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Eye Contact Flirting Technique

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Text Comments (25)
Alan Walker (13 days ago)
Oh man how many girlfriend do you have
Vishal Sancheti (1 month ago)
no thanks, I’ll look at them, right into their beady looking eyes 👀.
Cheaffs Death (4 months ago)
Nooo wayyyyy exposed my crush does that !! I know now ;)
emiljano greca (5 months ago)
who is the name of this person
reallychosen (8 months ago)
Dating logic is a pimp!! Sexy!!
Hershey 4Life (9 months ago)
Hey! I’m a new subbie and I’m learning from your videos!!!
Anime kid (10 months ago)
Thx :) if it weren’t for u idk what i’d do 🤷🏻‍♀️😰😰😰😏😋
Anime kid (9 months ago)
Wait I do know what I’d do. I’d die lol jk 😅😆
Rebeca J. (11 months ago)
I did this today and he saw me check him out. Then looked at me, turned away for a second then looked back. Lol
Josh Siegel (11 months ago)
Well... There's this girl working at a coffee shop I regularly go to. Sometimes I think she likes me and is even waiting for me to ask her out, but I've been so bad at judging this kind of thing in the past that I keep telling myself that I'm wrong. This exact thing happened today, though, as well as other eye contact flirting in the past. Yeah Idk.
stundown (6 months ago)
Josh Siegel DID YOU ask her OUT?
HAIL MGTOW (1 year ago)
So this was a technique i have used before without even knowing about it
Dats. Ashley (1 year ago)
Yesterday I was walking down the hall to class and this boy that was in my class but got kicked out was walking like ahead of me and was talking to his friend but I was walking and he turned around to see who I was then while he was talking to his friend he looked at me up and down and smiled then did it like 2 more times and he then slowed his walk down then another thing happend before he got kicked out my class I was sitting across the room from him and I was looking at him he looked at me constantly over and over then we I got up to throw away the trash he quickly walked over and I didn’t notice before I reached the trash can he walked up on me really really close and looked me in my eyes and smiled and said “wassup” but the thing is he has a girlfriend and I don’t want to over think of what does this mean ... I don’t have a crush on him I’m just attracted to him
Andrew Wilson (4 months ago)
He finds you attractive but I'd just leave it because he has a girlfriend
Super dill117 (1 year ago)
Thank you
Sonney 96 (1 year ago)
I love your mini vids so quick and straight to the point!
MrSoccerface (1 year ago)
What if the girl is shy and self-conscious and moved away from your vision?
Nino Nikolaishvili (1 year ago)
advice from introverted girl. she might felt uncomfortable. keep it up
Spooky (1 year ago)
If your not shy, try talking to her, think small talk first and work into the conversation. Always smile and leave on a friendly note, so she would feel comfortable talking with you again.
Jasmin P. Wall (1 year ago)
MrSoccerface could be shy - try speaking directly -
La Văn Tiến (1 year ago)
She's not shy, just simply doesn't interested in you xD
Ianna the iguana (2 years ago)
Crazy dopeo (1 year ago)
Warda Hawsawi (2 years ago)
your advices are the bomb!
Amie .Kitso (3 years ago)
Damn u good!! New subby, great videos 👌🏼

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