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Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean? PARODY! Key of Awesome #101

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Justin Bieber doesn’t know what anything means. Subscribe to BarelyPolitical! http://bit.ly/Nf8avU The Key of Awesome playlist! http://bit.ly/14A6SGK WATCH CAT HOSPITAL! http://bit.ly/1LoWY1e Written and Directed by Mark Douglas Edited by Doug Larsen DP: Bob Geile AC: DJ Carroll Gaffer: John Stevens CAST: Justin Bieber - Jan Uczkowski “Girl” - Marisa Hunter John Legolasagna - Derek Deangelis Bad Guy #1 - Justin Brown Bad Guy #2 - Steve Conroy Bieber Vocals - Mark Douglas Music Produced By Deep V Music: http://www.deepvmusic.com http://fb.com/ihatedeepvmusic KOA Facebook! http://on.fb.me/11aVK3X Follow us on Twitter @barelypolitical - http://bit.ly/Xowu3M @thekeyofawesome - http://bit.ly/11kAvfr @MarkDouglas73 http://bit.ly/VxWwpe @ToddWomack - http://bit.ly/YGUog2 The Key of Awesome on Google Play! http://bit.ly/13LOTxX Get the songs on iTunes! http://bit.ly/thekeyofawesome TShirts! http://bit.ly/YlPUYf Send us a letter! P.O. Box 30921 NY NY 10011
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Text Comments (13196)
Shadow - Kun (1 hour ago)
JESUS CAMACHO (1 day ago)
Kita Meddings (3 days ago)
Shout out to who ever likes Game Of Thrones!!!!!!
Itz_ Wolfie chan (4 days ago)
james koyu (4 days ago)
U sucks 😆
Katie and Jessica Yay (7 days ago)
He was choking
Abbie (8 days ago)
bro back in the day he used to play as niall in those one direction parodies
Lumine Kisaragi (9 days ago)
Who else got the Happy Birthday joke?
Gamer Dude (13 days ago)
Mad Skills (12 days ago)
Cindy gamer exactly
Cindy Thegamer (13 days ago)
Bruh then why you even watching this? If you got nothing nice to say then don't say anything lmao
Mad Skills (13 days ago)
Why? Just Why?
Ava Bassett (14 days ago)
This is soooooo boring as hell man this is a weird video I hate it
The programming Girl (13 days ago)
Ava Bassett then dont watch it
Peyton Rafferty (15 days ago)
Are u making fun of Justin beiber?? Ugh don't he is my favorite singer
Itz_ Wolfie chan (4 days ago)
+Cindy Thegamer warning, theres a hater, its you!
Cindy Thegamer (13 days ago)
Stop it. Stop it. You need some help. Justin fricken sucks
Pranav Srinivasan (14 days ago)
Peyton Rafferty it’s a parody so it’s just a joke. Also Justin Bieber sucks ass
Peyton Rafferty (15 days ago)
+fαιтн what
Gabrielle Schurig (15 days ago)
My wee wee hurts when you talk off your cloths!!!!
Mia Bear Production (3 days ago)
Take and clothes
Sultan Ag (15 days ago)
Soooo I see this is getting recommended
mvemba nimi (17 days ago)
The Hurnsboys Brothers as. The Scream Boy
mvemba nimi (17 days ago)
Trina Michaels as Girl
mvemba nimi (17 days ago)
Tom Ashrge as Justin Bieber
Maxi Immortality (17 days ago)
Kaden Jerrams (21 days ago)
Ninjasexparty called they want there lyrics back
James Darwing (21 days ago)
Just great to find some scrubs are alive
Emmanuel Koomson (21 days ago)
Lol wow 😂😂 I like the lyrics
Shreyansh Kumar Nayak (22 days ago)
*I'm Mr. BEAN*
Faysal Omar (23 days ago)
How do you breath oh my, lie bruh
Emmanuel Koomson (21 days ago)
lauren park oh yeah (23 days ago)
Do MORE! 😅
5th mix (24 days ago)
Just reminds me.. that JB is *this* much of an idiot
Shastree Doorghen (25 days ago)
So stupid
Moe and Tekila (26 days ago)
*S E X P L I N A T I O N*
נועה וולסקי (26 days ago)
Xavier Izaiah (26 days ago)
Whoever made this stupid video
Saichen (28 days ago)
Sexplanations... with Dr Doe! <3
soroush gerdabi (1 month ago)
This is the most bad parody i have ever seen
soroush gerdabi (11 days ago)
+Cindy Thegamer it is not your fucking business.you are someone needs help.
