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Funny "Bun in the Oven" Reactions

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Text Comments (3320)
John Walker Lee (2 hours ago)
First dude got it after 9 months...
Alex Toribio (8 hours ago)
Is bun buttered? Would you like me to assign someone to butter your bun??
helookalikaman79 (10 hours ago)
Advice for all of the grandparents to be... Always remember this moment, when you are excited and you already love your soon to arrive grandchildren... Love them all unconditionally and love them all equally. Let them grow into the person they are meant to be, not just what you want them to be. Let them be happy, guide them, be there for them when life gets hard and they need a shoulder to cry on, and an ear to listen....  Trust me; you can unintentionally do a LOT of lifelong permanent damage... Mine were hell bent on it...
rochelimit's hangout (11 hours ago)
Makes me happy
Rich Laue (15 hours ago)
I'm not sure who is more hysterical number 2 or 3?
Lenmar Fox (18 hours ago)
She wasn't falling for it on that second clip.
Rb6 For life (18 hours ago)
WeLl wHaT iS It fOr?
Jeff Wang (20 hours ago)
Damn that second girl sounds hella bitchy. Her voice is so grating. I hope she wasn't still living with her parents... And why does that guy at 4:00 sound angry that the girl is pregnant?
XaViEr3520 (21 hours ago)
Second lady is annoying, getting mad at her mom for not getting it 😒😒😒
Taylor Lee (22 hours ago)
I'm going to be heartbroken if I have kids that grow up to get stupid ideas like this off of the internet.
Kalei K (23 hours ago)
@1:01 - too much blonde dye
ENIGMA -POP- (1 day ago)
I think the guy in the green jacket has a bun of his own.
Raymond Josh (1 day ago)
Coin master ad must be the cringiest fuckin shit
The Cloudster (1 day ago)
it would be funny as fuck if a 15-year-old whore got pregnant and told her parents like this.
shauna estes (1 day ago)
cOuLd YoU gEt Me ThE bUn In ThE oVeN?¿
Raisin Robsi (1 day ago)
That second lady is a huge jerk! Don't speak to your mom like that!
The Deer (1 day ago)
Focus RSN (1 day ago)
To eat Bitch
Paul Goodier (1 day ago)
3.56 is HE pregnant? looks fat enough lol
Xochitl Paige (1 day ago)
Mexicans can't do this, you wouldn't find it. This is storage for our pots and pans. LOL
Beth Beads (1 day ago)
Dc shirt guy is the one with the bun in his oven lmao
Jack Napier (1 day ago)
3:48 this time bun in the oven refers to this guy I think
X Hazzard X (1 day ago)
I'm confused?
Hugh GShep (1 day ago)
Love the laughs in the last one omg
NALU Dragneel (1 day ago)
I've never heard this term
Heru- deshet (2 days ago)
The dad in the first clip probably just wanted a sandwich made with that bun. The mom in the second is an example of an old dumb blonde. The guy in the DC shirt and his dad both seem pregnant.
OG TRIPLE TRIPLE (2 days ago)
That 2nd one was just really fucking annoying.
Jemia Aguero (2 days ago)
The second one was kind of irritating me not that the lady wasn’t catching on but they other lady
Ricardeaux (2 days ago)
The second one is a dumb fuck
Cosmos Runner (2 days ago)
What a bunch of idiots!
Ben Hahn (2 days ago)
For what's it's worth I've never heard of that phrase until now. So cut some slack for the people who didn't really get it right away, it may not be as common of a phrase as you think.
Jahmarley Kauhi (2 days ago)
You can't be that dense Lmaooo
Tom Ford (2 days ago)
The first dad looks so disappointed
Master_of_ Puns (2 days ago)
Lol the dad in the first one omg his face
Taylor Welsh (2 days ago)
Takes the bun out the oven AND EATS IT
Juan Ramirez (2 days ago)
The guy with the green sweater on 3:39 sounds to drunk to even know what that means.
Sgt. Milton Osiris (2 days ago)
just call it "More Stupid Americans"...
Lord Shaxx (2 days ago)
God knows if I called my mom dense, i would be buried by now
Johan Ridia (2 days ago)
what was that laugh at the end..
Sammy G (3 days ago)
Mum are you that dense? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Thornclaw (3 days ago)
I didnt get it till the first video I thought it was just some meme
Barrabus the Gray (3 days ago)
Türkçe meal. Mercimeği fırınladık.
James Raynor (3 days ago)
If this guy can use literally incorrectly, I'm calling that foundation KARF whether Well-Written Abridged Kirito likes it or not.
Knight O'Moon (3 days ago)
I'm just imagining someone who doesn't understand English thinking "What the heck? Why are they so excited about bread?"
helookalikaman79 (3 days ago)
5:30 making fun of a slow person like that is not right!
Sheila Glover (3 days ago)
Mom 2 is a bit dense.
