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Stares From Far Away But Doesn't Smile

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Bangtan Vi (15 days ago)
When my crush stares at me while not smiling i pretend not to look at him but i clearly know he is starring but i usually looked back and he turned his head fast
Chris Hansen (23 days ago)
It sounds pretty cringe but I can't even smile, I just look creepy and weird when I do so. And it's not just me who thinks that, I've posted my face on forums and they said the same thing.
Chiara Tosti (1 month ago)
That's exactly what's happened to me!! I don't know... is it a bad thing or not? 'Cause I was scared as hell 😂
- (1 month ago)
some girl did this to me. i was curious for a hot min then ignored her the rest of the time lol
Discovers of Davis (1 month ago)
When I look at a girl, but don’t smile, it’s not me trying to lure girls in. I just feel like someone was looking at me and I look to make sure I was right😂
Beta (1 month ago)
Or hes shy and not sure you like him
Lucky janna (1 month ago)
There is this guy at school he keeps starring at me and he even talks about me but when i asked him if he likes he says i don't want thats all he said what does that mean?
Miracle Joy (1 month ago)
Lindley Sare (2 months ago)
I just assume he’s a creep 😒 There’s a guy who’s been doing this for months now. My reaction is no reaction.
Arsilda Lila (2 months ago)
He stares frequently and constantly at my work. No smiles, just stare. I look back at him and he won't look away. I said hello once but was just staying there stone cold with his eyes wide open and said nothing. He keeps staring but not as frequently as before. I don't look back at him since that day though. My leo pride was hurt :p
Tiki Thompson (3 months ago)
Dude, this reminds me of a guy in my class. Honestly, when other guys stare I get flattered, but he just looks like he’s hunting down prey.... I try to avoid eye contact but he’ll sit in a row in front of me and do a 180 turn around just to stare at me. I don’t even talk to him because he’s creepy as hell. What is this mess?
Lullaby Spanish ver. (3 months ago)
As someone who has anxiety and social anxiety, it’s terrible being in this type of situation lol I start to overthink and I feel uncomfortable and would probably walk away from the whole thing .
Rebecca Cucumber (3 months ago)
is it possible that he looks at me accidentally? lol
Chris Hansen (23 days ago)
Yes. You aren't as magnificent as you think you are. I mostly stare at everyone and the scenery just out of boredom and women annoyingly assume I'm always looking at them when I'm not.
Gemma Jowett (3 months ago)
lol I hate this dude he always does that I hate him 🙄
ツ米拉 (4 months ago)
He usually just glances at me and when I notice him I look away but because I look away quickly I don't get to see if he did
Bannik (4 months ago)
Omg i do this lol 😆
camilla de vivenot (4 months ago)
Eugene when will people let us be together
Francine Five (4 months ago)
What if he looks at you while, holding 2 dinosaurs in his hands, while also eating cheez its and making a duck face, while trying to balance a pineapple on his head?
Unknown Artist (4 months ago)
Im a boy and... if a boy stares at u ladies, that means he loves you or he just thinks you r sexy edit: if he looks at you often, he is in love with you for sure
sunflwr (3 days ago)
I don’t know about that because you can’t possibly fall in love with someone you haven’t spoken to.
Ana D (24 days ago)
What if he just met you and the same day he met you he keeps staring at you?
DreamyFish (4 months ago)
Ok but what if a few years ago you & this guy liked eachother, you ended up unintentionally ignoring him then he took it the wrong way & ignored you back & never again spoke then you ended up seeing him after years of not seeing each other & he gave me like an intense death stare with no expression on his face(i turned around & immediatly caught him staring at me) We held the stare for like 10 secs and i was the first to look away because i felt like his eyes were piercing me & quickly smiled to my sister. Honestly his stare felt like he hated me & was like he wasnt scared at me at the same time , he didnt even flinch to look away, it was scary/creepy since he'd never looked at me that way back then but it sorta turned me on lol idk what to think but i know he knows it made me a bit uneasy but i held myself together & quickly smiled to my sister & chatted to her like nothing just happened haha
Sara Canna (5 months ago)
so does that mean he likes you or not?
