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The Godfather - I'm Moe Greene 9/10 (HD)

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The Godfather Playlist : http://goo.gl/o3g38 Visit: http://www.quizandquestions.com For A Movie Quiz Godfather Quiz: http://www.quizandquestions.com/the-godfather-quiz Godfather Word Search: http://www.quizandquestions.com/godfather-word-search Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Mv1MJ Watch The Godfather Online FREE: http://goo.gl/mf3od Buy Movie: http://goo.gl/3mSVs Follow Us On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/QuizAndQuestions Follow Us On Twitter: https://twitter.com/QuizAQuestions Godfather Movie Scene: Michael Corleone is in charge of the family business and visits Moe Greene to buy out his casino and hotel. Moe Greene is outraged and sees Michaels offer as a sign of disrespect. Michael confronts Moe about slapping Fredo and asks Moe to think about price... Movie Description: Throughout his long, wandering, often distinguished career Francis Ford Coppola has made many films that are good and fine, many more that are flawed but undeniably interesting, and a handful of duds that are worth viewing if only because his personality is so flagrantly absent. Yet he is and always shall be known as the man who directed the Godfather films, a series that has dominated and defined their creator in a way perhaps no other director can understand. Coppola has never been able to leave them alone, whether returning after 15 years to make a trilogy of the diptych, or re-editing the first two films into chronological order for a separate video release, as is the case here. The films are our very own Shakespearean cycle: they tell a tale of a vicious mobster and his extended personal and professional families (once the stuff of righteous moral comeuppance), and they dared to present themselves with an epic sweep and an unapologetically tragic tone. Murder, it turned out, was a serious business. The first film remains a towering achievement, brilliantly cast and conceived. The entry of Michael Corleone into the family business, the transition of power from his father, the ruthless dispatch of his enemies--all this is told with an assurance that is breathtaking to behold. And it turned out to be merely prologue; two years later The Godfather, Part II balanced Michael's ever-greater acquisition of power and influence during the fall of Cuba with the story of his father's own youthful rise from immigrant slums. The stakes were higher, the story's construction more elaborate, and the isolated despair at the end wholly earned. (Has there ever been a cinematic performance greater than Al Pacino's Michael, so smart and ambitious, marching through the years into what he knows is his own doom with eyes open and hungry?) The Godfather, Part III was mostly written off as an attempted cash-in, but it is a wholly worthy conclusion, less slow than autumnally patient and almost merciless in the way it brings Michael's past sins crashing down around him even as he tries to redeem himself. Cast: James Caan, Richard S. Castellano, Robert Duvall, Al Pacino, Abe Vigoda, Marlon Brando, John Marley, Richard Conte, Al Lettieri, Diane Keaton The Godfather - "I'm Moe Greene": http://www.quizandquestions.com/the-godfather-im-moe-greene
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Text Comments (4989)
Ricky Ray (1 day ago)
fredo, you're my older brother and I love you.. but he talked to barzini.
moaadsalh1 (1 day ago)
ny ny ny ny nyyyyyyyyyy ny ny
Dane Bridges (2 days ago)
Fredo your my older brother and I love you but dont ever take sides against the shinebox again...ever
Israel Peralta (2 days ago)
“Fredo... you’re my brother and i love you... but never bang two cocktail waitresses without inviting me to the orgy..... ever.”
Nikki Nikac (2 days ago)
HeX * (2 days ago)
That older brother is dumb, thinks they can help him becoming Don Fredo!
Mike Oxlong (2 days ago)
Would have been a good time to high five Fredo. Two cocktail waitresses at a time at least calls for a fist bump from a brother.
threerings134 (3 days ago)
As great as the film was the novel "The Godfather" was the by far the best piece of fiction I've ever read hands down. There were so much great dialogue and detail in the book that they just couldn't fit into the film.
Dmitry Braverman (3 days ago)
Mike threw You're unlucky to see what on Moe's mind. He looked down to repeat what Don said.
