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Men's Summer Lookbook 2018 | Men's Fashion Inspiration ● FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM - https://goo.gl/jmK8if ● MY FREE NEWSLETTER - http://bit.ly/2JlJmcX ● SUBSCRIBE TO ALEX COSTA - https://goo.gl/RQdFEH ● LEVEL UP COMMUNITY - https://goo.gl/EuK3c6 ● TWITTER - https://goo.gl/ML7aaw CARL’S CHANNEL: https://goo.gl/H6rsYT Shot by: André Pilli (https://goo.gl/URJHFb) Edited by: Patrick Lopes (https://goo.gl/1CjHNF) Topic of discussion: What was your favorite outfit? Summer is almost here and it’s time to talk about summer clothes! I shot this video with one of my good friends Carl, who also has a dope YouTube channel (listed below). This summer, I’m experimenting with floral shirts, lots of white jeans, accessories, and even those striped trousers which I would have never worn a few months back. It’s all about trying new outfits and pieces and breaking out of your box. These 4 easy outfits for men are all ready for you guys to try out! Enjoy my summer 2018 lookbook and let me know what you think of each men’s outfits! What I'm wearing: Outfit #1 Floral Shirt (Reiss): http://bit.ly/2JpIBzB Similar Jeans (H&M): http://bit.ly/2Ld3lb4 White Sneakers (Axel Arigato): http://bit.ly/2xXO10h Sunglasses (Ray-Ban): http://bit.ly/2Lgfb4a Necklace 1 (Pyrrha): https://goo.gl/qgVsRz Necklace 2 (Serge Denimes): https://goo.gl/zas72W Rings (Serge Denimes): https://goo.gl/zas72W Outfit #2 Shirt (Reiss): http://bit.ly/2JhTXFV Similar Jeans (H&M): http://bit.ly/2Ld3lb4 Sneakers (Converse): http://bit.ly/2LbIUv9 Sunglasses: (Ray-Ban): http://bit.ly/2JnlLbK Ring (Marcos De Andrade): https://goo.gl/2A1KxP Outfit #3 Linen Shirt (Club Monaco): http://bit.ly/2LcX5jG Similar Striped Trousers (Topman): http://bit.ly/2Jlgtxw Blue Sneakers (H&M): http://bit.ly/2JhU6Jt Sunglasses (Persol): http://bit.ly/2LfZ6vs Rings (ASOS): http://bit.ly/2JnktNW Outfit #4 Floral Shirt (ASOS): http://bit.ly/2LeF44p White Jeans (H&M): http://bit.ly/2Ld2PtE Chelsea Boots (All Saints): http://bit.ly/2JnpPZt Accessories (same as outfit 1) Check out my other videos: 3 Easy Spring Outfits for Men 2018: https://goo.gl/rqZR6g 8 Things Men Should do Everyday: https://goo.gl/W9wDVx My Morning Routine 2018: https://goo.gl/a4nWj3 Healthy Hair Tips For Men: https://goo.gl/M1YiZj 5 Shoes Every Guy Needs to Own: https://goo.gl/Npjv9D How to Get Straight Hair Permanently: https://goo.gl/3IBiIB 4 Easy Winter Outfits for Men: https://goo.gl/HQGXcX Best Men's Hairstyle 2018: https://goo.gl/UUIBXk Men's Outfit Inspiration Summer Fashion 2018 Easy outfits for men summer 2018 style On my channel you will find videos about men's fashion, men's hair, health, fitness, overall lifestyle, and of course, my personal life. This includes my friends and family, so please be mindful of that and maintain a positive atmosphere in the comments section. Don't forget to subscribe and make sure to hit that like button if you enjoyed the video!
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Text Comments (523)
abdul kaiyum (11 days ago)
You are brilliant alex in your own style and get up thank you
A Man who Has a dream (15 days ago)
Who’s the Man behind this awesome Cinematography? I hate him! He’s so damn amazing. Everything in this video is just perfect.
