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Goodfellas - "I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown?"

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Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta star as "Tommy" and "Henry" in the epic "Goodfellas" directed by Martin Scorsese. **Any Requests Welcomed**
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Villo Awomi (1 day ago)
The funniest scene ever in a mob movie
jim68 (5 days ago)
A well deserved Oscar win by Joe Pesci.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Quenn Quenn (5 days ago)
Ive been in situations like these and shit this aint funny. But this scene is legendary
759 Gear (5 days ago)
Private event in Long Beach today tops ordeal
Michael Mitchell (6 days ago)
Brilliant film.....one that will live forever
Michael Matherne (6 days ago)
What's great about the scene is that not only is it very entertaining, it also tells you key things about characters.  It tells you that Liotta's character is great at reading people. It's foreshadowing how he constantly survives by immediately seeing through lies.  He knows that Jimmy is about to kill Morrie and almost manages to save him.  He knows that Jimmy is setting him up when Jimmy asks him to help on a hit.  And it's all foreshadowed here, where he realizes that the psychopath who gets enraged over the tiniest things, isn't actually angry about this particular thing and is actually just fucking with him.
HC Dags (6 days ago)
"I wish I was big just once"
MiniLemmy (7 days ago)
“What - like I’m a clown? I amuse you?”
YELLOW ISE (8 days ago)
I love the Anthony character. His minor lines made the movie even more funnier. “Hol hol hol Anthony, he’s a big boy he knows what he said. What’d ya say?” Anthony: “you’re right”.. 🤣
stratowhore (9 days ago)
Joe Pesci was fantastic in all of his mob movies!
Maurice L' Abominable (10 days ago)
doo i 'muze' yoo?
Zeus (10 days ago)
I think Tommy isn't that funny.
Londonfogey (11 days ago)
Those weird shirt collars never caught on, did they?
zelalem Giday (12 days ago)
I will never get enough of this scene .
Jonas Mortensen (13 days ago)
Who The fuck has The guts to dislike this
Emenace213 (14 days ago)
Great movie. P.S. Jason Nash reminded me this scene
Muhammet Ömer Toprak (14 days ago)
Tommy burada Henry e sen kesin ötersin diyor ve herkes gülüyor. İşin ilginci Henry cidden ötüyor. :/
Samy N (15 days ago)
In 80s or 90s 7 thousand in tab it’s a lot !
Ruthie M Peterson (15 days ago)
reminds me a better days and I love the way that pecci talks and I like each joke that's the way to express the best real to the heart vocab i miss it so.
Sy Sy (16 days ago)
I watched this Movie for the first time in 2019, and now it's probably one of my favourite movies ever!
Helen James (17 days ago)
I need to marry an Italian 😭😭😭
Cory In the house (17 days ago)
It gets me when he says “you really are a funny guy” then he jumps on him and it cuts 😂
Sky Blylevin (21 days ago)
I remember Pesci walked into a bar in African American section of New Jersey years ago. He said "I'm black? Black how? Do I amuse you? You think I'm Kevin Hart?" The whole place cracked up.
Eric M (23 days ago)
This is why I dont give a complimentary title to someone because then they might want an explanation and motivation for why I called them that.
Amorphous (26 days ago)
this seen was beautiful misdirection, you feel the tension when Tommy pushes henry
Edward Highland (1 month ago)
Denero isnt there or paul
Axl Rose (1 month ago)
600 people would fold under questioning.
Desmonds Auto (1 month ago)
One of the greatest movies ever made
Matt Scott (1 month ago)
This is a scene from a film...
Bloom HD (1 month ago)
Bing pow boom ping!
jamie schumacher (1 month ago)
Classic scene all the way. But when he looks at the waiter and stops...'what the fuck are you looking at?' Is gold
Daniel Lawrence (1 month ago)
You just don't get quality gangster movies like this anymore...REAL gangsters...
DNOMHCIR B (1 month ago)
Ito ung intro dun kay bugoy na kuykoy ehh "tinatawag ng tropa"
el dude (1 month ago)
Joe Pesci's delivery reminds me of Bud Abbott!
