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Prof Lumumba Reacts to Libya Slave Trade in Brutally Honest Speech

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#africanspeech #speech Welcome to the Great African Leadership Series where we feature great, inspirational Speech Renowned Kenyan lawyer and academic Prof. P.L.O Lumumba Speaking at the Pan African Humanitarian Summit and Awards Subscribe for more videos -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Thanks for watching 2nacheki the best #Africa channel on Youtube for Africans to get the latest #africanews #africadance #africanmusic #africalist #africapolitics #africaentertainment & everything #African Support #2nacheki here PayPal: http://bit.ly/help2nacheki Patreon: http://bit.ly/support2nacheki Email us [email protected] for ads partnership, collabos & sponsorship -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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RobertsDigital (7 days ago)
Good speech but the African leaders are still lazy......most of them. Those lazy corrupt leaders who have zero plans to transform their individual countries into first world industrialized African nations. African people should stop voting for leaders who talk and do nothing but leaders who are capable of transforming their countries into first world countries
david lord (14 days ago)
Blacks should think critically about lumumba's teachings, he's always preaching the Christianity to the people and we all know it's not our way of life. The whites first came in the name of Christianity and ended up colonizing the people so lumumba is demon....think about it. Culture is power for Africans
Gift Egbe (18 days ago)
Good morrie Africa all Africa should be Wash was your country man's a roadblock a check ports a tight check ports CU is calling in-and-out of Africa what about by the by Flickr you up 9 Judy at KL let me be out this young to manage through Chuck words watch will you take aim and said your country the legal put him in prison
Nathaniel Deckard (1 month ago)
The slavery now also exists in Africa -- to paraphrase the words of CIC Juju-- is because the African Union has to grow some teeth that can bite and hold transgressors.
papachunks1995 (1 month ago)
Fuck gahndi racist hypocrite
let rat (1 month ago)
I Watch in 1.25x speed
2nacheki (1 month ago)
Abdirashid Hussein (1 month ago)
We think national security is priority in Africa other's world. Stop a African people self hate one Another.Most world people don't understand new chapters good and bad everywhere in the world.Respect everyone.No sir we don't seem to be learning from the past corruption systems in Ethopian,Kenya other's African,America,European,China other's world government and State's of Somalia leader's think horrible ideas to many flags rebells,tribals Muslim Altahad,Raskanboni,Xisbu lslam,Alshabab,Damaljadid,ONF political terrorist's other's world,it was working for us,it will never be work for us they are lyingg all political terrorist's 400 years nothing changed. He do not understanding what he is fighting an insecurity,injustic,alack of opportunity recognize no one fix but we will fix it. It is a human problems everywhere in the America other's world. Most. people don't understand * No good some African people,American people,Middle East people and some Law enforcement,Turkey people,European people,China people and some others world people on both sides* this time no time to hate? Same people you call your base. Only new generation like me have learned from history I am a African personality and l am a American citizen personal responsibility and l am keeping focused solution's they old people arent taught history so they make the same mistakes over,over and cycle,cycle worse again. Well organized who is making money for war corupprions business second slavery new colonialism protester's political dangerous,some white hate crime political demestic terrorist's some white,black supremacists terrorist's demestic terrorist's, Muslim Altahad,Rasksnboni,damaljadiid,Xisbu lslam,ONF,Alshabab,boka haram,ISIS brotherhoods organization's terrorist's no different unacceptable. We are not a fraid to our term to save lives. Stop a different actor's names terrorist's everywhere in the America other's world never end?.Yeah, some America people never learn from our past mass shootings. Some America people,African people other's world ever do anything about guns. I hold YOU responsible stop a Africans,Middle East,America other's world people self hate one Another. Do you think your encouragement of political dangerous some white,black supremacists,Mexican MS 13 gangs,blue live matter demestic terrorist's political protester's terrorist's violence has no consequences??? Maybe we should pass some sensible gun laws to keep guns out of the hands of some white,black, Mexican MS 13 gangs 3 demestic protester's political terrorist's people who are not mentally blame everyone a lack of respect,a dignity.Some America people others world have too many politicians protester's terrorist's inciting violence, Trump did not and dosen't tell people to get in their faces or kick them when they go low.l will fix it,l am practicing Both fear nothing .Both side's some America people other's world have had politicians call for violence on our President and his children. Hollywood calls out for violence on a regular. When Politicians are held accountable for inciting violence domestic protesters terrorist's and encourage people to stop it, then will slow down. Our Nation is fighting a spiritual insecurity,injustice, alack of opportunity recognize no one fix but we will fix it American people to reunited we need to pray for our nation and politicians, Colledge professors need to keep their personal opinions to themselves. We have each one teacher one,l am