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r/Entitledparents "IM YOUR MOM SO I CAN KILL YOU!" Funny Reddit Posts

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r/Entitledparents think that since your mom gave birth to you, she has the right do whatever she wants to you... right? Even if that means attacking you with a kitchen knife because she wants a better birthday present! I wish I was making this up, but it's true! A mother actually attacks her daughter because her daughter was didn't give her enough for her birthday! That's insane! 🤑 r/Choosingbeggars "PAY FOR MY WEDDING!" Funny Reddit Posts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VY9CAYnCsY&list=PLQWFBACAObMiwvDwYOF6jgXhCKojWTKOK&index=2 🔥 r/Choosingbeggars 'I DESERVE ALL OFF YOUR MONEY!" Funny Reddit Posts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUeNazQ_Ftw&list=PLQWFBACAObMj6W6NyJvSBp_kj2HI33iXN&index=6 🔔 Subscribe! https://bit.ly/2E3A8i6 👍 Like this video if you want to see more! 💬 Join my Discord: https://discord.gg/Rtwc9ZC 🐦 Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/rslashyt #reddit #choosingbeggars #funnyredditposts Credit u/RedRoverLaws, https://bit.ly/2v0ZMP0 u/manuelgennaromusic, https://bit.ly/2UdhJUG u/EZ1112, https://bit.ly/2P2uNLL "Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) License: CC By Attribution 3.0
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Text Comments (4421)
rSlash (8 days ago)
Yugo tried to eat the internet BUT DONT WORRY I STOPPED HIM!
Mr Noob3 (13 hours ago)
Maybe Hugo should be the boss or start a YouTube channel
Nooo I don’t wanna die I am only 12
That first story was like the one from a few months ago that tried to kill her son in the hospital because she thought his book was sinful
Beeve Games (2 days ago)
Good job 👏🏻
Peanut Butter (22 minutes ago)
If any YouTuber says "I hope this doesn't get demonetized" you know it's getting demonetized
x Txnkstelle (54 minutes ago)
Woooos! Video demonitized 😋
ilyviolin3 (1 hour ago)
Ever want to do a segment on entitled customers I got you lol
Jordan Bobo (1 hour ago)
6:53 *Arthur theme song plays*
Alexandra Isakova (2 hours ago)
Crush: I don't like you that way Me: I regret to inform you that I don't accept your rejection and will be seeing you on our first date tomorrow
kirsty kippen (2 hours ago)
opposites attract (2 hours ago)
The mom wants the 608$ buy herself a life.... Wait she would need more.
Shaded Chev (3 hours ago)
The $608 was for drugs 100%
YEET BIX (3 hours ago)
How the fuck did you know how to pronounce Leicester
You should do 1 hours of r/entitledparents
Loli is not life (5 hours ago)
13:03 So... that person rejected the rejection
AA3 (7 hours ago)
On the first one She wanted $608 to get a better mind surgery
Phantasia Firefly (10 hours ago)
I think that the crazy stabber-lady found someone that sold self-respect for 608 Dollars.
Mario’s Adventures 21 (10 hours ago)
the cute puppy doug was gonna eat the internet... the near future rSlash *making a video* internet cuts out *HUGO ATE THE INTERNET*
CrippledMerc (11 hours ago)
There are so many great lines that the godfather could’ve said to that idiot mother, besides the one that he did. There’s just so many possibilities when responding to something like that, in that particular context.
wut a waste of time (12 hours ago)
I was in a mall and at a trampoline plade thingy. To be continued
Night Hunter (14 hours ago)
Ah quit being an entitled YouTuber XD
Nathan Bradbury (14 hours ago)
Dominus Cavern (17 hours ago)
A vaccume cleaner 608,for that.I think
Rage TV (18 hours ago)
The EM wanted 608$ so she could buy a silver machete so she would not need to aim that good
Server101 (18 hours ago)
she wanted drugs
Enock Kibet (19 hours ago)
Its Tom (20 hours ago)
I read the first two this morning 😂
starlight (21 hours ago)
I think that mom need $605 to buy herself a soul
I think the bitch at the beginning wanted to get drugs
Brooklynne Coker (23 hours ago)
Frekie (23 hours ago)
Dominic Camargo (1 day ago)
Yes your the best
Jared Lucev (1 day ago)
Guess she needed $608 for her funeral expenses.
Drain Cleaner (1 day ago)
Julia Johansson (1 day ago)
She wanted 608 dollars to buy six babies plus tax.
r1 sxtxn (1 day ago)
yay more fake stories
Lego Autobot Gamer (1 day ago)
To buy 608 things from the dollar store
Infiniti 7 (1 day ago)
608$ in porn videos and vibrators
alesandro72 (1 day ago)
Em probably wanted the old skool cocacola
The Angry Scout (1 day ago)
The mum wanted $608 so she could buy a car to run her daughter over.
Jose cabrera (1 day ago)
She wanted to start her own Reddit YouTube channel
Soviet Union (1 day ago)
Hitler did have good ideas and I like how no one else actually knows that
ZikAnims (1 day ago)
The mom probably wanted the $608 to make up for all the cocaine she snorted 5 minutes before stabbing her daughter.
janet hult (1 day ago)
she wanted porn
ThePenguinLords (1 day ago)
I subscribed because I’m not allowed to have reddit
Yugo don't eat the internet-!
Joshua David (1 day ago)
PLEASE tell us about your horrible mother trying to get you pregnant at 14. That sounds horrendous and may be painful to listen to. But if it helps you then definitely post it. We will listen and support you.
