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What If an Ex Contacts You Out of the Blue

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beautyqueenki (8 days ago)
I feel bad cause I just talked to him eventhough im over him. I just wanted to make sure he is ok. Not even thinking of my feelings next time I am going to ignore him.
BWR Rock (22 days ago)
Should you respond to a text from an ex after 2months? He text yesterday haven’t heard from him until now. How you been, he asked?
PsychedPerspective (1 month ago)
Thank you 🙏🏽 IGNORE them and keep living your life. I don’t want to repeat and go back. I’m moving forward.
Marissa Vaudo (1 month ago)
Wish you were looking at the camera 💕
Stefan Ström (2 months ago)
Why sould i be my exes back up plan? If she have ben whit a lot of guys.. I dont be taken fore grantet.. I have much self respekt.. I dont give her the Joy to have me as a you to play a round with
Sandy Randolph (4 months ago)
Yes he just got out of a third party relationship it broke my heart it nearly killed me. I have gotten use to not hearing from him at all I’m moving in with my life in a positive direction I still love him I just can’t trust him at all. I can’t get back with someone I don’t trust in moving forward with my life period of pain misery and being hurt after all these empty promises
AG writer (2 months ago)
Did he attempt to reach out to you?
Yolanda R (4 months ago)
A year later, he still tries to contact me
John Sanabria (4 months ago)
I told her I didn't have a job she never called me again that shows me her true colors lol
Dave H (5 months ago)
Taking an ex back is like giving them another bullet for their gun because they didn’t kill you the first time. Do you want to read the same book over again when you already know how it ends? Don’t let the same flame burn you twice.
Jay Fountains (4 months ago)
my ex reached out to me 1.5 years after break up. i made a date to hang out, i banged her. i dont expect anything from it. but when we hung out everything was like it used to. i dont expect to get back together or anything. i am currently dating 5 other girls.
Jay Fountains (4 months ago)
@K yea she texts me everyday i keep the coversation short, just make a date to hang out and keep hooking up. east peasy.
K (4 months ago)
John Bingaman (5 months ago)
Your ex tells you that they are dying, when they unloaded us they didn't care if we were dead or alive oh, so what's the point oh, now they realize who WE really were!
Denise Erneste (6 months ago)
Denise Erneste (6 months ago)
To me I don’t care if she’s gonna come back I don’t need him back I am dumb life is great to l
Sexyp Mama (6 months ago)
I wouldnt go back move in nothing will change if u by yourself god will send someone goodbye to all exes
Alysse Adrianna (6 months ago)
they usually want something too
I A (27 days ago)
Alysse Adrianna Yes, mine definitely does. I just ignore him.
Onyenkuzi Matmira (6 months ago)
On point.especially if u hv moved forward with ur life.just ignore....i lov dat wards....on point...
John Doe (7 months ago)
Ignore them.
Dawn Morin (8 months ago)
I had a lot come back this year..the thing I been doing is forgiving them and myself for all that happen for us to break up ..not to get back ..it has been a long journey for me to get to this point to forgive ppl ..but I do feel great and some of my ex we are friends and can talk on a level of friendship ..knowing we will never be together again
jana jones (9 months ago)
My first has been popping up for the last 10 years...
ruizgonz (9 months ago)
MURAKAMIDOLO (11 months ago)
Neither my boy... ima tell yall a story... i hit up my ex after 6 years of seein her.. i held a secret for almost a decade and i was in a place where i was not right and needed closure for my happiness. I admitted to stealin money from her and her mom for 2 years straight and they never noticed during the time, also admitted to cheating on her with a junkie over a drug deal. Yea im not proud but i do not feel bad, she cheated on me numerous times and possibly fucked my cousin anyway, plus when i sent the message within 2 minutes she sent a 👎... after 6 years of no contact that was her reponse to me confessing what i did to her... i had no intention of wanting to see or talk about it with her i jus felt she deserved to know the truth... one of the best things i ever did in my life was be honest with the person i thought i loved, maybe it was never real but goddamnit the closure was sweet as hell and her response to it was the icing on my cake. Its not what u think sometimes especially if your young so youngins learn from my story! be open and honest with people u love, itll go a long way!!
Leopold Teague (11 months ago)
There is not secret, but the closest thing there is to it when it comes to getting an ex back, is to be ready and have all your bases covered. It's all about tapping and pushing those buttons that practically guarantee you'll have them want you back, almost against their will lol. It's so much easier if you read how it works in Treitan Mellory's website.
Bradford Cook (11 months ago)
Related to Isaac Hayes?
