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Funny "Bun in the Oven" Reactions

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Text Comments (1900)
trimel81 (4 hours ago)
"is it Danish???" LOL!!! that was cute.....
sami ajre (5 hours ago)
the first father just didn't give a dam shit LMAO
Kawaii Nalleli (9 hours ago)
I can’t have children and I’m watching this. Why.😢
Michael Mallory (9 hours ago)
That second woman was annoying the way she was insulting her mum. Why are these women so excited and proud to be pregnant, you’re only having a brat for God’s sake, the same as billions of other women so stfu.
Duc Tran (12 hours ago)
Isn't a test strip enough...?
Masochistic Suicidie (12 hours ago)
3:30 All the kids covering their ears from the screeching women 😂😂😂😂
The Virtual Zookeeper (13 hours ago)
I swear the second girl's voice is about to get on my damn nerves...
The Virtual Zookeeper (13 hours ago)
The first dude is just like: I'm not sure what's going on... I dunno man... There was some bread... In the oven... Now they are all emotional? I mean it's just bread... what? Yall want some toast?
Mike Hunt (14 hours ago)
Holy shit women can be so dense
Victorianme (15 hours ago)
I didn't know this English expression before. I was as confused as the first grandpa.
supergamer1122 (15 hours ago)
Oh so you aren't supposed to put the baby in the oven?
Alex H (15 hours ago)
*_W H A T S T H E B U N F O R_*
mdluddite (16 hours ago)
Damn. Some of these people are just stupid or dense.
ZeroPointField (16 hours ago)
The 2nd thin mom in long grey sweater is so loving. She just wants to know how her daughter wants it prepared. ❤️
Madeline McAdams (16 hours ago)
Well.. they must yell a lot in that house, because those boys automatically knew to cover their ears. 3:29
nvbasedlad _ (20 hours ago)
Mother dearest, can one be so dense.
Julius Jakas (21 hours ago)
wtf this daughter
Me Me (1 day ago)
3:52 either he’s on something or he just woke up. I hope he just woke up or else I wouldn’t wanna have any children with him. Edit: whole family seems retarded. And why is the pregnant woman acting like she’s afraid the man is gonna hit her?
MalakianM2S (1 day ago)
The second one is a bit cringey.
Alyssa Angel (1 day ago)
The second one is so stupid 🤦🏻‍♀️
Lando Parada (1 day ago)
The bun is already made, why didn't they put a blob of flour not baked yet.
I Smith (1 day ago)
2:23 "Are you that dense".
ela iero (1 day ago)
These just got me angry cause no one was getting it lol
Ed Lo (1 day ago)
id be annoyed if they did that shit to me
Løvely Lady (1 day ago)
TraceguyRune (1 day ago)
I'd rather have my oven in the bun
Fatal Existence (1 day ago)
white people shit
0Jason9 (1 day ago)
Yay she's pregnant
Aly Noodle (1 day ago)
I’ve never heard that expression
Someone (1 day ago)
Really like if she didn’t get it why repeat and not just say it
Brandon Sanchez (2 days ago)
Maaaan if it wasnt a white fam youd get ur ass smacked lmao
Dwight Schrute (2 days ago)
That's sweet
Apex Predator (2 days ago)
all they houses big bye
pepegstar (2 days ago)
03:34 lol children covering their ears 😂😂😂 and not having a clue
Jenny's family are all dumb omfg
S U G A H L O G A (2 days ago)
Weird people
John Wayne (2 days ago)
The second girl is a massive cunt 😆
Locutos Borg (2 days ago)
I'm so confused what the deal with this epidemic of people surprised of buns in ovens??
Fusion Player (2 days ago)
Ive never heard that expression.
Jan Smejkal (2 days ago)
3:35 hahaha the kids
Brickcellent (2 days ago)
Okay I'm speaking on behalf of the world when I say American's seriously need to learn how to not fucking shout 24/7. It is ridiculous. We can all hear you. Now shut the fuck up.
Christian Haskins (2 days ago)
The dad was still confused 😂😂😂
Harper Elizabeth (2 days ago)
Tiabotisbroken (2 days ago)
NippleSlipped (3 days ago)
ell diavolo (3 days ago)
3:50 God I hope he's not the one that put the bun
Apurva Ramakrishnan (3 days ago)
3:30 Okay but when those two kids cover their ears LMAO xD
Antiglobalist (3 days ago)
0:42 Rumour has it that dad is still clueless
farsokellos (3 days ago)
I don't understand
that second video is so clueless its funny
when im on my own I plan on having a kid then giving my mom a cake that says congradulations grandma
Thya Smith (3 days ago)
They guy at 3:55 already looks like he's got a bun in his oven lol
arcticspirals (3 days ago)
3:31 happy but feel for the kids.🙉
Lame as hell
Willow Wolf (3 days ago)
I love how the men dont know whats happening
Kamal Ibrahim (3 days ago)
2:26 you don't have to be a bitch about it 😂
harshadso (3 days ago)
"Are you being serious?" Repeat mode 27. Yes, she is. Now just tell her.
