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Blues Brothers Diner Scene

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Blues Brothers Diner Scene
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john edwards (12 hours ago)
Don't you don't you get rile sugar me!!
Torgo1969 (1 day ago)
We note the casual racism of the waitress. Gross.
sidehatch69 - (2 days ago)
Looks like the 70’s still but its the 80’s
Lars A G (4 days ago)
That's what I call a 1 bar blues. RIP Aretha
Rick Higson (4 days ago)
Hooker was great!
Terrie Cotham (4 days ago)
all-star cast
Patrick Turlan (5 days ago)
Simply wonderful
Gary Giampa (6 days ago)
hi from the best movie of all time the blues brothers in 1980 I love it
K M (6 days ago)
I like and subscribe to ONE Southern Stank Blues video,and this pops up!! Not mad, pleasantly surprised! ") Thanks!
Carlo Zabbia (6 days ago)
How could they cut away before Aretha's song??
ditto1958 (6 days ago)
The best movie of all time.
David Hlavac (7 days ago)
I watched this the other night - most of the actors are dead now. Charles Napier. Belushi. Carrie Fisher. And most of the bluesmen...and Aretha :(
moncorp1 Inc (7 days ago)
Do a street map of Maxwell st. in Chicago now. Completely gentrified and sterilized. The little guy has been removed, pushed away and swept under the rug.
silky johnson (7 days ago)
Ah the polish sausage and pork chop sandwiches of old jew town, So tasty!!!
jimi barker (8 days ago)
Skip too 3 minutes if u want the diner scene you came for
chris bennett (8 days ago)
Best scene in the film
Dawnn Gray (8 days ago)
This movie is everything
Geddy Lee's owl Nose (8 days ago)
I dont usually like black culture (my bad) but this scene is badass
Racer Hex (9 days ago)
Michael (10 days ago)
The original Sheeeeeiiiit
Patralgan (10 days ago)
Why can't I remember this scene?
uttaradit2 (11 days ago)
I wouldn't leave Aretha for no Blues brothers.....
Greg kostick (13 days ago)
One of the best ever movies
Matt the Terrier (17 days ago)
_Four whole fried chickens and a coke!_
Enrico Satria (17 days ago)
anyone there ntices that run down building was used to be chess records?????
Michael Sanders (22 days ago)
my fellas grAndpa looki. just like him rip john Thomas i miss my buddy
Paul M (22 days ago)
The bonus footage from the film with JLH playin the whole song with a fight erupting afterward.....thank you THESSALONIAN31N
Diogenes of Sinope (26 days ago)
JC S (28 days ago)
it´s so f**** great!
AΝG P (29 days ago)
if i ever watch a BB2 with todys MTV artists i m out !
7come11two (29 days ago)
The Blues Brothers! Sheeiat. LOL.
Filip Gräsberg (1 month ago)
aretha franling looked good
According To Honda (1 month ago)
so corny...
Joe Moreland (1 month ago)
John Lee is the BOSS
446714915461282676 (1 month ago)
Polaris sportsman (1 month ago)
This is a great movie but I still think Chicago is a dump
Martin Hall (1 month ago)
Ma'am you've got to understand it. This is a lot bigger than any domestic problems you might be experiencing.
TheEnneagram (1 month ago)
B E S T . M O V I E . E V E R
Lewis Kent (1 month ago)
Marcos Buslon (1 month ago)
extended version I see
UltimateDragon709 (1 month ago)
4:17 Cant' be as bad as the cabbage roll at the Terre Haute Federal Pen
Damian Prusik (1 month ago)
We'll see how it will clear up.
Damian Prusik (1 month ago)
That is my accent / Footloose in future.
Jose Assunção (1 month ago)
Copndonuts (1 month ago)
if you speed the video up to 2.0, It's not the blues at all!
Ok Ventures (1 month ago)
SKMOD State County Municipal Offender Data System
351cleavland (1 month ago)
I sure hope the husband thinks about what he's going to do!
Sexy Sabin (1 month ago)
Those sideburns are killer!
CLuv (1 month ago)
I love this movie more and more each time I see it
butkicker (1 month ago)
Drake and Josh
Mastera0 (1 month ago)
For this howling fckng playlist and for my goo' old daddy Detlef, Dedel from Kiel, Germany. Love you daddy, Sandra
Rick Higson (1 month ago)
Hooker is the man along with John and Dan! Dam drugs !
rtnulb (1 month ago)
Is that Muddy Waters on the drums?