teaching you everyone no time to hate our all America people stop a hate because Hillary lost the election.Some Democratic,Republican Party is communist,second slavery trade business protester's political dangerous demistic terrorist's now. Trump didn't create the hate nothing new, he exposed it.Yes VOTE RED you are right African people,America people innocent people. Stop a African people,America people other's world people self hate one Another. Women's,kid's good smart and seek safe and economic freedom, political freedom,freedom of speech.No time to hate world people.We are practicing truth fear nothing,l was voting for President Trump 2016,I will be vote for President Trump 2020.Celebrities that are complaining about our president they are all washed up They are disgusting. The social media ant America,ant-African people,ant President Trump,ant-African leader's,ant Muslim suni sufi country,ant Republican,ant Christians,ant Jewish have been stoking the flames of some Democratic political violence protester's political dangerous and gangs both side's demestic terrorist's some Democratic,Republican both side's ever nothing new President Trump took office before President Trump 2011 protester's political demestic terrorist's everywhere in the Middle East,African,America other's world people self hate one Another. No time to hate women's,men's,black, white,Mexican Democratic,Republican party's,other's world people we are different diversity America people,African people,different political respect everywhere in the world people and everyone respect each others,love each other.They are truly the enemy demestic terrorist's,political dangerous no place in U.S,Africa,Middle East other's world of we the world people one,we are one family,we are one global citizens. NO DEMOCRATIC PROBLEM, NO REPUBLICAN PROBLEM NO BLACK PROBLEM NO ASIA PROBLEM NO WHITE PROBLEM NO MEXICAN PROBLEM NO WORLD PEOPLE PROBLEM, NO MUSLIM PROBLEM IT IS HUMAN PROBLEM EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD UNACCEPTABLE2018. https://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2018/07/05/rap-sheet-acts-of-media-approved-protesters political terrorist's violence-and-harassment me,discrimination me work place, hight profile target traffic teget -against-trump support or other's America people,African people are suffering so long time unacceptable black people die 2.1 million each year's well organized who is making money for war political dangerous protester's domestic terrorist's --unacceptable2018.Wow--. Figured this is how it would play out -bomber innecent people in U.S some white terrorist's political dangerous in the America other's world nothing new(not rigged to explode) in van decorated with pictures of President Trump, even the Seal of the President on wall of van. Bet there is even a Facebook page lie acounterorist,second slave,terrorist in Libiya,Egypt and other's world since 2011-2018 ready and waitin stop a world people self hate one Another. Yep, word is he is a Trump supporter. You just knew it would come down to this, right? But we know that no real Trump supporter of political agendas both side's would do this two weeks before the mid-terms or ever. Someone was set up to "look like" a Trump supporter blame everyone,no Trump supporter problem and being paid well organized who is making money for war protester's political dangerous demistic terrorist's investigation's is going on never stop never give up,never quite investigation's everywhere in the America other's world found truth fear nothing and we don't care who destroyed tell truth it is hurt both side's some Democratic,Republican protester's political terrorist's everywhere in the America other's world their agenda some American people,African people other's world people black,white,Muslim suni sufi victimized different way unacceptable2018 and enabled by the swamp. Now they have 2 weeks to crucify Trump even though not a word about Bernie Sanders when his real supporter shot at a field of Republican senators while practicing baseball unacceptable well organized assassination innocent good white,black people everywhere in the America other's world politician's dangerous demistic terrorist's nothing new and came VERY close to killing Steve Scalise innocent people target all time. Don't be diverted -- VOTED international law and human rights hide,run,fights save lives. We are practicing truth fear nothing. Good for you and thank you for trying and giving him some food for thought. I also know haters that simply repeat what CNN and MSNBC tells them. They are just blind haters and it's very difficult to make them see anything positive about our president.I ran into a black truck driver today who was saying he wished that an American president, not likely to happen in his lifetime, would put American citizens first. I told him that that is what president Trump was trying to do right now. His response was "Trump's an asshole". He said that Trump is alienating people he has to work with. I told him that president Trump works with everyone unless they prove they will not work with him. Then he treats them like the adversaries they are. He said when Obama was president that Repulucans blocked his agenda. I asked him how Obama was allowed to double the national debt. I also told him that congress can block a president by not allowing money to be spent. That NEVER happened. He went into the Kavanaugh battle. He said he believed something happened to that woman, and how could we put someone on the court who would be subject to later criminal charges. I brought up the difference between hearsay and evidence. Without any evidence we should assume Kavanaugh is innocent. I believe I gave him some facts, opinions, and knowledge that he was previously not given. I hope he has a long, safe, and thoughtful drive ahead of him.
