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Players vs Ball Boys ● Fights, Fails, Skills & Other ● HD

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► Players vs Ball Boys ● Fights, Fails, Funny & Other ● HD ► Players vs ball boys, ball boy football: Sanchez, Mourinho, Mane, Klopp etc. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mnxhd7 Twitter: https://twitter.com/MNXHD_ Website: http://sieradzki22.wix.com/mnxhd 🔊 Music: 1. Clarx - HAY NCS Release 2. DFUX - Vacancy feat RJay 3. Culture Code - Feel Again feat Harley Bird NCS Release SPECIAL THANKS TO: http://galatamanhdf.blogspot.com/ ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---- MNXHD © 2018
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MNXHD (9 months ago)
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Tommy io (10 days ago)
Tommy io (10 days ago)
Vikram Singh (15 days ago)
Krishna Chandra Dey (17 days ago)
Brauche Likes (23 days ago)
0:29 le gars il est moche
Chandan Singh (12 hours ago)
2:53 hart
Stefano Cinquegrana (22 hours ago)
Ultras groups should be banned from sports
Chew Hong (1 day ago)
aye dats ma boi hazard
Respect the kid, you fool
Geo Games (1 day ago)
You guys need to see my latest video. It’s a satisfying goal ✅🔥
Warwick is Dog (1 day ago)
new fortnite dance 2:39
Donnie Turtle (1 day ago)
Erik's Playing (2 days ago)
0:35 where is problem?
Coqueta Gonzalez (2 days ago)
6:43 I feel bad for the dogs
TAPPI - THE ARTIST (2 days ago)
Gotta love testosterone
X Poekie (2 days ago)
These players are all cunts Lost their fucking manners soon as they started earning money. I love soccers but goddamit be grateful someone is willing to spent their time and effort to hand you the fucking ball. Remember when you where a little child having to get the ball yourself? No. Exactly. "Spoiled brats harrasing other human beings" <- like this video. Gtfo
XeroPlex (2 days ago)
gotcha 0:12
Ultimate will (2 days ago)
Bro 0:27 where the heck is his hair line
Dina M (2 days ago)
something should be done about those home team ball boys thing..they are so stupid and annoying at wasting time and making trouble! :@
Your Dearest Fan (2 days ago)
football is so good that americans sucks at it lol
beksh kz (3 days ago)
Joe Hart😱
Mew ZyyyTooons (3 days ago)
1, 2, 3, HAY!!!
Allan Rosa da Costa (3 days ago)
meu operario representando nos figths
sheep soldier (3 days ago)
Highlight Orangensaft geht man bei Baby
Ognen Damcheski (3 days ago)
These players are gonna pay 10000$ for hitting those younger boys, I mean there still kids rigth?
saleh shiplu (3 days ago)
Hazard is actually a real hazard
Habib Saleh (4 days ago)
2:40 new fortnite emote?😂
ItsAhmet33 (4 days ago)
Unterstützt mich Mal auf meinem Kanal wäre echt dankbar :)😊 Drehe Videos wie Fifa 19, Fortnite, Nostale, Clash of Clans usw... Ps: Das letzte Video war nen Pack Opening:)😊 Schönen Tag noch😁
Leandro Luis (4 days ago)
Mano na moral. Tem uns gadula q zoa o barato
Savaş Güzel (5 days ago)
まっは (5 days ago)
3:30 「こいつ何してんの…?」感好き
0:59 isn't that Gabriel jesus? Or whoever is he , why is attacking the other guy
Learning Again (5 days ago)
I never understood why some ball boys hold onto the ball when the player tries to grab it.
YA Gamer (6 days ago)
music is haram
Ay Sho (3 days ago)
dale 8754 (6 days ago)
Players shouldnt get booked for taking the ball off the ball boy hes is clearly cheating by not giving the ball
Oliver Hype (6 days ago)
6:52 Wycombe!!!⚽️
Players are so mean to them
ashwin pillai (7 days ago)
5:28 😂😂nice fall
HI H (7 days ago)
Soccer players are pussys
Pedro Cruz (7 days ago)
Half of this kids deserves a fucking slap, stop wasting time and let them play.
C7N AL7AMMADI (7 days ago)
virtuosowins (7 days ago)
8:36 note the ball boy tipping off the goal keeper where the penatly is gonna go. That fellow must be made a life member of his club.
Pika (7 days ago)
7:30 he's crying 😢😢 and the music... 😢😢😢😢😢
ARB LEE DRUID (8 days ago)
2:19 dear ,It's not the fucking ball it's football ,
Donovan Myers (8 days ago)
5:32 does anyone know the name of that song
HumanToMars (8 days ago)
monkeys stay monkeys
Victoria Camp Kiah (8 days ago)
6:47 just disgusts me
Sergio Missaglia (9 days ago)
Why ?
Wombler123 (9 days ago)
But they also think that would be better than a ball boy ...
