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Millions in sales on eBay with Cell Phones?

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Text Comments (48)
Alex Stefan (8 months ago)
Ok, but where I can find a supplier for all those phones?
Paul DeLeo (9 months ago)
How does Gazelle avoid these problems?
Paul DeLeo (9 months ago)
About 10 years ago I made a few thousand buying 1st generation iPhones directly from Apple and unlocking and jailbreaking them for use on T-Mobile when AT&T was the only carrier they were supposed to work on.
Joefrenne S (9 months ago)
What did sprint take you to court over? You showed records that you did everything correctly.
RockstarFlipper (9 months ago)
Long story.. had to do with Reselling their phones.. If I had fought it till the end I would of won.. another guy did in the same situation and paid $150k in legal fees to win..
ryaes92 ryaes92 (10 months ago)
Will eBay new policy still auto accept If I say no returns , someone fried an item and opened a return eBay won’t close because it auto accept , truly not my fault.
ebaylistinginfo (10 months ago)
Also another story about why it's risky to buy cell phones on eBay. My roommate bought a phone on eBay, after checking if the IMEI was clean. It came back clean and he bought the phone, and all went fine for a few month. Then at some point the phone stopped working. So my friend called his phone provider to check about what was going on, and then told him that the phone IMEI was reported stolen and thus was locked now and cannot been activated any more. So how come his clean IMEI turned into a stolen phone suddenly ?... Well, turns out that the eBay seller (or who ever he got the from from) hacked into a stolen phone and swapped the original locked IMEI for a randomly generated one that was working at the time. But when this IMEI finally ended up being linked and used on another phone, and that phone got stolen, then this IMEI got locked, and so was my friend's phone.
ebaylistinginfo (10 months ago)
There are already LOT of stolen phone for sale on eBay, and they don't do anything against those, because eBay makes money on those as well. I can guaranty you that almost all those phone you see listed as "locked" or "not clean IMEI" on there, are sold from stolen units.
Serena Bowser (10 months ago)
Even the best of the best never made anything of their self without taking risk!!! Lesson learned though. Thank you for another up front and honest video!! Rock on Rockstar!!! 🤟🏻
C Medrano (10 months ago)
Nope, it's on you also. You were acting imoral and appears you will still do imoral things for money, since you do not acknowlege your imoral behavior.
RockstarFlipper (10 months ago)
And you need to check yourself before you come into the comment section without the entire story. WE NEVER told them to bypass their employer.. we asked if they had a trade in program and if they didnt to contact us... We also met random employees off facebook or craigslist not knowing they were employees for weeks or months or sometimes ever.
C Medrano (10 months ago)
@RockstarFlipper Things that are imoral don't have to be illegal. You approach store employees with the intention of having them bipass their employers and diect phones to you. That's shady. You put temptation in front of the employee who lost his job and you are just as guilty has him.You need to seriously check your moral compass before something worse happens.
RockstarFlipper (10 months ago)
WRONG. If it was on me I would be sitting in jail right now. #1- I have no way to know where someone got something or how they came into it. I can ask, and they can lie. Thats why we have buying agreements and get all their information. I can assume all I want but we know how that works out. #2- I don't buy phones any longer because of that reason, sooo... thats me saying its risky and I won't involve myself in it. #3- Its not "immoral". its a shady side of business and its up to someone to decide if they want to participate in it or not...you could buy thousands of phones and they all be perfectly legit. Im not willing to risk it, so ONCE AGAIN I stepped away.
Jimmy Gallop (10 months ago)
If you buy and sell metals ie...gold and silver you have to be licensed and take pictures of it and hold it for like 14 days before you sell it ,for reasons like that.same as buying and selling cars.if you buy and sell cars and don't have a license then you get into tax laws that are harder to fight than theft .
Vickie Clark (10 months ago)
Thanks for the great info. I've never been interested in selling phones or even electronics knowing the risks that can be involved. But they are even riskier than I ever imagined. But those high profit items always come with high risk. One bad transaction, you can lose years of profit, not to mention spending time in jail. Even if you are the innocent party, FBI considers everyone guilty of it. I'll stick with selling party items and toys. Much safer LOL. Thanks again for a great video, it's a good one to have for anyone that is even thinking about selling phones or anything else that is high percent in the black market.
ICY PROFITS (10 months ago)
I dont do cell phones but I sell a lot of high end products I buy locally I pay half of the average selling price. I use a legal purchase agreement and take licenses. I use my best judgment but at the end of the day you cant point the finger and tell people they look like a thief to everyone and waste your time meeting everyone. I do walk away from some situations but the purchase agreement covers my ass on stolen goods as long as I'm not knowingly buying stolen goods. But it is a risk. Good profit...high risk. Welcome to the buying merchandise business. Pawns shops deal with it everyone who is a buyer deals with it. Just part of business you do what you can but at the end of the day you just try to cover your butt and help out the law when things hit the fan.
Dave B (10 months ago)
Casey that’s a nice shirt you’re wearing. Looks light weight yet dressy. If you know the brand could you reply. Thx. I wanna buy one on eBay. Thx!
