
nice to see the dude pull back to hel the lil girl.. bigs up HS
Non of your business (3 years ago)
sweet harry
Rylee Stokes (3 years ago)
here because of jack tbh
christina eade (3 years ago)
Did anyone know that the girl that fell was jack from Thatssojack and jack was on there. He made a video about it
Jazmin Page (3 years ago)
very sweet
shi dude (3 years ago)
I SEE THATS SO JACK @thatssojack
Meg Higginson (3 years ago)
only here for jack haha
hailey sommers (3 years ago)
Omfg did anyone else see that's so jack and come here from his video
Khadija B. (3 years ago)
I came here cause of thatsojack
Megan Gorman (3 years ago)
oohh, so sweet of him!! :D
EnzoTheActivist (3 years ago)
Just a British dude with long hair, if it wasn't for the fame he would be a nobody
TheatreGeek Jr. (3 years ago)
he'd still be hot and he'd still get all the girls. and he would still be respectful. you can't deny it was sweet.
Kelli Marcott (3 years ago)
good job😊
Steven Angelini (3 years ago)
She's under ground😂
Steven Angelini (3 years ago)
She kinda started to fake but I still feel bad
reanna mcfarlane (3 years ago)
he is a sweetheart I live home soooooooooooooooo much he's soooooooooooooooo cute and hot
ILOVESEUNGSIK (3 years ago)
Jack is literally me 😂
Zayla Purifoy (3 years ago)
Harry is so kind and sweet
Gracie And Bobby Tube (3 years ago)
Harry i hate you
Jenny-Lee Appleton (3 years ago)
Aww lovely lad
Emma Guzman (3 years ago)
The people in the video said that is the resin she fell do they even know that they were stepping on her
Samara Brown (3 years ago)
yes it was Sweet
olongapog Remix (3 years ago)
Of course he did it cause he would look bad to the public eye if he didn't.
elise xox (3 years ago)
actualy this was a youtuber called +thatssojack s friend she twisted her ankle
Olivia G. (3 years ago)
Natalie Mcluckie (3 years ago)
i think i heard her yell "RHONNIE GET OFF OF ME"
hello natalie (3 years ago)
he so cute and so sweet

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