Kay Gigny (1 month ago)
Why is Asians there? Their shouldn't be there modern day slavery modern day slavery is down to racist Arab stop excusing... Africa for Africans Asia for Asians Black people are not welcome in Asia we are too tolerant to these that hate us...
Thetruth Yes (1 month ago)
there is no Chinese here just blacks and arabs here
Akbarrel Yeshua (1 month ago)
http://tunein.com/radio/24-7-Motown-s191799/ http://tunein.com/radio/Disco-Fever-s250013/ http://www.iheart.com/live/slow-jams-4719/ https://www.iheart.com/artist/bob-marley-1044/ https://tunein.com/radio/Wu-Tang-Radio-%28Wu-World-Radio%29-s133913
Esther A. Fofie (1 month ago)
Nice Outfit Prof.
2nacheki (1 month ago)
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Kariuki Kiragu (2 months ago)
This is very annoying. In the book, actually a plan, he published in 1960 “Black Africa: The Economic And Cultural Basis For A Federated State” Cheick Anta Diop advises that only a united and federated African state with a single official, educational, and cultural African language will be able to overcome underdevelopment. The book studies Africa's cultural, historic and geographic unity guarded by a proficient continental army and has a strategy for energy development and industrialization. A culturally, politically and economically federated and unified Africa is a world power. It is a small, 74-page book which can be easily understood by third year secondary school students. Africa will go far if we: .1 Add it to the secondary school curricula throughout Africa .2 Make it mandatory reading for civil servants, business people and politicians. This is easy to do: Students who don’t know it simply fail their exams, job seekers in the civil service who know nothing of it are not employed, current civil servants ignorant of it within a year are sacked, business people who don’t know it are not licenced and politicians ignorant of it are not elected. Bibles, typically 1228 pages or 17 times bigger than diop’s book are found in plenty in classrooms, hotel rooms and homes, so distribution should not be a problem.
Jemil (2 months ago)
One Africa will never happen in our lifetime. Why? Because our leaders are cowards, they are corrupt, they don’t care about us, they are sellouts, they sold out people our resources, and dignity for money. And the most important point is because the world is afraid too see us united as one. They know the power we hold. I pray one day we unite as one and show the world who the real kings and queens are. I pray for Africa. And I’m ethiopian. One love my Africans.
acajudi100 (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/wrohW9lhhI8 https://youtu.be/wK48RrduMrw https://youtu.be/qo-V7UBETGQ https://youtu.be/jh85j5FmpII https://youtu.be/3TpkEaJlwKo https://youtu.be/kr9EORvaOjw https://youtu.be/nrYf97_IUrE https://youtu.be/OF6vzs5PWE0 https://youtu.be/h252XDghwJw https://youtu.be/A2IcAQ84q6k
Mark Howard (2 months ago)
I respect no people not in control of their own destiny NOR DOES ANYONE ELSE Expecting the average individual to think rationally is an irrational expectation PEOPLE ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS THE GENES IN THEM = ADOLF HITLER NO RESPECT HERE EITHER YOUR ALL RETARDED QUEERS
el scientifico (2 months ago)
When Prof Lumumba refers to So. Korea and Vietnam, he fails to recognize the wests economic and corporate interests in those countries. Vietnam has become another manufacturing hub for western markets and with this comes the wage slavery, the stripping of peoples rights, the enviormental damage, the trashing and erasure of culture. So. Koreans are long suited to westernization but they have also become slaves to the western lifestyles that have brought ruin to the world.
2nacheki (2 months ago)
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EE RR (2 months ago)
We cant be united lets be atleast thebest for our countries we belong! Ofcourse its not a best idea to unite as one country but lets value ourselves as put foreigners and coloured people ahead of indegenous shame! In nigeria for example a white man jumps the que everywhere shame shame shame and slavery mentality and this is worse on airport ques!!!
