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He Acts Like He Hates Me But Does He?

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Star Whitlow (4 days ago)
He act like he hate me. Because he show no feeling... Im tired of it..
Ginger Girl (18 days ago)
I'm really glad you're so honest. Guys seem so immature and foolish. I'm not interested in any guy who ignores me or who hates me. I HATE game playing! Thanks!
Aml Ib (1 month ago)
My boss was so nice to me at first and used to flirt but i dont like him but all of the sudden he started getting angry with me and stuff for no reason . Idk maybe he does hate me now
Annastasia Lea (3 months ago)
These games make people suicidal withholding sex withholding affection trying to make u jealous only the devil could do such an evil thing
La'Tree MsMorrow (4 months ago)
Are you married? Cause I don't like you.😉
Salmex Llc (4 months ago)
Hey can you help ME!! PLZ this guy when he talks to me he starys smiling but then he starts ignoring and acting like he hates me and im getting mad because i wanna reverse the game!
warmblood.jumping101 (4 months ago)
Why does my ex tell me he loves me but then acts like he hates me
Kaden Taylor (5 months ago)
I doubt he knows I like him tho... lol
Clover The Yandere (6 months ago)
I actually cut and have severe depression, so when my crush acts like he hates me It doesn’t help
Martina xoxo (6 months ago)
I love how he starts video ..No intro ..Thanks😍
vanbanter innit (6 months ago)
Thanks for this.. My boyfriend shows no love or affection for me in public. We rarely hold hands, but when we go home he showers me with hugs and kisses
Sugar Brooklyn (6 months ago)
it seems like this is that bullshit that people tell girls when a boy hits them so they end up tolerating physical abuse by a partner when they become adults
Sugar Brooklyn (6 months ago)
doud, idk who or what type of female you are trying to speak for but if he treats me like he hates me,im not going to like him,in fact im going to fuck his life up.
Davina Perry (7 months ago)
SuperStrange Shadow (7 months ago)
is that about blocking as well?
I dont knoww (8 months ago)
Guys are players
Elisabeth Chyreck (8 months ago)
Very helpful
mariah marmar (8 months ago)
My ex used to love me before .. the way i attracted him was exactly this as to show me so unique and unfindable...he really loved me but after a while i said sth to him really unintentionally that i broke his heart ; that was whe he neither answered me anywhere on any app nor blocked me ..that was y when i gradually became more and more interested in him...and now i am the one who loves him and he doesnt care or maybe he loves me but he wants to annoy me thats y he acts so...
lasoogneypubes (7 months ago)
Oh Jesus what did you say?? How do you unintentionally break a heart with words? You must've said something so stupid it's legendary.
christinainthecity (8 months ago)
I was dealing with a guy like this a couple of years ago. One day we had great conversations and it was so great, but on another day he ignored me and never said hi even when I looked and smiled at him. I'm sorry, but that's not a man. it's a little boy who treats women like crap. Boys who play games should be ashamed
lasoogneypubes (7 months ago)
@christinainthecity "Treats women like crap" it's just a mind game lol. Women are fickle as all hell and like guys for dumbass reasons like "mystery". A lot of women will dump your ass once they've learned everything about you because they get bored. Blame your gender for guys who play these dumb games.
christinainthecity (8 months ago)
Simon Petkov Yes, I agree with you, I don’t think boys are the only ones playing games. I was just explaining My situation
Simon Petkov (8 months ago)
Girls play alllll kinds of games....
Eva 's (9 months ago)
Omg! Yes, it's true
alpha wolfury (9 months ago)
I’m givin up on my crush, sounds sad but he really does seem to hate me for no reason
Cyn Cyn (9 months ago)
Smart man. Thankyouu
Michelle Schneider (9 months ago)
Omg thank you so much! I've been wondering why my crush acts like that!😄
Luchie Llido (9 months ago)
Yeah i experienced it , resently we talk sweets things and suddenly end up always in a fight , no contacts, then keep coming back and very mean to me, feels like he hate me so much ,
Gifty Armah (9 months ago)
He always aguies. So for my spelling.
Queen Directioner (10 months ago)
There's a guy. We've taken tuition for 4 years and have always hated and bitched about each other. His manners did not go in my liking. Last year I realised I began to like him. Idk why. I still hate him. I mean I want to hate him but I can't. We've never talked. But my eyes always look for him.
