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The Godfather - I'm Moe Greene 9/10 (HD)

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The Godfather Playlist : http://goo.gl/o3g38 Visit: http://www.quizandquestions.com For A Movie Quiz Godfather Quiz: http://www.quizandquestions.com/the-godfather-quiz Godfather Word Search: http://www.quizandquestions.com/godfather-word-search Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Mv1MJ Watch The Godfather Online FREE: http://goo.gl/mf3od Buy Movie: http://goo.gl/3mSVs Follow Us On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/QuizAndQuestions Follow Us On Twitter: https://twitter.com/QuizAQuestions Godfather Movie Scene: Michael Corleone is in charge of the family business and visits Moe Greene to buy out his casino and hotel. Moe Greene is outraged and sees Michaels offer as a sign of disrespect. Michael confronts Moe about slapping Fredo and asks Moe to think about price... Movie Description: Throughout his long, wandering, often distinguished career Francis Ford Coppola has made many films that are good and fine, many more that are flawed but undeniably interesting, and a handful of duds that are worth viewing if only because his personality is so flagrantly absent. Yet he is and always shall be known as the man who directed the Godfather films, a series that has dominated and defined their creator in a way perhaps no other director can understand. Coppola has never been able to leave them alone, whether returning after 15 years to make a trilogy of the diptych, or re-editing the first two films into chronological order for a separate video release, as is the case here. The films are our very own Shakespearean cycle: they tell a tale of a vicious mobster and his extended personal and professional families (once the stuff of righteous moral comeuppance), and they dared to present themselves with an epic sweep and an unapologetically tragic tone. Murder, it turned out, was a serious business. The first film remains a towering achievement, brilliantly cast and conceived. The entry of Michael Corleone into the family business, the transition of power from his father, the ruthless dispatch of his enemies--all this is told with an assurance that is breathtaking to behold. And it turned out to be merely prologue; two years later The Godfather, Part II balanced Michael's ever-greater acquisition of power and influence during the fall of Cuba with the story of his father's own youthful rise from immigrant slums. The stakes were higher, the story's construction more elaborate, and the isolated despair at the end wholly earned. (Has there ever been a cinematic performance greater than Al Pacino's Michael, so smart and ambitious, marching through the years into what he knows is his own doom with eyes open and hungry?) The Godfather, Part III was mostly written off as an attempted cash-in, but it is a wholly worthy conclusion, less slow than autumnally patient and almost merciless in the way it brings Michael's past sins crashing down around him even as he tries to redeem himself. Cast: James Caan, Richard S. Castellano, Robert Duvall, Al Pacino, Abe Vigoda, Marlon Brando, John Marley, Richard Conte, Al Lettieri, Diane Keaton The Godfather - "I'm Moe Greene": http://www.quizandquestions.com/the-godfather-im-moe-greene
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Text Comments (4549)
Julian De'Donatis (2 hours ago)
I didn't know Tai Lopez should stocks and shares to the mafia.
Green Devil Runner (12 hours ago)
I think the reason that Micheal is the perfect boss is the fact he is a marine vet and probably a tactician too which make him deadly
Jwubbz (14 hours ago)
Nobody: Moe Greene: You know who I am? I’m Moe Greene!
infitada (21 hours ago)
Moe is a f ing nerd
daniel ainsworth (2 days ago)
668 people never made a deal with barzini
Daniel Avital (2 days ago)
I love when Moe goes "I talked to Barzini" like a petulant child.
Pinche Guy (2 days ago)
This could have been prevented if Fredo had just limited it to one waitress at a time
John Adams (2 days ago)
I gave this a thumb down just to get the total to 667.
Donald Tramp (2 days ago)
I love these pissing contest.
Ryan Neidlinger (2 days ago)
Your shinebox loses money ..maybe tommy can do better
Eric Munguia (2 days ago)
“Wait a minute Moe I have an idea” 🤣
Ted Cantu (2 days ago)
Im moe green.. I was banging cheerleaders when you were 3 eating pimento cheese loaf sandwiches..... true dat
david king (3 days ago)
I am Moe Greenee
david king (3 days ago)
U god damn really make me laugh ^^
ArabicSteelMan (3 days ago)
Why his voice changed when he said I talk to barzini
Vernon Corpuz (3 days ago)
Sonny was banging bridesmaids.., Fredo was banging cocktail waitresses two at a time... Michael was alone...
Stacy Nelson (3 days ago)
A truely Great scene!
cool moe glasses
Roni Cs (5 days ago)
Saya suka ini film. Bener2 menceritakan kehidupan dlm segala hal.