Ashik Rahman (2 months ago)
Vinayak Hadapad (2 months ago)
Pradeep Kumar (2 months ago)
Soo nice. And good style.. Lovely
kids fun boss (2 months ago)
I am from India superb
ananth konchada (2 months ago)
Boss whr are you buy on this things
Radiant Noro (3 months ago)
Man i like your newspaper shirt😂😂
Mariana (5 months ago)
Damnnn you guys are hot af
GERNIEL CODILLA (5 months ago)
whats the title of the music?
Bernhard Neumüller (5 months ago)
the other guy wears pretty cool shirts, where are they from?
Jommel Peñalosa (6 months ago)
My inspiration💕
MIX Fun (7 months ago)
fllow me on instagram @worlds_unique_fashion to see more and more
Abdullah Almaliky (8 months ago)
rana mozzen rana (8 months ago)
very nice
Is that batik shirt?
K vybe 473 (8 months ago)
Hey Alex can u make a video how to style fedora hats?
Dev kumar Dev kumar (9 months ago)
I am.big fan alex sir.
Imam Shaikh (9 months ago)
This video I loving it
FashionHaiBoss (9 months ago)
Superb alex u r really inspirational
Venky Yajjala Yajjala (9 months ago)
Superb 👌👌👌👌😎😎
Tawakal Swaleh (9 months ago)
Am from Kenya bro clean outfit???
robert sahni (10 months ago)
cocoonkapas .com- this website also totally based on royal look drees providers in india
Catur Jakatama (10 months ago)
Batik is the best fashion
Ok those links are useless cause they’re out of stock
F,F, F. (10 months ago)
Love the striped trouser...
Jae Bek (11 months ago)
Love everything you both wore. Great collab
MarkTheOrdinary (11 months ago)
why were you taking up two spots in the lot !???
Jeric Ballad (11 months ago)
What title of this background music?
MAJIDA ALAHMAD (11 months ago)
I was gonna subscribe to your Chanel but your last video is on june2 wtf
Nikos foinix (11 months ago)
based zeus brought me here bruh
Stylish outfit.
Dikbon Pari (11 months ago)
hey! bro i love ur vids plz make more vids on different physical of men like some legs are big and other slim
Garry Williams (11 months ago)
nice work, 😙👍
Gilles Lagin (11 months ago)
Hey, did someone know where can we found the bag in the outfit 1? :)
Md Murthy (11 months ago)
venkat rvk (11 months ago)
Can we get blue eyes....
Gaurav Singh (11 months ago)
Hey wanna look like them! Here are a few easy steps Step 1: Be Rich Step 2: Repeat Step 1 80 times Step 3:Repeat Step 1&2 :)
Sarita Devi (1 year ago)
bro outfit 1st in you were ganji what this name
Kyo Kasagi (1 year ago)
You want good styles come to this channel, don't forget to like😎
Ismodylem TV (1 year ago)
I love your outfits and B Rolls always cool
ina boqorka channel (1 year ago)
Top fashion yep
F,F, F. (1 year ago)
The white jeans r skinny fit or slim fit...
Jloves1D (1 year ago)
I don't know why I watch these videos if men's fashion doesn't apply to me but I still really enjoy them 😂
Vijay Verma (1 year ago)
Jorna Akter (1 year ago)
Hi I'm from Bangladesh
The Cavaliers Den (1 year ago)
Dope as usual , this is the type of content that inspired me to create my own channel.
Vladimir Rodriguez (1 year ago)
How long is the Pyrrha necklace you wear? 22 inch or 26 inch?
Bro plz upload u formal dress and shoes pics in instagram..
Shutto (1 year ago)
Cooler coming out of a bimmer though. nice videos Alex
Terrell Plateros (1 year ago)
I Love IT ! Very Entertaining !
Shumaila (1 year ago)
Awesome bro
Aasif barwatiya (1 year ago)
That's a great video! 😍
Bharat Parjapati (1 year ago)
Bharat Parjapati (1 year ago)
I am
Bharat Parjapati (1 year ago)
Noah Velez (1 year ago)
I love your stuff man, some of these looks are a bit to fruity for me but love the lookbooks man
Pushp Rajdev (1 year ago)
Extremely love linen pants highlighting with classy white gentle shirt to flaunt your summer looks!! Loved it
Nikhil a (1 year ago)
Does anyone know the bgm??. Pls
Abel Paduret (1 year ago)
Isn't a pain wearing boots in summer..?
