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I Paid $475 for $3,473 Worth of MYSTERY TECH! Amazon Returns Pallet Unboxing!

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Unloaded Series Playlist! https://goo.gl/nbX5n3 Welcome back to Unloaded Ep.3! Let's check out these Amazon tech returns worth $3,473 and we paid only $475 total! Auction site: https://www.liquidation.com •Subscribe for more tech! https://goo.gl/Z7BtGa •Follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/randomfrankp •Sign up for Amazon Prime for FREE! http://amazon.com/tryprimefree?tag=randomfrankp-20 •My PC! http://www.ibuypower.com/r/randomfrankp3 My Setup Gear! https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-24d38060 My Camera Gear: • BlackMagic URSA Mini Camera: http://amzn.to/2bwOmui • Sony A7III: https://amzn.to/2PXglog • Sigma 18-35 Lens: http://amzn.to/29vcOZD • Manfrotto Tripod & Head: http://amzn.to/29vcRVi • FalconEyes LED Light: https://amzn.to/2NxS72a • Rhino Slider: http://amzn.to/29vcKt0 • Blackmagic Video Assist: http://amzn.to/29jKElv • Sennheiser MKH416 Mic: http://amzn.to/2iOo9bV •Buy games for dirt cheap! https://www.g2a.com/r/randomfrankp •Buy Randomfrankp shirts! https://randomfrankp.spreadshirt.com Music: Esbe - http://www.switchy.bandcamp.com #Unloaded #Ep3
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Text Comments (5005)
randomfrankp (5 months ago)
Some of the stuff is listed on my eBay: https://www.ebay.com/sch/frankrandom/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
Kemosabe Jonez (24 days ago)
+Taylor Obviously I understand it includes me, and I have no problem with him making money. I am just saying he isn't wasting his money and I'm helping them understand that, but thank you for your observation.
Taylor (24 days ago)
+Corey Britt You do understand that includes you too, right? lol Your views still count, and he's still getting money from them.
Ausipa (26 days ago)
Would you mind sending me the motherboard? I’ll pay for shipping. Get in contact with me please! Thanks
Allie and Christopher (26 days ago)
omg i would take any pens you have
TheSleepyStrawberry (2 months ago)
Speakon is an audio cable for high power passive speakers. I use them all the time in theatre and venue work.
Gavin star (15 hours ago)
Another fake ass video
Brad Cox (1 day ago)
You don't have to "activate" a cordless phone ... I have no idea why you keep repeating that but it's so dumb it sent my wife into a stupid induced rage
MTM Source (1 day ago)
On the liquidation site what did you search for via your purchase>?
ivan dimitrov (5 days ago)
How to get it mystery boxes?
Kathleen Light (5 days ago)
Donate the markers and office supplies to a school or church, or shelter.....
Brian Kohutek (6 days ago)
You should be finding a nice surprise one day i sent back hehehehe
Albert Rymer (7 days ago)
If you don't want the markers let me have them
Aaron Hardiman (7 days ago)
Of course its fake.. "I have no idea what's in these boxes.. the tape might have already been cut and I know exactly how much money are in these boxes, but I dont know what's inside" This is like a legit shitty unboxing video for views.
Gavin star (15 hours ago)
+Obsidiack ohh bless you honey bun so naïve .... It's fake you dumb fuck
Obsidiack (5 days ago)
On the liquidation site, he will see the total value of the box, as well as the 2 main "ticket" items. That's all he will see. The reason why the boxes are so cheap, and he seems to make a ton of money, is because these are returns and so are likely to not work. In most cases, you won't make much money, but you can make some
errecappa (8 days ago)
Moment of silence for those who belive on this, no ones give free stuff, they just want your money, they Will buy Lamborghini and you Will be same idiot
GAMING with FRIENDS (8 days ago)
breaking stuff happens when your heavy handed and dont pay attention to what your doing lol
miccellomann (8 days ago)
Ja Board is actually am asrock x299 Taichi. Not a fan of asrock. But this is an expensive board and reliable as well if working....do your homework man😜
tolik owens (8 days ago)
ronixx (8 days ago)
I hate that small pocket knife.
fortnite gaming god (8 days ago)
You bin done
Daeris Heath (9 days ago)
Where can I find a desk like the one u have in this video behind you
Industen (9 days ago)
I use to feel bag buying that $1 grab bag at the corner store back in the 80s and getting nothing I wanted. This is a whole other level.
