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He Ghosted Me And I Want To Know How To Make Him Regret It?

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Text Comments (87)
Faeries_Xylia 923 (3 months ago)
I wouldn’t even waste my energy trying to make him regret for pushing me away, the best thing you can do is let go and be happy without his presence, he’ll realize that himself when he sees you don’t care to bother with him anymore.. a guy ghosted me 5 years ago.. we hung out a couple times acting like he really liked me to out of the blue he decided he didn’t like me and stopped reaching out to me to now 5 years later tried flirting with me and telling me that he felt that I was the one who got away and wanted to give us another try.. I am not playing anymore games I immediately stopped him right there and told him he was 5 years too late. He hasn’t bothered me since. If a guy chooses to leave bc he decided I wasn’t enough then he better stay as a ghost bc if he tries to reappear back into my life I’ll keep him dead. Boy bye 👋 👋
Megan Rode (19 days ago)
Yessss girrrrl
AintFalco (3 months ago)
Is kinda different when example, this girl has been your friend for like 1 year, you caught Up feelings for her, doesn t feel the same, chooses another fag that after getting into a relationship with her, he wants to get back to her ex, well, the boy that has been rejected still chases her in this time Period, and he is still hoping to get with her, Becomes kinda irritant to her, and they never had conversations and great times like before, the girl never contact him first, so the boy is suffering deep inside, so he dicides to cut off contact forever since it hurts him Just the fact that he can t be with her. Here the ghosting has another. Meaning.
andre silva (5 months ago)
The guy just did what every woman does! used you for your attention
Lizzy Green (5 months ago)
I had a Virgo man do this to me.. he is also a narcissist
ChocolateBreakfast (4 months ago)
I had a trigender fire fox do this to me she/he/she was also a narcissist . Everybody who is ''wrong'' in a relationship is a narcissist. (by the way to anyone reading this know I am being sarcastic and making fun of the fact that women call their exes narcissists)
L G (5 months ago)
Bait him! Pretend you're still interested to chase him ...let him taste his own medicine...
Beverly Crittendon (5 months ago)
Life is too short. Just know u dodged a bullet. Keep it moving.
hamse ali (5 months ago)
Me and my ex are on and off everytime we broke up on off us come running back And this time she ghost me what should I do
Arielle Apodaca (5 months ago)
What if the guy likes me and I like him back but he is already talking to someone. What do I do?
Teresa Fox (5 months ago)
Can you read my comment on your vudeo...what to do if he acts interested then pulls away that I just posted today....
Annette English (5 months ago)
Teresa Fox i believe he already did a video on the subject
Xavier Mitchell (5 months ago)
What does it mean when a girl you like talks bad about you all the time to her friends?
Annette English (5 months ago)
Xavier Mitchell If she's talking bad about you, let her go. You don't need her. I can see if she was saying good things, but bad. Naw you don't need a women like that in your corner. A women that you like should be speaking highly of you and the feeling should be mutual. It doesn't sound mutual.
El-jiva Twisted (5 months ago)
This guy I haven't talked to in 2 years because I didn't like him then ghosted me right after we hung out I had a feeling he wasn't going to contact me (even tho he said he would) I messaged him saying if he didn't want me/not intersted to just say that. He didn't reply soo I just cussed him out lol. Got my closure
decaying roses (5 months ago)
I might like this guy, he supposedly likes me back. Hes a senior but imma sophomore and he leaves in about 9months for grad :/ we have been talking and hanging out for a bit and its been pretty good except for the fact theres a lot of long awkward pauses. But when im not looking he’d stare/look at me and still keep eye contact sometimes and i always get this “butterfly pain” in my stomach and it can be fun being around him at times. I have no exp in dating anyone (except online 😂 but it wasnt really like as youre probably thinking of 2 dating online) but idk if he has even dated before? Wtf should i do :/ i said ill think about it but i actually dunno if i truely/fully like him like that.. what does it mean to “go out” or “date” ??
Annette English (5 months ago)
decaying roses keep hanging out with him and see where it goes. It sounds like he's a bit shy. Are you? Get to know him better to knowIf you like him for sure. Get to know him as a person.
moonwitch (5 months ago)
Hi Datinglogic! Can you please make more videos about how to text a guy when you like him ????