Techno Panda Girl (1 day ago)
NO EATING THE INTERNET!!! (Snapchat, facebook, and Twitter are now in Yugo 's belly)
Aqua Fox (1 day ago)
Lol I live in Louisiana
Helmo O (1 day ago)
I thought this was click bait God some people
Helmo O (1 day ago)
Well it sorta was but that’s ok still entertaining B)
Robert Elliott (1 day ago)
She prob wanted a electric massaging dildo to stick in her ass
Adrian Castañeda (1 day ago)
If I was the husband I would of took the nife and stabed back
Callum Kiely (1 day ago)
the $608 was possibly to pay for drugs it would explain her behavior
Jackson Holloway (1 day ago)
She wanted $608 for a katana
Mom:why is the fbi here!!! Me:...
the mlg prooo (1 day ago)
NANI y u no wach rslash con utube
the mlg prooo (1 day ago)
She wanted 608 dollas to get some drinks
Laseacow Plays (1 day ago)
RSLASH YOU RULE #notificationsquad
The Hamstar (1 day ago)
She wanted $608 dollars to pay all the debt she avoided for months.
james k (1 day ago)
Naomi Diaz (1 day ago)
1000 adult drinks and candys
Emerald General (1 day ago)
She wanted dildos (?)
2:48 bail for dead beat bf?
N26 (1 day ago)
OK I watch You (rSlash), Fresh, LeeHam, Giofilms, Bumfris, Buddster, Darkfluff and when my headphones to my phone are uncharged or I dont want do disturb someone I read on reddit
N26 (1 day ago)
She wanted to buy your channel for 608$
sseba12 (1 day ago)
Alex FRD (1 day ago)
True story, I had a friend who was under the threat of death by her mother. She's dead now, due to a birth defect in her lungs, mother never got punished, got away with everything, and uses her dead daughter's social media in her name. Sometimes, the Universe kills the wrong people.
That first story was like the one from a few months ago that tried to kill her son in the hospital because she thought his book was sinful
X perduction (1 day ago)
Drug money
Justin Priester (1 day ago)
I really good night in Vegas with strippers and booze
Christian Russell (1 day ago)
Dylan Green (1 day ago)
I know what she wants Dddddddddddddrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuggggggssssssssss
Sophie Trujillo (1 day ago)
German you mad about cables is so funny
Abdulrahman Shaalan (2 days ago)
She wanted 608 dollars to buy vbucks
ChipDoesArt (2 days ago)
That story where em said she wants a ride in the "limousine" I PHYSICALLY could not speak or anything right when I heard that line I just covered my face to my palms our of shock like WHO COULD SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT and I haven't watched the whole story yet but I just need a moment °-°
Colin Vanbibber (2 days ago)
I think it was drugs...
xXRaZyXx (2 days ago)
She wanted 608money for da drugs
Rayzbeatz (2 days ago)
“Don’t eat the internet” 😂
Jhai (2 days ago)
608 frozen cokes
Izzykenza :3 (2 days ago)
Theory: *P L A S T I C S U R G E R Y*
SPRITISHRAJK 05 (2 days ago)
ahmed moustafa (2 days ago)
The mom from the first story either wanted drugs or like an htc vive without having to pay tax
OffsetAirplane (2 days ago)
I think it's very true that entitled people arent challenged enough, just not in the way that douche nozzle meant it.
Charlie Theodoulou (2 days ago)
I liked this video because you said Leicester correctly
Haddy Njie (2 days ago)
i found a really good entitled parent story on reddit so yea 😎
RooBlu2 (2 days ago)
The puppy blooper killed me xD
Frankie Mancuso (2 days ago)
a new child sperm shots 608$ taxes included
Titanz (2 days ago)
She wanted the money to get Male prostitutes
Mini the Minior (2 days ago)
Robert Cooke (2 days ago)
1:28 Welcome back to R/Psychotic Parents!
Diamond Bonnø 2 (2 days ago)
10:38 it already did
madeline welling (2 days ago)
I’m honestly very curious to see what he looks like
Joseph Helms (2 days ago)
What happened with Misery Box? He changed his channel name to "r/" and then he disabled comments on all his videos, and then he openly bashed your channel in one of his videos.
Emma Ruth (2 days ago)
She needed the $608 to pay off the debt she owes for her kid spilling the drink in the "limo", because it was his aspiration to use the experience in his collage essay.
Purdue Pete (2 days ago)
Literally everything you said from ask Reddit was in another video, I think in the same order...I'm not sure who copied who but I like you so I'm assuming it's the other guy...but either way be careful
Suprised Emmit (2 days ago)
rSlash is has a neat life, no girls and Reddit, just like me, sounds like a perfect life.
HandsomeWhale 99 (2 days ago)
It's probably me but, listening to people read reddit stories is easier than reading it
SpikyFruit (2 days ago)
So you said that entitled parents who are dicks to their own kids are disgusting, but nothing about the regular EMs... Does that mean they’re ok?
NGUYEN LE (2 days ago)
2:21 There’s also the third type. The overly religious one; you know, like the mother who tried to strangle her son over D&D? The one you talked about in one of your vids?
Pooodle 4980 (2 days ago)
I love the bits where he pretends to be an r/entitledparents
Flubbershruber (2 days ago)
I think I know why she wanted 608$, it's obviously to buy a better knife to stab everyone else on her birthday (duh)

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