RockstarFlipper (10 months ago)
Im pretty sure its from Kohls or Target honestly lol.. its RN17730 golf shirt.. But theres no tag for brand because it was one of those printed on the material and has since rubbed off
Lisa Bambaci (10 months ago)
, I was just thinking that myself! Very nice
EBay is now getting very strict on who can sell cell phones. Once you get to a certain level you will receive a phone call from eBay asking for a invoice on how do you buy your phone if you cannot provide one you will be suspended from selling cell phones on eBay. You are better off selling on mercari if you are picking up the phones locally
Chicago hustle Zone (10 months ago)
How can you check if phones are stolen ?
RockstarFlipper (10 months ago)
Call the service provider and ask
LiS Wright (10 months ago)
Where (location) do the phones ship from? If Diana is fronting for the Russian, the phones must be shipping from Russia?? So the Russian is acting as a fence for cell phones?
Betty A (10 months ago)
Hi Casey. I doubt if you remember - a couple of years ago when I was brand new I started watching your channel when you had less than 10K subs. I remember your first giveaway and the all night charity broadcast. So anyway, about that time you had a terrible troll giving you trouble. As he had to several other people in the comments he made a comment under one of my comments to go check your "criminal" background, etc. Well, I did. I went out and found and read several pages of comments and replies by you on a forum and who knows what else. Anyway, at the end of it I made my own conclusion that you have a pretty level head on your shoulders and to the best of your ability, you make good decisions. I remember coming back to your channel with just a normal comment, never mentioning any of this, and you thanking me very much. I somewhat remember you explaining all this about a year ago, but here you have given a really good explanation of how it all went down - not that it makes any difference, but it is really good information to a lot of your newer and younger subs. You know I don't comment a lot, but I'm usually in the background somewhere ;-) Please say hello to Dave for me and send my congrats on his new baby. Wishing you guys continued success. You're doing a great job of keeping us informed. Stay true to yourself and you'll always go far.
Betty A (10 months ago)
:-))) And you too!
RockstarFlipper (10 months ago)
Betty you have been here since the start and I thank you for that. Yes I remember those people who think they know the entire story just based on what they can google search... IF that was the case then big foot just invaded Disney world right? They just want to cause trouble or get a laugh and don't care that they could be ruining someones reputation or business. But as you can see, im still here :-). Thank you sooo much
Gus Tamer (10 months ago)
I would probably have to hire a full time customer service agent if i sold cell phones lol.
Heath Albritton (10 months ago)
WHAT??!! No $700 course on how to sell used iPhones locally or on eBay like all the other phone selling gurus have? What a terrible person you must be! Anyway, I have been considering this but I need to get more money saved up first because that is EXPENSIVE to buy and sell iPhones and people in my local area think their iPhone 6 is worth $450 lol It's good to hear a different perspective on it.
RockstarFlipper (10 months ago)
No course.. just a free video.. im not going to teach anyone how to get involved in that market exactly
Yo Yo (10 months ago)
Husband’s new iPhone just got stolen last week 😣
Jase (10 months ago)
That can happen with any electronics. It happened to Ralli Roots.
michael yu (10 months ago)
Unrelated to video above, but has ebay been acting sluggish/super slow for anyone? Sometimes, it takes ages for a page to load on ebay. Also, I'm getting weird issues, like being unable to revise a price for an item, even after multiple tries.
ninja warrior (10 months ago)
Not here. I use eBay app on phone
michael yu (10 months ago)
sc - thanks for confirming. I did try Firefox and that seems a bit better. And yeah, I was using Chrome and ebay has been nothing but a headache using Chrome.
sc (10 months ago)
Same problems. Its google chrome. Works fine on internet explorer
Cristian Medel (10 months ago)
Where is the salvation army haul videos?
The Posh Planet (10 months ago)
I wouldn't touch cell phones with a ten foot or even longer, pole. Nope.
Rusty Nail (9 months ago)
Highest profits ever. You can buy a broken iPhone for 40 put a 25 dollar screen or battery in it and resell for 250-350. Iv never been able to consistently turn 65 dollars into 250...ever...until I discovered the world of cellphones.
RockstarFlipper (10 months ago)
Yeah they are super high risk unfortunately
Risk/reward too much for me but someones gotta do it!
RockstarFlipper (10 months ago)
Yeah its very high risk for sure.. reward can be awesome tho
crbones 2 (10 months ago)
About time someone is real about how hard, expensive and how it only takes 1 bad person and there are so many to mess up everything you have worked for! Glad you recovered but ouch 50- 60 k !!!
ANDYstechtalk23 (10 months ago)
If you’re using a bill of sale, checking imei and getting a drivers license pic you’ll rarely buy stolen phones. If you know what you’re doing it’s low risk
RockstarFlipper (9 months ago)
Rusty Nail when did I say I bought phones from the store? Our entire business was buying second hand phones using drivers license and bill of sales + calling in ESN. We did the entire business correctly, we just happened to do it during a time when a company sued 500+ small cell phone sellers.. I made HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in profit. Its how I built my business and life on buying "LEGIT PROPER" phones. You have no idea what I did and didnt do, so please don't comment as such
Rusty Nail (9 months ago)
I agree he shouldn't steer people away because he didn't do it right lol. Hes also paying top dollar for second hand phones buying them from the store. If you buy broken phones off people you get them for 20-40 put like a half hr into them and resell for huge profits. The store way gives you a lot of phones but less profit.
Cole Blooded (10 months ago)
ANDYstechtalk23 💯👌🏿
Kj Carter (10 months ago)
KKarma916 first one always thanks for all the great info bro keep em coming
RockstarFlipper (10 months ago)
Very welcome thanks so much!

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