Evli Sang (10 days ago)
I’m surprised you’ve never heard of designare.
My Music playlist xxx (10 days ago)
So is this fake or what
toasteh (10 days ago)
toasteh (9 days ago)
+randomfrankp Funny how you always win $1000's of dollars worth of gear hey? Just so incredibly likely that this will happen to most people in these scam artist lotteries. Grow some fucking pubes, grow up, and stop FUCKING YOUR FANBASE like the utter piece of shit scumbag you are.
randomfrankp (10 days ago)
cry some more. you can buy them yourself just go to the site
Chema Espinal (11 days ago)
this guy is an idiot doesnt know what he even got in those boxes!
sarper mutlu (11 days ago)
fack you
Goldy Coaco (11 days ago)
Gets x299 pulls out x399
Justin Stephens (11 days ago)
LOL no idea whats inside, thats why the tape was already cut
A Channel (12 days ago)
I have the money, but idk how to do this kind of stuffs like how to not to get scammed
Kyushka (10 days ago)
A Channel don’t do it it’s like winning the lottery and most of the stuff he gets he puts in the box to make the video more juicy, but yea save your money and buy what you want
Lunin S (12 days ago)
This guy is a damn liar lol, packages like this only come around once in a while and you have to go through each list individually and be watching throughout the day, I do wish people like him wouldn't lie.
ComedyHQ Gaming (15 days ago)
Can I have some art markers plz
Glandeur.nature (15 days ago)
wow incroyable c fascinant !
StaticTube Matic (16 days ago)
PSI meter ?? It’s for tire pressure so you know if your tire is low. Good for getting gas mileage to.
Emmanuel Orozco (16 days ago)
Rip off useless
Coda Wear (16 days ago)
Rezan (17 days ago)
It's FAKE!!
Herowebcomics (18 days ago)
Some people are saying that that is a THREADRIPPER motherboard! That is awesome, but it is still false advertising!
screetchgamer (18 days ago)
seems partially fake XD.
Mga Pota Kayo (18 days ago)
Mystery box is so popular.
DerEchteMalte (19 days ago)
Why are you angry about the mainboard its very cool
Brandon Camarillo (19 days ago)
ASRock is a legitimate brand.....
personal bullshiz (20 days ago)
lookin like uhhhhh
ray (20 days ago)
I love you vids man!
RaZe Clan (21 days ago)
I want one of the cases for the apple watch
Joe Cock-er (21 days ago)
Haha typical PC guy Lobes in the Former Century and hast no Club of modern tech „netamo“. Dokt forget to take care of your dll s
Alph er (21 days ago)
Where did you got that
GOT CRASH (22 days ago)
where to buy this?
Savannah Greenert (22 days ago)
I really like your set up and that wooden table looks so nice
v for velly ronquillo (22 days ago)
can i have it? if you have things you dont like sir.
Marylin Sebastian (22 days ago)
Some may have been a item stock for a long time.
Nicholas Pappadakis (22 days ago)
Am I supposed to believe that this is even remotely genuine and not scripted in the slightest?
DJ money (23 days ago)
If that Dual monitor Mount is up for Grabs I Really, Really need a new one, my lats one got old, and I broke like 3 pieces off so I Like I said, I'll take it if it is up for grabs
suzy3103 (23 days ago)
I hope you’re recycling all of that packing paper/the boxes.
Rusted Hands (23 days ago)
you talk too much bro.
I'mNobody (23 days ago)
The ball mount made him his moneyh back
_La7oya_ Gaming (24 days ago)
this dude doesn’t wanna open the drones because he’s gonna resell for 70 dollars, literally makes thousands of dollars off of single YouTube video
randomfrankp (23 days ago)
and? whats your point?
TripsyCCC (24 days ago)
3:20 Thank you lol.
The Blue Review (24 days ago)
I just bought that monitor arm 😂🤦‍♂️
Jim Davalos (24 days ago)
love your videos
Karol Rolbiecki (24 days ago)
Except the PSU it's all garbage. I would be pissed off.
Zander Maxwell (25 days ago)
I'm getting that exact monito mount!🤣
How to even get one of these mystery boxes??
NooD LT (27 days ago)
Only USA delivary ??
