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Purple Color Combinations Clothe Ideas For Men

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san amazing way (1 month ago)
I only came here because I like the joker
Joseph Small (24 days ago)
+san amazing way lol. I recommend looking up Joker quotes from the movie Batman 1989 movie. Or better yet, look up scenes with him on YouTube! Enjoy yourself fellow disciple of the clown lol
san amazing way (24 days ago)
+Joseph Small ooohhh well I can't lie I just watched the dark Knight and I wanted to see purple suits so I look it up and it look great all we need now it's make up and a knife to put a smile on my face
Joseph Small (24 days ago)
+san amazing way There was confusion, sorry. I came here originally because I appreciate purple in fashion. You, mostly because of the Joker. So when I read that was ur reason, I thought that was funny and relatable. So I enjoyed that lol
san amazing way (24 days ago)
+Joseph Small so you agree or disagree also my favorite color in clothing it's purple and black they are just both perfect for clothing
Joseph Small (24 days ago)
Dude, my favorite color is purple and that's the only reason why I came here, but you made me appreciate this even more now lol
Vitória * (4 months ago)

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