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How to Tell If a Guy Likes You

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M.C. E.A.C. (1 day ago)
There is a guy in my youth group and one time he asked me exactly when my birthday is and later that night he poked me in the back with a pole stick (we were at a youth event and there was a pole table that's where he got the stick) and he got a girlfriend that looks similar to me does anyone else think he likes me? Edit: I'm homeschooled and he's public schooled
Dabby duck (1 day ago)
So story time kids, my brother, his girlfriend, her brother, and I were going to hang out. I wasn't going to go cuz other stuff came up. He blatantly refused to go cuz he didn't want to be a 3rd wheel. Basically he wasn't going without me. HOPE!!!!!!!!
catlover49 (4 days ago)
lil qtpie (13 days ago)
I've a crush, and he likes me too 😋😋
Eliese Fuerstein (25 days ago)
Sandy Wildfong (1 month ago)
Sandy Wildfong (1 month ago)
did u have a sunburn Jordon?
he had a thicc grip (1 month ago)
My crush always stares at me and smiles, but I'm not sure if like me, please answer I really want to know 😅
nofy bn (1 month ago)
Some people are that funny. I laugh at everything, not because I like them. I can't help it, I like to. Course I might like them but I would laugh either way.
Lee Jack (1 month ago)
Dose anyone wonder why they have red hands ????????
Yvonne Talamantes (2 months ago)
Bill m e y cow I met this guy where I work I don't know what it is but we spots it over 6 months ago he he saw me he had me real tight I thought wow you know and we spoke at that moment but then he breaks away doesn't try to make any more contact and then he leaves the entire building for like a while and then comes back and sees me again gives me that big O big hug same thing over and over? Last week or the week before that 2 weeks ago he came to my restroom sites and he knocked on the door so he can use the facility but I was in there cleaning and I told him we'll go ahead you know I'll just come up behind you and he said no I'll just use the women's so he did but then he walked away and then he said see you around so I know something was bothering him but he that's it I mean he doesn't come around talk to me and tell me that he's leaving again and see Mike that doesn't ask for my number doesn't give me his number I don't know what to make of it he hug me in front of his hat his friends the following day and said oh I was waiting for your hug I don't know if it's a game or what
The Hunt_Rockband (2 months ago)
‘....besides..boys are stupid.’
Artemis Andromeda (2 months ago)
25 and no guy ever had a crush on me. Nice 😐
Grace Porter (2 months ago)
”boys are STUPID”
cherry may lucero (2 months ago)
Yeah boys are stupid!
cherry may lucero (2 months ago)
Haha your really funny! I like this video. It's very helpful. Di na ako aasa pa.
VforVictory 135 (2 months ago)
Lol in my experience guys who do a lot of those things are actually players
PotatoAnimations (2 months ago)
The only thing me and HIM have in common is fortnite🤣
Destinee Everette (2 months ago)
What if he smiles when you mess with him?😰
Eleanor Smith (2 months ago)
love the way he speaks
CloneSimone (3 months ago)
Have your friend ask them if they like anyone, and then have your crush say "who's asking?" 🤦‍♀️
Reba Galva (3 months ago)
Not that I was completely focusing on this but did you have sunburns on your arms?🤔
Randy Magma (3 months ago)
Geek Nation (3 months ago)
Is it just me, or does it seem like he's got a mad sunburn?
Æd Orr Møhn (3 months ago)
But hwat if the guy is very self aware of his own actions and uses this information to conceal those impulsive nonverbal cues...
The_Mini_Gamer88 (3 months ago)
The Stranger And His Beasts no guy is smart enough to do that But good idea
Greta Small (3 months ago)
"Meesa Jar Jar Binks, messa like Star Wars"... "uhh, i gotta go"...😁"oh i dont think so"
krispy cakes (3 months ago)
Bro my crush is effing Tom Holland
Hania Fatima (3 months ago)
“Does he talk about me?” “Yeah from time to time” “Yay!”
*face Palm* (3 months ago)
Welp my crush doesn’t like me💔
dog lover (3 months ago)
My crush does like all of this but he likes someone else 😕
Garion Prak (3 months ago)
You are so sunburnt...
Hippie Soul Carlz (4 months ago)
This video hit hard 😂❣️
Sugar MapleWings (4 months ago)
Your bright red sunburnt arms distracted me the entire video
Soraya Kamarullah (4 months ago)
He looks sunburnt..
Jaina Solo (4 months ago)
I’m a girl who likes Star Wars.
Mister Smith (2 months ago)
Ima fan too lol
Sadie Schaffner (4 months ago)
So what if you and the guy are good friends but don’t see each other often and he doesn’t know your friends?
Levi Langley (4 months ago)
lol im a guy this is super true!
