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Putin Jokes with Russian Fashion Designer: Please, Don't Force Me To Promote Your Clothes

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Text Comments (572)
GORING lagrini (2 days ago)
Lover Rossian 🌷🌷❤
Rachel Scott (3 days ago)
I think he is so handsome...
TTambunan Mitsubishi. (10 days ago)
Cantikk sekali eeeeee!!.
B zal (11 days ago)
Rare occasions putin laugh
Magnet gas (1 month ago)
Fashion designer herself is very pretty..she should have told something about her style...very sweet and pretty
Diva Senzationala (1 month ago)
So many beatiful women and so ugly language
Deepak Sharma (1 month ago)
The designer is damn beautiful..will write something for her. Her grace is amazing :*
Harris Avaan (2 months ago)
most fuckable chicks on earth - RUSSIAN CHICKAS
Mani Jove (2 months ago)
that’s the man,witty and with a sense of humor
C-OPS GAMING (2 months ago)
she was beautifull until she showed her teeths
John Rildo (3 months ago)
The west is a disgusting failure, obsessed with rumors of it's own past. It is time for Russia and China to have their turn at determining world order. They've earned it, and they continue to display infinitely more trustworthiness, especially Russia. If the small percentage of good people in the US could take over from within, and unite with Russia, global utopia would finally be within grasp.
The Eagle (2 months ago)
K B (3 months ago)
She looks infatuated with him...😍😍😍
MICHAEL boyd (3 months ago)
win is that bsated goin to git out of my calsael and i move in he wil no keep thering me and git a way vwithit i goin to kill hin git out off me casaek now you hog
beanwithbacon (3 months ago)
she's purdy
kubanskiloewe (3 months ago)
he is a damn smart good liar...with sexapeal....but under this shell beat a heart of the old 'KGB officer
I like how he never minces the matter he actually lets it all hang out but as a matter of fact he isn't in the same league as Poroshenko Poroshenko is way smarter, shrewder, more astute and many people around the world speak of him in the same breath as Napoleon, Churchill, Gandhi etc.
Patrick Darling (3 months ago)
Anything hotter than blonde hair with black roots? Thought so
john fellows (3 months ago)
Russia has the most beautiful women in the world !
mickeymerc260 w124 (3 months ago)
Wonderful man: very intelligent, educated, humble, natural, and friendly! I wish we had (a) leader(s) like HIM in Germany.
Cody Vandal (3 months ago)
Every single question he gets his answers are always intelligent and dignified. The man is the living embodiment of integrity and professionalism. A true statesman.
TheDespacitoMeme * (3 months ago)
*In Soviet Russia Putin Design You*
Wombat Lover (3 months ago)
Vladimir is the man, the lady asks a good question, he gives a thoughtful answer, no loaded feminazi questions here.. he is right, 5, 10, 20 years.. you look in the mirror and it is imperceptible, the change, dress you need to dress.. Vladimir Putin should be PM of Australia
Pang Rudy Peter (3 months ago)
Russian women are beautiful.
N AH! (4 months ago)
I think all the presidents of other countries should see other videos of Putin to learn many things from him. + 100 likes from India to Russia & Putin.
Alkhazred1 (4 months ago)
My God I wanna marry her!
the wolf81 (4 months ago)
What a woman, I just fell in love..
Matthew Maio (4 months ago)
I think it's a very important part of our lives to see what happens when we come to terms with what we have done
masafa lala (4 months ago)
Syria greatness (4 months ago)
SDF SWORDFISH (4 months ago)
Russian woman best in the world
emosh73 (5 months ago)
Putin has more class than dumb ass Trump.
halo raider1 (5 months ago)
she's hot and cute
King Buliwyf (5 months ago)
She is gorgeous....perfect beauty
Umesh Kumar (5 months ago)
Girl is very pretty.. anyone knows her full name??
Discovering Parallel (5 months ago)
Talked himself into a hole and somehow turned it around typical KGB training for survival.