K XX (3 days ago)
The second one was straight up pissing me off
Za Ha (3 days ago)
this is so White I lOVE IT!
snake698 (4 days ago)
3:30 all the kids were annoyed by the noise lol
Glacian (4 days ago)
The second one is literally my mom 😂
Miguel Mathewson (4 days ago)
You can tell Mom was not wed for her brain's
That dad gots a walking dead shirt
Is it just me or is this the dumbest way to say your pregnant. There are better and more cleaver ways to say it. This is just a stretch to be able to understand bc it is possible for someone to heat up a bun in an oven (not practical)
Ello Love (4 days ago)
If the second mom was Latina and her daughter was talking to her like that she would have been slapped ! 🙊
Chris Turnbull (4 days ago)
white people..
Autumn Hicks (4 days ago)
I'm sorry but the first lady's surprise as it clicks in her head is the cutest thing
Y Z (4 days ago)
2nd mum is dumb as FCK!
koki4o (4 days ago)
I've never heard of this shit.
promass 87 (4 days ago)
2nd one was annoying as fuck
Eddie Martinez (4 days ago)
Leonard Crate (4 days ago)
Oh that's what this means? I was wondering why my sister stuck it in the oven..... I ate it, her boyfriend ate the other half🤣
Troye Jacobs (4 days ago)
Moorooa A (4 days ago)
The second one was so rude if I ever said "are you serious" like that to my mom I would get my ass whooped
Muslims did great ficki-ficki this year. A lot of bunnies in the oven.
Dirty Saint (4 days ago)
The first dad aint too happy.
Kaynos (4 days ago)
Some of them are real slow lol.
Ana Martins (4 days ago)
Weird selection. Some of them are so satisfying to watch, and other ones are super cringy, and long.
Inabikari131 (4 days ago)
Ashtel Gill (4 days ago)
I laughed so hard when that man closed the oven's door at 0:54
Shad0z (4 days ago)
i understand 0% of what in the world is going on... someone explain :)
LPF7 (4 days ago)
just wanna say that I hate the frase "Bun in the Oven"
Rue Happ (4 days ago)
MaskHerAid (5 days ago)
Yea that mom who kept not knowing what the bun was for is an asshole lmao are you serious was that like 5 am and she was still sleepy I don't get it
STEFAN MARKOV (5 days ago)
Ok, I'm still confused. What does Bun in the Oven mean?!?!?!?!
dr. Apexx (5 days ago)
So Fkin annoying ...
CraftyMaelyss (4 days ago)
The second one REALLY annoyed me from how she was talking to her Mum like she was garbage. No matter how old you are, you do NOT treat your mother that way.
CraftyMaelyss (4 days ago)
I see what you're saying and I think you misunderstood what I meant as, "always treat your mother kindly no matter what she says/does to you," which is not what I meant in the slightest. I still strongly agree that you should treat others how you want to be treated, since it's common courtesy but if there's someone you know for a fact did something absolutely horrible with no way to justify their actions, then by all means treat them like crap. If someone is being nice/decent to you, then they deserve that same level of respect that you expect them to show you.
Ezekiel Willerson (4 days ago)
Personally, I don't think you should treat anyone like that. But I guess I don't see a difference because she's your mother. Treat everyone with kindness...but, at least from my experience, a mother doesn't deserve any different treatment than anyone else.
CraftyMaelyss (4 days ago)
Then you cut connections with that toxic parent, simple. If you are a grown adult and you treat your mother nicely but she talks to you like you're a piece of sh*t, then you remove yourself from the situation. If you talk to her like sh*t and she replies back, then it's her giving your crap right back to you but if you talk to your mother like she's worthless and she's still being nice (like the mum in the video) then that's you being a sh*tty kid. As the old saying goes, treat others how you want to be treated.
Ezekiel Willerson (4 days ago)
How about if your mother treats you that way?
Andrea Oregel (5 days ago)
4:34 the way he looks at the camera 💀
Keri C (5 days ago)
At 3:30 the dog is like “ooh food!!”
Jay (5 days ago)
0:59 my mom would be like this
Xotaic (5 days ago)
I've NEVER heard of this expression EVER
I just realized what a bun in the oven means.
Eric Bullock (5 days ago)
Yeah you created life human pollution and now you're making some like joke about it and like pissing your like parents off as you're trying to explain to them what about this makes sense at all
Jada Walter (5 days ago)
3:34 me at family reunions
YaBoi Kermit (5 days ago)
though it was gonna be some joke where the parents freak out but then it got dissapointing
Ashley Miller (5 days ago)
w h a t ' s t h e b u n f o r ?
anonymous user (5 days ago)
How is somebody supposes to get this? Lol It's certainly a difficult one.
*WHatS thE buN FOr*
Abigail Steffy (5 days ago)
3:31 every time one if my friends fangirls.
thatallredheadude 1 (6 days ago)
these are all so goddamn cringy

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