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Would You Date A Person Who Is Always Optimistic?

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Text Comments (47)
Mac B (2 months ago)
A lot of the time their just full of sh*t. You really won’t no a person true personality until you make them mad and until you known them for at least two years
camino41510 (2 months ago)
Could I please ask you some questions I need help to figure things out .
Laura Pug (2 months ago)
I always like watching your videos because they're always so truthful and to the point you help people see the real picture
Devil C Wesker (2 months ago)
Why did this girl like my profile pic in intagram and then took out the like right away. I got the notification of her liking it but it wasnt there but she likes other guys pics that she doesnt even know in person. I was like why?
Devil C Wesker (2 months ago)
+Sskxies Sskxies yep thats exactly what happen after she liked my pic. She liked likw 5 others guys pics
Sskxies Sskxies (2 months ago)
She was probably scrolling down you're instagram and accidentally liked it and then unliked so you wouldn't know she was on you're instagram... probably stalking you. Then she started liking other picks of guys so you wouldn't think she likes you, shy girls intend to do that.
Rachel Syas (2 months ago)
I’d say to the person who asked the question- don’t date the optimistic, sunny-side-up person. That’s who they are. You’ll just end up constantly raining on their sunshine you’ll see the optimistic person become very depressed and not their selves. Date someone like you. You already don’t like that about them if you enter this relationship your doing it for selfish reason and it’s not because you love who they are.
Sskxies Sskxies (2 months ago)
optimistic people are great! They always make you feel happy and special. And you'll have the best adventures with them. I'm not that optimistic but all my friends are. thanks to them I'm enjoying life.
Olivia PRINCESS (2 months ago)
He use to be kind to me but now he's not
Olivia PRINCESS (2 months ago)
They told him to rate the girls from my class room from looks and then he rated me a 5 but it was so wired because he always looks at me even though I look at him be still keeps looking to the point where it get me uncomfortable
Sskxies Sskxies (2 months ago)
Again, he probably has a crush on you and is afraid to show his feelings.
Olivia PRINCESS (2 months ago)
Could someone plz answer my question?? Why dose he come up to me while I'm talking to a guy (IT could be any guy)He'll come and talk to me
Olivia PRINCESS (2 months ago)
+Sskxies Sskxies yea thx btw
Sskxies Sskxies (2 months ago)
+Olivia PRINCESS I used to like this girl and sometimes what I would do was bump my head on her arm but really gentle. She would always freeze and blush. But she had no response. I told her it helped my headache. If you guys were something like this I would understand but if it was worse then I don't think it was really love.
Sskxies Sskxies (2 months ago)
+Olivia PRINCESS he isn't a good guy, If he hits you it might be for attention. From you, or others. It doesn't matter this guy is toxic and you should stay away. But if you think he isn't that bad then maybe ask him one day why he did it.
Olivia PRINCESS (2 months ago)
+Sskxies Sskxies it like smacking me like on my head or like hitting me on my chest and stomach and it was like out of no where.He didn't hit me to soft but not to hard either.
Sskxies Sskxies (2 months ago)
+Olivia PRINCESS what do you mean by hitting you? Did he like straight out punch you or was it something else?
Bryan Fredrick (2 months ago)
Well said, realism mixed w/ optimism would be ideal tho.
Jr. Henderson (3 months ago)
Hey guys just a quick little question. So basically i broke up my ex because she just wasn’t there emotionally and that’s because of her childhood. It ended on bad terms and i sent her a immature and inappropriate message because she just refused to change although it’s really not her fault for acting like that. I really like this girl but idk if we’ll ever talk again or get back together. I want to get back with her but I don’t want to go through the same thing with her. What should i do?
Jr. Henderson (2 months ago)
Jane Lera Bum ass Bitch, pretty inappropriate but she called me a bitch a lot and I just laughed every time but she disrespected so I called her that out of anger
Jane Lera (2 months ago)
Jr. Henderson What message did you send her lol- and why?
Jr. Henderson (2 months ago)
Jane Lera well how soon should wait to reach out. I know since i sent that inappropriate message she’s been spreading dirt on my name.
Jane Lera (2 months ago)
Reach out- you have nothing to loose
Shauna Kabana (3 months ago)
What if a guy says you dress too nice or he was afraid to approach you because you dress “nice” or boujee. I don’t wear designer . but I do like to dress up and wear Fashion nova halter top, skinny jeans , ankle boots and a cardigan ...
Shauna Kabana (2 months ago)
JAKEBrakeModel94 he approached me 4 years later and he said he would see me around campus and mentioned that I dress really nice like I have money stablity which I described how I dressed above. But getting to know him I can see why he thought like that. And you are right he does have a different taste
JAKEBrakeModel94 (2 months ago)
Since you said “was afraid” I am assuming he ended up approaching you? Maybe he typically has a different taste. But it sounds like you were attractive enough for him to approach! And the clothes didn’t completely scare him off.
spaciousgalaqxy (3 months ago)
Truthfully if a guy is more hung up on your clothes than on you, I feel like he may not be straight. Just my opinion.
persianfoo (3 months ago)
It all depends on the guy. I like dressing nice or boujee sometimes. I also like if a girl dresses nice too. But if the girl is only wearing designer clothes, I would think they are likely a materialistic type of person which is unattractive to me personally and probably a decent amount of guys too. You don't need to be walking around in Gucci 24/7 even if you have the money. Being humble is attractive
Andrea (3 months ago)
It's fake, nobody is up all the time. They think they are attractive playing a role.
me mo (2 months ago)
Its not fake..when ur with a person u love u always seem a way out. But its just not appeciated unfortunatly
eman7188 (3 months ago)
Evan Ward (3 months ago)
When you know you like someone you have to be optimistic. Don’t let any doubt or negativity get to you!
Grandmastergav86 (3 months ago)
MzStaCia 2u (3 months ago)
🤔 I personally could not because I know a friend of mine is exactly like that & they drive me insane... Ugh😩
Sskxies Sskxies (2 months ago)
You drive me insane
christi crenshaw (3 months ago)
I am just going to keep my head in the clouds. I know several people like that. Drives me crazy.

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