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The Funniest Brain Games That'll Make You Smile

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Try out the funniest brain games that will make you smile! :) If you feel bored or tired these puzzles will definitely give you a huge boost of energy! To stay concentrated and awake during the day you need to solve these just for 10-15 minutes! Isn't it so simple? 😊 00:14 - A short math trick that will tease your brain! Take your time to answer correctly! 00:44 - Are you good at recognizing superheroes? Can you guess which picture is a real one? Try to find it out before the time is up! 01:58 - What Am I riddles and quiz questions to boost your IQ level and test your logic. 04:04 - A set of mind-blowing picture riddles that will amaze your brain and improve all your mental skills! There are 3 mistakes in each picture, so be super attentive! Only a genius can find all of them, so let's see what you can do😜 05:44 - A short math trick to test your logic! I wonder how many of you can get it before the time is up :) 06:14 - This set of incredible optical illusions will not only challenge your vision but also give you a piece of advice about your ideal partner. It's really great to know your own strengths and weaknesses to identify which features of character your partner should have, isn't it? Does your partner perfectly complement you? 08:08 - A set of short math riddles with crayons! Improve your logical skills and increase your IQ level with this fun puzzle game. 09:37 - I bet you think you know all the superheroes and their logos, because we always see them in the movies, BUT you'll be surprised to realize that it is not true. Only those with photographic memory will pass this logo quiz, for others, these quiz games will turn out to be pretty hard to deal with! 11:25 - What do you see first? A visual quiz that reveals your real character! Warm up your brain and start your day with this fun quiz question! TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which of these riddles was the most difficult for you to solve? #mathtricks #personalitytests #opticalillusions Music: Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/ Music: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music Subscribe to 7-Second Riddles: https://goo.gl/BZSTVh -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join us on Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/7Second.Riddles/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/7second.riddles/ Website: https://brightside.me/wonder-quizzes/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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7-Second Riddles (6 months ago)
Thumbnail: If you saw a gorilla first I have bad news for you 😅 What did you see first in this picture? A set of crime riddles that will drive you crazy 😱 https://youtu.be/5_jhwv1ij6U
William Thiphakone (7 days ago)
A woman
ejeryz (8 days ago)
Im not normal
ItzEpicRawf (9 days ago)
7-Second Riddles...I guess I got the unlucky charm..I saw the gorilla.. ;-;
xxx_melovegatcha Life (14 days ago)
That's dumb you don't know us
Í saw girl
Blavic (7 hours ago)
other than i saw the gorrilla first in the thumbnail, how did that raccon know i picked the 8 of diamonds? im so trying that again.
Jeck Jeck (7 hours ago)
5:35 they are driving on a brige qnd driving the dirt and also a sign that leads to nothing Edit:forgot a car facing backwards
Zoey Bluberrystep (10 hours ago)
0:24 all the cards changed
Roxanne Rothery (21 hours ago)
Makayla House (1 day ago)
I must not be normal then lol
TTV Muchweak11YT (2 days ago)
9:21 was easy :)))
TTV Muchweak11YT (2 days ago)
You got me on the first one some how
Eric Breed (2 days ago)
Tararnum Tasnuva Ali (2 days ago)
One car is facing forward but the other is facing backward
blackcrystal jhen (3 days ago)
Liuba van Liuba (3 days ago)
Lupe Contreras (3 days ago)
markus cobal (4 days ago)
Grade 6
Lori Hovell (4 days ago)
Lori Hovell (4 days ago)
The sign is pointing left and the cars are going the opposite direction
Steve Harding (4 days ago)
#Rockstar never let worries get you down ;P
Mega RobloxGamer (5 days ago)
IM #ROCKSTAR Score:7 And press read more What is 2 + 2 4=Like 5=Comments
Sarah Simmons (6 days ago)
Meme Lover (6 days ago)
There's a left turn There going right
Whitney Raybould (6 days ago)
Samuel Salinas (7 days ago)
I shoot and never kill is a old stormtrooper
Farah Naz (7 days ago)
Clove Maurie (7 days ago)
Phoebe K. W. (7 days ago)
If i see the gorilla first im not normal but im special
Phoebe K. W. (7 days ago)
All cards the racoon took
Sienna Isherwood (7 days ago)
Diamond Gamer888 (8 days ago)
Mcr Tøp YEE (8 days ago)
Mcr Tøp YEE (8 days ago)
How the hell did the raccoon do that?
Veronica Surawi (8 days ago)
# lone Wolf
MaroonWizard (8 days ago)
5:19 The cars are going opposite they would have crashed Also the sign says left but the road goes right Can’t find the third one
JJMK ULTRA (8 days ago)
The one that said what can you hold in your left hand,never in your right I said a pen cuz I a Lefty
May Vul (8 days ago)
#Grade_A It’s so accurate!
Lisa Mugabo (8 days ago)
I'm sorry but 13:40 I never saw Wolverine's novie or read his story sooo...
Nick Sanders (8 days ago)
Lexxis Bailey (9 days ago)
#Lonewolf with 5 points.