Nirad802 (5 months ago)
She is really pretty
Ahmad Zahir (5 months ago)
man such a great beautiful girl ! these russian women i always have been in love with :D
Nico Montinola (5 months ago)
Russian girls are so pretty
Aerofire (5 months ago)
Handled it well, such question can put you on the spot
Tatiana Dekun (5 months ago)
Seems like our brother countries have a bit perverted imagine of Russia looking into the comments ( Brothers are all other countries)
Tatiana Dekun (5 months ago)
Поразительно, что Путин переспросил по поводу личного роста Astonishing how Putin asked again about personal development
Marie Amilila (5 months ago)
2:10-2:13 😱💎😊
Spongebob0911 (5 months ago)
2:32 The moment i fell in love ...lol
Anna Vajda (5 months ago)
She wasn't trying to force him to wear her clothes she was just complimenting his style and then he complemented fashion as an art form and creative expression. Very respectful and pleasant exchange of words.
runeer (5 months ago)
Putin and that girl made me wanna migrate to Russia... erm, OK it's just the girl...
張五飛 (5 months ago)
Putin takes a shit, putin checks the mail , putin has a tummy ache , Putin goes to the zoo. Wtf ?
Sd7 B (5 months ago)
She is so beautiful
Farhan Mokhtar (5 months ago)
can any russian tells me how are russians' view on putin?
Farhan Mokhtar (5 months ago)
waoow.. 77% vote percentage.. i always watch putin's video and can see how he basically running his country.. much respect for him and people of russia..
XBC1000 (5 months ago)
Look at the results of the presidential elections in Russia
werewolfx51 (5 months ago)
1:04 The definition of natural beauty and healthy.
VK HAM (6 months ago)
I loved you, babe.
faizan ulhaq (6 months ago)
Nice ass
241hnd (6 months ago)
It's so nice that she is able to just talk with him casually like this, and that he answers truthfully and without politics.
Sameer Sameer (6 months ago)
ya uvajayu Putin o dastoyniy man I ocen prastoy
M.husain Career (6 months ago)
Love from india🙂🇮🇳🇷🇺
Allan Lomas (6 months ago)
Why is Putin such a fucking boss
Bob (6 months ago)
The women of Russia are so beautiful....wow just wow
hetaes (6 months ago)
A man that understands a woman's attire is art. Well done, Vlad.
Nana (6 months ago)
Russian is BEAUTIFUL language!!!! :D
ThugIceCream (6 months ago)
Putin So Beatiful ;D <3
sang purnama (6 months ago)
wtf with russian women,,they are all damn beautiful.
mccolock maq (6 months ago)
Putin gave a very wholesome answer, in fact over answering it unlike US presidents, who represent the selection of dumbed down folks, would answer in monologues. Most Americans have not travelled outside America and you wouldn't be surprised if most fail to point out location of Canada on the atlas
Jose Andres (6 months ago)
Beautiful lady.
siggiarabi (6 months ago)
40% talking about the woman 30% talking about putin 20% talking about both 10% random bullshit
werewolfx51 (5 months ago)
And 01% talk about percents.
YouOnlyLiveTwice (6 months ago)
She had me at her name, 'Valeriya'.
Dejan Markovic (6 months ago)
Al je dobra
Dustin Cordell (6 months ago)
lucky bastard could have his pick of any woman there
Kazuma Yagami (6 months ago)
How did Putin became a Russian leader?
Rendroc (6 months ago)
Russian girls are so beautiful I need to move there. There's a delicateness and elegance they carry that's unlike the whore here in America. Even if all Russian women ARE whores, they carry themselves well.
Ymous Anon (6 months ago)
She is pretty
44 annetta hunte. (6 months ago)
Paula hunte 57
A. J. R. Wilde (6 months ago)
not a really surprising answer, most men don't care about clothes or fashion
maniac9565 (6 months ago)
This is what you call a healthy society.
Jan Benkwitz (7 months ago)
this dude is so simple and honest.
way out (7 months ago)
Mr. Putin's style is Elegant & Perfect...That's it...☺️
Christophe Têtu (6 months ago)
hoky doky : yes, a classical elegance.
