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Signs A Guy Is Not Over You And Still Likes You?

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lina t.t (1 month ago)
What about when he is still angry after months even if he Brock up . He is really angry & pushes away . He is still single. when we chat he is passiv aggressiv & says mean things .
spead love (3 months ago)
He doesn’t miss u he is just bored and misses have access to u🙄
Honey Mathers (3 months ago)
spead love exactly
l3l3Cakes (4 months ago)
Here’s a thought. If you’re watching this video, then he probably doesn’t like you 😂
nicole Crawford (5 months ago)
What does it mean if a guy moves far a way but yet keeps in contact sporadically
mohamed Amine (5 months ago)
does this apply on girls too !
camilla de vivenot (11 months ago)
great guy gives the best advice.
Lindsey Hebert (11 months ago)
I’m dealing with that not sure if he likes me or it’s like I have that feeling sometimes I feel like they like me so much and sometimes I feel he doesn’t we used to talk he hardly even chats with me on Facebook messenger or email message what makes me think he does this it’s like every now and then I would be like do you still remember me or sometimes I feel forgotten
StarWoors (1 year ago)
Kinda SCARY...
Donna Just Being Real (1 year ago)
Yes that is a sure way of knowing. 😉🌸
Cindy Barnes (1 year ago)
My guy says, "Its not like we are in a relationship or anything" sometimes and it hurts my feelings. What are the rules of contact and intimacy in a Faith based relationship?
Cindy Barnes (1 year ago)
My guy told me he wasn't feeling very good and said he was going to bed early - we spoke on our way to work the next morning and I told him I couldn't sleep bcuz I was worried about him - he simply told me not to worry about him - is this a sign he is not interested in me?
Cindy Barnes (1 year ago)
My guy started shutting off his phone @ 8-9 pm stating "he doesn't want to get texts in the middle of the night that wake him up?" I have only sent one text at 5 am - his normal wakeup time - is he chatting up other women?
Tia Marie (3 months ago)
Cindy Barnes (1 year ago)
What does it mean if a guy says he's interested in a relationship with you and God but stops doing Bible Study and praying with you?
Inna Okenchi (1 year ago)
I just looking this videos, only because I like this guy who doing this videos :-) :-)
Dalisha Anderson (1 year ago)
What does it mean when every time my boyfriend breaks up with me he tells me “where never getting back together ever again” then we break up for months and then get back together. We break up and get back together so many times.. but this time he said it could never work, that we don’t grow together and he doesn’t see us growing together and I don’t make him feel good. Also says if God places another woman in his life he will pursue her. And he’s eventually going to be with someone else... he says this every time and then we get back together. Also after he says those heartbreaking things. He will say “ but if you change then my heart is always open for you.” Or “ I’m willing to be with you if you change” I’m so confused and heartbroken
Dia Night (4 months ago)
Why are you still thinking about this idiot? And why do you always take him back? He doesn't love you. He plays with you. Nothing more
Nia Carter (1 year ago)
I really love how quick and understandable your videos are! Thank you thank you thank you!
Dad man (1 year ago)
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madam lynéSA (1 year ago)
But what if he pushes you away as his got a gf and you finally agree to back off...then all of a sudden his just popping up everywhere you are randomly and smiles at you and locks eyes alot with you?
GG T87 (5 months ago)
Why are you wasting your time and emotion on a taken man ?
Kaniz Fatima (8 months ago)
he is a loser..when he gets to know that he is losing he will try to get your attention..simple.
sweet bannanas (10 months ago)
madam lyné stay away from him it’s a fuck boy...
Norma Deluna (1 year ago)
I Love your videos. You are always give the best advice. You are so amazing.
Life with Jessika (1 year ago)
My ex broke up with me two months ago. He’s been treating me like shit when he was the one who broke it off. He also told me that he doesn’t see himself with me and that he would never give me a second chance. He also said that I wasn’t on his level. What does that mean. I feel like he’s telling me that I’m good enough for him or am I too good of a woman for him and that he doesn’t want to hurt me.
Tia Marie (3 months ago)
He said he's better than you; that you're not on his level...
