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Putin Jokes with Russian Fashion Designer: Please, Don't Force Me To Promote Your Clothes

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Text Comments (708)
주상희 (1 day ago)
Question is a little difficult ! ha ha ha
chazs001 (2 days ago)
I wish this country of ours had someone like him, may corbyn cable my god what a load of tossers.
Carl Valderrama (3 days ago)
Our prime minister Leo varadkar (Ireland) would probably start bleating on about how women are oppressed!! Please save us in the west.
Suzie Paris (4 days ago)
He is very repectful to women n he never acts out of the way with them..he is a true gentleman
jumpzone (5 days ago)
Amerikkas women look as raving feminist wolves with rock hard ghasfly faces uglier than nfl line backers but putins females are real women albeit tainted a little with the spreading cancer of amerikkan female pride and other bullshit men are forced to tolerate in these final hours before the shtf.
Eric Proffitt (6 days ago)
Russians are very much like Americans. Given the chance we would all get along. Its the politicians who create and generate hate. Putin is a good man. Time and time again , he proves to be a sensible, caring, charismatic person and a leader for the change in Russia and even the World.
Kono Dutch (9 days ago)
I want the freedom to say fuck you to people even if they are a fake japanese royal family. Thanks
Kono Dutch (9 days ago)
Their so called collection has not one drop of japanese flair. Japan was a refined and artistic community and fusion princess clothing would have had cranes and other asian imagery. They are implants. But not as nice a fake tits.
Kono Dutch (9 days ago)
My clothes are not for sale.
grill wtf (11 days ago)
he is not just the president of russia, he also have an endearing loving qualities in his eyes, he loves children , he is like the father of russia, hope he never change, he is a good intelligent man who loves what he does and he has the greatest skills in everything, he must be a genius, hope every country has this kind of president tough and yet passionate abut many old fashion things, he is such a man of honor and intelligence, everytime he talks there are always something to learn , he is a wise man, full of wisdom... hope he can live a thousand years to serve his country forever... and may god bless this man ..
yogi punekar (12 days ago)
I get fan of Mr. Putin as he gives every answer so detail & he has great presence of mind. ❤️love from INDIA 🇮🇳
Dries Dippenaar (22 days ago)
Putin is honest, smart and loves his people - not a liar and a war mongerer, so whats wrong about that.
Ryan Watterson (23 days ago)
tell her to go hit up black guys and then shoot her; for stalking you.
Colin Ashby (23 days ago)
I sure hope to meet Putin one day
grrdpablo1 (1 month ago)
Mr. Vladimir Putin, He's the Man! No Political Correctness Bullshit here. Cool, Calm, Tough effective Leader.
Evan Z (1 month ago)
If this was Trump, He will be like Please design my underwear, get your measurement tape and come off to White House 😂
doogieAfro (1 month ago)
invisible panties were flying at this guy from all directions.
Ram rom (1 month ago)
Putin is a great leader. I like the way he handle the situation.
Top satisfying (1 month ago)
This is called *"How to make more views by just clickbait"*
Sakina Tanimu (1 month ago)
My admiration for this grows daily. He is absolutely presidential without compare in the world.
YAHNWAESUHNMUN (1 month ago)
Mmm Russian women
Max Burg (1 month ago)
She’s delightful... 🤪
Greg Crowe (1 month ago)
Why is Russian propaganda showing up on my feed?
DarkLight (1 month ago)
He looks like he was drowning in vodka the night before.
A W (1 month ago)
I think I can speak for almost everyone when I say a lot of his policies are disagreeable but him as a human is an amazing person
Daniel Vasquez (1 month ago)
A real diplomat. This is how George Bush sr was.
Michal Tran (1 month ago)
Does anybody know what watch is he wearing?
Lum queeny (1 month ago)
I want to go to Russia. Who can help me meet putin the most imp man on planet. Love from cameroon
first last (1 month ago)
Fucken idiot !
DeadPan (1 month ago)
Russian girls are either 10/10 Or 0/10
Steve Robinson (1 month ago)
Is she going to make him a triple breasted cardboard suit?
Aboleo80 (1 month ago)
Such hard hitting questions. Almost "Trump on Fox news" level.
Cabal (1 month ago)
I would smash
Isaac Chase (1 month ago)
Putin is respected I am decent of northeastern Europe myself living in America I wish we had a leader like this
душа бомжа (1 month ago)
Abdullah Al-Shimri (1 month ago)
What a beautiful girl. And so humble unlike the fat American bitches I’m used to.
RNApol (2 months ago)
That fashion designer is a classic russian beauty
robert alexander ho (2 months ago)
I really respect VladimirPutin
AASHIR SHAIKH (2 months ago)
Beautiful girl 😍
Carrie Perkins (2 months ago)
Russians don’t move their faces....kind of expressionless. They are very beautiful though on the whole regardless. Maybe this is why? My face is very lined....I’m always moving my facial expressions 😂
Tenny (2 months ago)
Russian girls man, just a kiss for this girl. Muahhhh😘😘😘
Chris Di Paolo (2 months ago)
Russia is awesome
First Last (2 months ago)
She’s beautiful
guitarhamster (2 months ago)
Russian bitches love asian cocks
Mirsal Kamal (2 months ago)
I'll buy one ugly russian girl! But they don't have it. 😑
shashikant bhesate (2 months ago)
Putin is eligible for next James Bond
Shourov Chakma (2 months ago)
The real life 007 😉
Shapes in Planet (2 months ago)
Make me a clothes please, I want to go preach for the heart of the government of Russia and the Lord needs me to dress a dedicated, clothes for the moment, inspired in the green lights of the sky
Shapes in Planet (2 months ago)
God bless
Shapes in Planet (2 months ago)
Can you help please by make a clothes and donates for our mission, a clothes inspires in shapes of these green lights https://youtu.be/GVuEIENoFco
John D (2 months ago)
She's not corrupted by scum bag westerners ( wiggers)
dr nayk (2 months ago)
Valeriya is a fricking beautiful name.
