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How to Approach Your Crush For the First Time

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Text Comments (35)
Abdoll (28 days ago)
What if I can’t act like I’m confident ?
Kevin Rose (1 month ago)
I like this girl who's studying a technical skill at her college; Im not sure if you likes me but when I had my teeth cleaned she ran over to and gave me a hug. I havent dated her yet but I want to send her flowers. How should I properly approach this?
tiffany (6 months ago)
are you crazy that’s too forward
STEVE P (7 months ago)
It's hard approaching someone you like very much.
Niki Simone Gene (7 months ago)
i will do but im a bit shy just a bit 😳😂
Akar (12 days ago)
That just a bit means a lot
Harry woodyatt (1 year ago)
I have never ever had a girlfreind
Akar (12 days ago)
STEVE P (7 months ago)
me neither.
Batsirai Shasha (1 year ago)
I love how you go straight to the point
Astro Wiz (7 months ago)
Yes, no introduction bs like most vids
brellow - (1 year ago)
I second that
Alvin Zapata (2 years ago)
my crush is Also smart
TYCRAFT (2 years ago)
I'm gonna do it! I have 3 months to prepared before school starts! I can do this I can do this!
Starscream (4 years ago)
I don't really know that it's a good idea to put that much importance on how you greet them. I'd think greeting them like you'd greet someone you know with a simple "hi" would work, as long as you immediately switch to the "I've noticed you" thing or whatever. Basically explain why you're talking to her. Or at least explain it if she hasn't noticed you before you talk to her... if she's been making strong eye contact or smiling at you, I guess you can cut the "I noticed you" part and simply start greeting and asking how she's doing... Or maybe you could do that as well if she hasn't noticed you yet, I don't know.
Starscream (4 years ago)
+Illumi Nation She doesn't know who you are because you haven't talked to her.
Starscream (4 years ago)
+Illumi Nation You just don't know what you're talking about. "it will always be awkward because the girl doesn´t know who you are." People always start off as strangers, there's nothing awkward about introducing yourself to someone you don't know. If you believe the stuff you're putting forth, it's not going to be awkward. It's only going to be awkward if you go at it halfassedly because you're nervous and mumble and don't speak loud. She might not respond favorably, but this is beyond your control.
Illumi Nation (4 years ago)
+Illumi Nation Even though she is in my school and in the same grade as I am, she still doesn´t know who I am because I´m not in her class.
Illumi Nation (4 years ago)
+Starscream  No man you don´t understand it, it will always be awkward because the girl doesn´t know who you are. I will always come off as a stalker, it doesn´t even matter how hard I try she just doesn´t know who I am.
Starscream (4 years ago)
+Illumi Nation It's not awkward if you don't make it awkward.
Young Justice (4 years ago)
This is good I use this but the problem is my crush is way out of my leaugue :(
Pex_gDp-Hs 033 (1 year ago)
TYCRAFT (2 years ago)
Don't say that! Remember anythings possible
John Deer (4 years ago)
Tom Robinson (4 years ago)
My crush is pretty smart, so i said hi smartass... it didn't work.
slick dreams (2 years ago)
Tom Robinson lol
PizzaMan7804 (3 years ago)
Good job XD
chelsea eberhardt (5 years ago)
All I did was sit alone for a second after smiling at him. And told my self," Stay confident, you can do this." he was open about it when I finally came over there.
DatingLogic (5 years ago)
Good job Chelsea, it pays to be confident and smile.
chelsea eberhardt (5 years ago)
Well I did. He was very open about it cause we already kinda met and he stared at me constantly. But it doesn't always work for everyone. The trick is: You need to see if he likes you, signs however or if yo like him and he isn't giving you signs just o up to him and be like,"Hi, I noticed you. I like you do you like me." A simple question to ask if he stares at you a lil. Or just walk over to him if he's sitting alone. And just casually sit next to him. He will be flattered by your company and talk to you. Be confident. I did it worked.
nessa mcneal (2 years ago)
+nessa mcneal I ment since
nessa mcneal (2 years ago)
+chelsea eberhardt awe that's good .can u help me cause I see this boy in the hallway but I am to nervous to tell him I have a crush on him..... face to face because ,my riend told him that .. hey one of my friend likes you.and then she said she started to smirk..but sice im nervous to tell him . I asked her 2. nd she said no she gonna act like she don't know me.. so do u think I should tell him face 2 face.
Flex (5 years ago)
TD0G101 (5 years ago)
wow ahaha it was so easy after the greeting thank you so much man !

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