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vines 2 watch instead of sleeping

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Wolfie (14 minutes ago)
8:21 Song?
tom (48 minutes ago)
we stan ✨
the original PENGUIN (1 hour ago)
some of theese are not vines
Gariyah Williams (2 hours ago)
Angelina DeMeo (3 hours ago)
I’m laughing so hard inside! “That hurt like a buttcheek on a stick!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😄🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
EmilyJoestar:333 (4 hours ago)
Robey A (4 hours ago)
3:00 I died
Bill Gregory (5 hours ago)
3:43 emo squad
Julien Cyr (6 hours ago)
vines 2 watch instead of doing your final exams
Jairus Madria (6 hours ago)
How do I know I'm not adopted
Darwin Waterson (7 hours ago)
The album is the avocado
Lune Kova (8 hours ago)
Thank you
Darwin Waterson (9 hours ago)
Thanks dad :D
I love watching vines so much. Thanks vine for being there.
Loving Cutie1000 (11 hours ago)
"mother trucker dude that hurt like a butt cheek on a stick"
Xxcutie216xX_101 slay (11 hours ago)
"Whoa son your dabs are getting good".......oof I'm done!xc
Letty Vazquez (12 hours ago)
7:54 R.I.P earbuds
Softballgirl4 H (14 hours ago)
This is too funny
itsmarkz (16 hours ago)
10:22 James Charles Fans
The Chicken Ninja (18 hours ago)
6:50 he had a freakin "cup" of milk why the heck did he use the bowl
ninja 45125 (18 hours ago)
4:03 its fake there is hand
Is this the OabAMA.... WHATBTHENHELL
The Yellow Craft (21 hours ago)
9:08 Me trying to make a homemade M/V when im a man...
The Yellow Craft (21 hours ago)
7:44 Me to act as the visual in the drama...
The Yellow Craft (21 hours ago)
1:04 Me: playing the clarinet to irritate my parents Parents: 4:11
Psycho Iko (21 hours ago)
11:28 LMAO
Dillan Barry (23 hours ago)
1:20 I died at this part
The Robloxian Boys (1 day ago)
5:46 now I know where this meme is from
August Starr (1 day ago)
Very ironic because its 1:50 in the morning and I don't wanna sleep but I wanna watch vines
Hanna Coleman (1 day ago)
I love the part at 7:49
Gabriel Avila (1 day ago)
Not Sponsored by Sleep!
it’s autumn sis (1 day ago)
I’m trying to stay up until 4am so i’m watching vines to keep me awake. I’m doing this for 3 hours 😂
1:20 watch on, peasants.
Wyatt Gibson (1 day ago)
sub to my channel or 10:01
Amy Coolidge (1 day ago)
I’m watching this at 1am
xXAllisonXx xXxXx (1 day ago)
4:52 do u want ur cranberry juice :p
Katie Castro (1 day ago)
5:55 When you study all day and feel confident about the test 5:59 But you end up with a low grade
23ngrace (1 day ago)
4:01 you can see someone pushing it back up!😂🤣😂
Brendan1021 05 (1 day ago)
4:35 exactly
Alexis Hoen (1 day ago)
why don't you stop screaming why don't you shut your god dame mouth me with my room mate when I'm studying and she just won't shut up
Alexis Hoen (1 day ago)
every one just loves the cups song (b**ch)
Alexis Hoen (1 day ago)
I want to be cowboy babe is what my grandpa wanted (oof)
Alexis Hoen (1 day ago)
mexico these days am I right
Stevie M (1 day ago)
Alexis Hoen (1 day ago)
put that candy back i an't buying you that (throw's) try me b**ch (SAME!!!!!)
Alexis Hoen (1 day ago)
and kids this is why kids you don't work at fast food places because you will crazy and drunk like him!!!!!!
Alexis Hoen (1 day ago)
something worse then a rapist a child. No?
Nm Gee (1 day ago)
2:26 too much taco bell
Alexis Hoen (1 day ago)
haters will say it's fake because it is (the hands caught the milk cart)
Alexis Hoen (1 day ago)
back pack boy?