Hu Ssss (4 days ago)
Unless my face
Pinturas Kakobel (4 days ago)
stupid Moe Greene !!! Fredo le con
Mohammed Al-Haddad (4 days ago)
Moe showed his weakness when he said that he talked to Barzini and can keep the hotel, he can't do anything on his own.
Akash Gupta (4 days ago)
What happens to his voice when he says "I talked to Barzini"
SDSen (4 days ago)
Robert Downey kinda resembles the young pacino
Rafael Pinefa (5 days ago)
See, I would have answered this in a whole different manner. I would have said listen Mike, everything DOES have a price , But I prefer CASH ! DON'T GET OFFENDED, IT'S ONMLY BUSINESS ! How can I go wrong !
mark harris (6 days ago)
Tony was here bada bing
John Daker (6 days ago)
We need a tough guy like Michael Corleone to deal with that fucking moron, asshole racist scumbag fake-president Trump.
Karan Vito (7 days ago)
I never disliked Moe Greene.
Thomas Maher (8 days ago)
Sign of a good actor: be absolutely memorable for the one and only scene you’re in
J.P. Giuliotti (8 days ago)
Agreed. Check out this exclusive interview I did with Rocco for another great (but unheralded) movie he was in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2TACnP1jk4
The Stuport (8 days ago)
Michael should have known Right Then and There that Fredo was NOT to be trusted...so later when he needed to find out who was betraying him, he really should NOT have been too surprised to see it was Fredo.
Chalk Bunt (8 days ago)
"Fredo, you're my older brother, and I love you, BUT IM GONNA KILL YOU , YA MUDDERFUCKAAAAAAAA!!!!
Juan Masday (8 days ago)
Michael is more brutal than Vito!!
Andre Chaparro (6 days ago)
Vito who?
Andre Chaparro (6 days ago)
The title of this video should've been "banging cocktail waitress two at the time in shinebox"
Andre Chaparro (1 day ago)
LOL 😂😂😂😂😂
Badoocee (9 days ago)
playbackproductions1 (10 days ago)
That voice! Moe Green runs Itchy and Scratchy Studios!!! 🤣🤣🤣
KLM Hooked Moore (10 days ago)
Al Pacino was gorgeous in this movie. Wow.
Bill Megatron (10 days ago)
Bad ass
Veronica Logotheti (11 days ago)
They are all so good
spewgilist (11 days ago)
2:20. Johnny Fontaine is like, “shit, man, get me outta here”
Dom Woolmer (11 days ago)
I talked to Barzini" at 1:18....how poor was thar ADR???? didtn even sound like same person
Mr. Ramfan (8 days ago)
So fuckin what?
ne volim arnaute (11 days ago)
Ovaj sa cvikerima pravi arnaut i ako ga ubio mjkol korleone jer arnaute treba samo u ćošak i poz
juwel rana (11 days ago)
this is how boss talk
karen auz (11 days ago)
idk how many times ive watched this!
Linda May (12 days ago)
A perfect film....
Vincent Conti (12 days ago)
Moe green was a gangster in real life...he drove the getaway car in the murder of a notorious Boston gangster...his real name was Alessandro Petricone!! He hung around with my uncle who was an enforcer...a scary guy when I was a kid!! They made a movie about their boss...Whitey Bolger...most wanted on FBI list...a little trivia!!
Sara Wilkinson (3 hours ago)
Moe was based on Bugsey Siegel, a Jewish serial rapist and murderer.
Justin Hopper (12 days ago)
John cazale was a phenomenal actor. He barely has any lines in this scene yet you know exactly how he’s feeling.