Charlice Walker (11 months ago)
ace 99 (1 year ago)
Had an ex-girlfriend from nearly 18 years ago contact me recently .. she said she's been married for 14 years.. why we should contact me?
YVG (1 year ago)
Exactly what i was looking for, thanks for the coincidentally convenient insight
Ebony Simpson (1 year ago)
my ex rings me every few weeks, in this time he'll beg to see me I declined visie versa. he changed his number, I don't have a correct number for him, he told me when ever i cant get held of him i must come down to his house, i dont need an invitation. Now he calls me on private number puts his phone on mute on and off, I then hang up why would someone do that?
Humanbynature (1 year ago)
Ebony Simpson Because they are immature
barbara wright (1 year ago)
Nah! Moving on is synomonous with moving forward in life not backwards. Refuse to be the "rebound person".
Gregory Seers (1 year ago)
actually i reckon u do a great job, i reckon u are one of the best dating consultants here on youtube keep up the great work mate!
Gregory Seers (1 year ago)
ooooh you are awful lol
Ja Ja (1 year ago)
Keep on moving .
Pj Davis (1 year ago)
2 Ksi speedy 420 (1 year ago)
I like this video and my ex-girlfriend reached out to me we didn't talk at all for 5 months and 18 Shir Ami called me 2 weeks ago on the weekend I didn't know who it was I had a weird feeling in my gut I got to call try to pick it up and listen to music and I try to call back she was called one of my friends my ex is trying to come back to me she broke up with me but it's been a while without talking and often she was worried cuz one of my old friends told my ex about girl was hitting on me and she got really sad and worried to my friend thank you for telling me and she's Ramey called me last weekend two weekends ago and since then she didn't call it back at all hopefully my ex girlfriend calls me soon because I miss her so much I'm waiting for my ex-girlfriend Kate
Kera Wheeler (1 year ago)
Lol i have had 3 exs contact me within the last three months. I see the grass ain't green on the other side. U never miss your water till it runs dry. Thank god i know who i am. And have had the success of moving on.
```` (1 month ago)
@Chris Champion u talking about women or men?
Chris Champion (4 months ago)
Youll hit mid 30s and youll be back to them
1SparksFlyOut (1 year ago)
I had a guy ghost me because I wasn't his type. Then he came back a year later with a BS excuse that he was deleted old texts messages and found mine. He also tried to blame his dissapearance on me ghosting him, which was a lie. He then says: "call or text me whenever you like." LOL I'm Goooooooooooood
ayse skl (1 year ago)
gooo girl !! :)
Mike Lund (1 year ago)
I'll hang up if an ex contacts me !!!!!
April B Ahammer (2 years ago)
So true!! My ex had contacted me after being divorced three years. He filed for a divorce in angry and I did not challrnge him and lrt him go. He admitted he regrets the divorce.
Soniya (1 year ago)
he divorced u?
Kevin Patel (2 years ago)
my ex contact me back after one yr but she wanted to be with "just be friends" n im in relationship too
A new can of worms. Why can't it be a jar of happiness?
Mel (2 years ago)
My ex messaged me after 4-5 years. We grew up together and he did me wrong (dated for many years). I've moved on and had better relationships since then, but it feels good to get that apology years after the fact. It means he still thinks about it, while I really don't anymore.
Baronessa X (2 years ago)
I love your videos. Thanks for the great advice as always.
spaciousgalaqxy (2 years ago)
Let's say a guy meets me. If he then has to date even one or two other girls before he realizes I am special, he isn't the one. The right guy will meet you and see you as worth dating right away. Just my opinion.
Angela S (2 years ago)
my ex contacted me approximately last week after 2 months of no contact. I didn't know about the message he sent me and I only opened it last night, after a week. but after replying to him it seems as if he's blocked or unfriended me on snapchat, could this possibly be a sign that he's hurt, because people usually rub it off but he goes to the extreme of unadding me btw your videos are very resourceful and it gets on the point, keep up the hard work!
John Doe (2 years ago)
1- they just got out of a relationship- now they're thinking of past relationships, and they have a void they need to fill up. their self esteem has taken a dive due to break up and now they're thinking of someone from their past (you) 2- they've been through relationships and now they realize that the grass wasn't greener on the other side. need to figure out where you are with your life, if you've moved on then it's probably best to leave it alone bc you don't want to open up a new can of worms
A. K (2 years ago)
What if my ex contacts me and she's married and has a child thats like 2, and she's been contacting me every month or so.. telling me she kind of regrets going for the "other guy" ?????? if you can reply back please!!! i would be grateful.