Esmeralda Gems (1 year ago)
Life with Jessika Sorry I HIGHLY doubt that. He sounds narcissistic and doesn't care about you or your feelings. Because if he did care he would not toy with your emotions and tell you you're not at his level. That's like him telling you that you're inferior to him and beneath him. I hope you get away from him and find someone better who will treat you better.
Saif Patel (1 year ago)
I saw my crush for a long time he look at me like how he always looks at me bur this time he only looked once does this mean that he doesn't like me anymore 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Nour Ediris (1 year ago)
I have a question, what does it mean when a guy suddenly looks at but gives u this cold look??? I have liked this guy for sometime and whn I send him a text he accepted me then unfollowed me. So when he flirted with a girl while I was walking by near her locker I turned away into the convo me and my friend were in and smiled and so I came out from class smiling and talking to a guy and he saw us but the next day he looked at me raised his head high and gave me this cold look... now I feel guilty , help please????
Megu X (1 year ago)
I'm so done
spead love (3 months ago)
Megu X literally mood
Why am i here? Nobody likes me :) im not gay or anything so how did i get here?
Emily Underwood (1 year ago)
what If my crush sees my texts and ignores it
taes feet (2 years ago)
Could you please do a video on teen love/crushes because I like this boy and I remember once when he spoke to me about where I was from and it's maybe because of my name , and after that he never really spoke to me and such, but he did give weird signs like look and me often and act shy and quiet but when it comes to other girls he's confident and can talk to them but he never speaks to me?
Ananas Comosus may be he thinks your still ugly
Sue Waugh (2 years ago)
Wait....how could you possibly know he is hanging around your Facebook account? I would have thought that would be impossible unless he hits the like button and likes one of your posts?
Shannon Wysinger (2 years ago)
My problem is my boyfriend just recently broke up with me due to lack of time spent. But he's been text my sister teller how much he misses me and is going to call me. Should I call him or wait for him to call me? Or just let it go?
Nour Ediris (1 year ago)
Shannon Wysinger do you miss him too? And is this a relationship you want to invest ur time in? Cuz if u do , I would say wait and hear what he has to say, but make him get u that easy so he values u more. And if u guys didn’t spend that much time together is it really ur fault and explain to him if it’s ur fault why
Panda Sannah (2 years ago)
What should I do if my friend's ex boyfriend is asking about her still and getting jealous over the fact she has a new boyfriend? He's also messaging her, trying to reconnect with her in some way...he was verbally abusive during the relationship (always calling her fat when she's actually very skinny, calling her ugly, a bitch, a slut, a whore-when she never talked to any other guys except him). I did message him to leave her alone, but he still persists to talk about her in group chats we're both in or asking her friends about her whereabouts? She refuses to talk to him about it and even if she did, he's just going to deny it all anyway....When I talked to him, he said he never did any of that but I talked to some of my friend's friends about it and they sent screenshots of him asking about who she's dating and how she's doing :/
Steven Miller (2 years ago)
That dude has serious mother issues. Like he's so deeply addicted to his ex-gf, but then he pushes her away because he fears the trauma of confirming she had no love for him in her heart of hearts. It really sucks!
DreamBeatsBakery (2 years ago)
He doesn't get out of bed and watches MTV next reruns all the time.. another strong sign
Deleted account (2 years ago)
my ex left me for another girl. but he looks at me sometimes and yesterday he poked me and said poke. we don't talk anymore but what does he want? I don't understand guys.
Andrea M (8 months ago)
He is bored
Kaniz Fatima (8 months ago)
he is trying to get your attention in order to fuck also known as win.
ketss s (1 year ago)
That Mysterious Person he thinks that you still like him & will get back to him.. So he tries to get your attention
fatty (1 year ago)
Deleted account (1 year ago)
The watchmans eyes eww loll nice trolling comment though. If I could heart this I would. It was fucking funny.
servant 2 (2 years ago)
Texted her out of the blue, nothing but she laughed haha.  Gave her hard time then asked just her opinion on movies out(likes movies).  She said not lately.  Texted back I guess take my chances on Logan, if you want u can meet me there.    "Sorry I already have plans:/ "     We have  same social circle, we sit on same row at church.  She wandered around till she found a friend to sit with her, dodgy.   So I went with the flow and did not bother her there are others.   Got better suggestions
Matthew Daniels (2 years ago)
Very true
hannan khan (2 years ago)
Can you please a video on why your ex wants to be your friend even though he might be talking to someone. But doesn't really like the girl he is talking to.