Chris Czar Manalo (4 months ago)
questions in mind have been answered! HAHAHA
NJ INC. (4 months ago)
Yep. My crush doesn't like me.
Kasey Kneubuhler (5 months ago)
Why does he look like a brunette Shaggy from scooby doo in this episode 😂
Books and Blankets (5 months ago)
I go to a one week Christian camp in the summer and I am so upset that I only see my friends (and crush) there for a week a year.
Miranda Brown (5 months ago)
Me and my best friend are inseparable, and the guy I like literally does all these things basically around us, so idk if it's me or her or neither or both???
When the Sun Rises (5 months ago)
I am a guy and I did pretty much all of these to my crush a few years back...
mOon cHiLd (5 months ago)
0:39 but it's the opposite I'm the one who asks about him
Cara Marais (5 months ago)
Jea the grape vine doesent exist for me
Vickie Shay (5 months ago)
I see these signs but I still doubt it. I mean....does he like me back or not?
greentea town (5 months ago)
Lol wow I actually knew most of this stuff 😊😁
theropecaller (5 months ago)
Cyclone Winge (5 months ago)
I had two guys flirting with me last year but I could never tell which one was the wing man or if they both liked me
lilly Awesome (5 months ago)
You should make another one of these videos
What the jigglypuff (6 months ago)
wow this guy has one hell of an anime voice
Eun Soo Byun (6 months ago)
Well my crush kinda did some of those things but then later i found out that he likes my best friend😩 Is it just me over confident or what?? Because it just so sudden they rarely talk😫
Asmaa Hamoda (6 months ago)
Like your videos so much 💜 And I like the way you present them 😊 You are you ..that's pretty 💕
Boundless Skies (6 months ago)
I kinda took exactly a year to reply to a text message a guy sent me. That whole year was spent trying to figure out who he was so I could determine whether or not it was a good idea to accept his message request (I had a lot of problems with people who acted horribly towards me spamming messages, trying to friend me on social media.). In that time, I also had to figure out how to reply. Until exactly a year later, I texted "Hi. I'm sorry for not responding for a year, but I'm extremely awkward and I have no idea who you are and it scares me. I'm sorry if we've met before. I don't remember." He's been my boyfriend for quite some time now. I don't regret a thing.
Lpslife (6 months ago)
Anybody else think he Looks sunburned???
Shadow Wolf (6 months ago)
What do you do if you have been texting a guy almost ever night and he’s there for you. You like that guy but you don’t know if he likes you.
Justice Backstrom (6 months ago)
I agree with the last statement!
Justice Backstrom (6 months ago)
By the way, I'm a guy.
Rachel Easterling (6 months ago)
I gess my life is going to be lonely because i dont thank a guy has done any of this thangs around me
Kevin Peres (6 months ago)
Kevin Hart is that funny.
Misslady G (6 months ago)
Im a girl. I dont have a crush and i literally do all of these to my guy friends lmao,and i don't want them to think that i like them Well rip my life
just sippin’ the tea (6 months ago)
I am 12 and this video is from 2014 what am I doing here
Izzy is weird (6 months ago)
I was watching this w/ my crush (AKA my neighbor/childhood friend) and he shows these signs but he kept saying “N-No I don’t like you like that!!” Until one day he asked me out in the mall and I YELLED “I TOLD YOU SO!!!! AMERIE OWES ME $20 YASSS!!! And Yes I would love to!!!” We are now dating and ever since that day I’ve become weirder and weirder
shanni shade (6 months ago)
The acting is so cringe
Making fun and teasing is girl language for: Yay! You’re a great FRIEND
Simple, they follow you everywhere. I HATE IT.
Bookworm 123 (6 months ago)
Do they even know you’re alive and straight? Heh... so one time I yelled-said ,” Sorry I’m Lesbian” my friends and i was joking around and my crush was there. That was the last time I saw him
GOAT ATON (6 months ago)
Hands so pink
Fuliscious Fuli (6 months ago)
0:16 Oh, I KNOW My crush is interested in someone else. He has a girlfriend....that isn't me......
Erin Morgan (6 months ago)
Boi why are you always so red??😂
black Cat (6 months ago)
Ever single boy in my grade teases and makes fun of me
Sapphire Rose (6 months ago)
Welp I guess no one likes me lol
Hannah Auletti (6 months ago)
Found this channel today, watched a few episodes. I’m pretty glad I subscribed.
Phoenix Berseker (6 months ago)
Boys are stupid! 😃😂😂😂😂
yohana zane (6 months ago)
Now I know he doesnt :<<<
i never had a crush. And no one ever had a crush on me
lara rintisch (7 months ago)
The guy I like does all of those thing😏 ...-And yes he likes me!!!