Arnav Arora (5 months ago)
Hey , I have a private question where can I ask you this please?
Xxsilent ScreamxX (5 months ago)
I have a question. It doesn't really go with the theme of the video but I can't find the theme anywhere and I was wondering if you could help. So my girlfriend always see pictures of hot guys on the internet and posts it on her story with the heart eyed emoji. It gets to me because she knows that I don't see myself like that and if I question her like what if someone that looked like that messaged her she never fully admits that she'd stay loyal. She also has a lot of guy friends that she calls cute and hot. Should I be concerned that I might loose her? Please message me back.
Annette English (5 months ago)
Xxsilent ScreamxX if your girl is doing things you don't like, flirting, etc. bring it to her attention. Let her know that you don't feel comfortable with it. If she cares about you enough she should to try to tone it down or stop it all together. If She has no regard of your feelings or even take them into consideration, then you have your answer. Kick babygirl to the curb. If she's acting like that, then chances are she will eventually if something else comes along. You want someone who wants you for you and you won't have to worry about her stepping out. What's for you, Is for you, there would be no worrying about her doing so.
L G (5 months ago)
Let him go have fun! His lost
sarah_says (5 months ago)
people that "ghost" other people just show that they have very poor communication skills/low sympathy. of course there are narcissists that purposely cut you out with no closure because that's how they feel powerful, but just know that there is something seriously wrong with people who dip in and out of other people's lives like it's some of game. those people are sick in the head, so don't waste time on them, they need help. just realize that you are not dealing with a normal human being, with normal feelings.
Annette English (4 months ago)
The SleepingMoose I can see someone doing this if they liked the person, but got scared and ran. Lol. I guess guys think I ghost them too then, you may see me, I'll speak, but then you won't see me for a minute. That's because people do have a life, sometimes life gets in the way. That doesn't necessarily mean they are ghosting you on purpose. It would look that way to the person who feels they're being ghosted. Reach out to find out, what's really going on before thinking they're ghosting you.
The SleepingMoose (4 months ago)
+Annette English Well getting ghosted for saying wassup how's ur day going so far. Counts?
sarah_says (5 months ago)
Annette English yep! that's why i said "of course there are narcissists that..." im not saying that everyone that ghosts you is a narcissist, but they probably have some narcissistic qualities. and cutting someone out of your life because they are toxic isn't the same thing as leaving someone hanging just because you can. im glad you have enough respect for yourself to leave a situation when it's no longer serving you <3
Annette English (5 months ago)
sarah_says just because someone ghost you doesn't mean that they are a narcissist. Your correct when in saying they dip in and out like a revolving door, and have no feelings for you. But people will ghost someone for a number of reasons. If I ghost someone, it's due to them being toxic or negative for me. After trying to help or do all i can to resolve the situation and it becomes too toxic or is bringing me down, I ghost. If I'm being used or unappreciated I will eventually walk away or ghost for my own good. No one is worth you losing yourself over.
Annette English (5 months ago)
Don't be an attention seeker, he'll know you're trying to get his attention. Truly forgive him and move on. Yes have fun. Do you boo, whatever you enjoy doing, do it to the fullest. After a while your not going to be worried if he regrets it or not. Live your life!💕
Megan Rode (19 days ago)
You should get your own channel girl xx
Agua de Estrellas (5 months ago)
When someone ghosts you, just realize that they make very poor life choices.
John Gonzalez (5 months ago)
Double R, I completely agree with you 💯.
Agua de Estrellas (5 months ago)
Tasnim Sultana Fuck him; you keep being that Anointed, diamond dipped Goddess that YOU have always been. Much peace and blessings.
