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What Does This Symbol Mean To The Japanese? | ASIAN BOSS

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Text Comments (29184)
Hiroko TV (1 year ago)
What does this symbol mean in your country? Do you think Japanese people should continue to use the Manji symbol? Let me know your thoughts 🙂
anikoloz Tavish (19 days ago)
We have a similar looking one called "Gardane Mehr which is supposed to represent lifw or something
duell collins (2 months ago)
They can use it as that as they see fit. All we ask is never put it in black and red. Before the Nazis had it. It was the sign for the sun in a ancient society. I forgot which one. But, I read about it years ago.
Hammurab (2 months ago)
In Finland we still use swastika or as you say manji as an emblem for our air force. Finnish air force had swastikas on their wings way before nazis and it has nothing to do with nazis even though we were allied with Germany against Soviet Union during the WWII.
ojp _15 (1 hour ago)
I'm pretty sure every American above the age of 12 knows what that symbol is and what it represents... Obviously I know it's a swastika
Македонија (2 hours ago)
The symbol of "卍" is a symbol used in Buddhism. A symbol used long before the Nazis use it. Please study! Koreans should be ashamed of ignorance. (Does Korea have no Buddhist culture?) I think Koreans intentionally make Japanese image worse. ASIAN BOSS is anti-Japan. A sneaky Korean show. It's not fair. You are shameless. Get out!!!
FRM YT (4 hours ago)
I don’t think they know that Japan was the Nazis and Italians ally
ギテ (4 hours ago)
이동준 (4 hours ago)
For me, all the replies are funny because Europeans and Americans don’t know about ‘Rising Sun Flag’ which is similiar to Nazi symbol and was used in Japan during WW2. They rebuke Japanese not knowing about Nazi symbol, but they never reprimand themselves for not knowing Rising Sun Flag. I even saw people sell some souvenirs painted with ‘Rising Sun Flag’ in America, but no one was aware what was wrong. So hilarious. Americans and Europeans are not different from the Japanese who don’t know about Nazi symbol.
Johan Lexis (5 hours ago)
The swastika is different, the Ls are in diagonal, and so on. That was 100% manji.
Walymiemi (6 hours ago)
I'm so shocked they don't teach them the Japanese were actually with the nazis during wwII... Japan tryna hide his nasty past 😒
SONG BUNNY (6 hours ago)
Japanese millennials can only recognize two countries in the world. Japan and USA.
TechTutorial51 (6 hours ago)
The bomb came do hard they forgot who their allies are
elliottdevil (7 hours ago)
In the West we have negative view of Nazi symbol, but people don't mind the Red Rising Sun symbol, which can be offensive to countries which Japan controlled like Korea
Sibagatov Rustam (7 hours ago)
Joshua Wigley (7 hours ago)
I liked the old man
JammedGaming Hq (8 hours ago)
Its at a different angleeeeee so its not the same And dont come here with "font" cuz its a symbol
amanda werdels (10 hours ago)
Hi I'm german and it's illegal to draw that in Germany
Max Mustermann (11 hours ago)
Sad that we Germans are still perverting this symbol and act like the national socialists invented it.
Leo Lundgren (11 hours ago)
The Germans NEVER used it for racial discrimination either!! Do not believe the worldwide jewish media, please! watch and decide for yourself: TGSNT DOT TV
Leo Lundgren (11 hours ago)
This his likely how innocent and just positive the beautiful Germans see and saw it. Do not believe the worldwide jewish media (about nearly anything about that time) please.
P0ZS (11 hours ago)
Im a buddhist that manji sign is used as lucky (not nazi)
Tan Vorn (12 hours ago)
Doctor (12 hours ago)
WTF are they stupid
RAD6150 (12 hours ago)
I think the older gentlemen is correct. The symbol is older than the Nazis and when used in a country like Japan which has a longer history of use, it isn't bad, but that people should be educated to know how it has been corrupted.
tadd (13 hours ago)
I hole you don't misunderstand the situation of Japan, most of us Know what The character means,It's a symbol of The sun,and used as symbol of temples on the map.The Character manji has no bad meanings. I doubt this is intentionaly made as we the japanese are ignorant and fool of the history.
Oliver Halder (13 hours ago)
There's a reason Japanese kids don't know about WWII. The people of Nanjing may be able to elaborate.