MAXeMO MAXeMO (5 days ago)
I'M.....MOE GREEN.........'' DAMN IT ''.
barafundle (5 days ago)
How can there be so many brilliant, classic lines in a single scene? "I made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders." "He was banging cocktail waitresses two at a time."
surfinDelMar (6 days ago)
Michael’s final line in that scene was so money. Set up so well with the way he inhaled the smoke followed by the turn to the camera.
ahmd mohamd (6 days ago)
Divad Cruz (6 days ago)
best movie ever nothing comes close to this nothing maybe Scarface jajajjajaja my favorite 2 amaizing
Ryan Neidlinger (6 days ago)
You took Fredo in because the Corleone family bankrolled your SHINEBOX, because the Molinari Family on the Coast guaranteed him 2 cocktail waitresse to bang at a time
Geoff Brown (7 days ago)
Fredo is like my older brother. A right .......
Axl Parabellam (7 days ago)
Does anyone think that they still got the free poker chips ? ;)
SuperEagle421 (5 days ago)
Fredo was warned not to Ever take sides against the family Ever Again....and he didn't heed Michael's warning.
Riky Bologna (7 days ago)
I am trying to improve my English skills with many movies too, but I am not really sure that they are speaking in good way usually... Right?
Taddz (8 days ago)
Is that the owner of Itchy and Scratchy?
Franklin Sninsky (8 days ago)
You know you're the godfather when you can ghost a cigarette, while calmy telling your brother you know you are going to kill to chill out ahahah Al Pacino is the man
smalltownmoto 1 (8 days ago)
It’s the quiet soft spoken ones ya gotta watch out for lol
SeptiaWoman (9 days ago)
That was Fredo's warning...too bad he did not ultimately listen. A low, well controlled voice WILL make others pay attention. And Mike had this.
Graye Smith (9 days ago)
1:20 his voice changes for a sec. like it was overdubbed lol
EMDSD40T2 (9 days ago)
You straightened my brother out......
mel bias (10 days ago)
man fredo was the stupid one in the family.
a64750 (10 days ago)
Any Questions?
Felipe Aguena (11 days ago)
I think Fredo was awfully miscast, I can't see this dweeb being a super womanizer
Sara Wilkinson (2 days ago)
when you got money you will always get women....even if you are a dweeb
Steven Guegens (12 days ago)
Michael 🕵️ renounced Satan and all his works. Let's not forget that. So that must've made him a Saint 💯 percent. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Trevor Tobin (5 days ago)
Ali Ali (12 days ago)
They should have left Moe Greene stay alive a little bit longer
Akeem Jones (12 days ago)
The way Michael reacted to me greene straightening out Fredo was deadly
andy99ish (12 days ago)
Don Michele stays seated when Moe enters the room and welcomes him. Very telling in these superficially courteous and cordial circles.
GBS (14 days ago)
Ey b0ss, I TALKED to Barzini.
TheDeathwalker86 (14 days ago)
I talked to bodzini he says I can keep my casino
19dawud (14 days ago)
Kevin Burrows (14 days ago)
Fredo defending those slaps 😂😂😂
Sean Reed (14 days ago)
@2:39 real talk
Clyde Barrow (14 days ago)
Hey Moe. Moe Greene! Bahahahaha!
JXXK X.X.X (14 days ago)
"I'm Moe Green I made my bones when you were still going out with shineboxes."
Hansa (15 days ago)
I got my eyes blasted out from bb pellets because I'm Moe Green.
TruthMaster2020 (15 days ago)
Fredo should already know you never take sides against your own family. That is why hes picking people up at the airport, instead of running the show.
Kylie S (15 days ago)
Two at a time huh
flori114 (16 days ago)
Whoever might be causal for the casino's losses, Michele is right when he orders Fredo not to take sides against the family ever again. It's crucial to stick together. If not, the family would be gone already.
Isreal Isreal (16 days ago)
We all make choices/choose wisely🔥🔥🔥
The California Bruh (16 days ago)
Moe looks like Harrison Ford
Drax Killa (17 days ago)
I am Moe Greene i made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders
Steven Fulford (17 days ago)
I made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders! Classic
Peter Graves (17 days ago)
Henry Hill's mother chimed in after Fredo, "NORMAL PEOPLE DON'T TALK TO MOE GREENE LIKE THIS!!!!"
Pango Prime (15 days ago)
Hahahahaha! “Moe Greenes father hasnt been able to digest a decent meal in weeks!”
Roy G Biv (17 days ago)
Perhaps the best film ever...but I still cannot imagine 1 cocktail waitress banging fugly Fredo, let alone 2 at a time.
tjbrockett (18 days ago)
You know, I think Michael did Fredo dirty here. Michael shows up, doesn't tell Fredo a thing, and then drops a bomb on Moe Greene. Fredo was trying to be the moderator and I can see why he acted the way he did. If you're the boss, you got to tell your people what is going on so they don't get blindsided and do something wrong in reaction to it.
deancj1 (14 days ago)
Fredo is a dolt...Mike already knew he would tip greene off if he was given a heads up.
LBF522 (18 days ago)
I agree on that. Michael should have given Fredo the heads up.
Rosco P. Coltrane (18 days ago)
The Romans conquer Israel again!