Mohamed Sankha (3 months ago)
I do believe those who are calling them selfs president of Africa are truly representatives of the westerners
19 00 (3 months ago)
Africa doesn't even control its economies. West Africa is still being colonized by the racist Lebanese who oppress the local black Africans. Africans don't even know how bad the Lebanese problem is.
rosewater (3 months ago)
Really out of the blue lol
rosewater (3 months ago)
Never heard of this before? Lebanese? Do you have any sources?
LORANCE MASHILO (3 months ago)
Col Qaddafi had an Idea of unifying Africa, stood up against west imperialist and neo-colonialism. let the idea of United State of Africa continue to be our daily topic. United we can protect our Natural Resources and develop our beautiful continent. Prof Lamumba is the future President of United Africa.
Nweze Ikenna David (3 months ago)
A great African leader
Relaxation Station (3 months ago)
Whether they be medical students, physicians, professors, investors or taxi drivers  geographically there is terrorism and drug epidemics wherever there are huge influxes of Indians & Pakistanis who invariably control all people of Indian Subcontinental and Middle Eastern descent. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DD6J49S/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb
Relaxation Station (3 months ago)
It's completely true and it is all being run from The Asian Sub-continent nations of India and Pakistan who are the 1% who are controlling the hyper-industrialized world all over the world this is why there is believed to be no future and no human progress without H1B Genius Visa Immigrants from these countries and exactly the same has been true for as long as there has been hyper- (indus) trialization... Anywhere that there is hyper-industrialization, drug epidemics and terrorism there are also huge influxes of Indians and Pakistanis covertly managing them and this very common global pattern that has very precisely existed everywhere on earth from Nazi and Neo-nazi Germany to The Opium Dens of Imperial China to The Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll Hippy Movement and present Narcotic and Prescription Opioid Epidemic of North America to the modern day highly influential Guptas of South Africa, Boko Haram of Nigeria and neighboring Kenya and The Indian and Pakistani Invasion and requested re-invasion of Uganda, Indians and Pakistanis are the totally unsuspecting 1% who are on-site managing these global scourges. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DD6J49S/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb
osei boffa (3 months ago)
True talk, perfect for this time .It is what the Africans really need
Abiye Worku (3 months ago)
Yes, our Black people problems have been sufficiently analyzed. This is not checking time to know our problems. It is time to solve it. That is one and main managing ourselves. In order, we need to apply modern science with ethics. How to solve problems that what make gabs among us. Black and slave disable man from Nevada USA
Juan Isaac (3 months ago)
Everyone talks about the problems facing the continent of Africa, but Africans all over the world! Unite as one, build , plant and grow! We have the numbers on our side!
2nacheki (3 months ago)
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nat turner (3 months ago)
israel will help you fight the muther fukers.
nat turner (3 months ago)
those racist arabs hate you and have no respect for you
M Africa (3 months ago)
Unfortunately this man loves Africa more than Africa loves itself
MWENGO II (3 months ago)
Which university do people like him attend?
mraka colimtd (4 months ago)
True talk but will we listen? In my country Ivory Coast we respect the french and insult our Burkinabe brothers.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
And that's our biggest problem. We do not know brotherhood
gracious chirambo (4 months ago)
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Christian Cole (4 months ago)
sign this petition https://www.change.org/p/iom-no-more-people-for-sale-in-libya-migrants-are-sold-and-used-as-slaves?recruiter=756885898&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_abi..
Christian Cole (4 months ago)
sign this petition https://www.change.org/p/united-nations-stop-modern-slavery-4e418fb6-d504-4f6f-8ed8-e5525bb36f2d?recruiter=756885898&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_abi.
Christian Cole (4 months ago)
sign this petition https://www.change.org/p/iom-no-more-people-for-sale-in-libya-migrants-are-sold-and-used-as-slaves?recruiter=756885898&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_abi..
Vincent M. (4 months ago)
The fall of Qaddafi should be a lessons to every African that none is safe and immune as long as we remain cocooned into our tiny borders given unto us by our colonizers coz that's how they wanted it!!! The time we will have true United States of Africa united for a common purpose of success and prosperity for its sons and daughters, that's the time Africa will be at the Dining table as a dinner and not as part of the menu
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Time Is Over (4 months ago)
STOP talking about “peace” you should be ready for war against Arabs and Muslim Africans. It’s either kill or be killed it’s that simple.