Kathy D Rubio (10 months ago)
Well I got tired of that fng game and I told him he doesn't know how to love , he acted so freaking good for a while and then like an idiot ! And am the bitch ! Haha 😭😂😒
Camila Kissesxox msp (11 months ago)
Oooooo 😑🙄😉😮
randa 7310 (11 months ago)
Keep going ... God blesses you and ur family god helps & protects U .. God be with u all da time .. 😍😍
lasoogneypubes (7 months ago)
God watches and doesn't intervene. Like some asshole who witnesses a car crash but doesn't call 911.
randa 7310 (11 months ago)
I really likeeeee wut you say ..youre always talking in wut we are really sufferin frm.. I always watch ur channel you're really amazing thank u alot for always guiding us especially girls and reveals boys games ..thank u again coach .. we need more & more frm ur advices ..coach u made girls happy & comfortable by makin boys understandable to them 🙆🙇💕
Anna C (11 months ago)
But it hurts
Lindsey Hebert (11 months ago)
I am feeling it pretty often I feel like it’s like I going to like him even though I feel like he is making me feel like he is talking bad behind me like saying I can’t understand her no commitment no nothing I feel unappreciated
Zoe Smith (1 year ago)
Who is the man ?? that pretends to hate me if he doesn’t could someone please say who this man is please
Angelina 89 (1 year ago)
Yeah i can agree to what you said because I have had guys who did this to me because he noticed a lot people would give me attention and when they acted this way it caught my attention and in the end I found out that they cared about me the most even crying over me when I left that town ... so I totally agree and now it’s happening again 😆😂😏
Jungies (1 year ago)
So um there is this boy in my class and he told my friends that he likes me. And one time he told me that he likes me. And I started texting him and he is acting rude, like he hates me. Even though at the beginning he was acting normal and then all of a sudden he was rude...
Donna Just Being Real (1 year ago)
I confess, I kinda like that. Lol
Sue B (1 year ago)
Ramen Noodles (1 year ago)
Can you do a video about like how a girl should act and be in such a situation
Tessa Logan (1 year ago)
Jacque Renee (1 year ago)
He is being mean to me and for me I’m ready to drop him. I don’t have time for this shit. I didn’t do anything but be the sweetest girl alive to him. Fuck this. He’ll be lucky if I answer his calls after tonight.
Laura L Deman (1 year ago)
Oh my lord. That's crazy. I'm a 50 yr old woman and don't have no time for childish games
Thank you because my crush say that he hates me but i really know him and he is really special to me I've known him for 2 years!...
SAMMIX XGAMER (1 year ago)
My crush always looks at me and and acts like he likes me but then he acts like he likes my best friend
Millan Murray (1 year ago)
This guy in my class says he hates me but never really shows it.
Annabelle (1 year ago)
That is bad if you treat a girl like crap. She will basically think she's not worth it. And that leads to abuse
Lindsey Hebert (1 year ago)
I have a guy that did it said that I don’t assist that guy I used to have he used to have interest for me he used to give me a hug I used to be very sweet and loyal they make me feel like I don’t matter and I’m not worth of their time doesn’t make time to talk I feel like this can this be a toxic relationship I’m with then they forgot about me like they don’t remember who I was I cried I still cry everyday thinking that they don’t even know I was their sweetest they found at first it’s like they like you at first but then they are not I can’t understand her she is annoying I didn’t do anything wrong
lasoogneypubes (7 months ago)
Holy crap use some punctuation.