Bobby Dools (18 days ago)
He was cockin’ bangtail waitresses three at a time, I had to slap him around!
Mike Browne (18 days ago)
The example of unity amongst people
Hector App (18 days ago)
Fredo ... don´t ever .. ever ... get AIDS ....because I wont kiss you any more !
Alberto Gb (19 days ago)
Best part... ''Hey Mike. Hello fellas, everybody is here, Freddy, Tom''.
Puppets & Traitors (19 days ago)
eeh movies! Good to watch Even when that's all they are movies.
"I talked to Barzini" sounds voice overed?
Mike Servello (19 days ago)
Francis Ford Coppola should of changed the name from The Godfather to the The Shinebox
Twisted Soul (19 days ago)
U know who I m I m moe Greene , well if u r explaining that to someone it means u r nothing
nacho12349 (20 days ago)
This is how they declare war, take it or leave it... declare war with them !!! Korea vs. Trump !!
HifeLack (20 days ago)
2:38 The smoke from Michael's mouth instantly disappears (Probably there was a cut in the Scene).
Jesus is Muslim (20 days ago)
Wholesome Catholic criminals.
Bruce Hayes (20 days ago)
The Don is semi retired
Slim LC (20 days ago)
Al Pacino greatest mobster of all time
Brandon Roberts (20 days ago)
The way mike checks everyone so effortlessly is great lol
Muhammed Topkaya (21 days ago)
He takes his cigarettes from pocket at 0:21 and at 0:27 he does that again.
stuart wrigglesworth (21 days ago)
Best film ever
hasin ashraf (21 days ago)
Amirul Akmal (21 days ago)
Look at michael.. that how we do business
Edward Alexander (21 days ago)
He never had the makings of a varsity older brother.
Andrew Gann (21 days ago)
I can still keep my shine box
BabyBoomerChannel (21 days ago)
Why was “I talked to Barzini” looped?
B Esfa (21 days ago)
I dont know how many times I had watched these 3 mints..... so much confidence
Enrico Simone (21 days ago)
Fantastic. hey, this might be similar to how the idiot chinless son talks to his crook father T-RICO. I don’t know, this fredo truly sounds like the idiot son...what do you think? Rings any bells?
Randy Bailin (22 days ago)
Moe Greene: "I'd give an eye to hold on to my casino."
Rusty Shackleford (22 days ago)
That slow burning cigarette made the scene 10x better
Lorenzo Juarez (22 days ago)
Comparing tail
Ad Max (22 days ago)
Itchy and Scratchy is the reason Moe Greene's death was faked.
Anna Frieze (22 days ago)
Moe Green might be very luckyvto get rich and such but he wasnt very smart.
Enoch Chi Lok Tse (21 days ago)
Actually he invented Las Vegas according to Hyman Roth, so he was smart, but I think his downfall was his anger issues.
vladi gremi (22 days ago)
Do you know Who I’m,,,,,?????-Im Mo Green ...
Hairy Watermelon (22 days ago)
I feel like Mo Greene could have been played by Jeff Goldblum
No need to " Over Jew". Moe Green was obviously Jewish without being a characature.
michael Hendrickson (6 days ago)
Jeff Goldblum was only about twenty years old when The Godfather was filmed. Much too young to play More Green.
G S (7 days ago)
So true
Shishir Gurung (20 days ago)
Jeff goldblum wasn't even castrated when this was shot
Simson Garcia (20 days ago)
Nah fam. He would have went off in another direction improvising on evolution and the multiverse. 😂
Qaisos Bossos (23 days ago)
Michelle became the boss because he's calm. Calm is superpower, do you agree?
Jale Naqura (23 days ago)
right on.
TheKaustabh (23 days ago)
One of the greatest scenes in history of movies.
michael maselly (23 days ago)
my best line when cops pull me over "do you know who I am"
Gary Grandy (21 days ago)
60% of the time, it works every time.
Senor Prince (23 days ago)
His name was Moe Greene...
silky johnson (23 days ago)
Ang C (23 days ago)
Fredo likesThreesome !!
Sarmad ahmed (24 days ago)
that deadly stare by mike at 1:45, Moe must have peed his pants
chirag gandhi (24 days ago)
Michael should have stopped after killing barzini, killing moe and fredo was harsh
chirag gandhi (23 days ago)
+Not Cthulhu he did all to secure his family and ended up killing fredo, leaving his wife which he regrets in 3rd part, seeing his daughter face bullet and finally dying all alone. My point is he should have stopped after barzini to avoid karma biting him again but since he is great hero in the movie we will refuse to accept it
Not Cthulhu (23 days ago)
That's not who he was. He didn't want to be in the business, so everything he did was like trying to wipe his hands clean of it all; everything and the kitchen sink -- enemies, people who insulted him, family, whatever it took to feel free.
Jmunny Rulz (24 days ago)
He wasn’t big loud boisterous or terrifying but Pacino played the best don in the movies with a seriousness where you cross him he was determined to make you pay for it.

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