Claire Claire (4 months ago)
Prof Lumumba must be protected.
Claire Claire (4 months ago)
Preach FATHER, preach!
mimo sandro (4 months ago)
Everyone who write the comment is from Africa but different nation but we want to unite Africa and develop Africa....but why leaders didn’t work anything to make their nation great and make Africa 1 st world 🌍
Mwenya (5 months ago)
The road to peace and freedom is hard, so hard ask Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi to mention just a few. We must not allow discomfort or the differences between African cultures to be the deterrent of uniting this good continent into a great country instead let's use our similarities together with our unique strengths to make our own destiny and dwell in the power and greatness that lies within, we will bring the world to stand at Attention. I see that day in my life time. Today, it feels good to be an African. Africa is for any and all that embrace it. Africa is not a race nor skin colour but rather UBUNTU a mindset, a way of thinking. Africa is Love, God resides in Africa.
heinz stalder (5 months ago)
Vitnam? Amerika create falsflag for beginn the War.
2nacheki (5 months ago)
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A O (5 months ago)
South Koreans were liberated under their leader the u.s.a
Roccity New york (5 months ago)
United States of Africa.
Oenomaus (5 months ago)
Let go of the past and move to the future.
SupaBaba di ultimate (5 months ago)
Africa will always be at war , Africa will always have poverty, pain and sorrow , because Africa won't learn to unite it's ppl as one !! Too much different leaders , presidency and culture..... Unite every African as one and we will be a force to recon with.... We have everything to make Africa the greatest and the richest place on Earth.... One Africa , one leader, one nation , one people , one unity .
2nacheki (5 months ago)
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Me Alone (5 months ago)
How I wish these types of people would be in power. So much wisdom with brains, but unfortunately
2nacheki (5 months ago)
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tesfaye yared (6 months ago)
this is the new shit that make my people(ethiopian)just little bit calm down from run away to the land of dead europe mad ting.
2nacheki (6 months ago)
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Julian Bacchus (6 months ago)
Somewhat I quest his analytical ability. He praises S. Korea and Vietnam for their efforts of growth and sustainability. In comparison during the Era of independence, the I agreed a lot of African nations received it around the same time however Africa regressed economically. European see to it such through corrupt leaders and government. Their resources were being paid for with the pennies where people were living on way less than $1 a day. One will argue well they are educated and should know better. The colonial/neo colonial type education isn't design for them to think. It's nothing but a hoax. My point for example-- on the aforementioned comparison-- the launched iPhone 7 or 8 cost almost $1000 however the laborers systemically lives on less than $1 a day translated into abject poverty. "peace" the mantra of Ghandi. A brilliant outcast of their cast system only recognize as a double edge sword by the people he represented. He decietfullly preached peace amongst the lower cast instead of fight, fighting the agents of the neocolonist that sort to maintain the impoverished
2nacheki (6 months ago)
Thank you for your comment
Mo Weems (6 months ago)
modern day slavery in Libya. If Khadafy were alive, do you think this would be going on?
Glinkling Smearnops (5 months ago)
Nope. He was the dam against the Africa plague waters. But now, unchecked, the flow across the Middle Sea, bringing disease and death with them.
Ralph P. (6 months ago)
The problem is that most of the people in the West are kept in the dark by the media, only feeding a one sided picture, minimizing the plight of the Libyan people. There is even a documentary on Qaddafi reporting his excesses. Most of the people want peace and prosperity for all and don't want disenfranchise Africa. The problem is the greedy puppet masters that are muddling the narrative. By the way, stop persecuting and killing Whites in South Africa and Zimbabwe.
They learned well from their Arab teachers! by the way, Get rid of those Arabs country's such as, Algeria. Morocco, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, until then “no justice, no peace.”
Kariuki Dennis (6 months ago)
The only way forward is a united states of Africa. This is the only way we will defeat empirialism.
Bruce Jones (6 months ago)
So many Africans lost their countries, their families and their lives because of Marxism. It is very inspiring to see people like Professor Lumumba talk with hope about the future.
rootsmasterade (6 months ago)
what about the people of the Windrush era and forefathers and their descendants?
ettekamba6969 (6 months ago)
Is bcos African allows European demons to dine within them.and also we are too selfish and greedy allowing spy's to run rampant in the African soil in all forms of gust and deception.Africans are still at war with the European.not with India or China.but with the western world.