Gaming Bro (27 days ago)
Can you send something pakistan
Jacob Cohen (1 month ago)
Can I have a Apple Watch case
JC TOLSON III (1 month ago)
I could use those speakon audio wires lol
Jairo Guerrero (1 month ago)
Hola soy nuevo le gusto bastante esa pc
Austin Wade (1 month ago)
I like your attitude. I clicked just for fun and love your personality!!!!
8644373 8644373 (1 month ago)
Did you keep the dildo?
George M (1 month ago)
3 boxs of Junk. just think for a second.. WHY do people return things to Amazon.. lol
TrapdoorboyGames Vlogs (1 month ago)
The nest is a system for nest cameras
Mario Hyseni (1 month ago)
bro i rly need a [email protected] graphic card at least 2gb to play pubg :/ i will never be able to buy a graphic card...
Sacred Jadon (1 month ago)
You look and sound like a skinny couragejd💀😂
Dustin B (1 month ago)
are you including the shipping costs into the $475 price?
k buzz allstar (1 month ago)
I need your help on how to bid for gaming gear...i new to this
Caleb Cogburn (1 month ago)
I want the motherboard
Justin Manzo (1 month ago)
Where did you get that mystery box from I want one
Brenda Gomez (1 month ago)
I’ll take those skid pads and any post notes, pens etc. in bible college and can’t always afford supplies. [email protected]
Chris C (1 month ago)
If amazon doesn't check or care then why not return a brick in the box??
Erik Crago (1 month ago)
Wow so fake you opened them then retapped it lmao
Fatih Kan (1 month ago)
most of yankees have a dropped jaw. Why can't you just do it keeping it shut. My ears still hurt
Tsukinotaku (1 month ago)
8:00 That's why you don't act like a youtuber and you carefully open boxes...
Jack dev (1 month ago)
Do you still have the turtle beach headphones
Park Justin (1 month ago)
dude, i bought a game from walmart and nothing was in it. i called them and they gave me a new game. apparently shit like this happens often.
PETER MAINWALD (1 month ago)
ok please, stop with the side views. Its not cute nor cool and it looks stupid
A P (1 month ago)
Are there any boxes filled with CS:GO skins?
eddie yocom (1 month ago)
So funny the Nerd see PSI meter---to check his tires---no need he drives a smart car lol
Zbriu (1 month ago)
Suppose i wanna be one of those dbags... Can i just order a brand new gaming rig and return my old crap PC? If they accept all returns...
Zbriu (1 month ago)
+randomfrankp Thanks for replying! I asked because i was thinking that this couldn't be this easy so i was wondering about it :P Anyway it's great that they did that, it's means less dissapointment with the tech returns! Keep up the great work!
randomfrankp (1 month ago)
Nope, they started implementing serial number scans before shipping things out to avoid fraud. People are having to pay $150,000 in legal fees when they are caught doing that.
AngryGam3r (1 month ago)
hahaha show how much u know about computer, ASrock is not any budget company!
Vuzio IM BACK (1 month ago)
Vehicle Virgins Twin?
Cory Bryan (1 month ago)
hey guys i buy pre builts and set up rgb i know what im talking about even though my speakers are set up wrong
Dios67 (1 month ago)
Maybe move the stuff from one box to the floor or wherever then move stuff from box to box with the other two?
Jamie Axup (1 month ago)
Is there a company like this in england???
George Wilson (1 month ago)
Black hair , ginger beard looks weird, make your mind up.
Joe James (1 month ago)
You look like justin timber lake
John Wallace (1 month ago)
Why am I watching an ad for a gambling site I’m never gonna invest in? *eyeroll*
Adam Sims (1 month ago)
I hope no one seriously believes this fungazi b.s
Billy Hart (1 month ago)
Is there a UK site ?
Casey (1 month ago)
omfg the Nine Days clip killed me and then brought me back
KURT VANGANSEN (1 month ago)
this is fake
Imdirtydanny (1 month ago)
1000W PSU for 4 GPU’s lmao
Mike Houvi (1 month ago)
Do you have a link for the pc wallpaper
Lorna Levi shoeswomen (1 month ago)
so do they refund you back if ppl scam you and put fake stuff in the box
Drackkor (1 month ago)
This looks like a huge scam.
Rob's Noize (1 month ago)
Buddy, U got Screwed & So Did I. Fk'n Waste of AIR.🐷💩😝

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