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How to Style Oversized T Shirts | Men's Fashion

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Simple edit, just found the place really nice and I need to film something, sorry for the bad quality tho :) White Oversized Tee : H&M Black Pants : H&M White Shoes : Nike Lunar deluxe THANKS FOR WATCHING :) ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------- Facebook: http://facebook.com/yikaii Instagram: misteryikaii Snapchat: kai.insanity ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------- Business Mail: [email protected] ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------- Music: Safakash - Happy day No copyright intended
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Text Comments (17)
Marius Funk (1 year ago)
Where can i find a oversized tshirt? link please:) (something like in The Video)
kent liw (1 year ago)
yo where is this place in SG?
Nadine Porschla (2 years ago)
I thought u gonna teach us the different type of styles wearing oversized shirt. But instead this is like vlog of a some sort.
Christian3Park (2 years ago)
totally luca inspired but was a good impression!
MeloBye (2 years ago)
what size
The High Tech Touch (2 years ago)
Wow i love your style and your videos ! Love from FRANCE !! :)
Anthony Gomba (3 years ago)
NICE VIDEO! That was cool location you shot at.
1kai (3 years ago)
+Anthony Gomba thanks so much man
Orlando Preissler (3 years ago)
so dope. lovin the style. keep it up man.
1kai (3 years ago)
+Orlando Luiz Thank you so much Orlando !! :)
Evans Pap (3 years ago)
Nice style 👌
1kai (3 years ago)
+EVANS PAP Thanks Evan!!! ^^
cody hughes (3 years ago)
this is the coolest definitely subing after this
1kai (3 years ago)
+dakoduh thank you very much dakoduh :) appreciate it!
AliyahLee (3 years ago)
simple & clean fit 👌
AliyahLee (3 years ago)
+mr. yikaii thanks!
1kai (3 years ago)
+AwkwardStyles thanks man !! ur videos are nice too :)

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