ROBERT CELE (6 months ago)
if every African leader think like Mr Lumumba , Africa would be Super Power.
William Hughes (6 months ago)
I'll tell you why there's no peace in Africa like the brother said because where there's no peace there's no Unity and white people like no unity in Africa because if there's no Unity white people can steal the resources and still the people and basically control the population of the Africans and they don't have no right to do that but the Africans are letting them because some of the Africans are trying to enrich themselves and line their pockets with the Crooked white people's money and they will compromise their people and other African countries for money and resources and power and respect an important and labels and Promises from white people my point is white people don't want the Africans to come together they want them to be apart so they can control that part of the world with their military might and the white people know the Europeans know if the Africans came together as a military force it would be harder to deal with the Africans but if you keep them separate you can deal with them on a one-on-one basis and you can also make the Africans turn against one another for money and power
emhood (6 months ago)
Thanks for sharing! Love this
The dragon Isley (6 months ago)
we are of the last kings
Miguel Doriste (6 months ago)
pror Lumumba one love from Haiti we all love you we need a good school for all off our black people to going to please
khae74 (6 months ago)
I dont even believe in any African speaker these days. I just get pissed off because these black politicians are just making noise without any actions.
cosmicallyderived (6 months ago)
Thank you for this channel, this is amazing stuff and people you’re assembling. Keep up the good work.
Ahunsimhenre Narrowpath (6 months ago)
Bless up for sharing blood. That's one of our heroes of our time.
Evans Joe (6 months ago)
Only to talk no action. We need solution to Africa problems not to tell us Africa problems action speak louder than words
Lavender Lust (6 months ago)
development.........liberated from extremism
Lavender Lust (6 months ago)
South Africa must listen to this man - and SA must stop blame and victimhood
Lavender Lust (6 months ago)
Yes, yes, yes look at South Korea, Japan and Viet Nam which was devastated by the US and is now becoming an economic leader in the world
Lavender Lust (6 months ago)
Lumumba is proof that the black African can be a scholar, a leader, a philosopher and a man of peace and humaniuty
Lavender Lust (6 months ago)
Africans dehumanize each other.........bravo Prof. Lumumba.........
Guillaume Rusengo (6 months ago)
Gestlat is the best psychological approach to Africa. To start what makes Africa? Can we have a continental survey and go to the heart of every inhabitant with this question.
Guillaume Rusengo (6 months ago)
To think that the RDC can be free and enjoy its riches is ridiculous. The damn land is literally a continent. Even western countries with similar sizes full of educated people are still struggling with divisions and ideological binary tensions and we expect uneducated villages in Lumbubashi to feel unity with baaka pygmies in Ituri and think of themselves as one country. RDC is too big and too uneducated to work.
Blakgod (6 months ago)
powerful speaker
queenyt4ever (6 months ago)
Powerful points. Gandhi was a racist..... towards our people....
cujoe Mblakka (6 months ago)
Collective security, for surety. More economic weight, by operating as a block, instead of fragmenting, into various tribes. How many subgroups of people are in China? And how many in Africa? Everyone demanding their own country. That is plum crazy, see yourselves as one country, many people's, on one continent, for most of the world just see you as black / Neggas, regardless of how you see yourselves. Unite for respect, self defence, self preservation, peace, prosperity sake, and the posterity of our people at home and abroad. They say it can't happen. We might have to start by uniting by regions, to collapse the system of proxy. We have to call down the whole village ( mobilize the people of Africa ), to chase away the pack of wolves. Remember these entities you called nations, were created by others for their own interest, you should unite for the preservation of your own lives.
Gissie D (6 months ago)
be sin very careful with peace Roman catholics want global catholicism in name of peace., but i s false peace it's deception . slavery in islam. only if you have Christ st in you no. world peace.
j j Cade (6 months ago)
Those who are torturing blacks in Libya, Mauritania, and so on are Sephardic jews who hate blacks and poison in us
Abnefer Aha Kaa Hatap (6 months ago)
He is an amazing speaker.