Tasnim Sultana (5 months ago)
LOL indeed. My ex of 3 years, broke up with me, changed his contact details (phone number), and then emailed me to tell me how he "loved" his number. So i told him he is rushing his life too much.
valley vlogs (5 months ago)
Are you reading my diary?? Lol. Cause this is what is happening currently. But im still invisible to him :( aka not "popular"
carmineglitch (5 months ago)
Lifes too short to get back at someone. The past is the past, enjoy your life and move on
Meghan Blanchard (5 months ago)
I know I did nothing wrong I didn’t over message him but all of sudden he’s not checking messages so why. He knows I like him I said let’s get gether but no response in 5 days I’m angery . So why’s he’s doing this and yes I haven’t message him in like few days eather
Annette English (5 months ago)
Meghan Blanchard i think you should at least try to reach out to him one more time before you move on. Something bad could've happened. Find out If he's interested or not. He may, or may not be interested. Tell him to be straight forward with you. Be prepared for the answer either it is what you want to hear or soft want to. Go from there. I hope this helps.
Lil H (5 months ago)
Dont contact him just move on
Schwarze Sonne (5 months ago)
Sir, I need some advice from you. I met one girl from college about a year ago, we keep flirting with each other and we trade intense eye contact every time we met. She has given me a lot of signs that she likes me, but turns out I found that SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND! They have a relationship from distance (the guy studies in another city), and her social media doesn't have any pictures of him. What should I do? Should I back off? I just can't stop thinking about her, but I also feel really bad to be in this position.
Annette English (5 months ago)
Schwarze Sonne it sounds like she's not serious about o boy. If she was she would have her status as in a relationship and she would also have some kind of pics up. Maybe he's in a relationship with someone else, or simply doesn't like his photo posted on the internet. I think if you have the opportunity to talk to her ask her for yourself and see where she is mentally about the situation. See if you at least have a chance to move forward, or on with someone else. She may be waiting for you to make a move. Wish you the best💕🙏
Malika E (5 months ago)
She’s trash why is he low key flirting with you ? Would she do that to you too if you became her man and she got bored of you too? Think about it & gd luck
Schwarze Sonne (5 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback, you both.
BC VC (5 months ago)
girls break up with boyfriends all the time for a new love interest. if you like her let her know. the best thing is to be upfront and express your interest and she will decide who she wants.
Amanda (5 months ago)
Schwarze Sonne Back off is my advice I think she probably likes attention
Girl 33 (5 months ago)
I don't agree of what you are saying in the video. If the man matters to a woman and he left her without notice, she should communicate her feelings to him, get a clear answer and then move on.
sarah_says (5 months ago)
Girl 33 if he ghosted her it means he doesn't want to communicate. all that would do is have her be even more heartbroken because he won't answer.
LELIE 203 (5 months ago)
Can u do when my crush sees me with a friend together but when he looks at me and my friend he does a disgusted face and i know he likes me
Owani Iroso (5 months ago)
He don't care.its embarrassing cause It happened to me..im 52 and too old for this crap
Stellar Fervour (5 months ago)
I don't think they will notice or even care hence the ghosting in the first place, this topic is ego talk so just move on.
Stellar Fervour (5 months ago)
I specifically wrote my comment that way because most won't realize the level of depth, spirituality, communication or emotion that comes with human pre-birth contracts when one sets an intention in this life to meet an aspect of themselves in order to experience the contrast and give way to a more desirable state. Now when you actually move on from the person the etheric chord linking your level of consciousness from your every thought, emotion, dream, desire towards that person is pulled on getting ready to be released, they feel it, it is literally their energetic source, they have been literally feeding off you to fuel their ego. And then they telepathically or 'magically' are aware of the situation and try to barge back into your life. This is the most hardest point because the person usually a narcissist not always will make grandiose promises of change, but changes are superficial.
sarah_says (5 months ago)
Pink Milk it does come from the ego you are right, and it's easy to say just move on and leave the ego behind. but obviously the asker can't do that and that is why he/she asked the question in the first place. i liked how the question was answered that the best "revenge" is basically to have none, to show that you are better than that. but i do agree with you, wanting revenge is nonsense but then again that wanting revenge stems from emotions and we all know there is no logic to emotions, just feelings.
Pink Milk (5 months ago)
+sarah_says You obviously missed Stellar's point about it being ego talk. Wanting revenge is more nonsense that comes from the ego. You can move on, live your life without needing to make the other person regret ghosting you or having revenge. With your ego left behind your brain can't go wrong :D
sarah_says (5 months ago)
Stellar Fervour you are obviously not understanding what he is saying. the point is to shift the concern on "how to get him to regret it" and focus it more on herself and living a good life. it's making yourself happy, and that is the best revenge.