April Parker (2 years ago)
what does it mean when a guy looks at u a lot and don't talk to u and he act diffrent around me and he always be with his friends and he always raise up his eyebrows and and stare at me what does it mean he's shy plz answer
Nour Ediris (1 year ago)
April Parker most likely he is scared to approach you or trying to test your waters , cuz maybe he’s intimidated by u. I’d say try to first be like his friend and have fun and stuff but don’t actually make him feel like your friend zoning him for example make him wonder about what your trying to do and either way it testing waters too
Dystany Shiaka (2 years ago)
I have this guy friend, who's watch my Snapchat all the time he's hardly posted anything on there... soo, I wonder if this is a sign.
ATTET FLORES (2 years ago)
I love your videos!!!
He is best friends with my brother plus his dad is my father best friend I had to cut his father off to avoid him and I don't come around them anymore because I don't do drama and I damn sure don't break up a bitter home that's already unhappy he get jealous when I'm talking to his cousins or if I'm around them he told them I'm off limits and I never dated this men and I damn sure don't belong to him he a damn creep
I have a huge problem that I been avoiding for yrs this guy likes me and has i girl I rejected him 2 times and he stills manage to look at my social media pages off his cousins phone and than he makes. Google number to call me and I never answered because I know it's him plus his family always call me and bring up his name that lets me know he talks about me when they bring up my name he blush and smile but I don't pay him no mind because he has a women and still not satisfied I won't give his ass the time of day
Shamirrah Edwards that's what I'm doing avoiding him before I end up in jail because I don't play them type of games
prettiblanco (2 years ago)
Heavenly Beauty a diamond in the rough blessed continue to avoid him. He's trying to get laid and see how far he can go with you.
Angelic Aura (2 years ago)
same here but he never committed yet if not I'm leaving him and I know its going to damage us badly
Peck Peck mmm (2 years ago)
I was the 100th like :D also I love your channel. It's straight to the point and helpful
Kristen (7 months ago)
Lol. After reading your comment I looked to see the number of likes. It was at 899 and I made the 900th! 😋
C. Willock (2 years ago)
I never ask about my ex. I do look on his social media though. I didn't accept his friend request I just look on his page. He writes comments.
Dhjffvbgf Ggsdghh (2 years ago)
Could you please make a video on this: I'm a teenager, and don't have much experience with guys. There's this guy in one of my classes who is pretty cute, but I'm not used to guys paying me any attention, so I didn't really give him any thought. Last week I started noticing him staring as I passed him in the halls. We have never spoken. He stares almost every time I pass him, and we make eye contact, but he dosnt look away or smile. What should I do? I'm starting to think that I'm being delusional and that he couldn't like me.. Like what if I were the one staring without realizing it, and he was just returning my stares? Would a guy ever stare at a girl if he wasn't interested? Would he ever stare if he thought she was ugly? Thank you so much in adavance!!
1Cor.13 Love (2 years ago)
Alexander Boles Amen! Good advice.
Kevin Howard (2 years ago)
So I'm guessing the same would apply to if a female hasn't gotten over a guy? Going through that now...the difference is, she's liking my pics 😊.
Skittlez (1 year ago)
Kevin Howard I'm a girl and yes I do the same stuff 😂
Kevin Howard (2 years ago)
Sherlockian Fannibal Thanx! Very interesting. It's like once you stop speaking to someone you notice the difference in their behavior. They start doing stuff like posting a bunch of pics so you can pay them some attention or they'll like your pics even though you're not speaking to them. Interesting indeed.
Sherlockian Fannibal (2 years ago)
Kevin Howard As a female, I would say yes. It can apply to both.
Rachel Kim (2 years ago)
Hi can you please make a video of what if my friend likes my crush but my crush likes me back? It would help a lot. 😊

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