Mike Raymond (6 months ago)
Any caught human trafficking should be executed
landmark22 (6 months ago)
When it comes to education these Asian countries have their own is a cation system Africa has a Western education system the colonizers education system it won't improve on less that leaves
Mwafrika Mkenya (6 months ago)
All these butt hurt Kenyans talking I'll about PLO Lumumba because he did not offer support to Their opposition leader Raila Odinga. Odinga is a corrupt tribal chief. I will never support him myself
lg shimi Rakgotho (6 months ago)
action is all Africans need, not the identification of problems and all these discussions that eventually turn unfruitful and end up being forgotten, or unattendend
sammy (6 months ago)
these countries that was talked about like india south korea etc are all on code . black African people are not on code , they have colonial minds & put religion & other things before there blackness . were in other groups put there ethnicity & cultural tradition before everything & i think that is a very big problem amongst black people of African descent.
acajudi100 (6 months ago)
Thank you. 💕 Google: Judi Grace StoryCorps, https://youtu.be/AfBGH5s1TrM https://youtu.be/YRcUPiChx7k https://youtu.be/7h0vuzQJFbc
Kiswahili Kitukuzwe 254 (7 months ago)
It is amazing how "black" Africans have been mourning Gaddafi more than any Arab nations and yet Gaddafi wrecked havoc in black Africa during his 42 year despotic rule! It can be remembered that Gaddafi was the financer and brainchild of fueling the civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone. He was the financer of Idi Amin Dada and even provided Libyan soldiers for Idi Amin's invading forces of Uganda in its war against Tanzania. He was also the initial financer and provided weapons for Boko Haram in Nigeria. Obviously, we Africans are gullible and intellectually lazy with acute amnesia.
+kader dao Charity begins at home. He made himself the monarch of Libya without the consent of the Libyan people. He was only advocating for African Unity under the rule of none other than Muamar Gaddafi, himself.
kader dao (6 months ago)
Om 254 No you wrong KADDAFY realized it mistake in the Past and did changed his politic in Africa The men was 100 % for Africa
Ahunsimhenre Narrowpath (6 months ago)
Rearrangement for better African from bitter
Raef Black (7 months ago)
So a Proffesor gets his info from the History channel... Lol
Victory Ismine (7 months ago)
North Africans are fellow Africans? Since when? I thought they were just filthy arab invaders. They aren't African, will never be. They are foreigners
Mark Mteule (2 days ago)
Your history is very shallow! Go dig a bit deeper into historical books or any other reliable source! Was Pharaoh an Arab King? Was Kolo Ture an Arab? You might be having some personal reservations against a few or most of Arabs but don't generalize things here because am sure you have never met all of the Arabs on this Earth!
2nacheki (7 months ago)
Since ever
Neo Malapane (7 months ago)
My good leader....like father like son
supermike2164 (7 months ago)
We have a planetary enemy who hides their hands AND sabotages everything good we try
supermike2164 (7 months ago)
Kick the white man out OF our businesses AND we will be able to share peace
eveningcook (7 months ago)
Beautiful words, beautiful speeches, but no action.
Steve L. Goodman (7 months ago)
In God I believe #love (1 month ago)
Who told you following white mans religion is the secret,it’s all brainwashing brother,put aside all religions and try to use reasoning
Isthatso notsofast (6 months ago)
Steve L. Goodman Finally some good sense.
Brian Bruno (8 months ago)
The problem with some African leaders including the once in south Africa is that they are not real,they are puppets of the western world.Their job is to sell hope to the masses while the real enemy loots our continent. Gaddafi was one of the leaders who was taking a stand against the western evil but they eliminated him very quick and no African country assisted him during the attack because these leaders work for the western world.
i wonder why africa asked for independance from europe. africa under african leaders is full of shits.
Jaco Jordaan (8 months ago)
silverscorpion73 (8 months ago)
Smart man peace and black love African future return of the God's and goddesses
samrawi tedros (8 months ago)
We black africans should exterminate those evil north african arabs. They are not african and they dont belong in our black continent. When are we black men going to unite and protect our women and childeren. It is time to kill these arab savages till the very last one
Carbon 6 (2 days ago)
+nat turner "You is right"??? Shut up scared white boy!!!! Stop listening in on our topics.... You don't see me hanging out on stormfront do you?? Beat it!!!!!