Nihilistcentral UK (8 days ago)
Incredible.He became the character perfectly.
mohamed Damrany (12 days ago)
Don't take the sides with any one against the family again , ever
Andre Chaparro (13 days ago)
Moe: he bang two waitress at the time and players couldnt get a drink Me: The hell with players
America First (14 days ago)
such a overrated movie
Kori Hoornstra (14 days ago)
I wish there was still criminals with this much class around these days
Mister Sturm (14 days ago)
Moe should’ve walked over and pinched pacinos head off ...
Zuriah Heep (14 days ago)
1:55 He borrowed that look from "Scent of a Woman".
Drax The Destroyer (15 days ago)
He reminds me of Eric Roberts
copycoonie (15 days ago)
Mo Green got dumb . he should have known by Michael's tone and demeanor . He was gonna get a deal or kill him .
Sean Edwards (15 days ago)
I need to watch this again
sevenrats (15 days ago)
John Cazale was such a great actor. He looks so uncomfortable in this scene. John was nothing like Fredo. He actually was engaged to Meryl Streep. Imagine him in Goodfellas?! It would've happened!
Subsaibot2526 (15 days ago)
2:36 Where did the smoke go? Did they edit that scene or did Michael swallow it? I never noticed that till now.
That1Guy (15 days ago)
He talked to Barzini
John James (16 days ago)
Moe was obviously supposed to be Bugsy Siegel.
aerozppln (15 days ago)
John James Moe was obviously supposed to go get his fuckin shinebox
Salvatore Lanzieri (16 days ago)
He wuz bangin cocktail waitresses two 3 at a time ! ohhh ayy !! go easy fratello !
Jerry Setlerr (17 days ago)
This guy made a big mistake not agreeing to be bought, out and flapping his gums, cause they wacked him pretty easy in the end.
Yelling Hayfire (17 days ago)
Moe gives me strong Harrison Ford vibes
Kitty McRatSlayer (17 days ago)
Moe: He was bangin’ cocktail waitresses two at a time! Mike: What’s wrong with that?
40horsejohnson (12 days ago)
Players couldn't get a drink at the table.
Edward S (18 days ago)
They found Fredo with a bullet not in his eye but swimming with fishes.
anthony barnes (18 days ago)
Fredo says, "we're good friends", after Moe Greene whooped his ass.
VA (18 days ago)
2:38 - that threat though
Steve Franks (19 days ago)
Moe greene is Bugsy Segal right down to getting a bullet through the eye.
Randy Marsh (19 days ago)
2:36 where did the smoke he inhaled go?
Will Power (19 days ago)
I always thought Mo Green was Harrison Ford
Gurvinder singh saini (19 days ago)
Moe Greene was the man who created a city (las vegas) in the middle of a desert... he deserved a statue of him in the middle of the city but instead he got a bullet right inside his eye ..😅😅😉😉
Raghu Seetharaman (19 days ago)
*This is the greatest movie in the history of all movies.* There will never be another movie like it. People should create a religion around this movie called _"Godfathanity"_ and worship at their church. People should have a holiday called _"Godfathamas"_ where people place presents under a tree and they come from a merry Don Corleone singing merrily from a flying sleigh and telling kids that "he made a deal that they couldn't refuse." I wish I was a kid so I could be like Sunny Corleone.
Thomas Campbell (20 days ago)
"You straighten my brother out?" Every guy with a brother knows the power of that line.
Jerry Taylor (15 days ago)
It’s interesting that he didn’t want Moe to discipline his brother, then he ends up having him killed later for betraying the family.
Radio 4Men (20 days ago)
*When men acted like men. Imagine if most men were like this now? We would have the happiest world. Feminist / and the fake refugees and etc.. Would never be able to take our nations / happiness / families away.*
Edgar Valencia (20 days ago)
ForceMaximus84 (20 days ago)
I always forget that this is the same guy who voiced Robert Meyers in The Simpsons. I know it was a good twenty years between the two, but still.