j.c man (4 months ago)
yes it does
Karma IsReal (5 months ago)
This once happened to me. This guy at my work whom I liked, almost undressed me and fucked me with his eyes! Had to breath in extra.. never forget 😮
Onixthe goodboy (5 months ago)
Ok, i need reassurance. So a couple weeks ago there was this guy in my class who i had never seen before and i felt bad because i always saw him alone and i thought " Oh, he must be new.'' So me and my friend who were both laughing and smiling walked up to him in the garden (Landscaping class) and i said "Hi!" and i guess he thought we were up to no good so he quickly looked away and my friend starting laughing and said "ok then" and i started laughing too and we both walked away but a few days later in class i offered him some candy since i was handing it out to people in my table and i handed some to him and asked if he wanted any, he didn't say anything and kept his head down and looked scared so i said "ok" and gave it to my other friend, a few days later the teacher was scolding him for not having a group and i know how horrible that feels to not know anyone and be randomly placed in a group so i said " he can be in our group" handed him a pencil, he looked pretty scared signed his name on the sheet and we all went back to doing our own thing. But then a few days later everything changed when all his friends showed up and sat with us me and my friend didn't really say anything since it was a lot of them, my friend put her head down and the girl in his friend group asked me if i could charge her phone for her so i gave a smile and said "sure!" they moved tables and now everyday he passes me in the hallways he stares at me and every time he stares at me in class or in the halls he never really smiles at me and he always has a serious face. The girl who i was polite to before also stares at me anytime she has the chance to do so in my 3rd period,i also always happen to encounter him by coincidence in the hallways and anytime i happen to encounter him while he is alone or with a friend he stairs at me. Once my teacher went to another classroom to do an experiment with another teacher and by PURE COINCIDENCE he happened to be in that class and we just so HAPPENED to be assigned the same numbers for material and when i had to get up to weigh the material he got up too and we ran into each other in class, he stared right at me while we were next to each other but didn't say anything he had a serious but not angry face I would really like to know what's going on and for those of you who took the time to read all of this THANK YOU
Marcin Grobelkiewicz (5 months ago)
bulshit . if he is handsome
I just like Memes (5 months ago)
Means he's horny and fantasizing😂😂😂
BB- BRANZ (5 months ago)
lool some guys are shy...like me lol cuz ive done this..but i feel too awkward to smile at anyone i dont know lool
MajMac PalmoreOceanFL (5 months ago)
That happened to me this boy kept staring at me he’s in 7th grade I’m in 8th
Darth Cersei (5 months ago)
Well it work alright as I’m here lol
sk8ergangsta2003 (5 months ago)
Or he likes her and hes shy
Jaineisha Penny (5 months ago)
When I was like in 8th grade and middle School I was friend with this boy and we both graduate in Pepin academies middle School until when were 9th graders things are changing from him it seems that he will say stuff that is not nice to me it made me upset and also I stopped talking to him when I was in tenth grade and eleventh grade and all the sudden when I was in 11th grade he starts to stared at me for a reason and he keeps doing it all over and over again and I got so tired of it I talked to the counselor at my school and he says that christos friends complain to the counselor and said that he was staring at them too is that a sign that he likes me or something? Or he just saying that he's better than me? But one time in 11th grade he asked me that if I need help picking up my backpack and I say yesbut I'm thinking that maybe he likes me or maybe he wants to help me or maybe he wants me to make me feel special or something and also 12th grade we still didn't talk together but one time I came in the multi-purpose room at school and she was with my friends like sitting with them and I sat down in a fun with my best friend and all of sudden I think he just smiled at me and give me that what's up sign with his head so I was thinking maybe the reason why he stared at me in 11th grade is because he wants to talk to me.
Bermari Phillips (6 months ago)
And what is his point in luring you in? Wanting you to think about him? Trying to date you or just playing games? Because otherwise it makes no sense and there is no point in him doing this.
Cidi Huia (6 months ago)
is this subconciously done??
Help Me (6 months ago)
So there is my “crush” he stares at me a lot tries to get me to laugh and talks to me on the bus but he just never smiles at me (he is not some popular guy) he called me pretty but said that every girl is pretty and this one time my friend asked him if he likes me and he didn’t answer so she asked if that was a yes and he shook his head lightly yes Does he like me?
Love Goddess (7 months ago)
I had a co-worker gently touch my hair as he walked by then when I looked up to see who it was...he turned around n looked at me with no smile. I wasn't creeped out by that at all. I loved it n would look forward to more of that mmm...also he would do this each time I wore my red coat...red=sexy, the color of desire anwww...we worked at a call center and he had the smoothest, sexiest sounding voice. The funny part is that his last name is Webb so I guess he was tryna get me into his "webb"😉 which didn't happen cuz I understood what he was doing.
Kainat E (7 months ago)
Next time he stares at me .. I'm going to wave at him 😂😂 so I can in Bareste crap out of him 😂😂
Ilhan Omar (7 months ago)
He stares and we look at each other :)
bob. (7 months ago)
he whistled quietly at me when I walked past him once and I also catch him stare at my legs when I walk in the classroom (sometimes)..