Yahushua Yah (1 month ago)
+graham jones no no no
nat turner (1 month ago)
+Robert Wussah why you devils don't want them to kick you evil ass away from there
Robert Wussah (1 month ago)
+nat turner Why interfering in African affairs about fight game?
nat turner (1 month ago)
+Robert Wussah i am no damn african at all. why the fk you ask
m.youtube.com (8 months ago)
Dr. Miguna is "A MOVEMENT!" guys "A MOVEMENT!" - Welcome back to Kenya. Your right. Your move. Need more Kenyans with guts because in the heat of the battle what most Kenyans do is run with their tails behind their legs, stab each other in the back - betraying each other,  negotiate with the enemy or shake hands and continue "eating" stolen money. Your father steals people's lands, leaves it to your mother and his elder sister Margaret, you call them " The Kenyattas - thiefs" - still seating on stolen land and money & you call that wealth. Well " The curse of the Lord is in the house of the thief" And preachers are standing by and praying for thieves whose fathers stole, they have stolen & not stopped corruption. The Truth is a hard pill to swallow but it will make you well. Some of us are into true development, have seen our fathers killed by the government and leaders before us & when Dr. Miguna is courageous enough to stand for justice, truth abd has the vest Manifesto to take us to the next level - most of you criticise him. Wake up 90% of Kenyans and for once support something. Look at your country - looks like a 4th world country in 2017 - looks and functions like 1447 AD. Dr. Miguna is trying to change that practically, with a plan of action - that is enforceable - And NOT the usual talk you Kenyans are used to. "Talk, Talk and no action!" Every where you look, civilians are talking @ the same old problems & issues you were talking about 20 yrs ago - your using the same bad roads, no water, ho affordable housing, you admire thieves, your President " legalises" - polygamy - which us really another name for " MPANGO WA KANDO" Wake up Guys! Wake up 70% of the youth have no jobs & have no facilities or opportunities to get them. Wake up. Mr Msando is dead for nothing - His widow released a curse and cursed shall his killers be. For once stand for Godly values instead of selling yourself short to thieves - what Dr. Miguna has aptly defined as " DESPOTICS" Look at what they did 3 weeks ago to Jimmy Wanjigi. I remember his father working hard as a business man for his sin - Jimmi - all people can do is hate. Sorry haters - despite popular belief some of us have made money legally  or our parents and we have no apologies. Look at what is happening to people who stand up for injustice. It could be you or your loved one - next time not just Mr. Wanjigi or Dr. Miguna People who sold our country to Delamere oh he called himself "Lord" Delamere and you still spend your hard earned money on his yoghurt or milk products. These are the things the Kenyattas did or have dine and you admire thieves. A father steals, a son continues eating that money. Both are ----- thieves. You got it. Who abd what has he stopped where stealing money is concerned. Oh his father stole but he is not his father - Pure Rubbish! Where is public money for roads, decent public toilets, housing? In their pickets - in " their businesses"Read more
Antonio Pantophlet (8 months ago)
Nice speaches... now it is time to act. You have a voice use it now to mobilise black capital to build low cost housing, updating african markets and fish markets. Why do we have to wait on the white man.
Rome De (8 months ago)
Simple answer,they took the chains off the hands but left them on the mind.Those who remember the truth of Africa,pide of Africa have been killed one way or another
Jinkins Jinks (8 months ago)
Feel like crying...oh mama Africa!
Daniel Iskander (8 months ago)
...i think Africa is suffering from the math of colonialism. The message of colonialism was the one that showed those in power were better than those without. The Africans therefore admired to become such. This then is what we have seen for the last 7 decades. After independence of many African nations..those who took power ..instead of leading they became rulers. Same as what colonialists did. Further...Africa is stuck in the past. Where the rest of the world is living like ancient greek searching for truth.. We are stuck with what was known many years ago. We rule by the same guidelines that was in the late 1800. The house of common is in each year challenging the old truth in leadership. They are always working towards coming up with a way of leading where the leaders have no more say at the ways of the country than the commoners do. And when the leader speaks the common man and woman is okay since they really represent what the nation wants. In africa the leaders are the rulers. They are the ones who know. If they dont want part of constitution m..thats it. If they dont want part of democracy they enact their own. Africa leaders have failed to translate the very basic understanding of democracy....of the people...by the people...for the people. If ot is for the people...then people have the last say. And this is not only the ballot box. People must have a say everyday and all days. Not when it suits you. It is a tendency here in my country that leaders only want those who praises them to speak. As a matter of fact there are many times they will bring a group of people and join them in the crowd for the sole purpose of cheering to whatever the ruler says...sense or non. Mungu ibariki Africa, Mungu ibariki Tanzania.

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