Kayleigh-B_UK (7 months ago)
Me and my crush both love FNAF so we talk about that a lot so I may be able to start this up. #SO EXCITED
Petra Kryze (7 months ago)
I'm a girl, and I know who Anakin Skywalker's padawan was, what happened to her, who Obi wan Kenobi fell in love with, who killed her, why he killed her, the name of his brother, the name of his mother, the name of the Jedi he blinded, the name of the planet they were on when it happened, who they were with, the name of the Padawan of the guy he blinded, how long he stalked him, the name of the jedi he blinded's son, his son's age, his son's mother, his son's mother's father, what his son's mother's father did during the clone wars, what his son's mother's rank in the rebelion was, the name of her ship, the name of her crew members, what happened to the two jedi on her crew, how the blind jedi died before his son was even born, who killed him, what happened to his padawan, how he saved Lothal, who went looking for him, who the Ones are, how they died, who on earth is the Chosen One, who his sister was, how she survived order 66, who she saved, who saved her from Darth Vader, who Obi wan Kenobi's girlfriend's mother was, who Obi wan Kenobi's girlfriend's father was, who Obi wan Kenobi's girlfriend's sister was, who Obi wan Kenobi's son probably was, who was the ruler of Mandalore after Obi wan Kenobi's girlfriend was killed by Darth Maul, what Maul used to kill Satine Kryze, who found it, how she found it, who she was with, who she gave it too, who her father was, who her mother was, who her brother was, who she is searching for, who she loves, how he became a Jedi, how the death of his master affected him, how he does not know his master had a son, how he reacted when his master got back his sight right before he died, and who shot first. It was Ursa Wren. I also speak Mando'a, the language of Mandalore.
Liz W (1 month ago)
Oya Mando!
Dreamie Beanie (7 months ago)
DOCTOR WHO BEANIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lost Moonlight (7 months ago)
Ok so a guy freaking asked me out and he does nothing of these..
I Liked My Own Comment (7 months ago)
My crush doesn't like me but he is noice guy thobut he always end up with any girl he wants xD
DATS MY CHANNEL!! (7 months ago)
Im a guy and this is true ( also im gay )
Charlotte Darras (7 months ago)
1. If he talks about you to your friends 2. If his body language says so 3. If he compliments you a lot 4. If he laughs at all of your jokes 5. If he makes fun of you 6. If he goes out of his way to hang out with you 7. If he makes a big deal about something you have in common Sorry if I miss one 😂
Xxiceywolf1 (7 months ago)
A boy at my school sometimes stares deep into my eyes and its hard to look back. Sometimes i think he makes up reasons so i can give him a high five..... Me and my freinds have words of the day. I say Shutup chocolate sugar waffle sprinkles icecream. And i gusee he thought i was talking about his skin color... Idk So he calls me Light skin Idk if thats a sign but pretty much everyone likes him Lol
Tentacle Therapist (7 months ago)
Omfg, I had a crush on this kid a while ago, and he liked overwatch, so I bought the fucking game to impress him, and then actually started to enjoy it. So I guess doing stuff to please others can have a nice outcome sometimes
lizard kid (7 months ago)
I laugh at everybody's jokes always no matter how bad the jokes are... Because I'm too awkward not too
Gacha_Wolfie_ Hamiltrash (7 months ago)
Tge boy that has a crush on me insults me 24/7.
Gacha_Wolfie_ Hamiltrash (7 months ago)
Number 2. Well thats me told.
an on (7 months ago)
I don't know if I have a crush on this guy who's my friend, and whenever I think I do, I doubt myself. Someone tell me this kind of thing is normal.
TheOneAndOnly FloofQueen (7 months ago)
Good to know...
A T J (7 months ago)
Reasonable explanation for me: "Boys are stupid." (And if you think anything else, no, I'm as straight as a pole)
Ava Hai (7 months ago)
Is it bad that I’m here bc I want to know if people like me but it’s cuz ppl say this person I don’t like likes me and I want to know the truth
Amethyst_AG (7 months ago)
So what do u do if you like some one who is just so nice to everyone
BTS ARMY (7 months ago)
Ther is a boy at my school he stares me and my friends all the time...
Emma Runge (7 months ago)
Thank you Sooooooooooooooooo much
syeda rizvi (7 months ago)
Aw, I love this guy! He's sooooo nice! :D
'Besides, boys are stupid.'
Coco pops (7 months ago)
I insult boys when i like them.....Most up them they end up being a friend..but never become anything more :/ Mainly because im so mean....they start to hate me so i hate them....so...yea
Ruby-__ (7 months ago)
I've never talked to my crush actually..... I'm too shy and awkward ._.

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