Princess Pai (7 months ago)
It means he's a Stalker Watch out🏃🏃🏃 And keep 911 on speed dial😭😂
sound wave6 (7 months ago)
Dr. Priyankka Gupta (7 months ago)
This is exactly whats happening with me ..how do I get this guy to come and talk to me ?
Mattie Davis (7 months ago)
This guy at work is doing this to me now? Been doing for a while? You are so right. He is in my head n got me so very curious. What can I do? Lol
christopher serrano (7 months ago)
tefnut 666 (7 months ago)
Thats called *subliminal* *manipulation*
Chèr (8 months ago)
It’s so hard ☹️
CesarPlays20 (8 months ago)
But what if a girl stalks on you since the first day of school, she stopped stalking for 2 months, but keeps looking at you, but not a lot, does she still likes you?
Passion for music ✔ (8 months ago)
This guy once caught me looking at me, then he wouldn’t stop looking at me. It was so weird, he would stare at me without smiling. He would be far away but since we were in a classroom, he would lean in his desk and probably stare at me for like 10-15 minutes. It literally freaked the hell out of me. 😅😂😂😂 plus he was a player so I understand what you meant by trap, not with me. No sir.
Izda Bomb (8 months ago)
The narcissistic stare!!!
Dale Foy (8 months ago)
I know I'm late to the party, but just saw your video...Being a native New Yorker men do this a lot. Especially on the subway. I just look away and if I can turn my back to them.
Kesh murrr (8 months ago)
Thank u so helpful
kelly cooper (8 months ago)
This happens to me all the time, usually the same local guys like to drive by slowly and do this blank stare. But it’s just to stare at my boobs.
michelle tan (8 months ago)
I usually stare at girls coz I caught them staring at me , and 100% of the time it’s girls with a bossy and unpleasant demeanour, all of them indian . And also , I stare at them because I feel threatened and I am readying myself for a fight . Indian girls with bossy demeanour who stare at me are creepy
Rosa Davis (8 months ago)
So does it mean he’s not interested??
Potato Beauty (9 months ago)
Lol he did that I just did a curious confused face lol I BROKE HIM he smiled when I did that lol
C S (9 months ago)
how is this so accurate
Rosio Flores (9 months ago)
This is exactly whats happening and im here going crazy telling my friend wtf is up with him, idk how to handle it!! Someone help it’s so uncomfortable to work with him it makes me not want to come go work.
Karisma Santiago (9 months ago)
Sounds like that one dude that was obsessed with me in middle school..
Mai Thor_2001 (9 months ago)
The only problem is why isn’t he making a move??
Boring Girl (9 months ago)
There is this guy, I am not in his class, but we have some of the same friends, but we are not friends, we do not talk, at all. Oneday, one of his friends, which is also one of my associates, and he says, " My friend S***** likes you. " I knew who he was talking about, but I played dumb, and acted as if I didn't know who he was, but ended up telling him I didn't like the boy, which is a lie.. He got sent to my classroom today, because he got into trouble. He stared at me with a blank face, for a long time, I avoided looking at him, and looked down at my work, smiling. I ended up glancing at him, and we made eye contact, and he stared with a blank face, so I quickly looked away, and looked to this other boy, who was beginning to talk to the S***** He barely gave the boy mind, and continued to stare at me, until a girl called him out for looking at me the way he was. He also "likes" one of my friends, but she doesn't know about this, and she talks about him daily.. She likes him.. A lot. But I liked him first.. Anyways! Why does he stare like that? Its intimidating. I cant look at him for more than 3 seconds..
Edith Huerta (9 months ago)
hmmmm triying to make me think welp its working
Tomie (9 months ago)
I had this creeper in my class do it to me for six months straight without breaking eye contact until I eventually got so annoyed with it that I blurted out "don't you know its rude to stare" and he put his head down like the cowardly dog he is. I hate these mind games if you like someone doesn't matter if you are a girl or guy, just go up and talk to them like a normal human being ffs everyone hates being creeped out. Grow some balls or gtfo.