Sore Hujan (14 hours ago)
Its budhist swastika or manji in japanese cultural and that symbol are different with nazi swastika. Your creative producer must be 10 years old kid.
Quiet Killer (14 hours ago)
So for the Japanese it's a seig heil to end every sentence
This is why Japanese people are retarded.
SPC Laser (14 hours ago)
I personally every country shld let every citizen know the actual history and not change it so that it makes that one country look good
Jeremy Alexander (15 hours ago)
Japan is woke
かつお (16 hours ago)
i'm japanese and i must say this is an arbitrary video. Most Japanese can't say "i don't know this symbol" caz it's simply shameful.I can tell 90% of Japanese,I mean "grown-up","educated" japanese knows this symbol means. Unfortunately people on this video are just idiots especially who looks over 20 yaers old. And every school teaches this symbol means and it's on every text book of history.They didn't study hard, that's all. And one more important thing. In the first place "Manji(卍)" and "nazi symbol" are totally different. Manji(卍) is just Buddhism word,it has history over 1,000 yaers, and one of chainese character....etc I don't understand what she wanna say at all. I hate this fuckin' video.
Joe Doe (11 hours ago)
Obviously the people talk tatemae (建前) in public, of course they know about the symbol but prefer to talk about just in private. I honor the japanese people for doing their own thing, they have every right to do. Who cares what westerner have to say. Dear Japanese people, preserve your identity and don't let it erode thru uncontrolled immigration!
Justin Hillman (16 hours ago)
that symbol is that of the 3rd riect that was from nazi germany in the late 30s to mid 40s
xxxxCronoxxxx (16 hours ago)
they are 2 entirely different symbols and mean vastly different things, the ignorant will quickly jump to the conclusion of offense wile the open minded will see the difference and inquire to what that difference between the 2 are.
sarah (17 hours ago)
"I have a feeling they were the bad guys." BOI edit: "Americans might not know about the symbol, right?" ... BOI
カミナリ (18 hours ago)
お前みたいな無知で馬鹿な奴が動画を作るから混乱するのだよ。 日本代表の間抜けが。
Jurgen Fetzer (19 hours ago)
It has a far older history than Buddhism. It is seen on carvings in Europe 12,000+ years old.
Jurgen Fetzer (19 hours ago)
It's one of the oldest Indo-European symbols known to man, even older than ancient Egypt. It is a symbol of good fortune. But the Jewish media, through fakes news, fake history, and fake Hollywood movies, turned it into the opposite. That's the Satanic Jewish way: invert everything. Make usury into prosperity. Make abortion into female empowerment. Make smoking into women's liberation. Make invading countries into establishing peace. Make depopulation into saving the earth. Make genociding white people into ending racism. Make telling the truth into anti-semitism. Make taking poison into vaccination. Make tradition into oppression. Make symbols of love into symbols of evil.
0o0o1i1i5555 (18 hours ago)
卍=Svastika=仏教の印 Hakenkreuzじゃないから!🙅‍♀️
Македонија (20 hours ago)
ASIAN BOSS is anti-Japan. A sneaky Korean show. It's not fair. You are shameless. Get out!!!
Mogyu Fruit (21 hours ago)
マークを知らなくても、特定のグループを無差別にガス室送りにすることが悪いことだと知っていれば、問題ないと思います。 包装紙がどんな柄だったかではなく、その本質を理解していれば世界は平和です^^
Mako Malaysia (22 hours ago)
卍(Manji) is mean Temple in japan. Please take a close look...The direction is different from Harken Kreuz.
草_ (22 hours ago)
アホ外国人だらけだな 放射状の線を見ると発狂する朝鮮人レベルだわ
茜射す紫野行 (23 hours ago)
maballo (23 hours ago)
It is prohibited because the ventilation fan is also similar. I'm talking seriously
R S (23 hours ago)
The real question is why are the Japanese not being taught history. Maybe because their involvement?
うづき (23 hours ago)
more2me100 (1 day ago)
If this channel has taught me anything it’s that SOME Asians are not aware of issues around the world like blackface and the swastika
My daddy's belt
Raúl Harán (1 day ago)
If they don’t know about WW2, they might not even heard about the triple alliance war(Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay vs Paraguay), a war that almost erased Paraguay from the map, the people that survived were some childrens, womens and older people.
