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How It's Made - Hublot Carbon Fiber Watches

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How It's Made - Hublot Carbon Fiber Watches
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Sir Fa (5 months ago)
Hey, did that i get that right that instead of polymerising all layers straight into one thick plate all at once first they make thin polymerised sheets and then adhesive these sheets together to make one thick plate to machine?
Peter Tran (8 months ago)
Layering carbon fiber is not unique everyone does it, it’s not homogeneity it’s uniformity, it’s not mechanical strength it’s tensile strength. Don’t use big words if you don’t know how to use them.
Sir Fa (4 months ago)
Felix Quast hey, are you here?
Sir Fa (4 months ago)
Felix Quast are you here?
Sir Fa (4 months ago)
Felix Quast hey sorry for late reply and Happy NewYear in advance. Dear i would like to give you my email address but email is monologue and slow and its only good for set enquiries but not suitable for brain storm and discussing freely and as added salt to the cut here is so public to write the email. I would like to invite you to commuinicate in an app called Telegram, its like WhatsApp, we can text and call and all the rest but with an added extra to whatsapp and viber its much lighter and powerful. Once you download and log in and etc you can go to the app setting and on top it has field that you can chose a name for your self. Once you chose a name then you can use this name as an ID like in skype. So instead of giving out your number you can give your name and i can search you there via your ID so you dont have to write your number in such public place like youtube and we can start conversing about our. So please do that and lets take it from there. If any question ask me. I look forward to hear from you. Once again happy newyear!
Felix Quast (5 months ago)
+Sir Fa I dont use telegram. Just give me your mail.
Sir Fa (5 months ago)
+Felix Quast do you know what is telegram?
frank Rossier (1 year ago)
je donnerais pas 1 centime pour cette merde
The Sean Talk (2 years ago)
Nice, but carbon fiber combined with solid gold would be a gem. Imagine that!
SAMR33 (2 years ago)
AP's forged carbon looks so much better
JTMarlin8 (1 month ago)
They both look stupid. And there's no such thing as "forging" carbon. Another retarded term created by Swiss idiots.
Bander Alhamad (3 years ago)
a dream watch

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