2 Ksi speedy 420 (1 year ago)
Prince Vegeta
Marissa Pierski (2 years ago)
my ex call me out of the blue cuz he wanted some
Lutonz Man (1 year ago)
I want some
You Tube (2 years ago)
So how am I to know which one of these possibilities is the one that applies to him?
Christina Lovely World (3 years ago)
I love you so much your like a big brother And A Dad,I must say I really looks up to you because I just know and feel you know what your talking about😘 Thanks Love
hippo potamus (3 years ago)
I really like how your videos are short and to the point. All meat, all substance. Thanks.
WizKid (10 months ago)
dude don't...
Matt W (11 months ago)
hippo potamus Yassssssss he hasss THE MEAT!! 🍆
Agnes M (2 years ago)
I was just thinking this lol.
August (3 years ago)
but what if he's married and contacted you "just to see how you're doing"?
Sperm Dealer (3 years ago)
When the person is married and contacted you, that means the marriage is not going as they've hoped. Always remember this... A ''hi'' message, or "just to see how you're doing" message, has a lot to it than what you think especially when it's coming from an ex.
Mel David (3 years ago)
My ex and I have not spoken a word to each other for 6 months, he got a girlfriend the same day we stopped talking. Anyways he randomly out of the blue messages me asking me how I am and said he genuinely wants to know how I am doing. He than goes onto say how he still cares for me and it's more genuine than before and that he's still here for me... Does this mean anything?
Al B. (1 year ago)
It's amazing what No Contact does when you use it correctly. Not to get your ex back, but to move on. When you least expect it they reach out. Obviously over the course of 6 months he started missing you and he remembered only the good times. He probably realized the grass isn't greener. Would like to know how things turned out for you. Or he could be stringing you along to see if you're still hooked sort of speak or to keep you as a backup. Tread carefully.
No Name (1 year ago)
what happened?
Don't give up (2 years ago)
Mel David what end up happening with your ex?
Kevin (3 years ago)
is 6 months a while ?
Simone Moultrie (1 year ago)
Kevin Roos yes it is
Greencloud8 (3 years ago)
My x called to tell me hes dying.
Pricklepie (11 months ago)
Same, 'I'm dying....' he said. I laughed at him first. Then give him some entertainment than shut him down on the call.
2 Ksi speedy 420 (1 year ago)
Patrick Collins (2 years ago)
ofc not...
porcelain (2 years ago)
Rachel Flynn (4 years ago)
What happens when your ex contacts you and it's 2 years later and you both are in new relationships, I think he has been with her for about 2 years and I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 1 year. This is very strange :-/
French Manners (4 years ago)
Yeah I'm freaking out right now... Ex from over four year long relationship contacted me out of nowhere a month later after break up. The dilemma is that I just started getting serious with another woman and things are good.. She texted me and I was stupid and called back to see why.. She wants to see me... I wish I didn't respond..
Aimee Marie (4 years ago)
my ex just contacted me after almost 2 months of no contact and just said he loves me and hopes i'm well? i'm so confused at this point because he left me and was talking to another girl which left me broken and now i don't even know what to think :/ if he truly loves me or what :/ it's very frustrating
JRodriguez (4 years ago)
He doesn't love you, he's just trying to keep you around if things with the other girl doesn't workouT. You're his back up.
Alan (4 years ago)
Hey I just got dumped after 6 weeks of dating including sex, intimacy etc And the reason i got dumped is because i said I'm getting attached/feelings' Then he ran for the hills. I'm not too upset as it was only 6 weeks. His response was i am scared of a relationship but said really nice things and talked about things we would be doing a year later and planning .... also said it's not YOU but ME etc
1993qwerty123 (2 years ago)
The op sounds like a woman tho
JRodriguez (4 years ago)
@Melkesideck Private Come on bro, she's just telling that shit not to make you feel bad . . That's all the bullshit women say when they're breaking up with you
Alan (4 years ago)
He also said that i was the nicest person he had ever dated ... really weird if you ask me wonder if a distant future text will come through lol
Tony D (5 years ago)
I needed to see this. Last night, after not talking to my ex for over a year (she dumped me two years ago for someone else), suddenly, I got this text from her telling me how sorry she was for hurting me and that she was feeling that same kind of hurt (I guess from being dumped by someone). I have no desire to see or talk to her, and I just ignored and deleted the text. This validates that action. 
Sugar (1 year ago)
Good for you! What a cunning person.... first she dumped you, and then she wanted you back ,because she was dumped. Immoral woman.
Kera Wheeler (1 year ago)
Tony D i have been doing the same thing and it works wonders lol

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