Michael Leite (1 year ago)
Roberta (1 year ago)
Nobody likes a jerk
Kathryn Orozco (1 year ago)
There is this boy named Samuel who is bullying me , laughing at me , pointing at me , staring at me all the time , smiles at me and then he grins and I know he is talking about me because I heard my name and he was staring at me and his friends laughed and he looked embarrassed. He has a past of being a bully , my teacher found out about and my counselor is going to tell him to be nicer and not laugh or point at people . Why doesn’t he like me , I haven’t done anything bad or wrong to him or anybody, I am always kind and caring, get A+ everyday always turn in my homework and work before the others because they are still finishing theirs, made a lot of friends on the first day , two boys I have crushes on , I believe they have crushes on me too because all the signs are there. Today he looked upset when I was staring at one of my crushes , my biggest in the school only like the two and my crush was staring at me too all through class and all day and we both smile at each every chance he can get but my friends always talk to me first so he leaves and one day I saw my friends and ran to catch up with them when I saw them but while I was passing by he looked like he wanted to talk , he had a pained look on his face but now he is back to his normal self , he is very shy , his neighbor told me that , she has known him since he was 5 and he won’t even say hi to her , I am talking about my crush and the guy who is bullying looked upset because I was laughing at his joke ,smile at eachother and stare at each other all through class and everyday my crush and I say hi to each other ,smile at each other , wave, hold the door for me and me only , tries to talk to me as much as he can . Idk why the boy who is bullying me is mad/looked upset when my and I were smiling at each other, me laughing at my crushes joke and we both laugh and smile, stares at me all through class, all day, everyday. I may have repeated somethings sorry for that . Do you think he hates me or something?
lasoogneypubes (7 months ago)
Why is it that girls always have more than one dude on their mind? It's like rejection insurance or something.
Kathryn Orozco (1 year ago)
My crush and I . Correcting on the bottom
GabrielC FansTX (1 year ago)
I think you're right I Maria really likes a guy from church I can tell he likes me he stares at me when he thinks am not looking or when I have talk to him he doesn't keep his eyes of me but when I don't say hi or talk to him he won't his always say around me I would feel confused that maybe he doesn't like me if he didn't his eys won't sparkle when he looks at me
It’s SammiJo (1 year ago)
You’re right, and this game is called manipulation. This is a sign of an abusive human. If your boyfriend or girlfriend acts this way, run away.
Irene La Maurer (1 year ago)
I purposely searched this video bcoz of my male friend. I felt like he hates me and everything about what I am doing he has something to say. Even to the people I talk to. So I asked him today, why in the world you hate me so much that everything I do you are against of? He just keep doing this and I am tired of it. 😒
Park Chae Young (1 year ago)
This is exactly about me and my crush. My crush keeps telling his friend that he hates me after knowing that I use to go crazy for him.. But I want to tell him that I can't live by thinking that, to whom I have loved so much,"He hates me?!!"
Terri Olivier (1 year ago)
This would not work on me, the moment he acts like he hates me, I'm outta there! Don't have to act like you hate me twice!
izzy (1 year ago)
my crush legit wouldn't give my sweater when I left it by accident on his desk
Haley Lynch (1 year ago)
How do you know all this
Nina johannessen (1 year ago)
Black husband rage suddenly and after 5 days. ..he loves me till he dies"....but what is his true colours?
Legit Pig (1 year ago)
I liked it when he cared about me more than when he started to stop caring
M Brontë (1 year ago)
well I hate him, so he needs to move on....relationships are messed up.
Dave Hart (1 year ago)
How do i get out of this game is all i want😭😭😭😭
MissesKitty (1 year ago)
The truth is yes...if he is avoiding you and ignoring you it he doesnt seem any bit interested or whenever your brang up in convo he goes awkward then yes..you are pissing him off the only way to get him to see you as decent is to stop creeping him out even if your not trying to
BC user (1 year ago)
Why when I guy is nevorus and shy he plays hot and cold game? Does he like you or he doesn't know how to control himself around you?
dhsaber (1 year ago)
not when he is asking for a divorce. and my heart is breaking after 12 years.
spandana dhara (1 year ago)
he said he dislike me in all ways and it will be for lifetime ?but after this I stopped msging him and then he sometimes view my whatsap status? do he hates me ?will he lifelong Hates me?
Random Random (1 year ago)
Thank you❤️ You helped me a lot.