EveeonSweetsy *0* (1 day ago)
Sanaa Middleton (1 day ago)
Hey I think you’re really cool I like you a lot maybe we can hang out or something
Grant Hickman (1 day ago)
4:03 it fake
jessica kristen (1 day ago)
jokes on you, i’m watching this instead of doing homework😎
Julie Guerraz (1 day ago)
Watching this at 2.30am, I have an exam tomorrow
GoPro Steep (1 day ago)
Replay buttons 3:06 3:06 3:06 3:06
Xx67111 :v (1 day ago)
When it said Haters will say its fake Bro i can see a hand Am not Dumb
Scarlet Sorry (1 day ago)
Mother t r u c k e r dude That hurt like a *bUtTcheEk* on a *stiCk*
Scarlet Sorry (1 day ago)
"Can oi have a go?" *banging on keys* "TwInKlE tWiNkLe" "P A T R I C I A !" *Zebra inhale* "Honey can you be quiet"
Scarlet Sorry (1 day ago)
Oo.. hurricane KaTrInA? More like *h u r r i c a n e t o r t i l l a*
Scarlet Sorry (1 day ago)
3:47 where were these filmed and what are they from
Lívia Lívia (1 day ago)
Ya know what's funny? I'm really watching this instead of sleeping...
Denis Jablonka (1 day ago)
Don’t mind me
Jenna Delacruz (1 day ago)
7:56 Mom gay
FOXY FNAF (1 day ago)
*0:47** oh sh**#t** a rat*
Victoria Medina (1 day ago)
0:40 I’m ded that is so me
Nikki Ahrenholz (1 day ago)
Reply to this comment what time you watch this at starting with me 12:28
Makenzie Chavez (1 day ago)
Why do i watch this
Gacha_Faith _Sky (1 day ago)
5:46  me as a parent
average ravenclaw (1 day ago)
5:33 don't mind me just giving myself a bookmark
Gina Williams (1 day ago)
anyone gonna say anything bout how sped up this was? i aint tryna go to bed soon dude ill take my time
Gina Williams (1 day ago)
lmao nvm im dumb i had messed with its speed
Lance Hoskins (1 day ago)
TIGGY TIGGY (1 day ago)
2:26 *koiby.*
LPS KISKAÇ TV (1 day ago)
1:02 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
7:36 👁️👅👁️
Shane Ricks (1 day ago)
**person swings on thing** Person jumping=me
Music - GACHA LIFE (1 day ago)
Most of the pet ones were boring and stupid...
* Sips Tea * (1 day ago)
It’s currently 3:28 in the morning and I can’t stop laughing
What is funny that I am watching this at 5 am so I am not sleeping instead watching this
Jenny Hart (1 day ago)
Was about to go to sleep then saw this.
Richard Yoder (1 day ago)
Holy shit the kid at 1:32 is loud
juicy juice (2 days ago)
makes me kinda sad that the kids of this generation are gonna grow up with tik toks instead of vines
Nikki Kitty potato (2 days ago)
Lol the garbage can,when I see my enemy...FUCK THIS SHIT IN OUT!
Nikki Kitty potato (2 days ago)
That me in an elevator! 😂 LOL
Charles TDM (2 days ago)
Ladies and gentlmen welcom to TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTARGET I died
Angel Wings (2 days ago)
8:51 🎵 *”hEy! I tHinK yOur rEAlLy cOoL! i LiKe yOu aLot, mAyBe wE cAN hAng oUt aRe sOmeTHinG...”* 🎵 10:34 Guy: “ hey you got a nice flower there bumblebee, highfive :) “ Bumblebee: :0 yus Guy: “oh yea :)”
Celishia Abigail (2 days ago)
3:40 had me dead
Dj rex (2 days ago)
It's real
Kenlie Brunner (2 days ago)
Me staying at my grandma's house Me:*hears singing in the kitchen* Grandma: 2:49 Me:grandma what the fuck u doing
Bulut Oyunda (2 days ago)
İts 5.am i thing im gonna die
Lizzieon (2 days ago)
#the flying car from Harry Potter
Callie and Jay (2 days ago)
Rachel P (2 days ago)
I don’t care that you broke your elbow
Rachel P (2 days ago)
Miles Kenton I don’t get no sleep cause of y’all
Miles Kenton (2 days ago)
*_w h o_* want lasagna?
Rachel P (2 days ago)
Miles Kenton I wanna be a cowboy.............
Miles Kenton (2 days ago)
Rachel P ladies and gentleman welcome to *T T T T T T TARGET*
Prøximity (2 days ago)
My class: when will the fucking class end Intercom: STUDENTS, THE TEACHERS WENT TO THE HOSPITAL BECAUSE OF METH My class: 2:01
Alex bruh (2 days ago)
Ashley Reid (2 days ago)
Theses suck
NoobPlayz (2 days ago)
2:44 had me ded
Ana Ramírez (2 days ago)
9:10 i'm soo dead
Connie Shaw (2 days ago)

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