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He says he just wants to be friends

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Text Comments (69)
T Em (19 days ago)
When he says "let's just be friends." *He hates me*
Trek Star (1 month ago)
Do you have a video explaining more so about a guy not being ready. I heard that "not being ready" is just an excuse and not really what's going on.
Jade Kentron (1 month ago)
Everything you said is what I was thinking...thank you.
Emily Ruggiero (2 months ago)
Thank you for this post. This happened to me too! Two months dating, constant calls/texts/video chats "hey baby/sweetie" messages every day then BAM all the sudden "let's just be friends." I told him sure that's great!! Respect his decision and we can be friends, best of life to you. Then go SILENT. No call/text/delete all reminders of him. It hurts I know....but NEVER chase after a man, especially one that he is telling you just wants friendship for WHATEVER reason (ex/sleeping with someone else/can't do relationship right now/etc). Go silent it's the only way he can miss you. If he's yours he will come back around, also steering away from communicating with him frees you up to find someone better for you and focus on your own life goals and needs. Good luck!! Take care of YOU!!
Grainne Watters (1 month ago)
Emily Ruggiero yep I frecked my current guy friend out didn’t here from him for a week sent him two texts no reply then I sent him a goodbye message and got a reply instantly 🤣 this is the guy who messaged me constantly everyday for 2 months , i excepted his friendship but feel like not texting him anymore leave the ball in his court .
Mythili Rajendra (1 month ago)
Your advice is pretty good :)
Mythili Rajendra (1 month ago)
Ikr same thinh here
Camille CE (2 months ago)
That what I am tryna it out between me and this guy I am seeing . He came back after 2 years after he broke up with his ex girlfriend . All of sense he want to be friends.. see I know for a fact I deserve more than a friendship. Most female's don't know their self worth or worth ..
steelblackface (3 months ago)
He's probably definitely gay
Kashmere (5 months ago)
I give up I’m not waiting on him I’m going to get the chance to get an actual relationship if he likes me he shouldn’t do this to me
Candace Newman (5 months ago)
that's basically what my boyfriend said. he is not ready, he dont like being tied down lets be friends for now.
Brooke (5 months ago)
I think that men say this to women who they aren’t physically attracted to. Like they like your personality but they’d never fuck you.
Meow Meowsson (7 months ago)
Every men i have been with said in the beginning that he just wanted to be friends. But it always end up in a relationships.
SO BRI (8 months ago)
He’s probably just not interested and don’t know how to tell you without hurting your feelings. He cares because he suggested that you guys should be friends because if he didn’t then he’ll continue to string you along and give mixed emotions.
Asha Ray (8 months ago)
If he says this should you just move on?
Gloria (6 months ago)
I just ditched a guy that served me that nonsense.
Plz be freinds with me on youtube
Mythili Rajendra (1 month ago)
asma al (1 year ago)
This Always happens to me
Zarmeen Azam (1 year ago)
Sir can I have ur number I have to as something
Gabrielle Carlson (1 year ago)
This really helped me understand his point of view
Cierra Dunbar (1 year ago)
This guy and I we're friends in college. We hung out a couple times then he texts me and says "Don't take this the wrong way, but we're not going to kick it anymore, we're two different people?" Yet, he still follows me on Snapchat after I deleted him and watched my story.
Miata Tokyo built (2 months ago)
omg im going thru the same exact situation you are going thru, any update? ?
Rachel Frazier (1 year ago)
Thank you...
Diamond280WW (1 year ago)
But the guy I liked said "I can't say I feel the same things would just be better off as friends you know?"
yolanda brooks (1 year ago)
that actually happened to me I met a guy online back in September of last year and we hung out constantly and then you know he would text me all the time we would text you know a lot and then he told me that he didn't want to be anything more than my friend we never kiss you know or anything like that either we still see each other sometimes and it's already I think 9 months and he still doing it no his text her slow down we did not see each other at all last month and it's June and his texts are still slow down what do I do
only friend but break up with me too late.
Beautiful Disaster (2 years ago)
men suck at communication
altec.gs (1 month ago)
nuenuebadd (2 years ago)
What if he say's he wants to be friends first and see how things go, wanting to build a relationship on friendship first. I feel like you can become friends and date at the same time.
TheGirl (2 years ago)
This is why I don't bother with relationship stuff anymore. I never had a bf and I used to be sad about it.
Sauron Ikov (4 months ago)
I feel you. I can get a girlfriend if I want but I'd rather not deal with all the troubles of a relationship
Lyndsey N (2 years ago)
problem was I told him I liked him more, that freaked him out.
C. Willock (2 years ago)
guys never just want to be friends with me. they always want sex, that's why they talk to me. unless it's boys I went to school with, they want sex.
Jessica Duran (2 years ago)
hi @datinglogic, my exboyfriend got scared, dumped me, returned a month later. when he returned he said he wanted to be "above the friend line but below the boyfriend line". i ended things but now i have second thoughts. did i make a mistake by letting him go?
Virens Mulier Serpenti (2 months ago)
He just wanted to use you and he thinks he can get away with it. Walk away and do you, boo
* * (5 months ago)
Maybe you should ask him " for what?"
Stephanie Oreo (1 year ago)
Jessica Duran sounds like he wants to be friends with benefits
srey pov Ou (2 years ago)
Hi, Your video really helps me feel a lot better. A few days a go my boyfriend asked me to be just friends after we have been in a relationship for only 3 months. He told me that he was scared that he would hurt me one day, but I just do not get it why he feels that way if he loves me. He said sometimes he was excited, sometimes scared and confused because he doesn't know what he wants. He does not want to break up because he does not want to lose me, but he also does not want to continue the relationship. In this case what should I do? Please give me an advice. Thanks
Reeta Sharma (7 months ago)
srey pov Ou to
molly v (1 year ago)
7 months later same things happened to me
Jenn Lee (1 year ago)
srey pov Ou Same. 4 months in and happened today.