Fallouts Number1Fan16 (9 days ago)
mark baggerman (9 days ago)
yust give the ball ,,,,ball boys thats the job you ask for nothing more lothing less
H. Jun (9 days ago)
ボールボーイが中で試合をしてる選手の邪魔するなよ 選手もなにが[ナイス]だよ
Keshav Sinha (9 days ago)
The fuck happened at 0:52?
The Rolling Bear (9 days ago)
sick beats
Priyansh Parmar (10 days ago)
well this type of bitch ball boys deserves this .
Lars Gerecke (10 days ago)
5 ads on 10 mins.. sad tho
CasosaYT (10 days ago)
Don’t @ me but most are the ball boys fault like your job is give them the fucking ball and because you want your team to win you do shit and then the players touch them a little bit and they fake like they are dying to have a spotlight like if they were important. Just shut the fuck up and give the ball.
WoofWoof Madness (11 days ago)
Alex Selvanathan (11 days ago)
Some players r so rude to the ball boys...!
Heppieboeddah (11 days ago)
Some players are really morons
Tony Patino (11 days ago)
6:45 respect
Tony Patino (11 days ago)
2:18 when you only get 1 wrong on your test
Tony Patino (11 days ago)
1:59 ouch
Luke Coleman (11 days ago)
The one behind the goal that gets it in the moosh 😂😂😂 savage!! Laughed so hard! Great shot 😂😂😂
K8ee ASMR - sprawdź (12 days ago)
MLG DOGE (12 days ago)
6:54 everybody do the flop *smack*
thegamingsnake (12 days ago)
Luan Santos (12 days ago)
0:53 Tenth division of Brazilian football
Варанчик (12 days ago)
7:35 what happened
どこにでもいる (12 days ago)
Party Nerd (13 days ago)
These ball boys are really assholes and if players treat them as they should, they get yellow or red cards.
Adrian Ion (13 days ago)
4:11 Guardiola: how fast can we sign a contract for that ball boy as main striker?
Christo Issa (13 days ago)
1:36 i fel so bad for him
Tornato (14 days ago)
I feel so sad
Aero (14 days ago)
I have tried to be a ball boy before! Actually 2 times.
moodoub sales (14 days ago)
1:27 fuck you Sanchez
moodoub sales (14 days ago)
1:51 seriously eden
moodoub sales (14 days ago)
1:37 fuck you man
Fort nite (14 days ago)
The kid at 6:58 😂😂😂 The payer just take him on is hands like a brother 😂😂😂
Aaron Cortés (14 days ago)
I'm not telling that behavior of the players is correct or justified, but there should be behavioral precautions for the ball boys also, cause even 30 seconds of "i'm not gonna give you the ball" can make a team lose a game
Curva Sud Milano (14 days ago)
6:05 what a head dick is him?
KK l channal (14 days ago)
8:06 WTF
CatMikolz BR (15 days ago)
Tem um que foi no brasil
Henzo (15 days ago)
0:53 vai brasiliam
THEA D (15 days ago)
when that nice boy stopped the player hurting the dog is was like *you tell him*
I thought the intro was an ad for iPhone X
T (16 days ago)
Anyone that believes that red card given to hazard was fair, you’re an idiot. To this day I still wonder why on earth he received a red card and why the ball boy fell in the first place.
Why die i watched this twice
Tristan Dinu (16 days ago)
Joe hart though
RTV . KHCOOLKID (16 days ago)
4.55 that’s my cousin who slipped
Ruby Gaming (16 days ago)
Kacper Nadolski (16 days ago)
What's better rugby or football rugby is like football dislike
。どん兵衛 (17 days ago)
fuck off ball boys
Juaba Coria (17 days ago)
Stitch Shop (17 days ago)
That's why I hate football cuz half the football players are gangster no respect what so ever uneducated
maddy xoxo (17 days ago)
aye 3:24 when we won against man united. come on cityyyyy❤️
Gesu Cristo (17 days ago)
7:25 ultras poop for life
Wtf was that dude doing to the dog
Filthy Frank (17 days ago)
6:01 that guys a dick
Robbyyy_ (17 days ago)
Another is Facundo Ferreyra vs Rome in UEFA Champions League
Totally Dolphin (14 days ago)
+OBEY JESUS CHRIST TRUTH Why does not believing in something with no evidence supporting it automatically make me worthy of infinite torture? Shouldn't we be judged based on how good of a person we were, and not by whether or not we sucked god's dick?
+Totally Dolphin dont worry after your death HE will send you to Eternal HELL
Totally Dolphin (14 days ago)
Jesus is dead and isn't coming back. You're delusional.
Scaneron (18 days ago)
3.33 TᕼᗩT'ᔕ ᗯᕼᗩT ᕼE ᗪOEᔕ
TEHNIČKO ProbleM (18 days ago)

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