Dean Rose (3 days ago)
They are all dense except one!
thaintriguing1 (3 days ago)
Lots of metaphors at 3:38 1. Bun in the oven 2. Bread and butter 3. She's coming out the closet Is he slightly autistic?
jetjum (3 days ago)
more than two kids ? seriously?
James Chapman (3 days ago)
The forth dude looks pregnant himself. Maybe lay off the buns and hit the gym pal
Melo Jelo (3 days ago)
Bun in the oven..Baby in the belly. Now do you get it?
Katrin McDonough (3 days ago)
Pinezzzka (3 days ago)
The second mom was such a blond girl stereotype. it was hurtfull to watch her trying hard to puts dots together... lol
d tczyk (3 days ago)
0:33 that moment of realization is so potent
Carey Shoemaker (4 days ago)
This is so cute:)
shell company (4 days ago)
i dont get this
knqneal neal (4 days ago)
Well I didn't put it together so fast either.
Earthling1984 (4 days ago)
Dad looked so unimpressed in first one lol.
Tiara Storm (4 days ago)
the little kids covered their ears hahaha
Saskinny (4 days ago)
Please never let #2 babysit.  She'd kill the kid.  What a DUNCE!
D2 fresh (4 days ago)
That's going to be one slow bun.
Jeremiah Rodriguez (4 days ago)
Savannah Spear (4 days ago)
WhAt Is ThE bUn FoR
punknhead23 (4 days ago)
The first one, I don't think the dude ever got it.
Potato Picasso (4 days ago)
3:30 those kids are confused af
Continued Wisdom (4 days ago)
This is the whitest
43Aquaman (4 days ago)
4:55. Ya might wanna rethink that one.
Amanda Smith (4 days ago)
Dumb. We dont need anymore kids on this planet. MEN, PLEASE START HAVING A VASECTOMY!!! And never trust a woman when she says, "I'm on the pill". She skips a couple days (usually on purpose) and ooops a kid comes along 9 months later. And you're less marketable to the smarter women out there who are childless and want to travel, ect. Not to mention 17% (per kid) out of your paycheck. No thank you, and I'm a woman..LOL!!!
Deadmeat (4 days ago)
Wow, some moms are dense.
Mr Dave (4 days ago)
Americans are generally quite stupid. This proves it. And DC boy...is he mentally retarded??
Carmencita Davis (4 days ago)
The mother had a daughter herself and she doesn't understand what that concept mean
Harry Hirsch (4 days ago)
3:49...your typical American
egor vashchenko (5 days ago)
Who else got this recommended?
ChristinaQueenHeart (5 days ago)
Mom at 2:16 slow af LMAO 😂🤣🤣🤣
Mayank Purohit (5 days ago)
Why to include in complication such failed videos.
Mayank Purohit (5 days ago)
2nd mom got angry really late.
Haimchand Puran (5 days ago)
What's it for😂😂😂😂
BladerNation (5 days ago)
Soooooo which one of the males in here "are pregnant" instead of the women and can you self-identify as the bun in the oven???
get saucy (5 days ago)
Someone definitely didnt get the job to pay for that house😂 thanks dad lol
8999Greg (5 days ago)
Honestly one the most heart warming vids I’ve seen on YouTube in a while!
Ian Robertson (5 days ago)
I kinds did this when I told my parents I was GAY but I placed a dildo in the over not a bun
DQ Crew (5 days ago)
It’s a bun but what’s it FOR???
Jenna Diaz (5 days ago)
Lol amazing
Johnny Depth (5 days ago)
The dads don’t give a damn. Game is on.
Brit Brat (5 days ago)
Oye.that 2nd MOM though 😂😂😂😂
AA (5 days ago)
Don’t be mean to your mom
Paul Maxin (5 days ago)
time to re dye mom's hair bleach blonde
lollll the dad is soooooooo confused
Elia Araujo (5 days ago)
They should put a pie in the oven. At least you have something to be happy about afterwards.
katie m (5 days ago)
4:40 hisngdinecauwwaaegu?
Colton V (5 days ago)
3:30 Lady screams and kid covers his ears.
Nelley Knight (5 days ago)
The girl is mean to her mom. I dont like it. 😑
Black White (5 days ago)
0:52 ummm notice how the father is not tooo happy
BB-8 4292211 (5 days ago)
The bun in the oven is stupid. Why can't people just say simply I'm pregnant. And I did not like the second one she's a jerk to her mom .
publicanimal (5 days ago)
5:07 Canadian detected.
neosmith80 (6 days ago)
NONE of these people should had kids!
CPGoat #3 (6 days ago)
Haha I get it. Because its white bread.
Mateo (6 days ago)
Who are these weirdos?
Keith Dowd (6 days ago)
F-ing awesome lol.
Monroe_no_Marilyn (6 days ago)
Green jacket: *she's acting like she's a weirdo* Ummmmm, so are you sir. 😂

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