Daniel Pinto (7 months ago)
Putin´s shirt looks like silk...
Алтаф хан Tatar (7 months ago)
Wow these Russian chicks are damn hot. . Fuck I just love the designer face, eyes and lips. So attractive <3
Baters 182 (7 months ago)
Очень странноватый проблема. Сомневаюсь, что у дизайнеров в Ярославле других заморочек и вопросов к президенту не было. Чушь какая-то...
oscar lobaton (7 months ago)
One like for that beautiful russian girl, suscribed for putin.
GFYS MF (7 months ago)
I beleive there are kremlin bots around here in comments.
DaliS (6 months ago)
Doctrinnn And you whose bot will be?
Jorgekg (7 months ago)
She is gorgeous... damn
the nforcer (7 months ago)
My god Russian women are the best looking....
Dave Scott (7 months ago)
The time in my life where I worked with Russians and dated exclusively only Russian women was the most amazing time in my life, the passion in their eyes flows to their lips, and they changed my standard for beauty and love, but ruined me for any other type of lover.
Tatiana Dekun (5 months ago)
Dave Scott someone ve met true hot Russian girls
BonesJp99 (7 months ago)
,,Russian Fashion Designer,, cyka medusa / vladimir vito / vodka&gabanna
Putin is killer of 10 000 ukrainian people
Ludivine Witenberg angry people- they everywhere! Keep calm, my friend! Live easy!
Ludivine Witenberg (5 months ago)
Сергій Мозговий I'm not Russian. ukrainian whore, go take care of your trash of a so call country, full of stupid, dumb, ignoant people and prostitute.
Ludivine Witenberg i said that Putler kill 10000 ukrainian people! Do you listening to me, angry russian pig?
Ludivine Witenberg (5 months ago)
Сергій Мозговий Ukop GTFOH, go take care of your whore of a country, with no economy at all. Bunch of liars, psychopath. Your people are all over Europe whoring themself for cheap. Solve your own problems with your Nazi wannabe/ stupid moron killers and build new infrastructures in your land without asking with tears USA and Europe or crying about Russian gaz that doesn't belong to you, BTW paid your bills. If the real Nazi where there in your land, we know where all of your kind wannabe Nazi Ukrainians will be😆 if you're smart and know about your people history you'll know what I mean Ukop.
fuck them? So what are we talking about, you're not human!
Steve Powell (7 months ago)
Every country in the world wishes they had Vladimir Putin as their leader. He is genuine, and nice guy, you can see it in his eyes, not to be crossed, but otherwise a nice guy who speaks honestly.
Edward (7 months ago)
Russia has some beautiful women thats for sure.
D Watson (7 months ago)
He doesnt go any where but to his office.
dinesh prabhu (7 months ago)
President Putin has answers for everything. True leader interacting with his people. Wish I can see him in person once.
GeorgeofGondor2 (7 months ago)
I couldnt notice anythin from what uncle Vladimir was saying, my eyes were stuck on her
Ankit Kumar (7 months ago)
You look like real world James Bond😂
Pisslord inmyrectum (7 months ago)
How to make her look at me as she looks at Putin?
Leroy Jenkins (7 months ago)
Russian women....I mean....I don't even. Fuck.
RimeTime (7 months ago)
Well, i like the way Pu can have an audience often without several security so close, i know he has security, but he often speaks to Russians in groups not really like a president as much as like a group of neighbors .
LFC shankss (7 months ago)
I'm a Irish man Putin is a great leader how lucky are Russia to have such a man as president
r1ckySV (7 months ago)
I wish this guy was my president!
Asmaa Maher (7 months ago)
please many thanks it's so painful and no comman comparison and ever refused while I can't blame please I want to return home to my family
Vurgahl (7 months ago)
Excuse me while I get blown away by the beautiful woman.
Thomson Thampi (7 months ago)
Putin ruless
M1989 (7 months ago)
what kind of questionn is that wtf who cares about style when you are a president
Trickster Mixer (7 months ago)
I'm from the UK and we have the Jews to thank for all the hostility towards Russia from the west

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