Soph Baxendale (1 year ago)
he asked me out on a date, then i hung out with him and a few friends and when my friend sam mentioned it he was all like "im gonna be ill on that day remember *fake coughs* i actually feel ill now actually" when he obviously want ill. then i got pissed off and went to talk to my best mate. then 10 MINS LATER this dude gives me a massive hug and picks me up and acts like he likes me. the date didnt end up happening cos it was a double date and 3/4 of us couldnt get transport home. but now everytime i try talking to him on snapchat he leaves me on read when literally a week ago he acted like that. and i confronted him about it and he left THAT MESSAGE ON READ too. honestly i dont even know anymore but i STILL LIKE HIM FOR SOME REASON 😓
lasoogneypubes (7 months ago)
Welp. Here's hoping you got some dick since you posted this 🍻
Mariam Naveed (1 year ago)
I go through this I think it's because of the people in his life who influence him to be this way Iam the polar opposite always positive
Zain Rajpoot (2 years ago)
why that hide from me, don't want face me
amy c (2 years ago)
Why would a guy who ended a relationship do this post-breakup?
lasoogneypubes (7 months ago)
Because you broke up and he hates your guts?
With Expectancy (2 years ago)
So interesting. But doesn't seem healthy!
Husna (2 years ago)
I genuinely thought this guy liked me a lot and told some people. the word spread. He told my friend he hates me because I spread fake rumors that he liked me. now we never talk and seeing each other is really awkward.
Dymond Bihh (1 year ago)
Kenny Omega #PushCesaro#PushChrisHero thank u soo much😊😊😭
Dymond Bihh (1 year ago)
Im going through this rn😞😒how did u deal with it...he started to spread rumors bout me saying i was hoe...when i literally have never even had mah first kiss..im literaly so innocent..he would talk big shit..even tease me....but would still stare at me in class
Lyndsey N (2 years ago)
turned it around and gave him the cold shoulder and he immediately came up to me and started talking to me. He could not handle that I was ignoring him. lol
Salmex Llc (4 months ago)
Sabrina Sainte (1 year ago)
Lyndsey N People like this are exhausting.
Melissa’s Lyricsx (2 years ago)
I have this crush in my school btw my crush's name is Alex and last September when it was back to school I went back to school and my crush was really kind and nice and it was like we were friends. But then I kept a secret for a few months that I liked him but I didn't really wanted to tell anyone cuz I thought that everyone is gonna tell my crush that I liked him. But then texted my friend on snapchat and she said to me which boy do u like in our class and then I actually told her I was scared but then I told her. I told her not to tell anyone in my school and then she said I promise. When we went to school and we were doing PE I didn't have my PE kit in so I had to sit on the bench with Halli and she was the one that texted me on snapchat and I also sat next to Matty which he is kinda my friend but then we were just chatting with each other on the bench. So Halli said to Matty that I texted her on snapchat that I liked Alex and it was so embarrassing! I thought Halli was gonna keep a secret!!!!! Then a few days later, I have this other friend which is MY BEST FRIEND called Ellie and we both were facetiming each other and Ellie also said to me which boy do u like out of the class .I was thinking in my head. I told Halli this should I say it to Ellie? I told her anyway. When we went to school and we were eating lunch I sat next to Matty and Ellie and Ellie said to Matty that I like Alex and he said I already know. Alex was sitting all the way to the end of the table so Ellie shouted MELISSA LOVES YOU!!!! If u didn't already know my name is Melissa lol so yeah. Then I was laughing and saying Ellie!!!!!! Then after Ellie was telling everyone in the class and guess what! EVEN ALEX!!!!!! I was so embarrassed. After that in school Alex started to be really mean to me and acted like he hated me and like wasn't kind anymore. He was nice to everyone except for me!!😫😫 I really did not know why he was like that cuz last September he was kind but KNOW HE ACTS LIKE HE HATES ME NOW LIKE WHAT THE HECK!!!! It's probably cuz Ellie told him I liked him. IT WAS PROBRALY ELLIE'S FAULT!!! But she's still my best friend so it'd ok :) But IM STILL WONDERING WHY HE HATES ME AND ALSO HE SAID ON THE PLAYGROUND YOUR UGLY TO ME!!!!! 😭😭😭 HE ALSO LAUGHS AT ME WHEN I DO SOMETHING SOMETIMES!!!!! This is why my class is NOT good at keeping secrets. But then today when I went to school I was getting the books on my table but then another girl snatched it off me and Alex said to her .Why did u snatch that off her? DO U THINK ALEX LIKES ME OR HATES ME!!!!!!!!!!
lasoogneypubes (7 months ago)
This was a year ago so you probably got your answer. It's hard to say if he liked you or not, but I have two theories. 1. He didn't like you, and he was mean to you because he wanted you to get over him. 2. He liked you, but didn't really know how to talk to you or flirt with you. Being a jerk is an easy but stupid way to always get a reaction. When you don't know something it really is best to just ask. Rip that band aid off. I know girls are chicken shits and never make the first move, but if you did you would've saved yourself a lot of headaches. Getting rejected sucks, but wondering what could've been is much worse.