Mick Taylor (1 month ago)
How wealthy people laugh
Hector Rueda (1 month ago)
Never get tired of watching this scene
Adam Cortez (1 month ago)
Going "Goodfellas" mentality, when i confront people.
Adam Cortez (1 month ago)
Joe Pesci... Hell he proved that 4 foot tall men like me can be intiminating to 6 foot Asswholes...
Paul Conrad (1 month ago)
Wow! That was great. Best scene of the entire movie...
Peter Osei (1 month ago)
You really are a funny guy.
Matt Black (1 month ago)
like fine wine this ages well
Connor lee (1 month ago)
Hahahahaha funny guy
Go Getter (1 month ago)
Do diehard fans of Goodfellas remember the first time they watched this movie? I remember exactly where I was when the Columbia exploded,. I remember where I was during the Columbine massacre. I remember that whole terrible day when 9/11 happened, ALL TERRIBLE MEMORIES, All that said? I also vividly remember the first time I watched Goodfellas. My girlfriend was at work it was 10 in the morning October 1991. I was MESMERIZED! I COUDN'T tear myself away enough to even go to the bathroom!. Almost 3 hours long and I had to IMMEDIATELY watch it again! It's such a common TOP 5 ever movie for most men! There's a reason for that. It's JUST SO FUCKIN PHENOMENAL. It's Scorsese's CITIZEN KANE,
HydeAndSeek (1 month ago)
Last time I saw Goodfellas, I stopped watching when Pesci was killed. It just wasn’t the same without him.
hamilton6935 (1 month ago)
90% sure this is adapted from the “What’s funny is” speech in Blood Simple (1984)
KIM (1 month ago)
We all have that friend who laughs at everything
Napon Y. (1 month ago)
The grease on that gun would ruin that nice shirt, tough guy.
stpaulimdog (1 month ago)
3:41 Meme....Youre welcome.
Ostkreutz Rox (1 month ago)
"Frankie was he shakin?" That just makes the scene
ThatGuy67 (2 months ago)
Damien Safonte (2 months ago)
Fucking classic
Noo Day (2 months ago)
Best Seen Ever. 🤣😂😃
Axl Parabellam (2 months ago)
At least he brought the house down lol
BumbleBee15 YT (2 months ago)
I was watching Transformers RID crack and I was wondering what it was meaning and I found this. Thanks so much!!!
J Lock (2 months ago)
What is this pal? Pesci sounds like he's on helium.
M Y (2 months ago)
He is a funny guy 😂
Joan Ruiz Jacob (2 months ago)
This single scene is better than the entirety of Pulp Fiction
The Transporter (2 months ago)
Dr Strange : *makes a lame joke to catch the attention of Wong Wong : ........... Dr Strange : People used to think I was funny Wong: Did they work for you?
The Chronic (2 months ago)
Goodfellas is my favorite movie of all time. I've probably watched it 100 times since I was a kid and I will gladly watch it 100 more.
Glen Downs (2 months ago)
Henry wasn't laughing at Tommy. He was laughing at Tommy's shinebox.
Luiz Vendramini (2 months ago)
Best mob movie ever. Scorsese at his best.
Oscar Cabrini (2 months ago)
Carol Takahashi (2 months ago)
I don’t know but I come from a very different place, and I don’t find this scene funny it entertaining at all. It made me uncomfortable and to think that you have to talk and act under such threat, that if you said or did something so small, to piss off the thug, you could get killed for it? Do people really live like this in the underworld?
leo A (2 months ago)
I would of said “your a funny guy because your a shine boy.. now go home and fetch your shine box”
dalexkom (2 months ago)
jasdjasd (2 months ago)
I tried this on my girlfriend and she took it like Henry.