PermanentHigh (8 months ago)
Damn son, u wildin
Rachel Ruiz (9 months ago)
I had that moment I felt uncomfortable
shan4883 (9 months ago)
I work across a building from this guy that always takes a break outside in the same place alone at the corner of the parking lot where other employees tend to go to as well. I'm always looking out the window out of curiosity and boredom. I ended up closing the blinds for my own privacy while working now. A few weeks ago, there was 2 guys that walked out of their building when I was dumping the trash, some old guy called me cute, no idea who it was and the other guy said that I bounce when I walk. Some guy in flannel was walking up to me with a smile and I rushed in nervously. Don't know who it was to this day. It was dark and I usually work alone. They are friendly though. But going back to the other guy that sits at the corner, I never talked to him but always pass by him as I'm leaving work. He wears flannel everyday almost. I don't usually pay attention when he's outside while I am, but when I came by to unlock the door to get into work, I felt a sense of eyes were on me, so I looked around and that guy was standing by the employee door he usually goes into staring at me and we locked eyes like he was trying to read me with a smile until I dropped my keys. He was than gone. I don't know what happened. I don't know if he's married, or what. But I love my boyfriend, so I just leave them be. But I wonder why this guy locked eyes with me and wouldn't look away? It just made me wonder out of nowhere why he stared at me like he did with a smile and he looked good standing by the employees entrance door. I never actually seen how attractive he was until that happened. I always thought he was bored and ignored me a lot. I'll probably never talk to him, or the other guys since I'm too nervous to.
kathy 28 (9 months ago)
my crush locked my eyes two timess...i want moree...but i dont know if he looked at me by coincidence or nottt ...helpppp😭😭😭😭
Samantha Ramnarine (9 months ago)
I have a question I don't know y the teacher stares at me but it was happening since form 1 now in form 5 when passing he now know where I live he kinda know about me really don't know
Baby Sloth (10 months ago)
I will smile to him tomorrow to see if he smiles back
liloreolil (10 months ago)
What about when a woman does it?
Meggo The Tomato (10 months ago)
Most guys do this to me, but there always that one guy... Is this helping me?
Ava 33 (10 months ago)
Why are you my crush coach!?😂
its a bop lmak (10 months ago)
I got one class with him.. And his locker is by me, we have the same lunch, and there is assembly. He gives me a side glare all the time. It is fucking creepy..
Niki Simone Gene (10 months ago)
i remember the moment he came out of his car 😂 and show himself at me then i look at him toe to head, my mind goes "wadafuk hes fuking hot" 😱 and i look away well he came in to his car again 😂😂 sowwy dude i cant stand it 😳 im shy 😌😀😂😂😂
Rebecca Jay (10 months ago)
There is this really hot guy in class that i have to admit i sorta like him but we have never talked! I accidentally looked at him for too long and he looked at me then we both looked away straight away. Bro it got so awkward lol but near the end of he lesson he either smirked at me or his friend behind me. But another time when i was walking past him he looked at me once then looked down then looked at me again. I need help to find out what he is thinking hahaha
Savitri Murmu (10 months ago)
That muhfucker stares at me and when i smile at him he does smile but not looking at me but looking somewhere else and that too seems like forced smile 😤😲😓
UrbanTart Collective (10 months ago)
I would be on my guard if he didnt smile 😆
Gabbi Jackson (10 months ago)
so that kinda happened to me, i’m a smiley type but only to my close friends and we both ended up looking at each other at the same time and we just stared at each other and we both had blank faces lmao are we both psycho?
Therese Meggitt (10 months ago)
I feel it depends on the guy. There are some real creeps out there -so be careful. Especially if older not a guy in your school. That stare can be from a guy that wants to hurt you. Then, there are kind guys you see that like you stare & are afraid to approach you shy. I wouldn’t approach a guy that states though. Beware I say a lot of creeps I’ve learned that I never knew existed.
Joanna Fijak (11 months ago)
These morons are idiots. One should never feign affection. An his intensions are purely selfish, I would not give the fool the time of day.
Mei Mei (11 months ago)
Ooohhhh ita kinda weird but its a nice trick to get a girl😂
magnifiquè Indya (3 months ago)
You could get a girl by being nice and showing her that you a man and not those lame ass fuckboys if the girl doesn't like you being a man she doesn't deserve you
bts army (11 months ago)
Well he's a son of a b*tch😒😒
AREYUKIRINGMI IRIYA?! (11 months ago)
My crush always glares at meeeee yaaayyy!
Shanice Turner (11 months ago)
my coworker dose this
Hope 2014 (11 months ago)
Ok he did stare at me in the elevator my friend was beside me he kept looking at me not smiling but opening his eyes wide open when i caught him looking at me
Hope 2014 (11 months ago)
I used to text him in dm , but he doesn’t know me in person
Gueniver Letigio (11 months ago)
That is so creepy! Oh my gosh. This man definitely answered my question.