Cindy Thegamer (13 days ago)
You need some help. If you got nothing nice to say then don't even say a damn word
Andi Hoxha (21 days ago)
fu** you this is firewe
Ruel Delmolin (29 days ago)
Iknow right
yikes dasia (29 days ago)
soroush gerdabi Your opinion is irrelevant
Medium Music Channel (1 month ago)
Thằng lồn nào vietsud như con cặc
Ylord_14 Gamer (1 month ago)
This is why its called key of awesome cause its awesome
Tim flames (28 days ago)
Did you just pee? No, it's just a cool design that's on my jeans🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
TMɛʟɛքʟǟռt (1 month ago)
What tf this shit??!!
Jonathan Mahor (1 month ago)
Cool fuck men
Foxy the god Foxy (1 month ago)
Houssm Hou (1 month ago)
Oliver Turner (1 month ago)
These Amber Days 1 (1 month ago)
I love it
Melissa ice (1 month ago)
That a waste of time like that's so stupid it trash
OodleDoo (1 month ago)
Whoa there bud thats so edgy you might cut yourself on it
Nathan Hannah (1 month ago)
mvemba nimi (1 month ago)
Abby Freeman as. Girl
mvemba nimi (1 month ago)
Tom Ashrge as. Justin Bieber
catherine mallin (1 month ago)
Cool but fuck you😑
Scott Warnick (13 days ago)
+Flash Studios she probably is
Flash Studios (1 month ago)
What are you? A Justin Bieber fan or something?
Elijah Kim Baculina (1 month ago)
Tinnapon Jaroennkij (1 month ago)
No enjoy
Katie Corrie (1 month ago)
If you didn't like then go away Tinnapon Jaroennkij
AHMED ANIK (1 month ago)
Cynthia Ciesiolka (1 month ago)
Angel Tube (1 month ago)
Ποιο μεγάλη βελάκια σε όλο τον κόσμο δεν υπάρχει
Leonidas (1 month ago)
Declan Bezuidenhout (1 month ago)
Thank you lieza do you really hate the video
Maya Rhiannon parris (1 month ago)
I love it. I laughed sooooo hard..
Declan Bezuidenhout (1 month ago)
This video made me fucking throw up fuck you who ever made this video
Bart Allen (1 month ago)
Wtf how
Katie Corrie (1 month ago)
No fuck you hater
confused oblivion (1 month ago)
Why did you throw up?
Declan Bezuidenhout (1 month ago)
This video made me fucking sick
Ariana Grande Fan (1 month ago)
tna1130 ikrrrr
tna1130 ikr 😂
Lieza Ibraham (1 month ago)
I agree tna 1130
tna1130 (1 month ago)
Then why are you here idiot
snicker wink (1 month ago)
what do u mean
RoyalOutcast (1 month ago)
“I don’t know I just call her girl or hey you, or what’s up?” I’m dead.
Ashlynn Parnell (1 month ago)
Sreams so funny af
fluffy rain cloud (1 month ago)
Whispers sexplanation***😂😂
fluffy rain cloud 😂 that had me dead 💀
Amina Selimova (1 month ago)
I want Justin Bieber react to this 😂😂😂
Ginger Daddy (1 month ago)
I’m glad I grew up with these guys and not fortnite lol
The Prowler (1 month ago)
Stephanie Ross (1 month ago)
I hat it
fluffy rain cloud (1 month ago)
Brianna Narcaroti (1 month ago)
0:57-1:04 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Brianna Narcaroti (1 month ago)
bossboi josh ummmm nope hawt 😍
bossboi josh (1 month ago)
Abdul Rehman (1 month ago)
I watched this video when i was 7 and i didnt know ANYTHING what he said " It went to sleep soooooory but my WEE WEE got scared when you took off your clothes" but now i know it means boner
Patrik Wihlke (1 month ago)
It means dick, not boner, but close enough I guess
Aaliyah (1 month ago)
He remeberse to suck hhahag
Abhinav Pratap Singh (1 month ago)
Jon snow😀😂 Nice parody 😂
לייק מי ששם ישראלים יצרו את זה ומי שישראלי לייק
Pule Kgwadi (1 month ago)
The dude almost looks like the real Justin bieber
Jazmin G. (1 month ago)
His named is jan
WDf nebersene ber
Lil Yeet YEET (2 months ago)
" ooh chicken!"