Tomb Raver (2 months ago)
Me: "Hey I like your shoes. Where did you get them?" Tommy: "What do you mean you like my shoes?" Me: "Um. Like them? Nice leather and-" Tommy: "Are you saying I wouldn't be able to normally afford shoes like these?" Me: "Where did you get that impre-" Tommy: "Oh so now i'm a fucking liar? You think i'm too poor to afford nice shoes?" Me: "Well no because-" Tommy: "Because what? Because I should GET MY SHINE BOX?!" Me: "._." Tommy: "I'm just fucking with yah." Me: "Ahehehehe....."
Noo Day (2 months ago)
Best Seen Ever. 😃 I vote Joe Pesci for PRESIDENT.
Randy Bridges (2 months ago)
The Goyim Know!!! GDL for life
Randy Bridges (2 months ago)
Open borders for Israel Never forget The USS Liberty
Randy Bridges (2 months ago)
The protocols of the elders of Zion Is the Truth
paranoidjohndroid (2 months ago)
Henry and Spider both on the back foot to Tommy, "You stuttering little prick" in both instances. Young Henry's limp as he serves up sandwiches and drinks in the busy gambling hall also mirrors the later Spider scene.
Taste Their Fear (2 months ago)
Bugoy na Koykoy hahahahaha
Big Bently (2 months ago)
One of the greatest movie scenes ever
draxcir (2 months ago)
This is the greatest scene in all cinematic history. Change my mind...
draxcir (2 months ago)
Funny how
mikkdc (2 months ago)
I remember the first time I saw this scene. My heart was beating so fast because I felt so anxious that something was gonna happen to Henry and then when Henry said " get the fuck outta here, Tommy!" I felt so much relief! Brilliantly written, directed and acted by Pileggi, Scorsese, Pesci and Liotta. One of the most memorable scenes in cinema history and one of my all time favourites.
John Johnson (2 months ago)
Can these kind of act take a place in McDonald's Burger King or Taco Bells can they really place an order and say put it on my tab where is the power ?
Adam Romero (2 months ago)
A classic! Like a All American Burger or beer this scene is so cool
mr. dambo (2 months ago)
How many times he said "fuck" ?
frog mr (2 months ago)
Should of told him his not as funny as his shinebox
Juanga 97 (2 months ago)
Is Henry Hill the one who speaks with Tommy in this scene?
Matthew Thomas (3 months ago)
You're a little munchkin with a gun, that's what's funny.
evomechanics 12 (3 months ago)
When I first watched this scene I was really at the edge of my seat afraid. Made me realize how good of an actor Pesci and Liotta and how good of a director Scorsese is, absolutely beautiful
eren yeager (3 months ago)
how the hell does one laugh like Ray here?
Brown Bomber (3 months ago)
This is one of the greatest performances by an actor in my opinion. Pesci totally carried the scene. As good as R Lee Ermy in Full Metal Jacket or Robert Shaw in Jaws.
Delvin Walton (3 months ago)
Delvin Walton (3 months ago)
Delvin Walton (3 months ago)
philhype31 (3 months ago)
Joe pesci is my favorite mafiosi character. He is better than De niro or Al pacino.
Jussi Mursunen (3 months ago)
Well, after "home Alone", he IS a funny guy.
Kyle Kostello (3 months ago)
Kicks the guy in the ass
Roderick Javier (3 months ago)
Me myself and I , mag isa ako sanay gusto ko sya pero di ko kailangan ung pinay
Jared MacManus (3 months ago)
And thus, a meme was born.
Явор Ганев (3 months ago)
meme how?