Liv Koorbs (2 years ago)
srey pov Ou same
Kirsten Morton (2 years ago)
srey pov Ou same thing happened to me Im curious to know what we should do.
megg davie (2 years ago)
I dates this guy we broke up twice he messaged me and it seemed like we were going to get back together he said he still loves me.. and THEN he hit me with HE JUST WANTS TO BE FRIENDS FOR NOW the fuck is that meaning
Khu iza Liz (2 years ago)
so what is the next step? do we remain friends and just slowly/casually lead him into a relationship, or do we just give it up totally?
Mythili Rajendra (1 month ago)
Virens Mulier Serpenti (2 months ago)
Walk away.
Kia Miller (2 years ago)
Great video..!!!
Mumma Ellis (2 years ago)
I met a guy online 6 weeks ago we briefly met up after a week of texting & talking & we both liked what we saw we then spent a night together & there was strong sexual attraction but last week he said he just wants to be friends that's he's not ready for what I'm ready for & that he doesn't want to hurt me. He said he's just not feeling it & he's not ready for a relationship. His ex cheated on him & that hurt him a lot & made it hard for him to trust. I told him I'm happy to be friends but I need some distance for now to clear my mind. I don't want to give myself away with no hope that it may grow into something more. Is there anything I can do that won't alter my authenticity to regain his attraction. I don't want to push him away
Bison News (1 month ago)
+Emily Ruggiero i tell guys the same thing...never chase after a woman
Emily Ruggiero (2 months ago)
This happened to me too! Two months dating, constant calls/texts/video chats then all the sudden "let's just be friends." I told him sure that's great!! We can be friends, best of life to you. Then go SILENT. No call/text/delete all reminders of him. It hurts I know....but NEVER chase after a man. Go silent it's the only way he can miss you. If he's yours he will come back around, also steering away from communicating with him frees you up to find someone better for you and focus on your own needs. Good luck!! Take care of YOU!!
JE ENN (2 years ago)
So good to hear it doesnt have to do with the girl.. as in he is not into her.. just that he is scared, something came up (ex) or that he is not ready for me.. so he still wants to be firends at least.. but does that mean there is a chance for him to want more eventually?? PLEASE ANSWER <3
Creepypasta36789 (3 years ago)
This guy and I really like each other but he says he hasn't moved on from his past relationship and his heart isn't in the right place right now, he told me he's working on moving on and coming up with a plan and wants to make it work. I really like him and he says he like me, should I wait or move on, will he come back?
Denice Caballero (3 years ago)
I've been inlove with my guy besfriend for 3 years now. He treats me like his girlfriend tho. but when i confessed to him a month ago, he said that he just wants to be friends and that he doesn't feel anything for me BUT he really care for me. And then last week, he confessed to me that he really like me since the day we met until now. i know he's not lying. i just don't know if we can be more than bestfriends. Can you help me? thanks so much in advance!
successful black (3 years ago)
U should make longer videos u have a lot of good points. i was just upset it was over to soon.
Mythili Rajendra (1 month ago)
Natasha Farid (4 years ago)
Hy boyfriend just told me that they I take care for him so good like cook clean his clothes and am always there for him In good time and bad time to yesterday's come home and told me you are just my friend not my roommate or my wife you take care of me so good and now I want to have space of my on i don't want to break up with you we can huge out sometimes Wat dose he mean or want should I live him and start my life or I need help please.
Tirzah Mcafee (3 months ago)
restricted Gideon (1 year ago)
How'd it go?
Anna M (4 years ago)
a guy ( 28 years old ) added me in facebook and wanted to know me better in purpose to be more than friends .since a month and half he talked to me minimum 5 hours per day . suddenly from 2 days he said that he has a lot of problems in his life and he thought that he can get over them but he couldn't. thats why he couldn't be in a relationship and he wants to be just friends. he said that he likes me and i am cute but he doesn't want me to be frustrated with his problems and he wanted to be true with me to not get hurt later or played with my feelings . what do you think about it ? i will appreciate a lot your reply because that makes me frustrated and very confused because i liked him 
Anna M (4 years ago)
+DatingLogic thank you for your reply  i asked him if there is other girl and he said no. and the cause for not being in a relationship is that he have a lot of problems in his life. i think that he said a part of the true . do you think he will change his mind to be more than friend ? and how could i make him feel that he wants a relationship with me ? thank you again 
DatingLogic (4 years ago)
He may have been talking to someone else while talking to you and has now chosen to be with the other person. He may also have realized that he isn't looking for something serious. It really could be a multitude of things. However, you shouldn't sit around and allow this to take up the majority of your thoughts from day to day. You should continue living an active social life and meet more people.
Leah Rachel (4 years ago)
Well a guy knows I like him and he is like my best friend and hasn't said a thing about it and he has known for three days.
DatingLogic (4 years ago)
Watch this video - What Does He Think When He Knows You Like Him
Daily Simplicity (5 years ago)
Thank you so Much Wow True talk
laadykpop (5 years ago)
so basically, the guy isn't interested in you and he doesn't want to hurt your feelings so he says "let's just be friends?"
Trek Star (1 month ago)
+Miss Jay Leigh are you guys still friends? Or has anything changed? I don't know if I should remain friends with him or not.. I started to really care for him. I think he's honestly just not ready
Miss Jay Leigh (1 year ago)
laadykpop honestly if he really didn't care about you he wouldn't say anything at all..he would just ignore you..if I were to text him now I would get a response but he's not the one to initiate the text bc he says he just wants to be friends

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