Klistirani Krupije (1 month ago)
00:45 Cassette Tapes - Blues, Soul, Gospel. Enough ingredients for a life in heaven.
Domdrok (1 month ago)
They still you money, fool.
ShadyPelican (1 month ago)
Damn. Dan Akroyd and Lou Marini are the only two from this scene that are still alive.
Dan Burk (1 month ago)
I totally forgot about this movie...
bill chew (1 month ago)
King of the boogie woogie
LiLSuzQ32 (1 month ago)
Eddie Murphy in the back, at the very end of John Lee Hooker playing.
Michał Marzec (1 month ago)
SnowDogRedSectorEh (1 month ago)
they still owe you money, *fool*
Anonymous Sources (1 month ago)
Aretha at her finest. John Lee Hooker and the band are the best
nobby roberts (1 month ago)
And how many of these are pure blacks ?....very few ...most are part black and part white and do have the best of both worlds !!
TardisMechanic (1 month ago)
This movie did more for white/black relations than Tumblr ever will
HeadShotSongs (1 month ago)
Go to that same location today and Glock will be at yo head. Is that good or bad?
Dave Wollenberg (1 month ago)
RIP, Aretha.
Arthur Peters (1 month ago)
“ Boom boom , boom boom “
MILLZMAN90 (2 months ago)
RIP Aretha Franklin
MiCawBer 71 (2 months ago)
When Jake repeats "4 chickens and a Coke" the German version says "I only take complete animals" XD
Swagger19451160 Da swag (2 months ago)
The good ole days when shit was real
Grzegorz Majka (2 months ago)
I to jest muzyka a nie jakiś tam kpop
Sadly this entire neighborhood is now gentrified and part of the U of Chicago area.
Carter Humphrey (2 months ago)
R.I.P John Belushi
UP&UNDER85 (2 months ago)
I've been watching this movie for 30 years and still see jokes that I never noticed previously. And why on all the versions I've seen, I've never saw the bit of them arguing after the song? That's new to me.
Polaris sportsman (2 months ago)
Back when actors actually could do the job instead of all this computer baloney
Kevin Mindt (2 months ago)
Mikey Whitmore (2 months ago)
Ron Ekeli (2 months ago)
On a Mission from god lmao
WiseGuy5674 (2 months ago)
Directors cut? I've never seen the extended version of Hooker's jam session. Very cool indeed.
El Gerardo Edwardio (2 months ago)
"They still owe you money fool!"
bigtx77 (2 months ago)
apollo creed went from heavyweight champion to a cook?
I'm missing the Great Lady of Soul.. We've lost 'Joliett' Jake, 'Big' Walter, JLH, 'Cab' Calloway, Donald 'Duck' Dunn, Ray, Matt and now Aretha ... music just gets sadder now.
That's 'Big' Water Horton on harp. And that's the Boogie Man, JLH.
S V (2 months ago)
Best movie ever !!!! 😎 No green screen make believe...
Maximillian Osaben (2 months ago)
I don't like the extended version of the movie as much, but still can't help but love the appreciation of the music. Great stuff!
shay bloodmoon (2 months ago)
on a mission from GOD... I can dig it Cats... I am HIP HIP HIP
shay bloodmoon (2 months ago)
better think what you're tryin' to do...
end of days (2 months ago)
Got the c.d soundtrack 50 cents (euro) in a charity shop. Best buy ever 👍🏻
young nurse (2 months ago)
4 whole fried chickens and a coke.
nikon d3200 (2 months ago)
John T (2 months ago)
where da white people?  lol
dychU (2 months ago)
5:03 One of the most juicy "Shieet" ever
tackyman2011 (2 months ago)
Eating fried chicken right now.
77ArunasM (2 months ago)
good one....geras...
David Irish (2 months ago)
I feel your jesus
David Miller (2 months ago)
ChrisMac2489 (2 months ago)
3:10 😢 RIP Aretha 😢
Bruce Kyle (2 months ago)
The Queen,you better think,miss Aretha Franklin!
Francisco Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Best damn chicken in the state! Jake could have said 2 chicken wings and 2 chicken legs and a coke.

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