M1s9l86 L (3 months ago)
'You must tell my something do day stuffguy..'-okay,i tell sometihing:Go fuck you mother bhiu bhou!"😂
WESSERPARAQUAT (3 months ago)
we know they didn't get it in a single take...how? at 1.07 it's a funny story your a funny guy ...Henry raises his glass to drink , in the next frames at 1.08 he is seen raising the glass AGAIN! that was fast or bad editing, at 1.17 the way you tell the story and everything, his hands are down, next frame his left arm is already upright...in miliseconds...so this amazing scene is actually an edit of multiple takes then poorly edited together not very smooth
thebeatnumber (3 months ago)
Twenty Five Facts About Goodfellas 1. Several Hollywood A-listers were mentioned for the role of Henry Hill, including Tom Cruise, Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin and Cruise's "Top Gun" co-star Val Kilmer, who sent in a tape of himself playing the character, "Goodfellas" producer Irwin Winkler revealed to Playboy. 2. Author Nicholas Pileggi didn't return director Martin Scorsese's initial call about making his 1986 book "Wiseguy" into a movie because he thought someone was pulling his leg. "I didn't believe it when Marty left a message. I thought it was my friend David Denby, the film critic, winding me up. So I just ignored him," Pileggi told The Guardian in 2013. Scorsese eventually got Pileggi's attention by reaching out to his wife, Nora Ephron. 3. Ray Liotta didn't meet Henry Hill until after the movie wrapped. According to Hill, Scorsese insisted on keeping the two apart. "He didn't want me to influence him whatsoever," he once told an interviewer. Robert De Niro, however, met with Hill and endlessly quizzed him for insights into his character, Jimmy Conway, who was based on mobster James (Jimmy the Gent) Burke. 4. Instead, to get into character, Liotta listened to hours upon hours of interviews Pileggi taped with Hill while writing "Wiseguy." "Henry Hill was eating potato chips the whole time . . . it (was) just a horrible noise," Liotta recalled to a radio interviewer in 2014. 5. Both of Scorsese's parents are in the film. His mom, Catherine, plays Joe Pesci's character's mother, while his father, Charles, plays Vinnie, the old mobster whom Paulie warns about putting too many onions in the tomato sauce in the prison dinner scene. Charles died in 1993, while Catherine died in 1997. 6. In the scene where Henry and Karen Hill are discussing the witness protection program, the prosecutor they are speaking to is Ed McDonald, the actual federal prosecutor who put Hill in the witness protection program. McDonald, now in private practice, told the Wall Street Journal in 2008 that all of his lines were improvised, including the famous, "Don't give me the 'babe in the woods' routine, Karen." "We did six takes of the scene, and I often wondered how many times I used (that line) . . . I probably only used it once," McDonald said. 7. "Goodfellas" was nominated for six Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director. It won only one, a Best Supporting Actor trophy for Joe Pesci. 8. Pesci's acceptance speech was just five words: "It's my privilege, thank you." 9. Lorraine Bracco turned down the chance to play mob wife Carmela on the HBO series "The Sopranos" because of her role as Karen Hill in "Goodfellas." "I said, 'Look, I don't think I should play Carmela because I did it, I did it in a Scorsese movie, I got an Oscar nomination. I really don't think I'm going to bring so much to this for you that I haven't done already," she told HuffPost Live. 10. Joe Pesci's character Tommy DeVito is based on Lucchese family hit man Thomas DeSimone, aka "Two-Gun Tommy" or "Tommy D." While Pesci is only about 5-foot-4, DeSimone was actually a hulking 6-foot-2 in real life. Describing Tommy's death in the film, Henry Hill says: "They even shot Tommy in the face so his mother couldn't give him an open coffin at the funeral." In reality, DeSimone vanished in 1979 and his body was never found. He was 28. 11. According to "Wiseguy," DeSimone did in fact pistol whip William (Billy Batts) Bentvena to death after Batts ribbed him about being a shoeshine boy, but the insult and the murder occurred a few weeks apart. During the gruesome attack, DeSimone smashed the butt of his .38 revolver into Batts' face and screamed, "Shine these f--- shoes!" 