Raven Yaghmaei (2 years ago)
Omg, I love this,<3 Thank you so much you made my day shine! :)
CuddlyKangaroo56 (2 years ago)
No he does BC he said to me you know I have seen someone and just stop talking to me😭
Freda Baah (2 years ago)
This guy in my school knows that I like him he keep telling everyone that I like him and always tries to make me jealous
Vozi Iz Boss (2 years ago)
Eaugh. I swear he hates me though?! He only talks to me when we sit by eachother in class, and sometimes when he's not with his friends in the hall, otherwise he acts like I don't exist :||||| a few weeks ago or a month ago my friend said she saw him blushing while me and him talked but then again.. the way he acts towards me and how she lies/is a bitch a lot to ppl.. idk..
forever young (1 year ago)
Vozi Iz Boss I have a co worker that hates me. I hate him back too idgaf!
zelda's way (2 years ago)
there is this guy that I like I followed him on Snapchat we I did not tell him that I like him but I talked to him and we joke and laughed but suddenly he blocked me and never respond to me at any where were did i get wrong what did I do ???? plz help I'm so thankful I need answers 😣
lasoogneypubes (7 months ago)
It's probably your lack of punctuation.
Maile Lin (2 years ago)
ahhh HELP, so there's this guy who I don't even like, but we were friends at the beginning of the school year and talked during studies and it was really fun and great. Then, just one day he totally ignores me. Whenever our eyes met he would glare and stare off and he's still nice to MY FRIENDS. The weird thing is all his friends said he had a crush on me. So, right now I know who he has a crush on (not me) yet he still acts this way towards me! Wtf happened if he doesn't like me anymore why can't we be friends like before? And it's not like I broke his heart.
chloe lufty (2 years ago)
my crush said he couldn't care less about me and wish he never met me in a argument on the phone I ended it because I was scared he was being too pushy and rushing into things when it came to me speaking he lashed out and said wish he never knew me and he couldn't care less about me when at the time we was dateing he said I meant alot to him do they really mean to say mean things?
lasoogneypubes (7 months ago)
None of you girls asking for advice use any fucking punctuation lol. Aren't you idiots still in school? How the hell do you expect people to read this rambling mess?
thehoosierfortheUK (2 years ago)
Quit having a crush on him and be an adult and maybe MAYBE he'll talk to you!
Ellie Davidson (2 years ago)
I have a crush on him but him and his friends are mean to me but today he sat next to me and called me babe and said kiss me as a joke what does it mean please reply
MissMichSan (2 years ago)
Ellie Davidson Vlogs probably he knows you like him.
Rosiee🌺 (2 years ago)
But he says something about my raise and i am turkish so he says that i stink and i don't know if that is a game but i don't really like his games i think that i actually hate him now so he fucked up his chance.
Rosiee🌺 (2 years ago)
Also a guy in my class said the same thing and we had a fight and i won onviously but then we just let it be and now that guy is doing the same FUCKING shit and normally he would be super nice to me and now he is acting like this i hope for him that it actually is a game.
lanaisthere (2 years ago)
This actually happened to me but in reverse. There was this guy that was really interested in me and I pretended like I hated him, even telling him I don't like him.
Simon Petkov (8 months ago)
@Shivali Gupta bruh 90% of the time you tell a guy you dont like him and ignore him he will leave your stupid ass...😤
Shivali Gupta (8 months ago)
Sabrina Sainte what happened after? Because it’s same situation with me? Did you tell him later that you actually don’t hate him?
Sabrina Sainte (1 year ago)
thehoosierfortheUK So hostile. Trying to regain power. Relax.