MJ101 UwU (1 day ago)
It's not he Nazi symbol, It's not slanted.
Niko Bellic (1 day ago)
the only one that knew is the old guy
Xenro66 (1 day ago)
Honestly, as much as this is a symbol of fascism here in the west, it's actually really refreshing to see people honour its *true* origin. But that doesn't mean we should just forget about the history of it.
Léo Samay (1 day ago)
Pitiful... They doesn't nothing about what happened during WWII and probably how Japan was bad....
Dogged Black (1 day ago)
stop using a symbol because some people might misunderstand and become offended?! MURICAH!! FK YEAH! Liberal bs :D TY LBQT
Jack schubert (1 day ago)
David Bowie is still alive?
Ripple Gaming (1 day ago)
The only odd thing about this is that they were on the same side as Germany yet that don't understand what this symbol means.
fwooju (1 day ago)
Great example of the Japanese government's brainwashing. These younger people don't even know what Nazis are.....
CardShark Z (1 day ago)
In Germany we have at least one full year of history class dedicated to WWII. This video reminded me on why it is important to reflect on history and not just neglect the past.
Harri Haug (1 day ago)
Never nuke a country twice
New Conqueror (1 day ago)
Ok, i'm going to JAPAN ! Where's my SS uniform ?
Maja_ Milla (1 day ago)
Basically in germany you would went straight in jail just by drawing it. so for several years.
skittlesObsession (1 day ago)
“People aren’t interested in history” well a lot of people actually *are* because a lot of us wouldn’t be here without the people who have made history.
Tsuki (1 day ago)
After we learned about nazis and world war 2 in grade school, think I was about 8 or 9. We thought it would be cool to draw this symbol on school property. We were given quite the beating from one of the teachers, good old days in Norway :D
adramelk44 (1 day ago)
Yea us Americans know about the nazi symbol just as much as europeans. WWII is a big part of American high school education.
CJ GOES WOO (1 day ago)
Duuude Japan is ignorant AF
RePlayBoy101 (1 day ago)
swastika is really popular around the world and is not a negative symbol ... i got one tattoed on my chin(slav swastika "kolovrat")
NyteLeaf (1 day ago)
Horry shet det fleg is bad man
Illyrus Emperor (1 day ago)
I thought japanese people are smart...
Nailja Umbatova (1 day ago)
At least here the german's seem to be doing it right, instead of hiding or denying their history they choose to teach it and learn from it
lassie Marie (1 day ago)
Foreigners shouldn't be offended, if you don't know ask. Don't assume that breeds problems. And she called it a swaztika at the end. It is not that. The NAZIS took that symbol and made it ugly, it never was before.
Alice ** (1 day ago)
Manji and Nati is different. Manji was started to use in Japan before WWⅡ. Manji's history started in 6s.
AttitudeAdjusterAA (1 day ago)
think its time that symbol was co-opted for better use, its an ancient symbol and Nazis ruined it
Paul FitzGerald (1 day ago)
It's technically the Buddah sign for peace, but when but on an edge its a swastika
Gaurang Potdar (1 day ago)
In India it is a holy symbol used since ancient times
Sean Alcorn (1 day ago)
Judging from the comments, nobody actually watched the video or actually bothered reading up on the REAL history of the swastika!
Science Central (1 day ago)
Ladi Luna ? (1 day ago)
In Russia, this symbol means people who came to our homeland and killed 20 million people simply because they are “barbarians” and “unworthy race.” And if you go outside with a swastika, you will go to prison for 15 days or pay a fine.
Ladi Luna ? (1 day ago)
But in Russia for a very long time this symbol meant the sun. But not now
Murphy deffa (1 day ago)
Its natzi symbol. Using this symbol in Germany can get you to jail fast, atleast whn using in public. It's an insult in Germany. In Estonia its also used as insult.
Fall Krietr (1 day ago)
This video butthurt lot of animals out there.
Yejin Im (2 days ago)
Well, well, that’s sth Japanese should be proud of. LOL I mean...... no words.
Zed Rengar (2 days ago)
do they learn history in schools?
JJJS 0801 (2 days ago)
Japan Playing the Victum since 1945
Miss Idk (2 days ago)
He legit thought Americans wouldn’t know about the symbol.....we’re not that dumb 😐 oof
early20rager (2 days ago)
This is what happens when you have right wing nationalists running the country. The erasure of history.