Kenobi Style (20 days ago)
u are mo shit he wacked you ^^
Saravan Kumar (20 days ago)
moe greene character what an acting man bravo bravo so natural watched more than hundred times
Adrenalin Pump (20 days ago)
You can't treat me like this, I'm a Kike! Oy Vey!
mediumstyle (20 days ago)
they don't make em like they used to
Danfuerth Gillis (20 days ago)
The best of GodFather movies are the camera angles that are setup to be lined up properly with the heights of the actors sitting on the chairs. Look at the camera angle from Micheal Corleone to Moe Green, the top of the heads are measured perfectly so your eyes dont see a major difference in the characters size based on perspective. The production team, camera operators are never mentioned for their skills.
Jerry Wormer (21 days ago)
Fredo was right. You don't talk to Moe Green that way. He wasn't choosing sides against the family. He was giving Michael intelligent council, but Michael was too arrogant to listen.
Jeep life, Dean A (21 days ago)
Itachi3040 (21 days ago)
Vishy Anand played in Godfather?
Veni Vidi Vici (21 days ago)
Unless your family is wrong. Or knuckle draggin Neanderthals but, other than that don't take sides
Zack Brumis (21 days ago)
Donald Trump is the Moe Green
Zoso_Rising (21 days ago)
“You straighten my brother out?” Fucking chills.
Frank Matthews (21 days ago)
This is what I mean when I say loyalty.
Robert Fraser (21 days ago)
Freddo had the makings of a varsity wanker.
Lo Key (21 days ago)
Fredo forehead big as hell
Mr Burns (21 days ago)
Mike, you don’t come to Las Vegas and shoot a guy like Moe Green in the eye *like DAT!*
PS 400 (20 days ago)
Great movie
D Mills (21 days ago)
"Fredo, you are my older brother and I love you.....you are supposed to be banging *three* cocktail waitresses at the same time....not two".
Jordan Gutierrez (20 days ago)
Now go home and get your fuckin Shinebox.
Artie (21 days ago)
Big mouth fuck.
MrJobofo (21 days ago)
Why does he turn into James earl Jones at 1:20??
King Remo Gaming (21 days ago)
jrocc355 (22 days ago)
Fredo sound like a woman
Blood Everywhere (22 days ago)
Kiss of death and makeup
schallrd1 (22 days ago)
They didn't give Godfather II six Oscar's and 11 nominations for nothing.
earl campbell (22 days ago)
“...ever.” And then there was Cuba. Death penalty for Fredo
glass popper (22 days ago)
Fuck this american bullshit!
Marek Zielinski (22 days ago)
Michael's last sentence: i feel convinced 😎
paulm696 (22 days ago)
Brilliant film, godfather 2 was a fantastic sequel, godfather 3 was shite. I recommend you read the book
Matthew Leming (21 days ago)
Weird thing is, the book wasn't even that great. Sure, the central story arc somehow translated into the best screenplay since Casablanca, but the book really wasn't that well-written and contained like 100+ pages of this whole irrelevant plot about Johnny Fontaine's singing voice, Sonny's mistress, the doctor in Las Vegas that she got with.
schallrd1 (22 days ago)
Frodo was banging two dwarves at a time. Sorry, wrong movie.
Andre Chaparro (1 day ago)
Thats killed Gandalf for sure 👍
Badoocee (9 days ago)
sicfrynut (10 days ago)
whispering "my precious " into their ears no less.........
schallrd1 (22 days ago)
Moe Greene had the first cataract surgery in Vegas.
Jemal Rankin (23 days ago)
I'm Moe Greene your Charlie Murphy !!
Dike Mickersen (23 days ago)
Banging cocktail waitresses two at a time? Yeah what an idiot!
A.J. Cap (23 days ago)
This was a great scene
Ismayil Arifoglu (23 days ago)
Family is everything. Fuck you, Fredo.
Steven Lovejoy (23 days ago)
Verne Fits (23 days ago)
Moe was super cool
Michael Brownlee (23 days ago)
Federal reserve chairman

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