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How to Buy Wholesale Liquidation Cosmetics

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Resellers have many options when buying wholesale liquidation cosmetics and makeup for resale at flea markets, online, at discount stores, yard sales and more. Options like Shelf Pulls, Overstocks and Master Case items are all over the market, but which option is the best for YOUR business? Discover how to buy wholesale cosmetics in this short video from Via Trading.
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Anita Danelian Towers (13 days ago)
Hi I have recently signed up with your website to be able to purchase from you. Do you ever have high end Cosmetics like those sold in department stores?
Hi Anita, we carry the likes of Revlon, L'Oreal, Maybelline, NYX, Cover Girl and similar brands. To view our merchandise please visit viatrading.com/products Thanks
This is a very good video for someone who wants to start a business from the beginning
Thank you! Glad you found this helpful.
L Rose (2 months ago)
Alauddin Tajmohammad (4 months ago)
CAN I JUST BUY the products as wholesale for the business
Via Trading Corporation (4 months ago)
Yes! That is exactly what we do. We supply resellers with merchandise for their businesses. Please visit our website viatrading.com to see our merchandise options and learn more about our company. Thank you,
Alauddin Tajmohammad (4 months ago)
I buy makeup for milani maybelin Revlone etc.At tha liquidation
Sandie Newstater (1 year ago)
Thanks for the info. She explains very well.
Ruth Cassoba (1 year ago)
Hello, please I could like to do this business in my country in Africa, but I had contact some supplier in UK but your offer is more interest, please could you contact me my email is [email protected], I looking forward to hear from you
Roha khan (1 year ago)
Where do I place order and other information
Joao Alexandre (1 year ago)
Good Morning !!! I am from Brazil and I am an exporter of cosmetic products can export 3 quality cosmetic products with an optimum quality !!! We can form a partnership for your sales in your country !!! If there is interest please contact me on whatsapp - 055-11-97267-9248 or by e-mail - [email protected]
Hany Gadalla (2 years ago)
Remove the background music and upload again
Αννέτα Αεκ (2 years ago)
Where do I find this makeup in the uk
traviesa 1 (2 years ago)
alguien me puede desir en espanol plz
Shanna777 (2 years ago)
Im planning to put up an online cosmetic business, hope you can assist me.
Shanna777 (2 years ago)
Do they entertain customers who prefer to buy online?
D Myer (3 years ago)
i buy makep for 2$..milani,maybelinne, revlon etc at the liquidation.
Eimmy Hernandez (1 year ago)
DeMeyer were do you buy it from?
Αννέτα Αεκ (2 years ago)
+D Meyer btw thanks
Αννέτα Αεκ (2 years ago)
+D Meyer is it online?
D Myer (2 years ago)
+Αννέτα Αεκ liquidation outlet
Αννέτα Αεκ (2 years ago)
where? online?
julie Brown (3 years ago)
Can I just buy the product as wholesale or I have to have business license
p gavilanes (3 years ago)
+julie Brown you don't have to have a license, but sometimes you need to have insurance to buy products.
Visal Haskell (3 years ago)
So we can find cosmetics wholesale on websites? I still wonder how can we find brand cosmetics chapter from the websites
Seemo Sofi (3 years ago)
nice rack! of make up, that is ;)
Steve N (3 years ago)
Love liquidation.....love it X10 with a hottie like that narrating....wow
jane doe (3 years ago)
Excellent and well explained !
Michelle Mac (4 years ago)
Great video! Thanks so much. I have a question about the Master Case items - you said we'd be paying 20% - 30% over retail. That sounds off. Did you mean over wholesale? Great arms, by the way. Love your tattoo (what I could see of it). 
Kaela (4 years ago)
give me every box!! haha. :D
Maria Jodway (4 years ago)
Great video and information I'm finding it hard to find good reputable wholesalers, but this type of info is a definite plus when you're so new to it and trying to figure out what to look for. Thanks for sharing  

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