Lindsay K (5 months ago)
Btw I love your channel
Lindsay K (5 months ago)
Why does my crush keeps staring at me (he is my ex his bestfriend)
I mboo (5 months ago)
Ghost him back. Think...im free!!
aa (5 months ago)
I just got off the phone with someone that called me to say he's not going to get me the stuff I want when he sees me next. Why ask me what I want then??? He's being so mean to me on purpose. 😣 I'm so disappointed, and don't really feel very happy at all right now. I started crying, and I'm devastated and still crying. 😭😭😭 I don't know why he is so disregarding toward me saying I need to be more reality check-ish and stop expecting this or that. He's too indifferent and always ready to put me in my place, so to speak. He doesn't give me lots of compliments and stuff like that. I need to hear more ego stuff than that. 😣 It's not going to suffice for me and I will starve to death from lack of praise. I tried to tell him that but he says stuff like that he's too busy and that I'm basically being a big baby wanting/expecting too much, etc. It's like he does the bare minimum at me, yet he wants me to be doing all this stuff for him. 😣😢😭 He's just being mean to me to try to make me feel not important. 😣 He says I'm selfish. Well, yeah... 🤔 I need to be getting my way more than this. It's just too cold for me near him. Where do these type of guys come off acting like this?
Zed I (3 months ago)
It's a sign of autism when people say "what do you mean?" a lot
Annette English (5 months ago)
It sounds like you need to kick ol boy to the curb. I also see you demanding a lot from him. This could be a big turn off to some men. It's okay to be somewhat needed, but not over due it. You want to mess his head up, start acting like you don't need him. Whatever your are asking him to get, get it for yourself. When he starts to see you got this, then he'll be trying to figure out what he can do for you. His ego will get in the way because men like to feel needed in some capacity. If he feels you dont need him, then you have him where you want him. Don't let him walk all over you, you teach him how to treat you. That's a turn off to him, if you allow him to dog you. Put your foot down Ms. Lady, you got this!!!
aa (5 months ago)
DarkSk. 🤔 He probably shouldn't mind me using him if he's trying to use me.
Lu Ash (5 months ago)
Your power is in letting go and being happy. EVENTUALLY it won’t even matter. Stop wasting time.
N. Nia (5 months ago)
It is scary how your recents posts related to my life now😥
lost soul (5 months ago)
N. Nia same
Annette English (5 months ago)
The Baddest Wow, interesting
The Baddest (5 months ago)
Its been happening to me for the last 6 months. I have suspicions that some phones are capable of reading thoughts. I'm very perpelexed how so many vids popping up and ads relate to thoughts i have never searched or uttered
Laura J (5 months ago)
This is good advice.
Astro Venus (5 months ago)
Frll but im happy they do
Jashan Gill (5 months ago)
You are Love God!!😂😂 , BTW Good Advice
Amanda (5 months ago)
I think I’m catching feelings for my best friend. We’ve known each other for 4 years but been Friends for two years. I’m worried that it could ruin our friendship but I’m also curious to see if things could go anywhere. Please help. ❤️
joyuexful (4 months ago)
I am very curious as well. Please do let us know !!!
Annette English (5 months ago)
Amanda I think your making a great decision. Yes let it happen naturally, don't force it. Please give us an update. Wish you the best💕
Amanda (5 months ago)
Annette English I still want to remain best friends with him if we date of anything happens I’ll let y’all know. I told our mutual best friend and she thinks it’s a good thing. But I’m going to try to let things naturally happen.
Annette English (5 months ago)
Amanda I've been in this situation. We decided to stay friends as I believed it would have ruiend the friendship. I started seeing things that were deal breakers. If you both have a strong attraction/connection to each other see where it goes, you never know. Befriends do make the best partners because you know everything about them and are open with each other. Just make sure you remain the same dating as when you were friends. The dynamic of the relationship will change slightly because you would be now dating. Let us know what you decide, and how it goes💕
BC VC (5 months ago)
I would let him know asap. be genuine and real. just say you developed romantic feelings for him and want to explore that.
I'm malikfromcleveland (5 months ago)

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