Klint Morre (1 year ago)
how tall id alex
ItsNeso Gaming (1 year ago)
I cant afford this lol
Vylnce -فّ (1 year ago)
That's Sick !!
Saints (1 year ago)
Excellent video Alex! Where can I get Carls blue shirt ?
FrozenDoesYT (1 year ago)
i wonder how many girls came up to you and gave you their numbers.
Rathod Dar'zZ (1 year ago)
please make vedio on top 5 flower printed shirts
Rudra Anand (1 year ago)
Alex u looked dapper with d G-Class
Sahil Singh (1 year ago)
Jim Chapman (1 year ago)
Big into patterned shirts at the moment, love the ASOS one in the last look!
Tarun mehra (1 year ago)
Krazzy Keith (1 year ago)
What music is that ? By the way nice outfits man I really like it👍😎
J.P. Perez (1 year ago)
Hey Alex, my name is JP and I love your work, you’ve inspired me from hair, clothing, and just personal tips. I’m a bit of a photographer and your shots and videos like these are amazing. Now, I know your not the one taking the photos but do you have any advice for a good photoshoot? Thanks! And congrats on the million subs!
gotni ways (1 year ago)
wich books do u read ? and helped u to achieve sucess?
Gelmir Lantigua (1 year ago)
that parking though
Litarallyy (1 year ago)
If I have a life like alex costa it would be enough for me. Dang
Furqan Shaik (1 year ago)
Awesome video
franklin Anthony (1 year ago)
Alex you inspire me thanks 😊😊
Mr. Glitterpants (1 year ago)
Can you make a video about what tell your barber when getting a haircut, about the measurements and such
yash Aringale (1 year ago)
You really nailed it 🔥🤙
MushFi (1 year ago)
not less than any Hero <3 🔥🔥
P. K. (1 year ago)
faddys1234 (1 year ago)
wow amazing video Alex!!! how can i ask the barber to get the same sides and back haircut as you?
Santhosh Mani (1 year ago)
Hi Alex I am ur fan.
Ice C (1 year ago)
How do you get money bruhh Seems like you're really rich
Gaming with GAUTAM (1 year ago)
Hey alex can you teach us some basic dance steps to do with girls so ...if someone is gonna ask we don't have to be embrassed because we don't even know basic steps..plz
ItsmRichards (1 year ago)
Please make a video about what vitamins a man should take in the mornings
Rodrigo Antiquera (1 year ago)
Alex, voce tambem faz videos em portugues?
Gabriel Costa (1 year ago)
não mais
Bobby Kala (1 year ago)
Costa you know how to pull it off
JeRrYoRdiNaRy (1 year ago)
Arsh ___ (1 year ago)
So nyc
Qimp (1 year ago)
Can you give tips on how to remove forehead lines
Edis Avdić (1 year ago)
Man you're totally my inspiration for man's fashion. Thanks to you I meet a bunch of girls who want to hangout with me. They love my style and appearance but for all that thanks to you and your tips and videos . Keep that positive hustle and good vibes. 👏✋
Bharat Parjapati (1 year ago)
Edis Avdić hi
Alex Costa (1 year ago)
Amazing thank you!
Ausiin (1 year ago)
Can you do a video on how to be more motivated? Like how to be more motivated to follow ambitions, start projects, study, etc.
Eemil Riutta (1 year ago)
*[The Chez Knight]* adderall, easy
Kalashnikov Ak74 (1 year ago)
It is possible to explain in Arabic or to add a translation in Arabic
Kalashnikov Ak74 (1 year ago)
It is possible to explain in Arabic or to add a translation in Arabic
Rita Micheals (1 year ago)
Alex you are a very handsome man
Music Name
Waqar Pirzada (1 year ago)
Background music is weird
favorites lyrics (1 year ago)
Hey alex i am having problem of hair loss what should i do?please brotha tell me.
beep boop Beep (1 year ago)
likhon chowdhury (1 year ago)
Awesome bro 😳

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