rohith balaga (2 months ago)
That girl is very beautiful😍😍
Patricia Bracken (2 months ago)
President Putin would look classy in any form of dress code. He is so down to earth ./ humble. The worlds greatest leader of modern times. Long live Russia. To Russia with love. 💖💕💟💞💝💓💗👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
He is so handsome, perceptive and sharp!! ❤️Love from India! 💕
Eddie Aadil (2 months ago)
Hum bi kam nhi hen 🤣
hello (2 months ago)
Make her first lady
Senora Senora (2 months ago)
Something has changed in this man. And it's for the good. Wow 😎
Normal guy (2 months ago)
Whoa is she a beauty!
Be Motive (1 month ago)
2:20 "When I was a student, I didn't think much about it." . That's the difference between us and people like him. When they were students, they were much focused on their future and worked hard for it by neglecting most of the enjoyments. But in our case, we even have time to share our dog's poop on social media as a student. We may keep an aim, but works very little. Much respect to this guy 👏
Larry David (2 months ago)
Wise man Putin.
BaDMaN (2 months ago)
Wow... Her looks ..♥️😍
Rush P. (2 months ago)
So many GlavSet trolls in one place! Amazing!!
Jimmy Arce (2 months ago)
Those are the type of eyes one can look at ‘till old age. :3
I wish I lived in a country with such an intelligent yet approachable leader. Mexico and America need a Putin
Amos H (2 months ago)
Imagine this same question put to Modiji😂😂
I Irreplaceable (2 months ago)
Putin is so cute.
Erfan Torabi (2 months ago)
russian girls are perfect
Gijoe215062056 Ham (2 months ago)
Very bright and early soft
Gijoe215062056 Ham (2 months ago)
Hello Russia great colors
Titus 2:13 (2 months ago)
Eastern European women are the most beautiful women....
Toreador (2 months ago)
Beautiful girl and lovely smile too
Michael Borek (2 months ago)
Eastern European Women are the smartest, elegant and most beautiful women on the planet. Western Women can keep their cats
Your Good Wisher (2 months ago)
He's hot !
Quantum Timeline (2 months ago)
I mean i have no problem in advertising her.
Zechs Merquise (2 months ago)
She needs to that fashion money and get some fucking braces
MYESSYALLYAH Cbssjr (2 months ago)
I could make use of a good Russian woman.
Christopher Columns (2 months ago)
Do not take this the wrong way. American girls and Russian girls look the same to me.
Kaela Creighton (2 months ago)
Whoever used the cyanide, please make sure pets are secure. Luckily, he was by a window in the other room. It's irresponsible to kill a pet's owner and not help the cat find a new home.
Kaela Creighton (2 months ago)
I'd rather wear a uniform than waste time on my closet. I HATE shopping. I'd like to look human again. I've lost 24 pounds already. I like his smile. He is a good actor. I wonder who else has watched my videos or read my blog? Awkward. I'll never forgive Putin for not finding my cat. He had his reasons for making me a target, but he didn't compensate me and release me back to my ecosystem. No, I don't personally know him. He just decided to be mean and cruel to me.
KATAKURI (2 months ago)
its vladimir putin style
Dark Frontier (2 months ago)
Russian turns me on.
David Psenko (2 months ago)
Lucky you.. brothers in Russia. Beautiful choice you've made. Putin is nr.1, complete package. Luv this special man. Greetings from Slovakia
MN (2 months ago)
2:35 myyyy Godddd russia has some serious beauty! Btw thank me later.
Ready Soldier (2 months ago)
Hell yeah!!
MN (2 months ago)
Theee girllll isss beaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuutiful.
nad raf (2 months ago)
Such knowledge this man has.....respect from heart......
Senura Kaduwela (2 months ago)
The only person more sexy than this girl is PUTIN ♥️ RESPECT ✊
S S (2 months ago)
Alfa man!👍 Great, intelligent & yet so involved with his people! Cheers, from India.
TxT TxT (2 months ago)
he is already promoting Anne summers with his vibrating thong on.
Francesco Brosolo (2 months ago)
Russia has the most beautiful women.
Nigel S (2 months ago)
Putins style ? Bump off anybody on the streets of Moscow or Salisbury if he doesn't like them ? 🤔
multisphere1 (2 months ago)
Its usual conservative style, business casual. This girl is silly, what kind of question was this? Why to ask something which is obvious for everyone? I think she is just mediocre cow who craves attention towards herself.
How to train a milf (2 months ago)
Village folks talking about their village fashion
Beautiful style and smile on the lady, you look fantastic, but you seem organized to layer correctly,
I think a lot of the Russian designs are very cute conservative cute
Ohhh, 🐕 styled.
Deathcaller more view (3 months ago)
Russian are the most beautiful people in the world
K Estrado (4 months ago)
She, is fuggin nice
Bee Zava (4 months ago)
Russia's weather is fascinating, sometimes it's dry summer, sometimes it's terrible cold. Fashion designer must not be running out of fashionable ideas.
AA14CBF (4 months ago)
I like the way Mr. Putin talks, so normal human being. ❤️❤️❤️
Lol, you're so beautiful
Hasib Siddque (4 months ago)
This man has charm
Damn she fine and he's legendary as always.
Tec-9 holder (5 months ago)
Hot girl

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