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Off-White | Spring Summer 2017 Full Fashion Show | Menswear

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Off-White | Spring Summer 2017 by Virgil Abloh | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p - PFW/Menswear Collection)
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Text Comments (121)
Tom Green (6 months ago)
These fuckers walking around in bath robes and Rodney Dangerfield pants I'm Done
Aurelio Baiocco (8 months ago)
Where did it?
Zombie wear i guess the brother doing great ppl obviously love it
prettyricky2001 (1 year ago)
Black Excellence
wazup3333 (1 year ago)
4:00 what pants are those??
M9nd (1 year ago)
Production and event quality is aight . What's up with the music
Supreme Beats (1 year ago)
4:57 the blond kid from the movie robinsons looking ass btw weird asf ouifts
Brandon Dolandolan (2 years ago)
umbro collab highest fire
EFK (2 years ago)
David Faridi (2 years ago)
I miss F/W 2015
Ramari Mcrae (2 years ago)
i hated off white in the beginning but after these last 2 seasons im so happy for him and love his art
sonya vargas (1 year ago)
lmao! was thinking this . some can fit the part for a casting call of such a roll
Simion Usatov hahahahah comment of the century lol i was like what's this shit zombie wear
tali yl (2 years ago)
off white trynna be like vetements now so lame
henri crousteau (2 years ago)
yeezy season 5 wanna be like vetements
Alvin Anis (2 years ago)
tali yl vetements wanna be like margiela so lame
405 BRED (2 years ago)
vetements bitting off of offwhite. vetements has been so hyped in 2016
Tito Xen (2 years ago)
jaket are nice others pfff cant understand
Miguel Irizarry (2 years ago)
BEAUTIFUL JACKETS and the rolled up denim nicely done
Miguel Irizarry (2 years ago)
Please I've been wearing labels longer then anyone new York city
Tony Bushmin (2 years ago)
vlone thuuuuu
Mark Marra (2 years ago)
who's the interview at the beginning? and fuck I really like that umbro flannel piece
frederick edeh (2 years ago)
Shit designers song made this shit lit
Rev Saygen (2 years ago)
Wanna be dries with the sweaters..smh just another bad show
Howard Reyes (2 years ago)
LOVE ! thank you OFF WHITE
Clariccy (2 years ago)
gawd step off our shit
Undercover (2 years ago)
No originality
LΨΠΔ (2 years ago)
desiigner - timmy turner any remix lol
Miguel Irizarry (2 years ago)
tali yl (2 years ago)
Black Titan (2 years ago)
Virgil immensely improved since that pyrex phase
Matt Gummo (2 years ago)
Matt Famularo (2 years ago)
That's mostly because Pyrex was just a project he did to fund the ideas he wanted to go into Off-White
Myles McCrone (2 years ago)
Such a dope show, i personally really liked the outfits and the shapes and structures of the entire thing!
Nusushhs Vgsggvaba (2 years ago)
stfu what do you mean by our.... you sound like a supremacist. shut that hate shit up.... and let the man SHINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
Clariccy (2 years ago)
funny people totally different to our culture
ReGalaxy (2 years ago)
I really like the hoodies they have
Navid Daliri (2 years ago)
Guys, here is the link for the song at the second part https://soundcloud.com/yup-868133868/father-stretch-my-hands-part-1-40-minute-remix-loop
Jay Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Tengerbold Oyun-Erdene could you send it to my email by chance? [email protected]
Jay Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Liam Langford can you send it? [email protected]
akadimas (2 years ago)
could you send me please [email protected] i couldn't find it anywhere
Mark Martinez (2 years ago)
send me the mp3 version bro! thanks [email protected]
Felipe Ortega (2 years ago)
Navid Daliri [email protected] send plis bro
Morgan Matthews (2 years ago)
whats the remix at the end called?
TehFixedTV (1 year ago)
Morgan Matthews probably just a special mix given to Virgil by Ye. this runway was around the time that TLOP was super hyped so publicity lol
Navid Daliri (2 years ago)
same, but has to do with father stretch my hands part 1
Jonatan Nilsson (2 years ago)
wondering the same
Clariccy (2 years ago)
Needs to step off people's cultures dicks
Htown Tommy (2 years ago)
Clariccy bro u r such a troll😂
Clariccy (2 years ago)
it is quite funny people imitate shit and being very different types to the actual culture
Clariccy (2 years ago)
lol  another fucking idiot with an avatar raiding a totally different generation´s and culture´s styles   you idiots don`t even know it      lol
Alyx (2 years ago)
+Kaleolani Rochette lol "YOUR AVATAR IS BLUE ITS THE SKYS CULTURE TO USE BLUE" but dont worry this Clariccy idiot is literally on every fashion show video saying "this fashion designer is raiding peoples cultures" etc etc idk what his problem is tbh
Kaleolani Rochette (2 years ago)
you think youre some deep philosophical guy talking about cultures bro, but after 30 responses you still have not said anything explaining as too how this designer is replicating your ''culture''. YOUR AVATAR IS BLUE, DO YOU KNOW ITS THE SKY'S CULTURE TO USE BLUE YOU FKING CULTURE THIEF** thats what youre telling us....
Thales Emanuel (2 years ago)
MyNameIs Zee (2 years ago)
Show starts at the two minute mark.
GlizzyBuilds (2 years ago)
thanks man

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