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First Look! Ellen Scores Deleted Scenes from Taylor Swift's 'Look What You Made Me Do'

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Taylor Swift gave her friend Ellen the first look at deleted scenes from her "Look What You Made Me Do" music video.
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Krisna Smith (4 hours ago)
This is so funny! 😂
J_Blue (14 hours ago)
May I say, Ellen has very nice feet 😂😂😂
May Draper (19 hours ago)
Every time Ellen says something the audience goes cray cray
twerky Ellen HAHAHA
the view's already been 1B LOL.
DJ Pandorax (1 day ago)
xhawi bagz (1 day ago)
lul 😂😂
Irma Suarez (1 day ago)
I like the song
Cicadas (1 day ago)
IDontSleep LikeEver (1 day ago)
I don't get Taylor Swift, I can stand her music, it's so auto tuned
Jlthecat (1 day ago)
Kitten lover (1 day ago)
Ellen is amazing
Jesse Cardenas (1 day ago)
Ellen's video was to much 😂😂😂
Kat EKit (2 days ago)
Love it 😂
GABRIEL (2 days ago)
I will give you a golden globe for this
Daisy Macrohon (2 days ago)
I love it
SUTTG UniverseGO! (2 days ago)
is ellen lesbian??
Tom Harrison (2 days ago)
If Ellen is the best, drop a like
Ellen ur so hilarious!! Who couldn't watch this video?! It's so hard not to look away!!!
chicken (2 days ago)
*twerky ellen*
angelina Tawfilis (2 days ago)
cyra francisco (3 days ago)
I love how ellen put her self on the music vido
Majlina Habibovich (3 days ago)
Zulkifly MUDA (3 days ago)
HUNTER GAMING (3 days ago)
Isn’t this great
BFF FUN STUFF Forever (3 days ago)
thiên tư trần (3 days ago)
How will taylor say about this
rebeka jerala (3 days ago)
Thats verry awkward
Smriti Deka (4 days ago)
I don't wanna say this, but, TAY-TAY reminds me of Taehyung from BTS. 😌.
manya k s (4 days ago)
First To like my own comment because no one else will..😉
WolfGachaGirl 22 (4 days ago)
*Taylor should of actually put this in her music video😂😂*
Rabia Zaheer (4 days ago)
Sarah Kuczka (4 days ago)
Can you bring t swift one
Kayla Cordero (4 days ago)
Jovie Felsheim (4 days ago)
I hope these aren't real deleted scenes...
Ghostella 15 (4 days ago)
2019?? Anyone
Mahmoud Moustafa (5 days ago)
Is Ellen a boy or girl
RoseArii (5 days ago)
Pandicorn Lol (5 days ago)
Now she has to do a Thank you Next one 😂😂😂
Jana Hazem (5 days ago)
Ashley Stanczak (6 days ago)
I love you two Ben and mal. 🤗
This is Mary👧 Mary has 0 friends I like =1 friend for Mary👧
Hiroaki Takahashi (6 days ago)
1:31 where is Ellen’s reflection :)
Jeilyn C (6 days ago)
Lol omg
Salma Amr (7 days ago)
Leah’s crafty World (7 days ago)
Ellen hates kids
Royal Zamm (7 days ago)
I LOVE YOU TAY TAY! 🤩🤩🤩🤪🤪🤯🤯🤪❤❤❤💗💓💔💖💕💜💛💚💙🧡💗💞😘😘😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😘🤣😂😁😀😆😝😜😛🤐😮😫😫😫😝😝😝😝😝😝😍😍😘🤩🤩😘😘😘😍🤩🤩😘😘🤩🤗🤗🤗😂🤣😂🤣🤗😘😘🤩🤗💛💙🧡💔❣💟💞🤩💛💙😍😍😘🤩😂🤣😘😘😘😘😘😘
Vicky The Puppy Mayor (7 days ago)
Omg is this real Pls be real If this is edited Nooooo
lady ann vergiere (7 days ago)
So funny
Roses are red Ellen is great I really wish I could be her
Summer Snow (8 days ago)
I love Ellen and the Ellen show 😝
Saoirse Kate (8 days ago)
DJ Kiddie Vlogs (8 days ago)
Wait Taylor made it in 2017?
CuteChimChim BTS (8 days ago)
Taylor Swift’s wig snatched
Poli Marinova (8 days ago)
if you think taylor swifts look what you made me do video is good give a like
Skye Lockhart McCarty (8 days ago)
RhiRhi Cam (8 days ago)
Dang ellen has some nice legs😂
Darlynn Cardenas (9 days ago)
TheEllenShow TheEllenShow TheEllenShow Will I get pinned?
Lola Ferrando (9 days ago)
Twerking elen lol!
wdwdwdwd Magics24 (9 days ago)
Ilma Shoaib (9 days ago)
Anastasia Dicoski (9 days ago)
Anyone else get a Taylor swift song ad before the video?
Gacha Maiko (9 days ago)
Easter Eggs!
Patti Babiy (9 days ago)
Best vid ever
Afield Hounkpe (10 days ago)
Lol so funny😂😂😂😁😀😅😄😆😹
Carline Jean (10 days ago)
That was funny imao😂😂😂😂😂🤣
Ariana Callan (10 days ago)
Finally an Ellen video where the comment section isn’t disabled!!!
judy tamer (10 days ago)
Ellen do you know that you’re in the the song Girls like you too
Emina Gracanin (10 days ago)
Lam Ginger (10 days ago)
Where can I watch full The Ellen show
Gacha Wolf_Playz (10 days ago)
Ok i dont like ellen that much but she did good on this one 😂
Laura Odijk (11 days ago)
*oh that’s just twerking ellen*
Alolan Adarsh (11 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Mr. grande butera (11 days ago)
I saw it
SL USA (11 days ago)
Lol 25 million is good enough
Puppy Girl (11 days ago)
Taylor Swift definitely has to see this
Darkness Silence (12 days ago)
Ellen doesn't need to make a music video her sense of humor is more than any other person in the world. *Love* *you* *Ellen* .
Shirlie Faye (12 days ago)
Wow Ellen your funny I wood like gift you a hug
Heloisa Jk (13 days ago)
Jazzy J (13 days ago)
I don’t even trust Taylor
Got me dead 😂😂😂
Jess Ag84 (14 days ago)
Ragna Björt (14 days ago)
Its Leah (15 days ago)
I laughed so much I was crying 🤣
Its Leah (15 days ago)
Amanda Rodriguez (15 days ago)
Who here from 2019 ?
sakshi sharma (15 days ago)
2019 anyone
Cherry Jorolan (15 days ago)
Bwisit manis ellen oyy 😂😂
Bigcoperd1tip YT (15 days ago)
Can you dislike my comment, Im serious No liking Dont you dare
Fabian Real Gomez (15 days ago)
Soy colombiano pero ellen te amo
Kawaii Kitty Roblox (15 days ago)
Best. Day. Ever. I wasn’t on the show.... Ellen forgot to disable the comments!
cRoOkEd (16 days ago)
i'm deceased.
Yuri R. Fidélis (16 days ago)
the american xuxa
Yuri R. Fidélis (16 days ago)
the american xuxa
Ainsley Laurent (16 days ago)
Taylor:What's with that "sh*t?" Me:Wait I thought it was "b**ch"? Did anyone notice it?
Divyanshu Dwivedi (16 days ago)
Amaging editing
iTz JeNnA (16 days ago)
*Ta ta*

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