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Goodfellas - "I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown?"

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Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta star as "Tommy" and "Henry" in the epic "Goodfellas" directed by Martin Scorsese. **Any Requests Welcomed**
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V sparkyAK (19 hours ago)
What a funny guy
Theroux (2 days ago)
Was so weird seeing a now-older Ray Liotta in an anti-smoking commercial recently.
Michael Madsen (3 days ago)
I love the part “like im a clown i amuse you? I make you laugh? Im here to fuckin amuse u?” Thats the cool and funny part to me
truestdude (6 days ago)
I worry about the 555 ppl that disliked this clip. They may fold under questioning. Not a gud look
John Tomoson (7 days ago)
7k on a restaurant
Love you, crazy guy.
The delivery, and punchlines, and obviously suspense! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA woops so, ok?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, halleluiah! Thanks Jesus! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Ok.
Kevin Bell (12 days ago)
"thats it henry!" 😂😂
SuperCushcush (12 days ago)
Classic.....Thats all I can say.
Brugolo Sparefre (14 days ago)
552 people think tommy is funny
Just shows how everyone was afraid of Tommy simone. Everyone thought he was serious
Luke Dearey (15 days ago)
this is a funny vid!
GreenerHill (16 days ago)
Thanks for the film. I'd only heard the scene on a college trip on a coach, and always pictured the scary guy as older!
s3eedh3 (16 days ago)
Conner Simpson (17 days ago)
I’m Ray and I quit smoking with Chantix
Kyle Vernon (18 days ago)
Martin Scorsese makes movies for men. I’ve never met a woman who understood goodfellas references or really liked any Scorsese movie enough to understand the small things.
Kevin McCallister won’t be playing tricks with him anymore after watching this scene
hollow Slayer (19 days ago)
If I was there I would of pulled out my gun and gunned Tommy's his ass down right than and there and would say that's funny
John Gotti (19 days ago)
frankie was he shaking
Jackie Hill (20 days ago)
1:08 i think most of this scene was improvised. they kept it rolling. you know... they are are all continuing to act after script
Samueltakesoff (20 days ago)
Who’s here after Lebron’s post 😂
Aaaah a CLASSIC MOVIE great for the whole family 👌🏼😄
Sincere One (23 days ago)
Aaron Mizell AKA J A M (24 days ago)
I'll tell ya something go fuck ya mother lmao
truearies77 (27 days ago)
Mendicant Biased (27 days ago)
In Canada, this is what happens if you say literally anything negative about Don Cherry.
Jesus Melendez (27 days ago)
550 people need to go get their shine boxes
SwordsmanRyan (29 days ago)
All those years ago, watching those birds on Animaniacs... I never got that routine until I saw this.
Tim Suetens (1 month ago)
This scene vs the scene in Inglorious Bastards when the Nazi joins the basterds at the table...
holamoco17 (1 month ago)
"Ping, what you doin' here? I thought I told you to fuck your motha?!"
Duncan Bradshaw (1 month ago)
My father was once called a joker at a business dinner he took me to. He said almost exactly what Tommy said. The guy was obviously getting nervous as my father was talking to him. He was displaying a perpetuating trauma previously inflicted upon him by some event that must have had something to do with my father. He was intensely sweating. My father was getting angry due to him acting like an absolute pussy and not expressing his words correctly. To this day I remember what my father told him at that dinner when I was only 8. "You better open that mouth right now or I'll make sure nothing comes out of it again. Ill cave your skull in in front of my son you slimy fuck". My father could no longer contain his loathing for this man. Within seconds my father drew his pistol and shot him somewhere in the abdomen. The man fell over but was still alive. My father then turned to me and said "You come here Jonathan, come here and watch what a man can do to another man". As I walk over my father was un-doing his tie and taking off his suit jacket. He then tore the man apart. Everything. Broken bones, cut fingers, he ripped his tongue out and made him swallow it as if it were a burger. Then he called me over and gave me his revolver. Made me shoot him......I still remember the mans squeals as he was trying to articulate a begging noise, reminded me somewhat of this handicapped man I was once instructed to throw into the New York sewage canal. After I pulled the trigger my father congratulated me and got one of his finest breeds of Nigerians to fumble me. He told me she was FOJJ ( Which later in life I found out meant Fresh Off The Jumbo Jet ). That night I became a man.
tjmonstar (1 month ago)
What are you looking at ace ventura?
DrFunk98 (1 month ago)
that cut at the end
Abhibhav Sharma (1 month ago)
Beggi B from trainspotting and Joe from Goodfellas must sit for rum shots
Michael Martin (1 month ago)
Fuckin' ballbreaka
gearboxxx x (1 month ago)
First time i saw this my heart stopped i was like -wtf is this maniac going to do now Man he scared the shit out of me
Jerry Vdm (1 month ago)
He was very close to getting killed, ...
edward joseph rezano (1 month ago)
tinatawag ng tropa intro.. 2joints bugoy na kuykoy
sped23 (1 month ago)
anyone notice that everyone in the restaurant disappears and then reappears?
Mark Collins (1 month ago)
What the fuck are you looking at
Mantis Toboggan (1 month ago)
Hey, that's the bad guy from home alone.
NERD Incorporated (1 month ago)
Jesus that was tense. Phew!
John Johnson (1 month ago)
How many other places he could say put it on my tab for instance Chinese town Latin neighborhood African American neighborhood Etc
Elmar Kitos (1 month ago)
One of the best scenes in the entire movie
Terry Hanks (1 month ago)
pissedoffguy45 (1 month ago)
The mafia!
pissedoffguy45 (1 month ago)
You go fuck your father!! You fucking whop!!!! Go fuck my mother?? I’d shoot you in the head for saying that!!!!!!!!!!!!