Shanice Turner (9 months ago)
Astral Traveler maybe he likes u
Shanice Turner (9 months ago)
Astral Traveler its creepy
Gueniver Letigio (9 months ago)
@Shanice Turner Yup, our president of Operations keeps on staring at me and I don't know why.He made curious. Just before I took my lunch, we passed each other and our eyes locked, I did not smile and so is he. Before he leaves the office, he looks at me.Sometimes he stands up from his chair just to look at what I'm doing.I want to ask him if I did something wrong in the office for him to stare at me like that.
Shanice Turner (11 months ago)
Astral Traveler there a guy at work who dose this.
I'M AN ASS MAN BABY (1 year ago)
This is not true!!! I just get nervous around my crush
Angelina 89 (1 year ago)
Actually this does work on me 😆
Linda L (1 year ago)
Omg this is so true . This guy at the gym does it all the time even tho I’m a fatty.
Stephanie Rodriguez (1 year ago)
I had this happen to me at an awards show years ago. I was a seat filler and kept feeling like someone was staring. It was this musician in a pretty famous band at the time. He stared at me but didn't smile. As I would move around I would catch him staring at me but not smile. I thought he must be on drugs or I had food on my face or something. It was creepy.
Mac Book (1 year ago)
so how do we handle this
Greshford Anderson (1 year ago)
So does the person do it to get in your head or they just genuinely like you?
Abhishek Kaundal (1 year ago)
Is this the same with Girls?? 🙄😌
Né Fefe (1 year ago)
Congrats I’m so uncomfortable now and don’t know what he wants what bout me
Debmun1215 (1 year ago)
It's annoying. This guy has been staring at me for over a year. He has someone(they dont live together) not sure how serious it is and I don't care but we live in the same neighborhood and I continue to just ignore him but he doesn't care if I ignore him or not he still stares. I've even changed up my walking dog routine so I won't run into him. I was hoping by now he would have stopped but he hasn't. Just recently I was in my car heading out of the parking lot to go to work and he was acting like he was opening his house door while being sneaky and staring at me so I went the other way to leave the neighborhood and a few minutes later he was behind me in his car and I just ignored him some more. Smh
Cheaffs Death (1 year ago)
Lil trap 😂😂
Adel Elamrani (1 year ago)
For me when I do this it means I'm thinking im analyzing and focusing on the person I like and looking into their eyes to get locked eye contact to feel the connection for a short while lmaooo idk why I do that,lmaooo my friends are like im different lmaoo but like I like staring down into their soul and getting a connection through their eyes and like a silence lmaoo then break it lmaooo idk it depends on the person for me the person I like and when I do that and focus i feel like a connection like an in the moment thing
Adel Elamrani (1 year ago)
It's never bad intentions idk why its like a natural thing I like focusing and concentrating on thing I want
Diamond629 (1 year ago)
This is so true
JUST A FAN (1 year ago)
WHAT about when girls do that ?
mamu goud (1 year ago)
he started text me but something he hiding
Pejtu Joker (1 year ago)
i do this all the time im male 24 6.2 height and good looking dont be afraid im from Europe but im doing this because of few things - if a girl smiles first at me when im not smiling and im just staring and im figuring out your reaction if you look away without smiling and you check your phone again - then i think ok this can mean 3 things u are not interrested in me or u got a boyfriend already or u are interrested but u are shy and honestly i dont know what to do sometimes i win the eye contact contest 90% of the time if you smile AND i find you attractive i will come up to you and i will introduce myself and ask for your name and start talking to you get ur phone number and text u later or tomorrow depends on what hour it is.Later i will ask if u are single or not if you have a boyfriend already but u still gave me ur number it means to me u want to cheat on him / im better then him. If you are single i will ask you on date and try to get to know you and make u my girlfriend . Thats what it means
Marcus Hawkins (1 year ago)
These happened to me
Lori MSP (1 year ago)
Me and him we don’t talk a lot and I remember our teacher was having an emotional conversation and I started crying cause like I said it’s emotional and when I started crying he looks at me and the weirdest thing is he let me grab a paper even though he was next I think im so confused!
lorin marie (1 year ago)
okay, so i went to this pilgrimage with my crush, and when i was sitting on the opposite side of this church, we would look at eachother and he would never, and i mean NEVER smiles. legit. and it made me so uncomfortable i had to look down and get really embarrassed. we would make constant eye contact and he would never smile at me. this video explains everything that i'e gone through with him. YAYYYY MY CRUSH LIKES ME BACK!!!

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