12. The famous "Funny how?" scene was inspired by an experience Joe Pesci had working at a restaurant and mob hangout as a young man. As Liotta and other castmates tell it, Pesci got put on the spot after he quipped that one mobster was "a funny guy." 13. Chuck Low, who plays the pestering wig salesman Morrie Kessler, was Robert De Niro's real estate consultant before appearing in the film. 14. De Niro's character, Jimmy Conway, was based on James Burke, a top associate of the Lucchese crime family nicknamed "Jimmy the Gent" because of his dapper appearance. As depicted in the movie, Burke masterminded the 1978 Lufthansa robbery, which ripped off nearly $6 million from a JFK cargo hold and was the largest robbery in the U.S. at the time. He and Hill were also players in the 1979 Boston College point-shaving scandal. In "Wiseguy," Hill describes Burke's love of stealing: "If you ever offered Jimmy a billion dollars, he'd turn you down and then try to figure out how to steal it from you." He died of lung cancer in a Buffalo hospital in 1996 while serving a 20-to-life sentence for murder. 15. In the famous introduction scene, Fat Andy, aka "Moe Black's brother," is played by Louis Eppolito, one of the notorious NYPD "Mafia Cops." As a detective in the 1980s and early '90s, Eppolito — whose father, uncle and cousins were made guys in the Gambino family — secretly worked for the mob, filtering tips and information that eventually led to several murders. Along with Stephen Caracappa, he was convicted of racketeering, murder and conspiracy in 2006 and sentenced to life in prison. 16. Sonny Bunz, the beleaguered Bamboo Lounge owner who gets a bottle cracked over his head, was played by Anthony Borgese, a Brooklyn-bred actor who uses the stage name Tony Darrow. As a young man, Borgese worked in the real Bamboo Lounge in Canarsie, where Hill, Burke and DeSimone hung out. 17. Queens native Christopher Serrone said playing young Henry put a giant target on his back during his teen years. "Every kid in my neighborhood wanted to be the guy who beat up the gangster kid from Goodfellas. It was tough," Serrone, now in his late 30s, told the Daily Mail recently. "I took my share and gave my share." 18. Nearly four decades later, the Luftansa robbery is still being prosecuted in New York's courts. In January 2014, Vincent Asaro, a 78-year-old Bonanno family capo, was nabbed in an FBI sweep and charged with plotting the 64-minute heist with Jimmy Burke and Henry Hill. Asaro isn't depicted in "Goodfellas," but he was in the room when the real Tommy DeSimone pumped a bullet into Spider's foot. He took the bleeding kid to get patched up. 19. The movie's second-to-last shot shows Pesci firing a pistol point-blank at the screen. It's a reference to the ending of the 1903 silent film "The Great Train Robbery," where one of the bandits does the same thing. 20. In the final scene, De Niro's defense attorney, who says the line "Mr. Hill, you know everything about being a rat," is played by Eddie Hayes, a legendary New York mob lawyer who was the inspiration for the slick-talking attorney in Tom Wolfe's "Bonfire of the Vanities." 21. Frankie Carbone, who is found hanging from a hook in a refrigerated meat truck, was played by Frank Sivero. In recent years, Sivero has filed a handful of lawsuits accusing people ripping off the character. Later year, he went after "The Simpsons" for allegedly stealing his likeness for a Springfield mobster, while another suit targeted a Southern California deli for hawking a "Frankie Carbone" sandwich using his photo. 22. The exact number is in dispute, but it's generally believed that the "f-word" is said between 300-320 times in the movie. However, another Scorsese flick, "The Wolf of Wall Street," is said to be Hollywood's F-bomb Don, with 544, according to a Slate tally. 23. In the scene where Tommy shoots Spider in the foot, the drunk mobster waves his smoking revolver and shouts "Take him to Ben Casey!" as Spider writhes in pain on the floor. Ben Casey was the titular doctor of a hit TV show that ran in the early '60s. 24. While the movie has a reputation of being a bloody whack-a-thon, only five character deaths are depicted on screen, including Stacks Edwards, played by a then little-known Samuel L. Jackson. 25. Henry Hill died on June 12, 2012, at the age of 69. "His heart gave out," his girlfriend said at the time. Two years earlier, he'd confided to a reporter that he never stopped feeling like a marked man. "There's always that chance that some young buck wants to make a name for themselves," Hill said in 2010. "I never thought I'd reach this wonderful age. I'm just grateful for being alive."
G. Scanlan (3 months ago)
oh my god I love this scene so much, can't wait to see Mr. Pesci back
DANIEL WOOD (3 months ago)

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