Antonia Odupitan (9 days ago)
8:31 is wrong since it said triangles not triangle
Andrzej1978765 (9 days ago)
Shazia Rizwan (9 days ago)
I don't understand what did the raccoon do
ItzEpicRawf (9 days ago)
#Grade_A ..... :P
Gabriella Ellyason (10 days ago)
Silent Chan (10 days ago)
3:11 I thought it was nerfgun..
Khurshid Ahmad (10 days ago)
The cars were on the opposite direction
2:45 but a chalkboard is not black, its dark green 5:35 The Yellow Car is going backwards, and the sing points to the Left instead of to the right and i got 7:40 6 Points
Wolfie_cz/sk TikTok (10 days ago)
Deadpool is not superhero
Hi im Sheene (11 days ago)
On 1:58 thats the #sisvsbro intro
fяσѕту αqυα (11 days ago)
" I shoot but never kill " Me:A nerf gun
Brenda Espinoza (11 days ago)
The car Is backwards And the arrow Is pointing left
Andrius Vaitkevicius (11 days ago)
O:32 they took all the cards away and changed them
duck chicken (11 days ago)
The first trick is just simple memorize the 6 card and look at second part see the difference
Dark Knight (11 days ago)
Pastel. Pup (12 days ago)
4:00 makes no sence
Jada Justice (12 days ago)
The car was backwards
Divina Sharma (12 days ago)
The last one is false I neither like marvels nor Dc
Deepak Agrawal (12 days ago)
Why is it that every 7 second riddle is always a 10 second one??
Jazmyn Rose (12 days ago)
Marvel is waaayyyyyyyy better
Jazmyn Rose (12 days ago)
When it says make 4 triangles u can lidgit make 4 triangles
M Vlogs (13 days ago)
3:06 It Could Also Be A Basketball.
I tried the 1st game 10 times now...Geez... it's unbelievable. for the fact that it is a video
Ari Young (13 days ago)
Who actually smiled?
Breanna Haney (15 days ago)
5:36 the yellow car is going the wrong way, and the blue sign sayd its gping left but the road is going right
Minea Jupiter (15 days ago)
I don't know why two car can cross in one small bridge
fakeFunky (16 days ago)
How you do this with cards man IS scary!
Brian Pham (16 days ago)
The first one was stupid. None of the cards after were from the first pile. Smh.
ĐƏVĮŁ HƏĄŘȚ (16 days ago)
If we invert that photo of the fox we can see a women
Benito Decin (17 days ago)
In the 5:19 you cant passed through if the bridge can only fit one car perfectly if you want you will fall to the sides
Zoey Patton (17 days ago)
On the what do you see first I got #8
DukePlayz (17 days ago)
Cupcake and Star (17 days ago)
# Rockstar yyyyyeeeeeeessssss
Ágnes Stedron (17 days ago)
#lonely wolf
Ranajit Gupta (17 days ago)
5:40- the yellow car is facing the opposite side of the blue car and in one bridge two cars Can't go the opposite directions of eachother
Lirra Meije Roldan (17 days ago)
i maybe saw wolverine first but i am not a big fan of marvel
Lilibeth Omay (18 days ago)
Vid:shoot but never kill Me:A toy bow?. Then it was a camera
Zoey Christensen (18 days ago)
Gwrga Bor (18 days ago)
renata clarissa gan (18 days ago)
Prank Jack (18 days ago)
5:36 the left sign
Oof Despacito (19 days ago)
Im not normal
Natalie Tran (19 days ago)
DarkJay (19 days ago)
5:35 The road seems to lead to a wall, a marker pointing out the path, the bridge is too narrow to pass two cars around, and obviously drove both at once
george wu (19 days ago)
Video: "I'm clean when I'm black and I'm dirty when I'm white. What am I?" Me: Racism..
Cynthia Marin (19 days ago)
For the first riddle I know you just changed the cards
Beauty is Life (17 days ago)
Cynthia Marin I know it is dumb
Snitcher VXY Gamer (19 days ago)
Zul Darkon (19 days ago)
Teresita Coles (20 days ago)
Roses are red everything is red wow! I got a like wait why si it blue?
Danny Loo (20 days ago)
for the first one,all the cards are different.
Evelynne Martin (20 days ago)
It's easy to spot the gorrilla it's on the brown wall and yes I am normal I just have good eye sight
Chikwere Pita (20 days ago)
I shoot but never kill what am I A noob
Chikwere Pita (20 days ago)
The riddle that said you can catch me but you can not throw me I said a bus or a train if you can throw both of these thing you have superpowers
Gorge Beta court (20 days ago)
0:31 the raccoon didn’t take your card they just switched all the cards into other ones
Matsuyama Kitty (20 days ago)
You can throw me and catch me, but I am no object. What am I? I am “up.”
Drunk on Caffeine (20 days ago)
What do you mean; Thor's hammer definitely glows rainbow!
fionn kelly (20 days ago)
I didnt see the gorilla or girl first, I saw boobs
Xavier Perez (20 days ago)
They change all cards
Matej Dimitrusev (20 days ago)
#rockstar no lie 7 pointd

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