Samuel Crawford (1 month ago)
How come all the other people in the restaurant seem to be laughing that he just smashed the owner over the head with a glass for asking him to pay his bill (could have blinded him for life), threatened another innocent bystander and threw a table of drinks at him, then threatened one of his friends with a gun. I would have ran out of there as fast as I could.
hillel (1 month ago)
I thought that also. Maybe they knew it was a mob hangout and didn't care.
Creative Picture (1 month ago)
He is a sociopath and funny.
Danny A (1 month ago)
i make you laugh? im here to fuckin amuse you?
Max Mason (1 month ago)
" Seven thousand I charge !!! "
Timothy Triumph (1 month ago)
Why do people go so in-depth with mafia movies like it’s some addition found in quantum physics. It’s not that deep, it’s just great acting.
Maddawg Justin (2 months ago)
I need someone to tell me how they feel about this. Joe Pesci as the Penguin.
yellowfolder (2 months ago)
The Donald Funk (2 months ago)
You wanna laugh last week this prick asked me to christen his kid
Mark Pointer (2 months ago)
One of THE best scenes, for tension, of ANY mafia/gangster movie, EVER, imho. I remeber the first time I saw this scene, not knowing what the outcome was, back in the ‘90s. I felt my heart rate, and the tension, physically rise as you see Henry slowly thinking “oh geez, I’m in trouble here”, before finally realising (and no doubt praying!) that Tommy’s just ‘breaking balls’.......... what a scene.
Then he gets mauled by a blonde kid while trying to rob a house on Christmas Eve.
Jeremy Montes (2 months ago)
They will never be able to make movies like this anymore.
nPlatin (2 months ago)
deeply insecure narcissistic and no empathy. Result: stone cold killer
Tiga1820 (2 months ago)
Ned D. (2 months ago)
Ray Liotta's facial expression when he's laughing is priceless.
LA Bottles&Coins (2 months ago)
I can't believe 537 dislikers folded under questioning!
meesalikeu (2 months ago)
whats really funny not funny is how pesci & marty forshadow trump here
Benszg (2 months ago)
You can see how they all have to laugh just cause hes their boss
Christopher Kerch (2 months ago)
I love how he breaks the bottle over the Pricks head.
CloudStreets (2 months ago)
What a genius scene. Everyone’s laughing, but no one is happy. They’re all shitting their pants.
TOPN Autocyclepc (2 months ago)
A bunch of wise guys
GILBERT Hernandez (2 months ago)
Funny? Funny how!
Norm Macdonald (2 months ago)
Explain to the folks at home what funny is
abulmajd alfahad (2 months ago)
He’s not funny, they laugh coz they are scared of him
ValerioRoma (2 months ago)
I love this scene everytime i see this i laugh so much
Gumball LastRally (2 months ago)
Best fake laugh ever!
Alonzo Harris (2 months ago)
I laugh at this scene everytime. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂
That's sexist! I'm offended!
Raymond Steen (2 months ago)
This part of the movie is also the best besides the Billy Bats bar scene of where he said "Now go home and get your FUCKING SHINE BOX "!!!
Benny Kwok (2 months ago)
Ray Liotta’s laugh is legendary
dijo dim (2 months ago)
Larry Barese gets beaten up??
Jorge Paul (2 months ago)
3:02 What you mean don't be like that ? jajajaajaja
Joe Pesci is a great actor,both funny and threatening at the same time,man he sure dropped a lot of F-bombs in this scene,he wasn’t swearing in Home Alone And HA2:Lost In New York
Imagine if Animaniacs did this but with Pesto and Squit instead and censored bleep words
ALIEN STUDIO TV (3 months ago)
1:43 franky totally buying it
ishrat shreen Rahman (3 months ago)
Don't think so anyone could have done better than joe.this scene just belongs to him..
M E (3 months ago)
Younger generation do not watch this movie anymore so I try kidding them with same dialogue from 1:40 in case of telling jokes before and the result is the same :)
BeezOne84 (3 months ago)
Funny like a heart attack
Jose Torres (3 months ago)
Where’s Harry
R JP (3 months ago)
this is short man syndrome to a T
LWAL63 (3 months ago)
This was a funny video
Sid Stoudemire (3 months ago)
I just realized that when Tommy shouts "For seven thousand I charge!" the people in the background are laughing too.
darkness scorpion (3 months ago)
LMAO Tommy is really funny
Ziou Zitsou (3 months ago)
Thats one of my fav scenes
A b1986 (3 months ago)
If you don't laugh you get whacked.
I Hate Google (6 days ago)
whoa whoa Anthony, am I not funny? Am I not a clown? Am I not here to fucking amuse you?
Anshul Shandil (3 months ago)
This scene almost had me for a moment the 1st time i watched it just like ray liotta🤔😅
Team K (3 months ago)
As much as Pesci makes this scene, Liotta's laugh sure doesn't hurt it.
Peter Galbraith (3 months ago)
I don't know what's funnier, Tommy's story or Henry's laugh.
Mike Killagreen (3 months ago)
Pulls out a gun and everyone keeps laughing. What a life
Mike Killagreen (3 months ago)
The irony is Henry did fold under questioning. Lol
Mark Collins (3 months ago)
Go fuck your self fuckin prick
Mark Collins (3 months ago)
A why the fuck do you say fuck all the fucking time go fuck your mother

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