ctdm 2 (2 months ago)
WTF it ends at 420
Priscilla Nekwa (2 months ago)
✋Guys stop scrolling right now!✋ I'm gonna tell you the funniest part of this song 😂 Sorry my wee wee got scared when you took of your clothes Oh look some creaps. Oh, damn, don't hit me for real, you! Do what you want to her but please leave me alone ! Are you from scream? Not the hair *did you just pee* No it's just a cool design that's on my jeans How do I breath? I remember how to suck but forgot how to blow. How do you eat? Just let him be! Oh Jon Snow, you know nothing! You guys are mean! This song is hilarious 😂😆😅
Kenny Forbes (1 month ago)
Chirag Rawal now he has 10 so eh
Chirag Rawal (2 months ago)
Kenny Forbes lmao
Kenny Forbes (2 months ago)
You got 0 likes congrats
Confused Tuber (2 months ago)
This is better
Golden_ Knight (2 months ago)
eleven fan (2 months ago)
It went to sleep sorry my wee wee got scared when you took off your clothes
eleven fan (2 months ago)
Don't mess up my hair and don't hurt the girl
eleven fan (1 month ago)
What's the girls name I don't I just call her girl or hey you
Andrea Garcia (2 months ago)
I think Justin Bieber is cuter
Maryam Khurram (2 months ago)
No offence.....but this boy's WAY CUTER😍😂
Cleash and the Tys (2 months ago)
If he was choking he couldn't be able to talk no hate tho
20Mike Masimalo (2 months ago)
She mean's no man!
Liam Malone (1 month ago)
Calm down bro
Renegades name ocvxxch
Pujing Ong (2 months ago)
the boy is handsome but i think hes stupid hahhaha
Lil Yeet YEET (2 months ago)
"nag nag nag.."
sorted life (2 months ago)
Gurl he's *playing* stupid
flora Melendez (2 months ago)
Wow this was hilarious 😂😂😂
awwn2007 (2 months ago)
Eh that’s not Justin
sorted life (2 months ago)
+kaycee rose yuh
sorted life (2 months ago)
Are u frickin' crazy
Dimitris Pal (2 months ago)
+kaycee rose yes
kaycee rose (2 months ago)
I think that is Justin Bieber
Cheryworld Cuan (2 months ago)
jada Muhammad (2 months ago)
The guy that plays Justin is cute tho
Don’t look Me up (2 months ago)
Lucid Huffle (2 months ago)
happy birthday
Tegan Wyness-knight (2 months ago)
I like this
Heili Mejia (2 months ago)
sorted life (2 months ago)
Vadios uwu (2 months ago)
Heili Mejia stop
Heili Mejia (2 months ago)
sorted life (2 months ago)
Ugh shut up
Vadios uwu (2 months ago)
Heili Mejia stop
mary powers (2 months ago)
GalaxyKitty Furbank (2 months ago)
“I remembered to suck, but forgot how to blow!” 😂😂😂 Idk if some people will know what that means but if you do 😂😂😂😂😂
sorted life (2 months ago)
All do these days, kid
Vadios uwu (2 months ago)
GalaxySqushie Power! Hol up
Ricky Smith (2 months ago)
I remembered how to suck but forgot how to blow... XD
GalaxyKitty Furbank (2 months ago)
Ricky Smith omg Lol 😂😂😂😂😂
Tumblr Girl (2 months ago)
Tumblr Girl (2 months ago)
U know just make a conversation while some dude is choking u know all normal
Tumblr Girl (2 months ago)
Tumblr Girl (2 months ago)
Daja Andrews (2 months ago)
sorted life (2 months ago)
Why are u still alive tho
Mendus Flare (2 months ago)
We interrupt this video to give you a game of thrones podcast.
he's cute🤔😂though no only i think this😓😖
Raziel Bunting (2 months ago)

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