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How It's Made - Hublot Magic Gold Watches

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How It's Made - Hublot Magic Gold Watches
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ryvr madduck (3 months ago)
Istvan Bartha (9 months ago)
Very cool!
Tank vhh (1 year ago)
its funny how the rich buy a bugatti but cant drive it to the supermarket or park..they buy rolex or hublot watch and cant wear it daily...buy furniture they cant sit on...etc....fuck being rich
Ruben (1 year ago)
Im sure people would take a less hard gold for better color.
Sam Ho (2 years ago)
it's cool, but the color is No good, not gold anymore.
dimman77 (2 years ago)
This is a metal matrix composite or cermet. Been done in aerospace for years (decades?). One way is a porous ceramic with a metal infused into the gaps. This isn't a gold alloy, and I doubt Hublot actually has a patent for this. This looks like liquid state pressure infiltration. The only thing Hublot has done is keeping the weight of the ceramic to 25% that of gold so they can mark the finished product .750/18k. The gold itself isn't any harder, it's soft, pure gold protected and supported by hard pieces of ceramic on a microscopic scale. Plus it's uuuuugly.
Sir Fa (4 months ago)
Hey good info. Do you have relevant education or just general knowledge?
Phil X (2 years ago)
J Simo (2 years ago)
ill bet my phone tells the time just the same. all that tech going into something so redundant
Nicholas Joseph (9 months ago)
You could almost say the same thing about the smartphone. Yes you could tell time via your phone screen and your phone keeps better time than an automatic watch but a watch at that price and craftsmanship will last you a whole lot longer than your phone. A timeless design watch can be passed from you to your offspring. Bear in mind, a Rolex datejust if serviced regularly can last for a long time.
Yasir Kadhim (2 years ago)
a phone has much more tech
hans badal (2 years ago)
just gonna go ahead and say this. if you own a gold watch or piece of jewelery and are careless enough to get it scratched, then i guess you don't deserve to own it to begin with.
W7 Davison (1 year ago)
h b if your saying that you've clearly never owned real solid gold pieces. I have a king gold hublot, and I am excrutiatingly careful with it. despite my hardest efforts it still has scratches on the bezel, and I have absolutely noo idea where any of them have come from. not once have I banged or rubbed it against anything... they just 'happen'. scratching gold is inevetible. and my king gold is a copper/platinum/24k gold mix. It was the most scratch resisant gold before this magic gold. Yet, still they appear
maniacram (2 years ago)
All that for an ugly watch, not to mention the ugly color.
XxRainy DayzxX (8 months ago)
maniacram retard
Stoogie Hat (2 years ago)
thats cool but it doesnt even look like gold anymore, it looks like brass or something
falken09 (2 years ago)
Cameron Weber (3 years ago)
that's amazing but it's color is hideous
Cameron Weber (3 years ago)
Platinum is the most noble metal. I'd almost include just rhodium
Ray Dominguez (2 years ago)
Cameron Weber no way
Eiman Azim (3 years ago)
Amazing video man..I liked it.

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