田中加奈と (1 day ago)
early20rager no trust me. We all know what nazis are and what they have done. And we all know that we were their allies and we did worse than them. But this symbol is not related to the nazis in any way. It was used way back in the 1600s as a religious symbol
Lukas Rii (2 days ago)
im from germany so......
H Boogie (2 days ago)
Don't they teach WW2 to Japanese natives? Unless the Japanese are too ashamed of it since they were allies with the Nazis. I'm surprised they didn't recognize the Nazi symbol.
RomboKombo 02 (2 days ago)
Wow so many Checkie Chan clones
Rakasiwiii fiddihaq (2 days ago)
Europe will think we stupid using swastika Oke i think europe stupid becouse swastika was not exclusive for nazi and its root far more old
田中加奈と (2 days ago)
Your channel is a very great way to teach western people more about far-east Asia quickly and effectively. Keep it up!
田中加奈と (11 hours ago)
Sean Alcorn well saif brother
Sean Alcorn (1 day ago)
+田中加奈と - indoctrination - we can't expect that what goes on still to this day did not happen 70, 80, 90 years ago. To create an enemy, you need to create the story. To create the story you use propaganda. Both sides did it. Why wasn't part of the fight to reclaim the peaceful use of the swastika? Because they simply did not care in the West. Just as the finger is being pointed at Japan in this video. VERY few people know that Japan was actually an ally to Great Britain in the Great War and that my country - Australia played a huge role in turning her away and becoming an enemy.
田中加奈と (1 day ago)
Sean Alcorn what the hell is wrong with these people?
Sean Alcorn (1 day ago)
Judging from the ignorant comments, I it does not appear to be working though! :(
Keyos (2 days ago)
I was just in Japan and saw the symbol and I knew it wasn't the same symbol in Japanese culture. I didn't know what it stood for though and Japanese shouldn't stop using it because there history is much older with the symbol. I don't think even Japanese Americans would use it in America though because 9 out of 10 people here would not know.
Namono (2 days ago)
In Germany you can get punished for using it in the nazi term but I am. Not sure if you can use it in religious terms with no problems
l (2 days ago)
So there is no education about history in japan ?
Mauro Pedro (2 days ago)
I was waiting for a lot of “TE BAYOU” in the conversations. Me thinking that Naruto was teaching me the right Japanese. 😪
Vashj Leydi (2 days ago)
Nazi is a sports party before
Arnold Schwarz (2 days ago)
Even I know that what it means. Greetings from Kabul
Sean Alcorn (1 day ago)
William 1 (2 days ago)
I think there are very few countries so ignorant of WW2, it teaches an important lesson about the consequences of mainstream politics becoming radicalised and far right especially important in the era of Donald Trump.
William 1 (1 day ago)
+田中加奈と * i meant likely not lightly sorry for the typo
田中加奈と (1 day ago)
William 1 it’s not “lightly edited”, japanese people know history very well. They just took a sample of people thay stayed asleep during history class and asked them questions.
William 1 (1 day ago)
+田中加奈と I agree a symbol that predates the nazis should be used freely as it is part of your history and heritage. Also the symbol in this case although it bares similarity to the swastika it is not the swastika and recognisably so. What I found disturbing was the number of Japanese in this video who did not know what the swastika was when shown it as well as their ignorance on what is represents. Although I recognise that this is a limited sample and lightly edited to show the most shocking responses to make the video entertaining.
田中加奈と (1 day ago)
William 1 no trust me. We all know what nazis are and what they have done. And we all know that we were their allies and we did worse than them. But this symbol is not related to the nazis in any way. It was used way back in the 1600s as a religious symbol
js100serch (2 days ago)
I'm from México, in my country that symbol doesn't mean anything per se. We just relate it to the Nazi movement and racism. And yes Japanese people should definitelly keep using that symbol. And we should too so we can spread it's original meaning.
R L (2 days ago)
How quickly Japanese society moved to erase this segment of their past. Lol! The symbol to me, means the Nazi scum who's ass we kicked in WW2, along with their BFF ally.....JAPAN!
KingtoaGod (2 days ago)
3:12 thank you for not being an ignorant young brat chief
KingtoaGod (2 days ago)
Manji my ass, this symbol is clearly a swastika

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