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90 Chicano Tattoos For Men

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90 Chicano Tattoos For Men
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1:51 :Готов быть отрицательным героем, однако за семь стоять горой когда тяжело им
Celinhochagas Branco (2 months ago)
Chicano e pela ordem viva america
horhel cologne (3 months ago)
...need one of the Aztec warrior holding Selena (in her purple jumpsuit).
Pandorin (3 months ago)
Any good tattoo shops in sf?
_x][-RaiN.? Games (7 months ago)
Alguem diz o nome dessa mulher do 00:23 ea 2:07 pfv
Gilberto Cortazar (8 months ago)
Great looking tattoos😉👍
Carlos Flores (8 months ago)
Its crazy how many non chicano/mexican people get this style of tattoos, which is our style, but yet they want to talk shit about us
lex 9087 (2 months ago)
Yet you write in English..So shut ya mouth and let ppl live there life..
2mil19 2k19 (4 months ago)
Most of these tats weren't even chicano homie...yea ive seen alot of whites and asians with mexican tattoos b4 its not new..alot of mexicans have asian tats also letterings,dragons oh and white tats so?????
Troll General (9 months ago)
Where are the Aztec tattoos? Why are all the tatts gang related or jester looking
Tora Berg Fredriksen (9 months ago)
Hva med dame ?!
Isrrael Sanchez Pelaez (9 months ago)
Como se yama la rola me hase viajar asia la muerte q el final
most hated (9 months ago)
Too bad everyone copies our style now i remember when only mexicans/chicanos would have these tatts and long sleeves and now its all played out by everyone
Dios y madre 1927 AC (10 months ago)
me gustan mucho los tatuajes haci toda una obra de harte tatuajes originales 2018
Brian Collins (10 months ago)
What’s the connection in between clowns and Chicano
2mil19 2k19 (4 months ago)
California Mexican americans from the 50s started the clowns and smile now cry later tats oh and the 3 dots..also the khakis and white tshirts gang dress codes
Vong Zivo (10 months ago)
Cool 😎
subzero9024 (11 months ago)
If you a whiteboy don’t get these tatts period…
Nico Martinez (1 year ago)
exelente bien kompa
I want to get "Orgullo Chicano" across my back. Too cliche? Opinions?
Dead end Boy's (1 year ago)
Any chance You can share the music beet would like to incorporate'it to my tattoo vds its very unic beet thanks
Rastalevijr2 (1 year ago)
Qual o nome da música
Vini lee (9 months ago)
Rastalevijr2 Drake Stafford- nonconcept
Kevin Wooten (1 year ago)
The most beautiful tattoos day of the dead
Chuy Fierro (1 year ago)
Estos tattos estan diakeas un payaso firme carnalito
March 22, 2013 (1 year ago)
Us Mexicans/Chicanos are very fucking creative with our tattoos eh? Jaja viva Mexico!! 🌹🇲🇽🌹
Mr Cool Guy (1 year ago)
if ur not chicano dont get these tattoos.
subzero9024 (3 months ago)
Francisco Roman if you are Hispanic/Latino in any way you can get these tattoos. For me to actually have respect on you gettin a tattoo like this you either gotta be mixed or full Hispanic/Latino. If you’re not Mexican, Guatemalan, Puerto Rican, Salvadorian, honduran, Dominican, or any other race I forgot to mention then you are gonna be seen as a wannabe for gettin these tattoos.
Francisco Roman (3 months ago)
I was born and raised in Mexico 🇲🇽. I do like the Chicano tattoos. I ll not be afraid to get one. I’m Mexican and I don’t think I ll get my ass kicked by an OG. As long as I know what’s the meaning and representation of the tattoo. Aztecs and Mayans are part of us Mexicans. We are taught that at our schools. But chicanos have knowledge also. Some chicanos learned the Nahuatl language in jail back in the days. I have read the culture.
subzero9024 (4 months ago)
javier rodriguez soy tu daddy cabron you must be from LA my nigga. Cause everyone from the bay says nigga, Mexicans will always say nigga if you from the bay.
2mil19 2k19 (4 months ago)
+subzero9024 at least i talk like a chicano homie and not no fake ass chicano trying 2 be black
2mil19 2k19 (4 months ago)
Oh ive seen Guatemalans and salvadorians with mexican tats also im talking about the flag and charros
juanma dm (1 year ago)
name song?
Vini lee (9 months ago)
juanma dm Drake Stafford- nonconcept
Abraxas (2 years ago)
Banditi veri
Jeron Durroh (2 years ago)
song ?
Vini lee (9 months ago)
Jeron Durroh Drake Stafford- nonconcept
Jorge Brambila (2 years ago)
What's the name of the style of art @ min 1:01?
Alia Rojas (2 years ago)
this is amazing👌
southeast locc (5 months ago)
u bad
Dx Ray696 (1 year ago)
Alia Rojas hey 👋 I'm thinking about getting a tattoo on my stomach area but just figuring out what to get cause i have a scar from when i was a baby i had surgery
Alia Rojas (2 years ago)
i wanna become a tattoo artist😍
Alberto Torres (2 years ago)
chingoneria batos los megores tatuages yes.😈
Alan Guchards (2 years ago)
Estilo Chicano MEXICO 4 EVER
MACETON (2 years ago)
Our culture is very artistic.
2mil19 2k19 (4 months ago)
Very true but this clip didnt really show mexican tats only like 3 were chicano tattoos
Admiral Good Boy (1 year ago)
MACETON i love the chicano style
Aro Ibarra (2 years ago)
como se llama la cancion??
Nicholas Salazar (2 years ago)
what's the song called
Vini lee (9 months ago)
Drake Stafford- nonconcept
Erick Lopez (1 year ago)
Erick Lopez (1 year ago)
Swl232nd kfkdkd
sjd6821 (2 years ago)
Nicholas Salazar its by mike hunt and mike hawk!!! lmao
Peggy Coker (2 years ago)
hola kisiera saber si es posible arreglar un tatu
Andrew Herranen (2 years ago)

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