Krush Krushemz (2 years ago)
dont even like it i fucking hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it and i just ignore most of the time but now i know they be playing a game well imma play too and act like nothing they say phases me
Latoya Nance (2 years ago)
I don't deal with things like this I'm a grown woman so guys like this I don't have time for nor will I make time
Gloria Baño (3 years ago)
oh my, its TRUEEE. but what should i do? I mean...it seems he is just playing. Should i give up?
empress shan (3 years ago)
bt it hurts
scottishflower74 (3 years ago)
I find these dating games that some men and women play to be so very immature. If a guy really cares about you and is serious, there will not be all this childish nonsense. If a guy started doing this crap, it would be once and done.... I do not allow toxic people into my space, so to speak. I can understand people have bad days, mood swings, etc. but if this hot and cold BS was happening, I would be moving on.... I would NEXT him! On with my life and on to another man who is a real man and has his head on right.... and is emotionally stable. This type of behavior leads to abusive relationships, so I also see it as a red flag..... a big one!
Jose Reyna (3 years ago)
Shut the hell up! I hate you!
thehoosierfortheUK (3 years ago)
They are immature and they're stupid, to! I say to them grow the fuck up and start being a little more adult with your love life please your future will thank you. I either want to be loved, fucked, cuddled with, or just fuck off if not I don't have time for these silly games!!!
Guen Joy Pagute (3 years ago)
exactly . . .
N .R (3 years ago)
are you sure
Norah Davex (3 years ago)
but what if you really hate how he acts like you have just had enough of him acting like that but you just like him originally but you dont know what to do
Norah Davex (3 years ago)
+Mitsuki H. not with him anymore!!!
thehoosierfortheUK (3 years ago)
You sir, are a fucking idiot! I showed some stupid bitch that had a crush on me that I did not like her at all and she finally got the message! So shut up and eat your cat food!
LOL POL (1 year ago)
They see me rollin', they hating... For trolling and tryna catch me ridin dirty
sidraah khan (3 years ago)
loool what did she do after you told her that??
thehoosierfortheUK (3 years ago)
This video is fucking bullshit! Some little bimbo had a crush on me and I let her know quickly that I didn't like her, I didn't secretly like her, that's stupid! I wasn't playing any games you jackass!
NK Cassiopeia (2 years ago)
thehoosierfortheUK well done well done. Very mature bro 👏
Briana Ortiz (3 years ago)
Well what did you do?
Reshme (3 years ago)
that leads to abusive relationships.
Sugar Brooklyn (6 months ago)
yes,yes it does
Suzie T (11 months ago)
ABSOLUTELY! Sociopaths do that
Jennie Huynh (1 year ago)
So true. This did happen to me.
mia // (1 year ago)
Reshme this is probably meant for younger people that's why
k calhoun (1 year ago)
Reshme not always
Fatou Jeng (3 years ago)
good information you guys better put good comments there
Issa Girl (3 years ago)
Why This Is True Lol ..
AHealthy StateOfMind (3 years ago)
Crimson Clover (3 years ago)
guys like what they can't have too....
Yasmine Ball (7 months ago)
Crimson Clover is that why this guy in my school is always smiling and smirking at my best friend, she told him personally and in notes that she wants him to stop staring at her and that she have a boyfriend. But after a week he stopped but when my friend was leaving she told she heard him say “I wish she didn’t tell me to stop looking at her, she’s hot”, also if you’re wondering some more about this guy, I known his only for a year (2017) and I was new to the school and met him by eye contact in the classroom, ever since that he have been looking,glancing and staring at me but he stopped. I thought he was a good guy but turned out he was a player, he was cheating on his girlfriend with another girl, I found out and he started looking at me again i found out. And once my friend came to my school he have had a girlfriend but he kept looking over at me and my friend when we walk by, his gf caught him touching another girls ass, and when he threw his ex’s bracelets on his desk. His friend asked him did he miss her and he said nope, he had a feeling that he had to break up with her. I thought it was because he was always looking at us but his ex was clingy, bossy, gets jealous easily, and didn’t want him to go to his job. I understand that part. Sorry for the long explanation. I just need advice on this situation.
What the hell immature crap?!?
I forgot to add that women are not mind readers you know!
Marisa Carroll (3 years ago)
But he told me he does and to leave alone. Does he really?
Reshme (3 years ago)
@thehoosierfortheUK it's just a matter of knowing your worth
thehoosierfortheUK (3 years ago)
+Reshme finally somebody with some brains! It's not rocket science!
Reshme (3 years ago)
you don't want a guy like that. it's abusive. trust me.

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